Same motel but another meeting.

This time she is dressed but starts to undress on a brief command and a slap to her pretty face. She bends over to slip her panty hose off and her big tits flop forward straining to get out of her black bra. I reach down and flip the left one out and start to tweak her nipple, enough to get a sudden gasp.

She stands upright and I remove her bra from behind, enfolding each floppy tit in a hand and squeezing hard on her nipples. She gasps again, leans her head back and starts to rise on her toes as I pull up on her nipples, squeezing and twisting as I do. Release and repeat several times, but she is almost hopping from one foot to the other. I ask her what is wrong as this is unusual behavior for her. She looks very embarrassed as she confesses she needs the bathroom.

“Piss or shit? ” I ask.

She hangs her head and blushes – so embarrassed – “Piss,” she whispers.

I tell her I will come watch — because I know she is so shy about her toilet she cannot normally go if anyone is even in another stall next to her in the Ladies.

She moans “Noooo,” so I slap her face.

Another “Nooo,” and a harder slap “Get in there you stupid cunt,” I tell her — “Spread your legs and we’ll watch you piss”.

She still hesitates until I slap her tits with the paddle I have out — directly on the nipple and enough to bruise her. She shuffles into the toilet and sits on the seat. “Legs wide apart bitch,” I command and she slowly obeys. Her hairless cunt is on full view framed by her beautifully curving thighs. No piss though. I turn on the taps and then present my cock to her face. Again it smells rank and I force her to lick it as she waits to piss. As I get hard I know I have a very full bladder so I concentrate hard and having grabbed the back of her head, release a mouthful of piss into her mouth. She bucks in surprise and I tell her “Swallow it you whore,” — she gulps but obeys so I pull out and release a quick squirt over her tits, rubbing it in with my hand to make her smell of piss.

Now she starts eventually to piss and I reach down and cup it in my hands, rubbing it into her cunt, thighs and stomach, finally putting a hotel cup under her to fill, then I give it to her to drink. She looks at me aghast, she shakes her canlı bahis şirketleri head desperately — so I take the cup, pinch her nose and present it to her mouth which reluctantly opens to swallow her own warm salty yellow piss. Her expression is so mortified, it is funny.

“You really are a smelly piss drinking whore,” I tell her as I reach down and as a reward methodically rub her off. She’s smelly and mortified but has to come which she does with a moan and exhalation.

I pull her up and take her into the shower. “What are you going to do?” she stammers — to be rewarded by a flurry of blows to her ass.

“One more word out of you, cunt, and I’ll shit and make you eat it”. This shuts her up — she suspects I might just do it.

I bend her over and lube her ass hole before slowly sliding my cock up it. Lovely and tight as always, she shudders as I slowly penetrate all the way to the end where I stop and just gently rock back and forth. She begins to realize this is not buggery but, for her, something worse. As the feeling in me mounts, so she begins to plead with me to take it out — but I don’t and finally release a hot stream of piss straight into her rectum. I can feel its warmth as it slowly fills her up and her moans turn to cries of despair. I reach round to rub her clit and ruthlessly rub her off with her ass filled with my piss.

“Now, cunt, I’m going to slip my cock out but you have to say clenched for me – don’t let the piss out or there’ll be hell to pay!” She complies so I step out of the shower telling her to bend over. She does and I return with a butt plug — something she absolutely hates. I hold her firmly down and begin to insert it. Her hole is slick with cunt juice and piss and she cries out as she feels the plus begin to slide in, sobbing and moaning as I shove it in past the widest part. It shoots in with a pop as her ass sucks it all the way in. I stand her up and grab her by the nipples, leading her back to the bedroom, where I pull her roughly over my knee – plugged ass in the air, reeking of piss, waiting for a spanking.

I spank her hard and fast — she has been wimpy today and knows she needs this sheer brutality. Blows rain down and her long legs kick in agony — finally I relent and bring her off, pushing on the canlı kaçak iddaa plug to make her cry out at the same time. The paddle comes next — two hard blows per side with a few seconds in between. Maybe thirty blows or so like this, then I switch to a rapid three per side. That really gets her attention as I try to make the last of each three especially hard. She is sweating now, a glow covering her whole body. Her breathing is steady and deep and as I trail the paddle over her ass between flurries I can feel her pushing up, wanting to feel the exquisite pain that is about to descend. Her ass is a blazing crimson and my cock is hard against her stomach. A final flurry of blows putting all my strength into them and I quickly stick my finger between her legs – her thighs are slick with her juice, and rub her off in mere seconds.

Now I pull her to her knees on the bed and enter her cunt from behind — pushing on the plug as I fuck her and telling her she can rub off — which she does moaning and twisting as she comes on my cock and the plug. Her cunt is tight and her pubes although shaven are just a little rough so as I come out and thrust in a little roughness creates some amazing feelings for my cock. Her very small cunt lips give an amazing feel to fucking this bitch.

I stand her again and take her to the bathroom — telling her to half squat over the bowl as I remove her plug and she voids the contents of her rectum — foul smelling piss and liquid shit erupt into the bowl.. Mortified she gazes down at what she has produced and goes for paper to wipe herself –but this is not allowed. Instead she has to lick my dirty cock again until I am satisfied it is clean.

Then I grab my slut by the hair and pull her back to the bed — I lay down some hotel towels and lay her on her left side by the edge.. Quickly I bind her wrists in front of her and pull her knees up towards her chest, binding her legs together and tying her wrists to the leg bind. To stop her moaning I take her panties and roll them tight and stuff them in her mouth, inside out to help the flavor.

In this position I can enter her standing up and later roll her slightly and kneel by her. The angle of entry to her ass is different being from the side but it gives me a lot of ability to fuck her really canlı kaçak bahis hard and get deep.

Her ass is stretched and slick so my cock pops all the way in so easily. I immediately pick up the pace, hammering her hard and feeling the end of her rectum against the end of my cock — it envelops it beautifully. I reach over to pinch her nipples — as hard as I can but no response — I know she is turned on now when total brutality to her nips gets no sound at all from her. She is sweating and breathing hard as I start to pull my cock out of her ass and see how she is doing in shit production. There is a wet fart and a gurgle as a slow stream of liquid shit emerges — I immediately try to get what I can in my right hand and reach over to smear her right tit. She stinks like a barnyard and I continue a procedure of deep insertion followed by full withdrawal, each time taking more shit to smear on her tits, ass, stomach, back. A full chilli –dog. Between her cheeks is one stinking mess and the towels are stained brown as more runs out.

As I pump shit is spraying back onto my stomach and balls, but now I roll her partly over and climb half on her to drive my cock as deep as it will go. Her ass is slack with little friction now except the feel of hot shit up her ass as I finally cum deep in her bowels and shudder to a halt.

For a final insult I pull my cock out and go round to her face — I smear it across her forehead, down her cheeks and across her top lip — slimy stinking shit everywhere until I finally pull her panties out of her mouth and quickly shove my cock in — still semi stiff — and order her to clean it off. Her eyes go wide and she looks desperate, trying to shake her head but I grip her hair firmly and shove my cock further down her throat. I reach down between her shit stained thighs and start on her clit as she works hard on licking my cock clean. However, the smell and taste is too much for her — she gags then vomits up her breakfast onto my cock, but even that can’t stop her coming. I look deep into her eyes as she comes and tell her, that she is the greatest woman a man could hope for and then make her come again as I see the wild spirit in her eyes and her enjoyment of her debasement. Her tongue snakes out, licking the sick off my cock and balls, wherever she can as she moans repeatedly in orgasm from my driving fingers. Finally I reach over I untie her and tell her to get cleaned up.

A week later she told me she was still masturbating on the feeling of total subjugation she had experienced.



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