“Come on”, he said. “Want to try it doggy?”

They were making love. She had just bucked to a huge, quaking orgasm, and was lying there enjoying the afterglow. He was still randy, his sturdy cock gently pulsing in time with his heightened blood flow and he was keen to enjoy more pleasure.

“Ohhhhh,” she complained, “You’ve just blown me away and you want to start again. I dunno, what’s a girl gotta do to satisfy a man?”

She slowly, almost grudgingly, rolled over from lying on her back and onto her knees, waggling her buttocks sensually as she deliberately placed her knees wide open, showing her shiny wet and dripping love canal.

“Is this how you want me?” she asked with mock innocence, waggling her buttocks again and slowly rolling her hips. She was leaning forward on her elbows and forehead, completely at his command for more erotic gratification.

He sat up and moved onto his knees behind her smooth, rounded hips. His heart nearly stopped as he took in the sensual sight of her willowy torso flowing away down the bed from curvaceous hips raised, thighs widespread and relaxed, her red, wet, slippery cunt just imploring to be stroked and stuffed.

“Ooh yes,” he said, “That’s just lovely”, as he touched her pliant buttocks and felt the thrill of her soft skin shiver through his body. His hand stroked smoothly around her buttock and between her inviting thighs, forward up to her sparse, close-cropped pubes then sliding slowly back, the wet sticky jism lubricating his fingers as he dragged them languidly between her swollen love lips,. One finger continued on, the tip trailing up her crease and around her anal ring, then down again, slowly sliding through her wet pussy.

OOOHHh, that’s beautiful, don’t stop,” she said as his finger again trailed up her crease, making it wet with excess slippery spunk. His finger tip pirouetted around her ring, barely making it wet, then slowly, lazily, illegal bahis back down between her hips and gently into her waiting pussy.

“Stroke your clit,” he said, continuing his long caressing motion as her hand moved to her crutch to increase the pleasure.

“Aaaah,” she moaned as she felt his firm finger slip down inside the front of her love tunnel, gently pressing against the front slippery wall until it touched that magic spot which all women enjoy. He pushed gently against it, sending shivers of pleasure through her body.

“Ahooohhh,” she sighed and twitched with pleasure, “Don’t stop, that’s beautiful.” She smiled to herself and giggled, “My nipples are tingling ‘cos they’re stroking the sheet in time with your finger.”

He said nothing but let his second finger joined its mate inside her, thickening up his onslaught all the way to his knuckles, rotating a slow, sensual rotation which became a gentle in-out reciprocating motion, imitating the action of his cock, and rubbing on her pleasure spot with each inward thrust.

He continued his lazy play, slowly rolling his fingers around in her pussy like he was stirring tea with his fingers, the wetness exuding from the walls and sticking to his callused skin. She moaned with delight and relaxed to enjoy the sensations.

“Aoowww,” she growled, “Don’t stop, I think I’m . . . . “ her voice turned to a gasping, grunting moan as she began to shudder and rock and squeeze his fingers, all at the same time as he kept up the reciprocating motion. It was only about two more thrusts and she came with a rush, squealing, moaning and panting, her hips bucking and twisting, trying to extract every last morsel of pleasure from the erotic invaders.

“Ummm, that’s good, did you enjoy that?” he asked rhetorically, knowing from the increased slipperiness that she wanted even more.

“Stop playing with me and give me some hard cock,” she demanded, illegal bahis siteleri weakly pushing his hand away from her crutch.

He moved behind her, his cock rock hard and getting hotter, with her smelling of fresh spunk and sweat adding to the sensual sight of her wet pussy hungrily waiting for his tool. His hand moved onto his cock to guide the knob between her bulging love lips and he just held it there stationary, feeling the combined wet and warmth envelope his manhood.

She moved slightly, trying to get more of his knob. “Come on, plug me with your hot meat and really thrill me,” she demanded.

“Gently does it,” he teased and slowly pushed forward, rocking on his knees to gently glide into her cavernous cunt. She shivered with pleasure as his love piston pushed into her, pressing against her love spot, making her quiver in ecstasy.

Now the fun could begin. He slowly withdrew his cock until only the knob was inside her, before slowly sliding back in and down onto her love spot. Again she quivered, a little gasp, there was no mistaking her delight. Then back out to just the knob. He repeated this action, each stroke reminding her that she wanted to cum gallons, and more than once at that.

Slowly she started to sway in unison with him, pushing her hips back onto his cock as his knob stroked her pleasure spot. Then, with a stifled cry, she pumped on his cock at her own frantic speed, roughly bouncing back and forth on him, as she searched for the orgasmic pleasures to blow her mind. That little indescribable hunger within her pelvis erupted, filling her body and, accompanied by repeated loud moans and panting, she felt her mind detonate in a cacophony of ecstatic colours.

He let her rest, his ramrod within her, strong and hard, coated with slippery jism that dripped onto the sheet. His hand slid down and stroked inside her thigh as she regained her breath, only to canlı bahis siteleri lose it immediately in a grunting, moaning surge of delight when he touched another pleasure centre. His fingers were drenched with spunk when they swept past her sodden slit and on to her anus. He gently massaged the jism around her ring, the ball of his thumb caressing the rim without actually entering. She relaxed. Down to her fanny for more juice and his thumb slipped easily into her ring, which sprang back from this anal intruder, allowing him to rotate his thumb and feel his shaft in her love hole. This exquisite pleasure cut short her protests and when she came it was completely uncontrolled, heavy panting, hips bucking, fanny muscles squeezing his cock while her ring pulsed closed on his thumb as she writhed with squeals of rapture.

A short rest then slowly, very slowly, he began firmly thrusting, in as far as possible then back out to the tip and back in, each repeated thrust a little stronger than the last. Her hips started to roll in time, back up as he slid in, down forward as he pulled back, the rear rim of her cunt stroking firmly against the top of his passing pole. His groan started very softly and built in a crescendo with each thrust becoming more urgent than the last. She panted loudly in time with his thrusting. Her nipples were enormously swollen, too sensitive to touch, and her magnificent mammaries swayed sensually in time with their syncopated motion.

Again she felt the orgasmic hunger growing and reached back between her legs to feather stroke his scrotum and balls. His response was immediate – full blooded pelvic thrusts, ramming with increasing frequency into her overflowing love tunnel, the groan bursting out as “aaahhhhhh” which mingled with her own loud gasps of climactic orgasm that squirted juices out over his saturated crutch. Their union bucked and rocked to a standstill before he fell down beside her, gasping with the exhaustion of his erotic exertions. She collapsed beside him, panting for breath until, drained of energy but filled with pleasure, she rolled onto his shoulder to rest.

If that was doggy then they had better try it again.



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