Ingrid sat on the table at the doctor’s office, swinging her feet in anticipation. She hadn’t been to the doctor in years – she lived in rural Nebraska for her whole life. A trip to the doctor was a bit of a journey and, since getting her last vaccine at the end of middle school, there was no reason to go.

Ingrid left Nebraska to come to attend the University of Michigan in the fall. So far, she was loving all the benefits of living in a college town – the endless parties, the cultural events, the restaurants. An unexpected benefit was the convenience of everything being so close. Now, Ingrid was just a bus ride away from the doctor’s office that all of her friends recommended. And the doctor accepted her school insurance too!

It’s great that I can finally prioritize my health, she thought as she heard a knock on the door.

In came the doctor – Dr Michael, according to what the receptionist said earlier. Dr Michael wasn’t particularly notable – maybe in his early 60s, grey hair, average body. Reading off of his clipboard, he glanced up at Ingrid, and quickly glanced back down again.

“So, Miss Fine,” he started. “What brings you here today?”

“I’m here for my yearly physical.”

Dr Michael flipped a page up. “Yearly physical? It looks like you haven’t had a physical in five years.”

Ingrid turned a little pink – she was embarrassed to be seen as a small town girl who didn’t experience all the normal facets of life.

“Yeah, unfortunately it’s been a while,” she responded uneasily. She wasn’t sure what else to say.

“Well, your height and weight look normal…you’re all caught up on your vaccines…well, since you haven’t been to the doctor in so long, I should ask if you’ve ever been to the gynecologist?” Dr Michael’s voice asked, his voice almost indiscernibly low.

“Oh, no, there were none of those around where I lived. Well, I wouldn’t know. It was a really religious town, people didn’t talk about if or where they went to the gynecologist.”

Dr Michael paused. “Well, then I have a bit of work to do here then. Why don’t you take of your clothes so I can get a look at you?”

Ingrid hesitated – but only for canlı bahis şirketleri a second. She was determined to not make a fool of herself – this man was a doctor, for goodness sake. There was not point in making a professional struggle to do his job.

Dr Michael sat down in his chair and watched Ingrid get undressed. Though his face didn’t reveal it, he was gleeful. A naive, nineteen year old country girl – she didn’t even ask him to leave the room as she pulled her shorts and underwear down!

“Keep going, ” Dr Michael said. “Take your shirt off.”

“Um…why?” Ingrid asked, not being able to help it.

Because I want to see how your sweet tits squeeze out of that shirt, thought Dr Michael. “You’ll be more comfortable – it’s a whole body examination.”

“Well…okay then,” said Ingrid. She lifted her tank top and unhooked her bra. The clasp was in the front of her bra instead of the back, and her breasts pushed together as she struggled to get the bra undone.

“Here, let me help, ” said Dr Michael. He stepped forward and put his hands on either side of Ingrid’s left and right breast. He then squeezed the breasts together, making it easier for the hook to get out of the loop. Dr Michael moved his hands to let the bra fall to the floor, but then put them back on Ingrids tits.

“I’m going to give you a breast exam – have you ever had one?” asked Dr Michael, testing his last bit of caution.

“Uh – no,” answered Ingrid, suddenly aware that she was completely naked with a fully dressed, older man in the room. Don’t be stupid, she scolded herself. This is totally normal, I’m sure.

Ingrid was looking at the floor. Dr Michael smiled to himself. He started laying with Ingrid’s tits – squeezing them, rubbing them together, pinching her nipples. Wow, she really had no clue what’s supposed to be happening, thought Dr Michael.

Ingrid’s breathing became more jagged, though she tried to control it. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, ” she said lowly. “I don’t know why my body’s reacting this way – I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“It’s perfectly normal to become aroused during a breast exam, don’t worry,” assured Dr Michael.

“Aroused? canlı kaçak iddaa Is that what this is?” sighed Ingrid.

Dr Michael ignored her. “Ok, the breast exam is complete. Now, we need to move onto the pussy exam.”

“Pussy exam?”

“Yes, you don’t know because you haven’t been to the doctor in a while. All adult women go through the pussy exam. Lay town on the table, spread your legs, and start rubbing your own breasts.”

Ingrid didn’t understand – she’d never heard of this, but then again there was a lot she hadn’t heard of in life. She did as she was told. As she lay on the table, feeling warm, frazzled, and unintentionally wet, Dr Michael undid his button and zipped.

Ingrid has closed her eyes to help her relax. Suddenly, she felt something on her vulva. A finger? No, too big to be a finger. She opened her eyes and looked down.

“What’s going on?” she asked out loud.

“Shh,” said Dr Michael, crouching over her, his cock pressed against Ingrid’s hole. “This is part of the normal physical procedure. I’m going to pressed my cock into you now.”

Wow, the doctor is sure different from what I was expecting.

Dr Michael pushed himself into Ingrid – when he was all the way in, he put all his body weight on top of Ingrid, almost crushing her.

Ingrid was gasping. “I’m sorry again Doctor – I don’t know what’s going on with me today! Please continue the exam, I’ll try to control myself.”

Dr Michael wasted no time in starting to missionary fuck this naive girl in earnest.

Ingrid couldn’t help it anymore – she started moaning in a high pitch as the old man fucked her.

“Ingrid, do you know how much older I am than you?” Dr Michael asked as her drove himself into her.

“Um,” Ingrid said between gasps. “40 years?”

“43 years,” corrected Dr Michael. “And have you ever done this before with a man?”

“No, I haven’t!” she cried out. “What is this?”

“This is fucking, ” explained Dr Michael.

“Oh, this is fucking? It feels so good!”

Dr Michael pushed his cock all the way inside her and she ground her pussy into him.

“I can’t believe fucking is a canlı kaçak bahis part of being a doctor. What are you testing?” she breathed, still rubbing her own tits. Her brown nipples poked through her fingers. Dr Michael took put her head between her tits, letting himself be completely surrounded by them.

“I’m testing – ” he grunted, “Your health. Don’t ask too many questions.”

“Of course. Sorry, Doctor.”

They continued to fuck on that table for half and hour. During some point during that time, Dr Michael forcefully told Ingrid to look into his eyes, which she did. She felt very vulnerable in this position, especially when she started feelings a overwhelming pressure in her pussy.

“Ah!” she exclaimed. “What’s happening?!”

“You’re cumming, you little slut. You’re cumming on your old doctor’s cock. You love old guy cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do!”

“Say it!” Dr Michael ordered.

“I…I love old guy cock! I love your cock, Doctor! I’m a little slut and my pussy is yours!” Snapping back to reality for a second, Ingrid felt herself blushed. Where was this coming from? And why was she telling all this to her doctor? Even though fucking her was a necessary part of the physical exam, was she really supposed to be speaking like this? “My little whore pussy loves how your cock feels stuffed into it! Please, cum in me, Doctor!”

Ingrid didnt actually know what it meant for men to cum – she had heard the phrase “cum in me” in a dirty audio clip that she and her friend Lisa giggled over in high school, and it just slipped out.

“Oh yeah? I think I will do that,” grunted Dr Michael. He fucked her in long, steady strokes and eventually ejaculated into her bare pussy. He then stood up and took a look at the sight her created – a blushing, used up college slut, legs still spread, with cum leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy. He took his phone out of his pocket and took a few pictures while she lay there.

After a while, Ingrid got up and got herself dressed in a daze, as the doctor sat in his chair, on his phone. He was posting the photos, which had a clear view of Ingrid’s face, on various conquest websites – not to mention Snapchat and Twitter.

“Now, Ingrid,” said Dr Michael. “I think we should make monthly appointments, don’t you think? To catch up on all your medical needs.”

“Yes, of course! Whatever you say, Doctor. Thank you so much for your help!”



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