Dinner At Enrique’sMy parents still don’t know that I’ve dropped out of college. They have really high expectations for me. They want me to get a job and pay my own rent, you know things like that. I guess they are ready for me to become independent and support myself. I just don’t know how to tell them that I’m really not into this whole school thing and continuing for another three years just isn’t what I want to do right now. So I’ve decided to lay low for a while and live off of the left over tuition money they gave me last semester and continue working part-time as a valet. Although money is tight, I generally find ways to get around paying for certain things. For instance, tonight I agreed to have dinner with my older brother, Kevin, who appeared to be avoiding me for the last few weeks. Kevin was five years my senior and gainfully employed, so I counted on getting a free dinner out of the visit as usual.Around seven-thirty, Kevin picked me up at my apartment then drove over to Enrique’s, a Mexican restaurant on the sketchy side of town. Kevin looked unimpressed, but I insisted on stopping there because they offered a good beer menu. Bells at the front door jingled as we entered. I yapped away about experimenting with marijuana while Kevin stayed unusually quiet. A few moments after we sat ourselves and had a chance to look over the menu, a tall, pony-tailed waiter came by and took our order.”What’s up with you?” I asked, smiling while taking advantage of the complementary chips and salsa.”I wanted to see you for a reason,” he said.“OK, I’m listening,” I said.”So, when were you gonna tell me about Lisa?” he said with anger in his voice. “Lisa, what are you talking about?” I replied.“Stop playing stupid, you fucking know what I’m talking about? She told me about the time you guys fucked. I can’t believe you actually fucked my fiancé,” he said without taking a breath or pausing. I stopped eating for a moment to gather my thoughts and try not to say anything to make matters worse.”I know this doesn’t make it any better, but I was drunk when it happened and it was before you guys were serious about each other. I was different back then, you remember,” I said followed by, listen Kevin; I’m your brother……“Wait a fuckin’ minute, first of all, what do you mean back then, it was only four months ago, and second don’t you fuckin’ dare talk to me about being brothers you asshole,” he said. “Well, I’m telling you, I’ve changed. I’m all grown up now, promise,” I said with hopes of him just dropping this whole thing and forgiving me.“I can’t believe you sometimes,” Kevin said while looking away as the waiter placed full plates of food in front us. I could tell he was still really upset. “I’ll be right back,” he said, heading toward the men’s room.Once Kevin was out of sight, I took the liberty of ordering a couple of the pricier beers at his expense. Kevin still wasn’t back when the waiter returned with the drinks. Kevin had been illegal bahis gone for almost ten more minutes when the waiter, a broad shouldered Mexican guy circled the table, giving me a strange look. So in turn I looked at him the same way. After five more minutes had passed I began to worry. Had my brother slipped and hit his head on the sink? Stranger things had happened. I got up to go check on him.”Hey, you forgot to pay your bill,” the waiter said.“No, I’m not leaving; I just want to see if my brother is okay. He went to the bathroom and-“”I’ll check for you. You stay here.” I rolled my eyes and sat back in the booth. I started to notice that the restaurant was practically empty except for one or two stragglers who were headed toward the cashier. The waiter came back looking agitated. “No one was in the bathroom. Pay your bill.”“ What? No. My brother Kevin just went in there. Maybe he’s outside having a smoke. Go check.”The waiter squinted.”Pay your bill,” he repeated and walked back toward the kitchen. Peeking out of a window, I now saw that Kevin’s car was gone. Oh, shit, I thought to myself. I didn’t bring much money because Kevin usually pays for everything. The cashier, a short healthy woman brought over the bill and took off her apron before yelling something in Spanish to the waiter in the kitchen while leaving. “Forty three dollars,” I quietly said. I wished I hadn’t ordered those last two beers. I looked around and realized that I was the only one here now. I took out what little money I had in my pocket and put it on the table: it was thirteen bucks. Then it hit me, how am I going to get back home? I picked up two dollars off the table, stood up and headed to the door. The waiter stopped me just as I reached to open it. “Hey, where you think you’re going?”“ Oh, I already paid.”“ No you didn’t. Maria already told me,” he said, obviously referring to the cashier who had just gone home.”Well fine, okay? Just put it on my tab.”“ What tab? We don’t do that here. This isn’t your side of town. Over here we like money, not I.O.U’s.”“ Listen, Javier,” I said with an attitude while reading his name tag. “I only have eleven bucks and I left it on the table.” At that point I realized Javier wasn’t just a waiter, but the manager. I tried to mask the feelings I had about being in deep shit. “Well, you ate more than eleven dollars’ worth of food, so pay up or work it off.”“ I told you I don’t have any money.”“ Then get your ass in the kitchen and start washing dishes!” I quickly did as I was told because I felt intimidated when he started yelling at me. Truth be told, I was out right scared. When Javier wasn’t watching I used the phone to make a couple of quick phone calls for someone, anyone to come and pick me up. Afraid of getting into some real trouble without anyone around to witness it, I got straight to work. After running out of soap, I checked under the sink, inside of a pantry and a couple of more places before illegal bahis siteleri going to find the Javier again. I could hear someone talking in the back, which turned out to be the office. I kinda barged in and saw Javier sitting at the desk, pants undone, masturbating while speaking in Spanish to someone on the phone. Javier’s hand slid up and down a stiff, brown cock that shined at the tip. His girth was impressive, especially the mushroom head. An uncut foreskin covered it like a glove, sliding back and forth with the movement of his hand. I mentally compared it to mine which made me a little jealous. “Hey puta!” he yelled at me. “I’ll call you back,” as he dropped the phone onto the desk. “You like staring at my cock, joto!”“No. I was just looking for soap!” I said while stepping backward. “I didn’t know you were doing that in here. Sorry! I’ll just go back to washing dishes.”“ No! You were spying on me. I watched you,” Javier said stroking himself. He stood up, looking angry, but excited at the same time. I felt kinda strange, scared but aroused. I really wanted to turn and look elsewhere, but my eyes focused on his crotch. That’s the problem being young, I’m horny all the time and didn’t always consider the consequences of my actions. Kinda like when I slept with by brothers girlfriend or staring at another man’s cock. It looked as if Javier was going to punish me. I’ve tried not to judge people, but Javier’s dark Latin skin and thick accent scared me. He was tall and looked like he worked out a lot, much more than I did. I am 5’4” tall and kinda lean; more of a tennis player than weight-lifter. I was feeling very vulnerable.”It was an accident. I’ll get back to work now.”“No. I got a new job for you.”I looked into Javier’s eyes for the first time.”What?”“ You know what. Come into the office.”“ But-,””Now!” he demanded. I thought about making a run for it. Maybe I could make a run for it while his pants were still down around his ankle, but fear and just a hint of curiosity made me look around the empty kitchen then, follow Javier into his office.I watched as he stepped out of his pants; underwear included, and has a seat before lifting his shirt to reveal his hard abdomen. “Come over here,” Javier commanded, stroking his thick manhood. “I want you to suck this.” Fear and envy turned into arousal as I just stared for a moment. “Want me to make you do it? I’ll shove this down your throat!” Javier said roughly. I shook his head, got on his knees and leaned forward into Javier’s lap. Nervous, I looked upward for instruction. Javier was good-looking and maybe five or six years older. Strands of semi-long black hair was falling out of his ponytail framed his face. “C’mon joto, I know you wanna wrap your lips around it, taste it.”I leaned a little more forward and got his first taste of pre-cum as it drizzled out of Javier’s fat cock. It felt like the ice had been broken after that and his hormones took canlı bahis siteleri over, forcing him to slurp the whole thing into his mouth. His tongue traced the veins and lapped at the head while Javier kept a firm grasp on the back of his head pulling him closer and closer into a pose of submission.”Oh yeah…” Javier sighed. “White boys do it so good. You feel better than my girlfriend.” I reached down between my own legs and started playing with myself through my jeans. The feel of his hot, Mexican cock in my mouth was amazing. Once or twice I let one of my bi-curious roommates suck me when I was living in the dorms, but switching roles was good as well. Having my hair pulled while Javier moaned loudly was such a turn on.Suddenly, things started to take an aggressive turn. Javier was about to cum. I could tell because he was really riding my face and choking me with the crown of his cock. I started to gag over and over again, drool pouring from my lips. A sticky slapping sound filled the room each time Javier’s balls hit my chin. At times I thought I couldn’t breathe. No air could get down my throat and my nose was constantly pressed against Javier’s pubic hair. I kept my mouth open anyway and just took it.”Yes!” Javier practically yelled as he shot a huge load in the back of my throat and held me there to make sure it slid all the way down into my stomach. I felt absolutely disgusted, but the idea of being forced to suck another man’s dick until Javier emptied himself made me feel so ashamed, so sexually abused that it made me feel good. It felt great to finally have someone around who was willing to discipline me. I started touching myself and my muscles clenched together and my body started to convulse as I shot my load in my jeans.A jingling sound came from the front door.”Hello?” called a woman’s voice. “I?” It was Lisa. We were still having an affair despite what I said to my brother. She was the first person I called when looking for someone to give me a ride home. Javier looked down at me, seemingly pissed. He pulled up his pants and threw a towel at me so that I could clean myself up. But the wet spot on the front of my pants was unignorably obvious. “What do I do?” I asked in a small voice.”That’s your problem, Joto.” I unzipped the sweatshirt I’d been wearing and wrapped it around my waist, letting the sleeves hang over the wet spot on the front of my jeans. Being pushed out to meet Lisa with Javier just behind me was humiliating. I kept wondering whether he would tell her about what had just happened. I didn’t stop worrying until after we’d left the restaurant.”So he just left you here?” Lisa asked as they climbed into the car.”Yeah, he was really mad.”“Sorry about that. We got in an argument and I wanted to piss him off. Didn’t mean to get you in trouble,” Lisa smiled before leaning over to kiss me before I could stop her. I wonder if she could taste Javier’s recently deposited cum in my mouth. “Did you get enough to eat and did they make you clean right away?”“Me? I got plenty,” I said while looking back at the restaurant.That’s when I saw Javier standing at the front door laughing and waving at me while locking its front door of the restaurant.



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