Amrita’s panties felt good tied around my cock and balls. About ten of us were sitting around the dorm having a few beers before we went out to the campus pub. I was really looking forward to the night. Since I started dating Catherine, I hadn’t hung out with my friends very much. Now that Catherine went home for the weekend and our relationship came to a crashing stop, it was time to have some fun.

Of course the fun for me had already started. It was great to have Amrita show up at my door looking to fuck. She got so wet. More wet than any girl I had been with. It was great that she celebrated this new panty fetish, in contrast to Catherine who seemed to be shunning it.

Amrita loved wearing her panties while we fucked. She completely soaked them. Feeling them, now wrapped around me, was a huge turn on. I felt myself getting hard again as I looked over at Amrita chatting with Natasha.

I couldn’t help but notice the edge of Natasha’s white silk bra appearing above her low cut blouse which showed off copious amounts of cleavage. Amrita turned to me and we exchanged subtle smiles as Natasha continued to chat away.

I began to wonder how long we could keep this relationship a secret. We had to be careful. Even though it seemed that Catherine and I were no longer a couple, I didn’t want her to find out, and Amrita didn’t want Natasha to find out because she might inadvertently let Amrita’s boyfriend know. I felt it was a pretty safe secret, but that didn’t make me feel any better when we reached the campus pub and were greeted by Catherines best friend Elisa.

“Looks who’s here!” Elisa announced as we were about to enter from the line outside. “It’s the panty thief!” It felt like a hundred pairs of eyes turned to look at me as a streak of red flowed up my neck and over my face. Catherine obviously told her friend I had taken a pair of Catherine’s panties.

“Don’t worry Elisa, he won’t be hanging out with you.” Jeff piped up. “If your reputation is true, you’re not wearing any panties.” That shut Elisa up pretty quick, but I was still pretty embarrassed.

After we entered, Jeff turned to me and with a grin stated; “So, buddy… I guess you have a thing for panties.” As he slapped me on the back. All of our friends let out a laugh, Amrita had a sly smile and a glow on her face. This actually made me feel much better. Jeff made fun of me a bit, but with his slap on my back he also made me feel it was ok. None of our other friends acted like it was a bad thing either. They all laughed but it was friendly laughing. It felt good to be hanging out with them all again.

We were all feeling a little buzzed after drinking in the dorm and the night seemed to progress fast. Most of us were on the dance floor. My friend, Natasha’s boyfriend, Chris and Jeff stayed off the floor which left me dancing with a few beautiful and sexy co-eds.

Of course Amrita an I had started a lot of bumping and grinding. She loved turning her back to me and shoving her ass into my mid section while I wrapped an arm around her waist. With my hips moving against her, she could feel me growing hard with an extra bulge from her panties still wrapped around my cock.

Always being a flirt, Natasha wanted in on the fun and I felt her come up behind me. She started to grind me from behind. I could feel her large breasts rubbing on my back. Being pinned between them was like a dream come true.

Despite my growing araousal, I began to feel a little uncomfortable because Natasha was dating my friend. As I squirmed out from between them, Natasha turned to me and with a laugh asked; “What’s the matter? Getting too hot for you?” Amrita laughed, I was a little tongue tied but turned to see Chris and Jeff smiling on the side of the dance floor. I walked over and joined them.

“Hey man!” Chris states; “Natasha is only doing that to see you squirm, and it worked. I know she’s a big flirt.” Chris, Jeff and I were all good friends and everything was in good fun. Except behind closed doors things with Amrita will be more than fun.

After hanging out with illegal bahis Jeff and Chris for a bit I headed to the washrooms. I was looking back at the dance floor, watching the girls having fun and I bumped right into Elisa. Her breasts bounced off my chest. She looked up at me through her glasses. “Looks like you’re a little distracted by your friends on the dance floor.” She shouted over the music with a critical tone. “Your friend Jeff is a jerk. He’s just upset because he’s not getting any!”

“No, he was upset because you were trying to embarrass me!” I retorted.

“Nice that you need your friends to fight your battles – and Catherine will be thrilled to here about your moves on the dance floor!”

“Now you’re the one sounding upset that you’re not getting anything!”

“I can get IT whenever I want. I just need to see something worth getting!” She yelled as she turned starting to walk away, then she turned back and stated. “And Jeff is also wrong about me wearing no panties!” With that she flipped up her mini-skirt showing off a skimpy pair of pink panties.

When I rejoined Chris and Jeff they were laughing at what they saw. “We saw her purposely step in front of you so you’d walk into her!” Jeff said; “We didn’t know if she was going to slap you or jump on you, but we liked the view!”

“Shit. If she talks with Catherine about tonight;” I told them. “I have some ammunition on her.”

I had to admit that despite Elisa’s shitty attitude she looked sexy. She was probably about 5 foot 2, slender with 32B breasts, blond hair to her shoulders, blue eyes covered by black framed glasses and she was wearing a loose mini-skirt with a loose blouse showing of her bellybutton ring. Of course my mind was on the skimpy pink panties.

The rest of the night at the campus pub went without incident. We all had a good time and eventually we headed back to the dorm after last call. We were all feeling pretty buzzed from the alcohol and chatted for a while in the common room. Eventually Natasha and Chris went off to his dorm building next to ours.

“Natasha has generously left me her room to sleep in. So I’m off to bed.” Amrita announced.

There were only a few of us left sitting around so I got up and announced; “I’m off to bed as well. See tomorrow.” I brushed my teeth walked towards my room and then turned left and went right up the stairs to Natasha’s room. Thankfully the hall was empty as I walked over and tapped on Natasha’s door.

“It took you long enough.” Amrita said as the door swung open. Standing in front of me was the beautiful sexy brown skinned goddess wearing only her red g-string panties. “I thought I was going to have to sneak to your room. Get in here!” She ordered while grabbing my belt, pulling me into the room, and planting her luscious lips on mine.

Her lips were moist and full as our tongues began to duel in each other’s mouths. Her nearly naked body pressed hard against mine as her hands immediately started undoing my belt. My cock was instantly hard, throbbing and waiting to be freed. Amrita was eagerly going after it, pulling off my belt, ripping open my jeans’ button and sliding one hand into my pants while pulling down the zipper with her other hand. She pulled down my pants and boxers at the same time releasing my cock which still had her panties from earlier in the evening tied around its base. She pressed her body against me pinning me to the closed door. “I love that you kept my panties wrapped around your cock all night.” Amrita moaned.

We separated only for a second while she pulled off my shirt and I kicked off my pants. We held each other tight, our lips were locked as we began to sweat with passion. My bulging, wrapped cock was pressing hard against her red, g-sting panties. It was like my dick was grinding between two pairs of her panties. We slowly moved, lips locked together, not wanting to breakaway from each other and fell onto Natasha’s bed with me on top.

We could not stop our open mouth kissing. Her body, her large breasts felt so good against my chest. Amrita spread illegal bahis siteleri her legs open and wrapped them tight around my waist feeling my cock grinding against her now moist panties. Her wetness began to warm her insides as we pushed against each other.

I knew I had to slow things down, so I forced myself to pull back. “I hope Natasha doesn’t notice her sheets getting wet.” I moaned to Amrita.

“Don’t worry. I already told her I’d wash them before I left.” Amrita panted. I reached down and under Amrita’s panties and slid my finger along the outside of her lips. She was already wet as I slowly slid my finger inside her. “AHHHH” she moaned.

I started to slide down her beautiful body. I wanted to taste her juices. As I moved down I stopped to suck her hard nipples. “Oh your mouth feels good! And your hand feels good.” Her body glistened with sweat. I glanced up to see her closed eyes as I sucked her breast and licked her nipple. I noticed Natasha’s dresser beside the bed and the thought of her white silk bra came to my mind.

I slid down to the end of the bed and knelt between Amrita’s spread out legs. I slid a second finger under her red panties and inside her wet pussy. “Ohhh” Amrita continued to moan approvingly. With my other hand I slid open Natasha’s dresser drawer. Inside the drawer was a mxed up pile of panties, socks and bras. Right on top was a white silk bra that I pulled right out.

I knelt down at the end of the bed and rubbed my cock with the D-cup from Natasha’s bra and I leaned down and slid her now wet red g-string to the side and took a lick of her sweet nectar. “Aaahhh, that feels good.” Amrita moaned. At this point I pulled Natashs’s bra up and dropped down on Amelia’s breasts. “What are you doing?” Amrita asked surprised. Then I pinched her nipples through the silk bra and started to lick her clit. “Oh my…keep going.”

I continued to lick her, feeling her panties on the side of my mouth while massaging her breasts from the outside of Natasha’s bra. Her eyes her closed, mouth open and her breathing became harder. Her juices were beginning to soak my face. Her hand started to clenched the bed sheets. I brought my hand back to her wetness and slid two fingers inside while I continued to lick her clit. “OOOH YESSS! Like that!” She panted and I slide my fingers higher and deeper in her. She could feel my fingers rubbing inside and my tongue rubbing on her clit bringing her new deeper sensations. She started squeezing her breasts and nipples over Natsha’s silk bra.

“OOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOH!” She let out a scream; “OOOOOOHHHH FFFUUUUUUCCKKK!!” Her body convulsed. Her hips retracted and pulsed forward and she shot a load of juices out of her vagina soaking my face her panties still wrapped. I rubbed inside her and she convulsed again. “FFFUUUUJCCKKKK!” She screamed. “HOLY FUCK!” Soaking me, her panties, and sheets some more.

I couldn’t believe this. I had never seen a girl squirt like this. I immediately jumped up on her and slid my hard, thick cock deep into her. It was still wrapped in her panties and my cock was also rubbing against her soaked g-string as entered her. “OH GODDDD- I…I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE.” Her body was shaking and trebling below me as my cock moved deep into her. “NO NO NO – TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT!!” At that point I stopped grinding in her and she rolled to he side. Her body was shaking and having mini-convulsions. Eventually her breathing started to ease back to normal.

“Wow! Wow! I’ve never cum like that! Wow!” She turned to me with a big grin and my cock found its way to once again rub against her soaked panties. “No – no- too sensitive. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to rest there, but that won’t stop me from finishing you off.”

With that I rolled over on my back and Amrita slid down my body. With a grin, on her face she wrapped her hand around the panties still tied to the base of my cock. “It’s gotten soaked from me.” Then she pulled part of her panties over my balls and brought her mouth down to them and started sucking.

The vibration of her full, luscious canlı bahis siteleri lips and suction on my balls felt wonderful, teasing and exciting me through her panties. Her hand slowly stroked my cock and she alternated from one of my balls to the other. Her wet panties excited me, being stretched over my balls. They added a new sensation to her sucking on my balls. She continued to slowly stroke the throbbing head of my penis. I then felt her tongue press hard below my scrotum then lightly started to flick up and down between my anus and scrotum. Her hand expertly continued to stroke and massage all around my head and my breathing got deeper. The sensations were driving me to the edge of cumming.

“I’m tasting myself all over you.” Amrita said looking at me with a big smile. Then she stopped rubbing my cock and pulled down on her panties still wrapped around my balls.

“Ugggh.” I let out, feeling a slight combination of pain and pleasure. This made my cock stand fully at attention right in front of Amrita’s wanting mouth.

“Ohh such a beautiful cock.” Amrita slyly stating; “you had my cumming so much. Oh, so hard.” She teased me, running her finger tips around the head. “Your pre-cum is mixing with my cum. It feels so smooth and sticky. I bet you want to cum.”

“Yes – I want to cum.”

“Do you? Do you really want to cum.” She continued to tease, smiling holding her panties tight around my balls with one hand and now running her finger nails of her other hand along the sensitive tip of my penis. She now bent down to my penis and rubbed it against her face leaving pre-cum smeared on her cheeks. “Oh you made me cum so hard. Should I suck you? Oh, you want me to suck it don’t you?”

“Yes suck me.”

“Oh I bet after you making me cum like that, you think I’d do anything for you. Don’t you? Don’t you?” Amrita continued to tease. “Do you think I’d do anything?”

“No just suck me. Please just suck me.” I blurted out.

“Well now that you said please…” Finally Amrita opened her mouth and covered my throbbing head with her lips, circling her mouth all round it and slathering it with her saliva. Excitingly she bobbed her mouth all the way down my shaft until her mouth met her panties tied around my balls. She held her mouth down, sucking it all in.

“Oh god! Hold your mouth there! I’m going to cum!” I announced. But Amrita pulled back up.

“Oh really. I want to see you shoot your load.” She once again pulled down on her panties, stretching skin of my cock. This time she flicked her tongue around my head. The sensation of her tongue flicking me was magnificent combined with her pulling in my shaft. The sight of her open smiling mouth and big brown eyes was bringing me to the edge.

“AHHHHH YESSSS!” I called out. I couldn’t take anymore and I erupted, shooting a huge wad of cum up in the air and it came down landing right on her forehead. Amrita continued flicking me with her tongue, smiling and I shot another load right on her face covering over an eye and then a third load between her eyes over her nose. Her face was white washed with my cum and she sat below me grinning at her work.

“Wow!” Is all I could say as she rested her naked body on my chest grinning up at me and staring at me with her cum covered face.

“Wow! Is right!” Amrita said; “That was lots of cum!” She then reached beside her and grabbed Natasha’s white silk bra and wiped her face with it.

“What are you doing? Natasha’s going to know something is going on.” I said.

“She won’t notice anything.” Amrita explained. “I’ll just wash it with the sheets. They’ll definitely need a cleaning after tonight! I can’t believe I came like that! I didn’t know I could squirt so much!”

We layed in Natasha’s bed in the afterglow of a night of partying and magnificent sex. We chatted for a while but eventually I headed back to my own room to sleep. We both thought I should leave before we fell asleep and when others might come by and discover our secret.

It was the early hours of the morning and nobody was up in the dorm to see my walk down the stairs and back to my room. When I got there I came across a surprise. Attached to my door handle was a skimpy pair of pink panties. They were familiar to me; Elisa Catherine’s best friend, was wearing them earlier that night.



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