Destruction of the Casey Family (Part 1)Friday morning in the Smith house. Sasha and her F*ther are drinking coffee.“D*ddy”, says Sasha, absently flicking ash off her cigarette into a tray.“Yea baby.”“You remember the time we fucked up Timmy big time and Mr Pedderson and the boys bought him. What ever happened to him?”“You wanna see baby?” says Mr Smith reaching for his phone. “He’s been sold on a few times since then. He’s a fucking sissy pig slut now baby.”“Oh, let me see D*ddy!” exclaims Sasha as she moves closer so she can see her F*ther’s phone as he flicks through pictures and video’s. She is wearing tight gym shorts that show off her camel toe to perfection and the tight white T shirt does nothing to hide her fake and pierced tits.“Holy shit” she exclaims. “That guy has his arm in Timmy’s ass up to his fucking elbow!”She flicks through the phone a few more photo’s. “Oh my god D*ddy. He is exactly what you said. A sissy pig slut whore. Look at all that cum on his face.”“Go one more” Mr Smith encourages his excited D*ughter.Sasha lets out and excited squeal and starts laughing. The phone is showing video now and Timmy is being pissed on by multiple men, some of whom are throating him and pissing in his throat so he gags and pukes on their piss. At the end Timmy is eagerly eating out the sweaty hairy ass of some overweight guy while a super hung black guy is fucking his ass hole long and hard.“Fuck D*ddy, we really did convert him, didn’t we?”“Yes baby, we did. Drained my nuts so good in his ass hole in that session though. Thank you for bringing him round. It was so much fun fucking him down like we did and we made some good money off him as well. Do you miss him baby?”Sasha laughs out loud. “Miss him? No D*ddy, not even for a minute. He was just a cock and I can get plenty of that whenever I want. And besides my favourite huge cock is right here beside me”.Sasha reaches into her F*ther’s loose boxer shorts and pulls out his fat, semi hard cock. Taking a last drag on her cigarette she drops to her knees and sucks the fat cock into her smoky mouth. The groan that escapes her D*ddy’s lips excites her as she forces her head onto the rapidly hardening cock.Mr Smith leans back in the chair and breaths “Dirty little fucking slut. Take your D*ddy’s cock in your fucking throat you whore”.Sasha feels the now familiar ‘plop’ as the mushroom head of the huge cock forces its way into her throat. She feels her cunt flood immediately even as she struggles for breath. Her F*ther now has both hands on her head, dragging her harder on to his entire shaft. She feels her nose rub against his belly and then instinctively she reaches under his ball sack, searching for his ass hole. Mr Smith is now using his D*ughters throat like a cunt as he fucks his huge cock in and out of her throat. As always when she is sucking him off, she is looking up at him, those huge green eyes lovingly watering as his 2nd born struggles to breath around his cock. He lets go of Sasha’s head with one hand and reaches out to viciously twist the bar of her pierced right nipple. Her obvious pain only hardens his cock more and he knows very anadolu yakası escort shortly he will cum. It’s then he feels Sasha’s 2 fingers starting to work their way into his ass hole and the nut juice is really boiling now.He rips his cock from her throat and starts to jerk it hard right in the face of his youngest D*ughter. “Fucking dirty slut, take it. Take my cum on your face you filthy little whore.”“Cum on me D*ddy. Cover my slutty little fuck whore face with your hot juice.”A few seconds later a massive load of hot white cum shoots from Mr Smith’s cock onto Sasha’s face. As she was taught, Sasha keeps her eyes open and Mr Smith purposefully targets them, knowing how the hot cum will sting his D*ughter eyes. Sasha’s face is soon dripping with her F*ther’s hot juice and she dutifully takes his cock in her mouth and sucks the last of the cum from his cock. She expertly works her fingers in his ass making sure she gets every drop of juice, before withdrawing the fingers and while looking directly into her F*ther’s eyes, puts them slowly in her mouth and starts to suck them clean.‘You two are such fucking whore’s!”Sasha turns to the sound of the voice and sees her Mother and s*ister Sarah walking into the kitchen. Both are dressed in short denim mini’s and tight white T shirts, which are stained in yellow blotches and covered in dirty hand prints. Both the women’s hair looks tussled and Sasha notices cum stains both dried and fresh on their thighs.“You went to the tyre shop for new tyres and you fucking come home like that and call us whore’s”, Sasha teases. Mrs Smith reaches under her skirt and puts her fingers in her cunt. She pulls from it a roll of $100 bills, wet with the juices of her cunt and what is obviously cum. “Four new tyres for free and $500. Let’s just say the boys liked us a lot. Those black service guys sure can do a good service”. The joke is not lost on anyone as Sarah pulls her younger s*ster up off the floor and like a cat starts lapping at her F*ther’s cum now drying on her little s*ster’s face.“Honey you would have loved it. Fuck D*ddy!! You taste so good. Honey they both had fucking massive black cocks and I thought just how much you would have loved it. Huge heads and thick so when they went in my shitter baby, it fucking hurt. But I bit down real hard and pretty soon they’d opened up my shit hole and were fucking pounding it like crazy. MMMMM fuck D*ddy this is a lot of cum and tastes so good.”Sarah continues her licking of Sasha’s face until she had cleaned all of the cum from it. “Sweetie, I bought you a present from that big black cock. You want it?”“Fuck, yes please” Sasha pleaded like it was a treat at Christmas.“Get down on the floor your filthy little slut” Sarah commands as she reaches for the cigarette case and lights one. Sarah positions herself over her S*ster’s face and begins to push down while the cigarette dangles from her bright red lips.Sasha’s tongue darts across her s*ster’s recently fucked anus, tasting the juice and cum on the outside. Very soon a huge dollop of cum farts out of Sarah’s ataşehir escort ass right into Sasha’s mouth. Sasha’s tongue and mouth became even busier, licking, sucking, slurping and caressing her s*ster’s shit hole. Just before rising, Sarah spreads her red abused cunt lips and a stream of hot piss is directed right into Sasha’s face. She tries to drink as much as possible but it is a huge load and soon she is soaked.”Stay there, honey” Mrs Smith commands and she takes Sarah’s place. The process is duplicated with Sasha gulping as much of the ass cum as possible. Her mother’s piss isn’t as big and she ravenously gulps nearly all of it down then proceeds to clean her mother’s ass hole and cunt.Mrs Smith gives her youngest D*ughter a hand up and Sasha covered in piss and with drops of cum still clinging to her face, sits on a stool at the breakfast bar with her family.“Jesus, I fucking love your filthy whores”, Mr Smith exclaims, “and I have a job I think you are going to fucking love. Lots of money too.”“Oh, sounds nasty D*ddy” says Sasha, lighting a cigarette and leaning in to listen, her faced stained with cum and juices and her hair and top soaked with piss.“So, this guy Mr Casey, owes me a lot of money” says Mr Smith, handing his phone over to his wife and two D*ughters. “I know he can’t pay up but I’m not letting it go. So, we are going to go over to their house and blackmail him into letting us fuck him, his wife and his 18 yo D*ughter, Amber. We’ll film it and I have a guy in the Netherlands that will pay us extremely good money. He’s not paying for vanilla though, he wants fucking really hard core.”“Wow D*ddy” Sarah exclaims, reaching for the cigarette case and lighting one. “That’s so fucking full on. The D*ughter looks so fucking prissy. Bet she’s never had a good fuck down, probably still has her anal cherry”. “The Mum looks a slut though” Sasha declares, blowing smoke through her nose. “Bet she takes it up the shitter real good.”“I’m not sure if she is a slut or not honey but I do know that she is a fucking racist” Mrs Smith angrily declares, while stroking her husband’s semi hard cock.“Which makes my plan just so much sweeter guys” says Mr Smith. “Sarah do you think your two friends from the tyre shop would like to earn a little money?”“Trey and Chase!” Sarah exclaims. “Oh, D*ddy if they do, that would be so fucking amazing. Seeing that little fucking prissy shit and her Mum getting smashed by big black cock would be so incredible.”“Honey”, Mr Smith replies, “it has to be Mr Casey as well. We are going to fuck all 3. Will they do it”“Fuck D*ddy, I don’t know. Let me ask them. How much will you pay?”“$2000 each sweetie, but for that money I want some top notch hard as hell, take no prisoners fucking. OK? Make sure they understand that. And are you sure their cock’s are big?”“Oh, their cocks are big D*ddy, aren’t they M*mmy?” Mrs Smith nods in agreement. “Let me ring them now.” Sarah walks from the room to make the call. Mrs Smith continues to stroke her husband’s cock and it is now large and hard.“Just the thought of this is getting me wet ümraniye escort honey’, she says. “It’ll be so fucked up and nasty”“You can’t be any more turned on than me M*mmy. Look!” Sasha leans back on the stool and shows off her shorts where her camel toe is now damp and her cunt juices soaked through. “I want that Amber bitch to really fucking suffer on those big black cocks plus it’s always hot seeing a guy take it up the shit hole as well.”“I love you baby” Mrs Smith breaths, grabs her youngest D*ughter by the face and deeply kisses her.“Is it wrong M*mmy that I want to see this bitch scream when she gets fucked by Trey and Chase? Does it make me bad M*mmy?”“No darling it doesn’t. I want to see her tight little holes being ripped apart by those huge black cocks just as much as you. Remember when you turned 18 and we got Mr Pedderson and his boys and we all gang banged you. Do you remember sweetie”“Yes M*mmy. It hurt like crazy but then it got so good and I lost my mind and I’ve become a d**g fucked whore slut” Sasha giggles.“Exactly honey! So, we are going to do the same to the Casey’s and especially Amber. Aren’t we D*ddy?”Mrs Smith’s fingers have worked their way inside the edge of her D*ughter’s gym shorts and found her soaking wet cunt. Slick with juice she moves onto her already wet ass hole. First one then two fingers slide easily inside her shit box. Sasha moans deeply.“What do you want to do to her Sasha? Mr Smith asks while Mrs Smith continues working her D*ughter shit hole.“I want Trey and Chase to fuck her so hard D*ddy. In every hole she has. Maybe even get her D*ddy to throat fuck her if the boys have her cunt and ass. I want to make her drink her D*ddy’s piss and her M*mmy’s piss as well and suck her M*mmy’s cunt and shit box. I want to cane her cunt……… ohhhhhhhh fuck D*ddy I want to hurt her so bad and do so much nasty shit to her.”“If I pissed in her gaping shit box would you drink it, baby?” Mrs Smith asks easily increasing the number of fingers in her D*ughters ass to 3.“Yes M*mmy. Oh god yes”“What about if D*ddy and I and Trey and Chase, Mr Casey and Sarah pissed in her shitter and then all the boys fucked her shit box again……would you drink up their dirty cum and piss from her ass hole?“Oh god! Of course, M*mmy “I love you baby” Mrs Smith breaths as she kissed her D*ughter deeply. Moments later Sasha’s screams as he mother brings her to an amazing orgasm. She is left sitting uneasily on the kitchen stool, sweating profusely and holding her head in her hands.Mrs Smith places her fingers in her mouth and carefully sucks each clean, tasting her D*ughter juices from all her holes. Sasha reaches for the ash tray and lights a joint sitting in it. Drawing deeply a couple of times she passes it to her parents.Moments later Sarah returns.“All hope you had a good time without me” she jokes, reaching out to take the joint and drag deeply on it. “The boys are in! Must be bareback though and they are keen to breed Amber and even Mrs Casey. They just see Mr Casey as another hole to spunk in so no problem with that.”“Fantastic” Mr Smith exclaims. “I have two video people who are from the porn industry to do the shoot so I’ll organise a time to get the Casey’s over and we’ll let Trey and Chase know. Remember when this happens, and I am pretty sure it will, just go with it. Don’t try and be porn actresses. Just be the dirty filthy sluts I know you are. The video people will take care of the rest.”To be continued…



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