The morning was filled with anticipation as Lesa was finally going to give David a taste of her desires. She met David a few months prior at a local coffee shop and they became close friends. They had several dates in those few months, which led Lesa to believe she could finally reveal to David her deepest desires. She invited David to come over to her humble abode, as they had always gone out to eat on their dates. As the dawn turned into dusk there was a knock on the door. Lesa’s heart began to patter with total excitement. “Welcome, my dear…glad you could come over,” as she welcomed him into her home with a luscious wet kiss.

Lesa took the liberty of fixing David’s favorite dinner and had even found his favorite wine. “Wow, this is just magnificent,” David uttered. As dinner came to an end, Lesa brought out dessert…strawberries and whip cream. This was going to be the intro into getting David to follow her to her favorite room of the house, her pleasure room. She asked David to follow her and as she requested David took her hand and walked down a darkened hallway. When Lesa opened the door, she turned to David and said, “Please do not be afraid, I just want to please you.”

Slowly the door opened further and upon peeking into the lightly lit room David’s eyes became glued to the contents in the room. He had never seen such a room in all of his dating experiences. His heart began to race as he admired her love rack and a swing that was hung above it. “Do I dare ask what you plan to do in this room?” David asked Lesa with a bit of shakiness in his voice. Lesa told David that the contents he was viewing were not for torture purposes, but for an evening of total pleasure.

She wanted David to be comfortable, so she massaged his scalp as they took a seat on her love rack. She reached into a drawer that was next to the rack and asked David to remove his shirt. Lesa took out her favorite massage oil and started with the back of David’s neck then worked her way down his entire back. She could tell he was becoming more relaxed with every push of her fingers and hands along his back. She positioned herself in front of him and began to massage his temples while kissing him. She could tell that this was a bit arousing for him as well as her because she felt the wetness and the pulsating vibrations in her pussy. Lesa stood up and went to the closet and asked David if it was okay if she slips into something more comfortable for her. “Well sure babe, can I help you?” he said while smiling and watched her walk over to the closet.

“No thanks, I want this to be a surprise, so please undress for me and lie back and relax,” Lesa replied as she reached in the closet pulling out her favorite black teddy. Now David had never seen this side of Lesa, so it was a bit of a surprise when she proceeded to undress and slide her curvy body into a sexy teddy.

As David lay motionless on her love rack, Lesa asked if it was okay to play a little game, but the only rule was yabancı escort he had to do everything she asked of him. “Sure, why not…I’m game,” he replied while stroking his cock. Lesa leaned over to her toy box and pulled out a pair of velvet shackles and placed them over David’s wrists and ankles while tightening him down to the rack.

She checked to make sure that they were not too tight, as she began to tease him while licking his face upwards from his chin to his nose. Lesa grabbed the massage oil again and began to work his chest in circular motions paying close detail to his nipples. Once they were nice and hard, she reached into her box of goodies and pulled out a set of nipple clamps. “Umm…what are you going to do with those?” David asked with a horrified look upon his face.

Lesa just smiled and said “Shh…remember this is about pleasure, I’m not going to hurt you. I am here to please you.” David just laid back and closed his eyes while Lesa placed the nipple clamps upon his hardened chest. Once the clamps were in place, she focused on massaging his lower half. With quick strokes all over his chest she briskly stroked over his cock, but did not want to focus on that part just yet. She moved down to his upper thighs and began to rub both of them in continuous strokes upward toward his inner thigh.

It was time to see if David was up to all her desires as she pulled out a strap-on from her toy box. As she carefully displayed her favorite toy to David she could see that he began to struggle and was tugging at the restraints to release himself. “Do you not want me to fuck you?” Lesa asked while trying to calm David down by massaging his thighs harder and harder.

“Well, hell no…I don’t want that thing near me…put it the fuck away…what is wrong with you?” as he raised his voice at her. She could tell that he was becoming agitated so she thought it would be best to bring him back to a relaxed state. She raised the rack to an upright position and climbed aboard the love swing that sat directly above the rack.

Once upon the swing she began to lightly swing towards David’s face with her inviting pussy. She would only come so close to his face for him just to get in a quick lick and warming smell of her awaiting pussy juices. He could no longer resist her tempting swings and tugged his way out of the restraints. Once free he grabbed her backside and pulled the swing closer to him so he could freely probe her luscious pussy that he had been trying to tongue all along. His tongue dashed in and out of her pussy several times, as he couldn’t help himself. She tasted so damn good! He wanted more so he began to suck her clit while fingering her wet pussy. “Ohh…Ahh…Mmm,” Lesa quivered.

David was not about to stop tonguing her hot juicy pussy, but he did not want her to cum just yet, so he spun her around on the swing and began to caress her lovely ass. As he admired her perfect round ass he stuck one finger yeni escort in her awaiting hole. This was just too much fun for him and he couldn’t decide which hole to go after first. He continued to dart back and forth between her ass and pussy with his tongue while furiously licking and sucking every inch of her. David grabbed Lesa’s face and pulled her closer to his so that he could share her wonderful juices. At this point they both were so fucking hot and bothered that the room was filled with lust and the scent of sex.

Lesa climbed off her perch and proceeded to grab the strap-on while bending David over the rack. He was a bit hesitant at first, then relaxed knowing how good she was going to make him feel. Lesa applied a large amount of lube and began seductively stroking her cock getting it nice and wet for entry. “My dear, I have been waiting a very long time…thanks for letting me fulfill my desire,” Lesa mumbled to David as she entered his ass very slowly.

She could feel her pussy throb harder upon entering his ass. Lesa was very careful to take each stroke slow and not to hurt him, since this was a new experience for his ass. “Does that feel good?” Lesa spoke as she began to speed up her stroke pace.

David was enjoying the ass fucking she was giving as she could feel him bucking his hips back towards her waiting cock, so she knew that the answer was YES. Lesa was getting off on fucking him good and hard, but decided that she wanted to tease him a bit more. She withdrew the strap-on after one last good pounding that left his knees buckling. Once withdrawn, Lesa turned David around to face her so that she could admire the look upon his face. “My dear, what shall we do next?” he asked while stroking his cock.

Lesa dropped to her knees and took his throbbing cock into her warm mouth taking every inch of his lusting as he rocked back and forth while she sucked harder. He was so deep inside her mouth that she almost came from the pure pleasure of sucking him to a climax. So as to not make him cum, she tongued his shaft while flicking the head of his cock back and forth just for a bit of a break in the action. After a few minutes of licking and sucking his rock hard cock, Lesa took his balls into her mouth. “Ohhh,” screamed David, “Suck harder….harder!!”

Lesa wanted to please him so she quickly engulfed his entire cock again and at a frantic pace began to suck him hard. She knew he was going to cum and quickly at that if she kept up the pace of sucking him the way that she had been. “Shall we move to my bed?” she asked.

With an evil grin on his face David replied, “No way…you got me here, we’re going to finish here.” They took a short break to allow David to regain his composure after the punishing blowjob that Lesa had just dished out.

Once again they were both aching to become one, but this time it was for both of their good. David laid the rack back so that he could lie flat on his back, as he yenibosna escort wanted Lesa to mount his throbbing cock and be able to bounce up and down with the help of leverage from the love swing from above. Lesa stood over him while straddling his chest and carefully worked her pussy over the top of his cock. She slowly positioned herself to accept his cock and with one quick lowering of her hips, they became one. The hardness of his cock grinding against her wet pussy made her want to cum quickly, but she reached above and grabbed the swing.

While holding on to the swing, she lifted herself off of his cock then back down upon it not missing a single rhythmic beat. The wonderful sounds of their hot and sweaty bodies slapping together was such a turn on for David. He arched his back so his cock could enter her quicker and harder. They began to develop a mutual entering point as the juices created were flowing down his cock pooling onto the rack between his legs. Lesa was just mesmerized by the hardness of his cock as each time it entered her pussy she felt a tingly feeling like none other. In her mind, she knew that David was the one, and she was extremely happy to share her desires with him.

She allowed herself to come back down and grind his cock against her wet slit. Lesa wanted him to be harder than ever for the climax of their kinship. As with every grind of her wet pussy against his cock, he was becoming engorged with thickness just as she wanted. She reached between his legs and took his cock in her small hands and rubbed him back and forth over her lips and clit. This was driving him crazy as well as her, so she then inserted quickly before he came.

Lesa leaned forward and kissed him not ever wanting to let go. She leaned over his chest while grabbing his massive shoulders and began to furiously grind and bounce her hot wet pussy into his pelvic bone accepting every inch of his cock. As the motions created more juices than a ripe peach, David and Lesa both screamed at the same time, “I’m cumming….ohhhhhhh.” After some intense feelings of pleasure, Lesa just slumped into David’s chest completely out of breath. But David was not done yet…he had one last little surprise for his wonderful friend.

He rolled Lesa over on to her back and dove headfirst into her still throbbing pussy. She tried to squirm away as the sensation was still intense from her previous orgasm, but he held her ass in place so he could lap up every last drop of their juices combined. He wanted to keep that wonderful taste forever and was not willing to let go till she came again and again.

He banged her with two fingers, then three in a furious motion. As she was about to reach her plateau he leaned in with his tongue and touched her clit to set it off. Lesa was just writhing in pleasure as David fucked her over and over with his fingers and tongue. Just as she was about to let loose of another screaming orgasm, David’s cock took the plunge to bring a more intense feeling to each of them.

They lay beside each other cuddling and holding one another, as this was the most intense love making session they have had to date. Lesa gazed into David’s eyes as she thanked him quietly for making her desires come true in a way she could have only dreamed.



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