You woke in the middle of the night from another of those dreams. You’ve been plagued with torrid sex dreams lately, but You’ve always had an active libido and didn’t start to worry about it until lately.

You are starting to worry because as of late you found yourself daydreaming also. It didn’t take anymore than an attractive stranger or just the smallest flirtatious look (real or imagined) to make your mind wander off. Not only was it distracting, but also you are starting to wonder if you had a problem.

Are you a nymphomaniac? You never thought of yourself as one. It’s not something that you wanted to think of yourself as because the word has bad connotations. Maybe you ought to talk to someone.

That’s it. You’d talk with your best friend Sara. Sara always made you laugh and feel better about things. Sara was even able to make you feel good about the flings that you had after her messy divorce.

Without even thinking of it you went straight to Sara’s house. It wasn’t until Sara’s husband opened the door with a questioning look on his face that you dimly started to remember that…

“Hi Donna, are you looking for Sara”? Asked Greg.

“Um… yeah, I was” you stammer, “I just remembered that she’s away on business this week” you add.

He looks at you for a moment. “Are you okay? You look like something’s bothering you. Can I call her for you”?

“No…. no” You say through a suddenly dry mouth.

“Come in” he says. “Let me get you some water. It’s been really hot outside lately”.

“No” you say quickly. “I really better go”

“What for”? He asks. “Sara will kill me if she knows that you stopped by and I didn’t take care of you- we know that your air conditionings broke down at home. Come on in. Stay a little bit and cool down. You really look like you need it”

He grabs your hand and pulls you inside, closing the door behind and sealing out the almost physically tangible humidity.

He looks in the refrigerator. “I know I suggested water” He says, “but you really look like you could use a nice, cold beer. Maybe two.”

He opens a couple of beers “from the back of the fridge” he says. “Coldest ones in there.” “Cheers” he toasts before he takes a long hard pull from his bottle.

You watch as he drinks and all you can think of is how those big, ucuz escort beefy hands would feel on your bare ass. You close your eyes and shake it off and take a drink from your own bottle. It’s really good.

You feel an overpowering sense that you should really get out of there, but you don’t want to seem rude. Greg has always been a great guy, and to tell the truth you’ve always been a little jealous of Sara that she seemed to get the last good one.

All the more reason to leave…

All the sudden you realize that he’s been talking. “What” You say. What were you saying”?

“I was asking what’s wrong,” He says. “Can I help in some way?”

About thirty different sexual positions of help run through your mind before you say “Um… uh… I don’t think so”

“Really” He says. “Maybe I can. Just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I’m completely stupid” He adds with a grin.

You laugh. “No really, Greg. It’s um… girl stuff”

“Oh”! He says. “You should have said so!” “When it comes to that all I’m really good at is the girl and guy stuff,” he adds with a flirtatious wink and a lascivious grin.

Now, Greg and you have flirted harmlessly and playfully hundreds of times in the past, almost always with Sara nearby, and you know that Greg’s intention was simply to be playful. You’d swear it isn’t really you when you hear your voice reply, in a husky, sexy tone, “Well then Greg, maybe you can help me out”

You know from the look on Greg’s face that he hears what hasn’t ever been there before in the byplay between you two. Sex.

You know Greg has been around the block and he can tell when a woman is being playful, and when a woman needs to play. You can tell he doesn’t know what he should say from the way his mouth gapes open.

And you can tell that the idea turns him on from the way the bulge quickly grows huge in his shorts.

Neither one of you say a thing as you stare into each other’s eyes, beers completely forgotten. He sees you look down at his crotch and back up to his face. He knows you know you turned him on and he doesn’t know what to say.

Silence continues as you watch yourself slowly slip out of the chair, down to your knees in front of Greg, his mouth still hanging wide open as he watches you reach up and unbutton his ümraniye escort shorts and pull the zipper down. You feel like a helpless spectator as your own hands pull his boxers down far enough for his nine inches to pop out at you, hard, ready, fat, curved…

He overcomes his shocked and frozen state enough to say, “Donna, I really don’t think that we should…”

Which is all he can say before you slide your mouth over his throbbing shaft and push it past the back of your throat, taking all of it to the base, and cupping his balls as you start to suck as hard as you can.

His hand that had been until now seemingly glued to the table finds it’s way to the back of your head and pulls you hard on to his cock.

Mindlessly you suck him like it’s the last cock you’ll ever get as mindlessly he fucks you in your face. You can taste it as the pre-cum starts to ooze from the head of his rock hard cock, and you savor the feel of his jism hitting the back of your throat and filling up your mouth before you can swallow his entire load.

Cum dribbles down the side of your mouth, off your chin, and drips between your tits. You can feel it go down your cleavage and you take his still shooting cock and aim it at your face and chest, letting him shoot the rest of his considerable load all over you.

You rub his load into your skin with one hand as you rise to your feet, pushing his shirt off and rubbing his load on his body as you press up against him.

He rises with you and pulls your shirt off, throwing it on the kitchen floor. He takes off your bra and throws it. You can feel one of his hands on the back of your neck and the other diving down the back of your pants. The feel of his beefy hand on the cheeks and in the crack of your ass feels better than you imagined.

You feel yourself being pushed toward the stairs as he roughly pushes down your shorts and tears your panties. You fall on the stairs, both naked now except for… the jewelry you both wear. Including his wedding ring.

You glance at it and he senses it. He hesitates, and you can feel the guilt starting to set in. Quickly you whisper “Greg baby, this ain’t about love or marriage, this is about fucking. About sex. Fuck me like I’m your worthless whore.”

That does the trick. Talking üniversiteli öğrenci escort like that always turns guys on. He seems to forget the ring and he pushes you a little further up the stairs. You can feel his huge cock between your thighs and you both fall forward on the steps.

You can see his hands and this time, your conscience starts to balk, but he can sense it just like you did, and you feel his breathe against the side of your face as he says “no way, slut. You can’t back out that easy. Take it now, you fucking bitch” and shoves his cock into your soaked, aching, needful cunt.

Just what you needed, the talking and the fucking both. You can feel him penetrate you all the way to your womb with his throbbing cock. You can feel his hands on your hips as he fucks you right there on the stairs of his house. His and Sara’s house. You’re fucking your best friends husband on the stairs of their house.

This time, though, the thought of that turns you on more. Because it’s wrong. This isn’t your man. He shouldn’t have his cock buried inside of you. The more you think about it the more turned on you get. You are so caught up that it’s a complete surprise when Greg shoves his pussy juice lubricated thumb into your ass.

The shock makes you cry out in pain and pleasure. The feel of both holes getting fucked is quite simply indescribable. And the Orgasm that crashes upon you threatens your very sanity with its intensity.

You can feel the heat of his second load fill your hole and leak down your thighs. And you find that when he pulls it out, pulls you around and shoves it in your mouth saying “clean this off, you worthless whore” you can’t get enough of the taste of your cum mingled with his. You hungrily lick off his cock and balls as you shove three then four fingers into your cunt, continuing the orgasm, unwilling to let it end.

Now you know why you’re here. You knew, inside, that Sara was gone. You knew that if you could get Gary alone you would be able to fuck him. And you have.

Later, as you gather your things, you look at him. “Don’t think this is over Big is Boy” You say. “There’s lots more places that you need to fuck me before we’re through”

He looks at you for a moment, Grabs your chin and kisses you. “Oh, don’t you worry” He says. “You’re my little whore, and we won’t be through until I say. And what’s more, you’ll do what I say when I say it. Remember that as you fuck that vibrator of yours later tonight.”

“Yes, sir” you say with a smile. You kiss him once more and leave.

How did he know that you were going home to fuck your vibrator?



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