The left hand was pinned against the wall and she could sense a shiver running down her spine. His breath seemed more ragged and his voice came out hoarse and anxious.

“You like this, don’t you?” Claire could do nothing but nod. She could feel the moistness gathering between her folds. This sure wasn’t what she had expected when he had called her earlier that night.


Claire had only rounded the corner before her phone went off. She looked at the display, which showed “withheld number”. She wondered who it could be? Pressing the key she answered the call.

“Hello?” she said a bit confused. A dark and very upbeat voice met her.

“Hello there, so you are all set for the party, eh?” Suddenly it dawned on her who was calling.

“Jake!” she replied, surprised. Why in the world would he call her, she had just left him a few minutes ago!

She had been having dinner with a friend and then returned to the amusement centre where she worked part-time. While waiting for a few colleagues before going to the annual Christmas party, she had entertained herself by talking to one of the many security guards. He was tall, short cropped hair, dark chocolate coloured skin, piercing eyes that seemed to have that “bad boy” glint in them and wore a permanent smile on his face. She had never seen him doing anything but smile and joke around ever since meeting him two weekends ago. They had talked a few times, and she found him entertaining as he had never seemed to run out of things to say. She had never ever though of him in any other way. Not until tonight that was.

“Hey, if you guys are going clubbing, give me a ring, will you? I can join you after work.”

“Sure,” she smiled. “But I think we’re on our way to a gay club. Still want me to give you a ring if we end up there?”

“Nah! Don’t do that, I’m not into men,” he said laughing before going into a long speech about why he wouldn’t set foot in a gay club. They both laughed.

“Ok, I promise to send you a text message on your phone wherever we end up, ok?” Claire smiled and hung up.


The sturdy bouncer looked them up and down before letting them into the club.

“Go all the way to the top,” he said and pointed towards a flight of stairs. The whole group started running up the stairs. The stairs were steep wooden ones with glass walls surrounding them, and the group kept going up and up before finally reaching the top. Each floor held a bar and plenty of seating where good-looking men were holding light-hearted conversations in the flickering light of lit candles.

“Gosh, isn’t it such a shame they are all gay?” sighed Diane, one of Claire’s colleagues.

“Yes,” Claire laughed. “Remember; they are either married, taken or gay!” The girls laughed before finally entering the door to the top floor. The music was pumping and red, blue, yellow and green disco lights were flashing, and on the tiny stage there were four utterly chic and well-dressed men dancing.

Holding a Smirnoff Ice, Claire leaned back towards the glass wall and watched the people on the dance floor. There were a few girls standing a in a corner looking like they didn’t belong there, in another corner were two African girls really getting down on the dance floor, and on the stage a cute Belgian girl dressed up as a Playboy bunny, white bunny tail and all, had joined the four guys.

Claire’s eyes were drawn to the taller of the guys. Dressed in black from top till toe, the shirt unbuttoned giving a glimpse of his naked chest and wearing a hat, his image exuded effortless cool. Claire sighed quietly pondering if she should just start dating bisexual men instead, after all, you might get the benefits of a gay man with the benefits of a straight one….

Claire’s phone bleeped and vibrated, demanding her attention. “1 message received” the display said. She read the message.

“Tell me where you are, I’ll make it worth our while…” Claire smiled and started replying to the message.

“In a gay club drooling over gorgeous well dressed men…” A few minutes later the reply came.

“Get back here, I’ll keep you entertained…”

“Why would I leave a place where all the men look great and have wonderful bodies? What do you have to offer?” She clicked and sent. His reply came back quickly.

“Bodies you can’t touch…come by here when you’re done…”

Claire smiled and felt strangely excited about the whole text message and the flirting. She had never even thought of Jake in that way before. Was he actually interested? And what was he implying with that “bodies you cant touch” thing? She was curious to find out.


The party was nearly ending and people were starting to get their things and leave. Claire took a deep breath and called halkalı otele gelen escort Jake. She was actually in the mood to continue dancing. At the same time she had felt a strange mix of euphoria and exhaustion, due to the lack of sleep over the past few days. The drinks at the party hadn’t really made those feelings disappear. She walked back towards the underground station with the others, but said her goodbyes before turning back to meet up with Jake.

She saw him talking to a girl who worked in another store. Dressed in a white shirt, black pressed trousers and holding a walkie-talkie, he looked every inch a security guard. A very nice looking security guard. Claire eyed him up and for the first time wondered to herself what might be hidden underneath that uniform. The loose fitted shirt and trousers made it hard to see any distinguishing contours of his body, but she could not help but grin at the thought of a “man in uniform”.

She saw his face light up when seeing her walk towards him. She gave away a shy smile when they met face to face.

“Well, hello there,” he said with a small grin on his face. “How was the party? Done drooling over gay men?”

“It was a nice party,” she replied. “And yes, done drooling over gay men, but it’s such a shame they are gay!”

He looked at her and laughed. “Told you, no point in bothering, you can’t have them anyway,” he teased. Then he looked around and grabbed her hand. “Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Claire giggled, still a little tipsy from the drinks she had consumed at the club.

“You look really tired, I’ll find a place where you can rest.” She let him lead her up the escalator by her hand gently to the cinema complex nearby.

“What are we doing?” she asked a bit confused.

“C’mon, follow me,” he said and opened a door before leading her down a narrow corridor with a red carpet. Suddenly they were in the lobby of the cinema. She sat down on one of the sofa chairs and he helped her to remove her coat. “Much better, right?” he smiled.

She felt herself relax in the chair. Her feet, legs and shoulders were aching after a whole day’s work and all the dancing she did at the party.

“I could really do with a shoulder massage.” Claire suggested and began to massage her aching arms.

“OK, let’s see what I can do about that.” Jake knelt behind her, gently but firmly massaging her back and shoulders. His grip was very firm, and she could feel his fingers kneading her skin through the black top she was wearing. His fingers worked in circles and in his other hand he took her arm and began to stretch it, relieving the pent up tension soothingly.

“Mmmmm, you’re good at this!” she murmured whilst feeling the tenseness and pain slowly disappearing. “Where did you learn to do this?”

“I used to go out with a professional masseuse,” he explained. He began to grin as he thought back. “God, the way that woman touched me, I was in heaven!”


Jake looked at her and couldn’t help smiling. He had not seen anyone looking so tired in ages. Claire was becoming relaxed under his almost magical touch and she almost fell asleep in his hands.

“C’mon sleepy head.” He dragged her up onto her feet. “You look like you’re ready to crash right here, you better get home now.” He helped her with her coat, and while buttoning it he looked up at her.

“I could take advantage of you now if I wanted to…” Claire looked back at him, barely keeping awake. “…but I won’t,” he continued whilst ushering her towards the back exit door. “Ok, here’s the exit, go home and get some sleep. We’ll talk some other time.”

He watched her standing there on the little stair landing. Once again she looked back at him from behind those dark locks of hers. He watched her and his eyes went to her mouth, the rosy lips lightly parted and he could see her gently biting the lower lip like a child. He caught her eyes, there was an innocence behind them he had not seen before. A question flitted through his mind; Should he? He took a step towards her.

“You really do want some, don’t you?” his voice turning husky before pulling her to him and placing his lips on hers, kissing her with a growing passion each second that passed. She yielded to him, sinking deeper into his charms and his gentleness. The kiss was long, longer than any kiss she had had in a long time. It made her think of those other kisses that ranged from anything between fumbling ones, slobbering ones and the occasional lets-forget-the-kissing-and-get-down-to-business ones. But this kiss on the other hand was surprisingly enticing.

Claire could feel her body pressed up against his, and suddenly it hit her that they must have been kissing halkalı rus escort for at least ten minutes. She laid her left hand on his chest, feeling the soft fabric of his white shirt. Letting her hand glide over the fabric she could feel his chest underneath it. Feeling curious to see what was hidden beneath that uniform, she continued to let her hands roam along his chest and back, all the while continuing to extend the kiss. Suddenly she found her right hand on the cheeks of his posterior, squeezing gently through his trousers, and her left hand gliding over his stomach. “Oh my,” she thought to herself. “Now that’s what I call buns of steel!” She couldn’t help but giggle to herself whilst squeezing.

“You have a really hard stomach,” she told him and teasingly poked him with her finger. The look in his eyes seemed confused, but then he smiled.

“Well, it’s the way I want it to be.”

“I prefer tummies that aren’t too hard,” Claire said whilst feeling his hard stomach muscles. “A stomach is to be somewhat soft, not rock hard,” she continued, teasingly.

“Oh yeah? And why may I ask? I thought girls liked hard stomachs.”

“I’m not that type of girl,” Claire grinned. “I like my men’s tummies soft as they are for sleeping on…” Jake burst out laughing, finding her reply both comical and unusual.

“Ok, sorry to disappoint you Miss, but I like my stomach the way it is.” He pulled her into his embrace once more.

“Mmmmm,” Claire murmured in-between the kisses. “Did I mention I am also not into skinny men? I like to feel some meat on my men.”

“Really?” Jake whispered.

“Mmmmm, I need something to grab.” Before he could react Jake could feel Claire’s hands grabbing a firm hold on his ass.

“Dang, you are really something, you know that?” he laughed.


He could feel her hands pulling up his tucked shirt and going under the fabric. Her hand was slightly cold and he involuntarily let out a gasp. Feeling her hands run up his chest and down his back made him tingle inside and he could feel his desire heighten. She was wearing a dark grey knee-length coat and red knitted scarf around her neck. In his opinion that was too many clothes, and with a swift move he jerked off the coat from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground.

She could hear the soft thump of the coat falling onto the cold linoleum floor. Her heart was beating faster and her stomach started to churn with excitement. She could not remember the last time she had felt this kind of excitement within her. Pressing herself closer to him, she could feel the sexual tension rising. Looking down Claire could see the contours of his member underneath the black cloth. She placed her hand upon it and started to squeeze.

Jake could feel his cock swelling as Claire squeezed him. It was getting harder by the minute and he could feel the cotton material of his briefs straining against him. A surging heat was building up in his balls and quickly working its way up towards the cock head. The more he felt Claire’s hand squeezing and stroking along the shaft, the more he wanted her.

“Keep touching that and I’m gonna have to fuck you.”

As she felt him getting harder by her touch, her own feelings of arousal were beginning to show. She could feel the sexual tension between them and she locked her eyes with his. Looking into them she could see the fire within them growing. Her own fire was already lit and she could feel her pussy moisten. When running her fingers along the waistband, briefly feeling the tight curls of his pubic hair, his eyes flickered. While unbuckling the belt with her other hand she continued the rhythmic squeezing. His eyes were closed, lips lightly parted as he tilted his neck backwards, exposing his throat. She watched his reactions while dipping her hand down his trouser front and reaching for his throbbing member.

Suddenly she felt him grip her wrist. The grip was tight and she was surprised by the strength in it. Looking up she saw him staring down on her. Before she knew it, he had forcefully spun her around to face the wall. With one hand running along her inner legs he pried her legs apart. Standing with arms stretched out in front of her, palms firmly planted against the white cement wall and legs spread, she could feel him coming up from behind. His breath tickled her neck and made her shiver in anticipation.

His hands wiggled its way around her waist. She could feel him tugging at her sweater, raising it up together with the bra, and suddenly hands were cupping her bare breasts. The steady tempo of his kneading movements only added to her already growing desire. Her heart was beating, her stomach made a backflip and her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Working halkalı türbanlı escort his hands over her olive-toned skin, fingers stroking and pressing on the nipples, he could feel her tense up under his administrations. His breath seemed more ragged and his voice came out hoarse and anxious.

“You like this, don’t you?” Claire could do nothing but nod.

Pushing his knee between her open legs he massaged her from behind while fondling her breasts. His hands worked in a rhythmic and circular motion. She could feel the exquisite pressure from his wonderful massaging movements, his fingers grazing the now hard nipples. She caught her breath. With one hand he gently pinched one nipple, with the other he let his forefinger trace inwards circles around the dark areola. His groin firmly pressed against her rear, she could feel his raging hard-on push into her ass cheeks.

Moving one hand down along her side and along the curve of her hip his hand sought the softness of her inner thighs. Hiking up her skirt he eagerly parted her legs further, letting his hand roam up and down her thighs. With his nails running along her inner thighs she could feel her pussy juices collecting in her panties. The wetness was getting unbearable, and she just wanted to feel him touch her. Her juices slowly seeping through the thin cotton fabric. Not being able to hold himself back anymore his hand started its upwards journey towards her pleasure centre. The closer he got, the more he could feel the heat radiating from her, his fingertips feeling a slippery wetness running down from their source.

Gasping she finally felt his hand in-between her legs. Caressing her through the already soaked panties, her juices quickly spread over his hands.

“God, you’re so wet,” he whispered into her ear.

“Mmmm yes,” she purred while feeling him pulling her panties to one side before plunging into her folds. The slickness of her juices coated his fingers and her moans became louder along with her breathing getting heavier.

“Ooh,” she whimpered while loving the feeling of his fingers working her from the inside. She wanted nothing but to have him press her against the wall, and take her roughly from behind. Instead he kept teasing her. Feather-light touches on her puffy outer lips, and fingers tracing along the inner ones while spreading her juices all over her sex. He loved the way her body squirmed and the sight of watching her arch her back while pushing towards him to make his fingers go deeper. Gently he let his hand caress her black hair, running the locks between his fingers.

Feeling the warmth exuding from Claire’s inner walls had Jake‘s cock throb even more, and with a swift movement he finally freed it from its confinements. The way his fingers curled up inside her, together with the in-and-out motion, had Claire writhing in pleasure and her legs weakened the more excited she got. Letting his fingers work their magic Jake watched Claire’s attempts at keeping her legs under control. The sight of his fingers working her wet folds and her obvious excitement was getting to be too much for him. Grabbing his cock he positioned it by her entrance and started to run it along her slit, staying a bit longer to rub the clit. The feeling of Jake’s cock head running up and down her was driving Claire crazy. Turning her head around she opened her mouth to beg him to stop.

Muffling her beginning protests with a passionate kiss, Jake lounged forward and Claire could feel the head pushing into her. The pressure of it parting her lips and entering her was exquisite and she let out a loud groan. With all the pent up desire both knew the act itself wouldn’t last long, but neither cared. What mattered at this very moment was getting their sexual cravings satisfied. As Jake continued kissing her while thrusting fast into her, lifting her slightly with every thrust, Claire squeezed down on his cock with her pussy muscles. As her orgasm neared she reached behind with her arm and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss. When finally letting herself go she let out a deep moan. Feeling her release Jake’s own was triggered.

Still standing up, it took both of them a while to come down from their high. Their clothes were a mess, and so was Claire’s hair. It was all tousled up. Looking at each other they burst out laughing.

“Phew! Well, that certainly was a good way to finish my shift,” Jake grinned. They started to adjust their clothes and made light-hearted conversation while trying to make themselves look somewhat presentable. When they were done Jake opened the fire exit door, outside you could hear the buzz of the usual Saturday night crowd and cars passing by.

“It’s late, go home and have a wonderful sleep now,” Jake gave her a quick kiss. “I’ll give you a call later in the week and we’ll have a proper date. Take care.”

“Take care.” And with that Claire walked out into the December night, stopping only to adjust the collar on her coat and put her gloves on as protection from the cold wind.


This is my first story and if you liked it please send me feedback.



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