Dear DiaryCaroline is a young wife who has been having very vivid sex dreams, so she starts describing them in her diary.Sunday, August 21, 2011I had a really, really strange dream last night. It was the most vivid, the most realistic dream I’ve ever had! Right now it is hard for me to know for sure if it was a dream or if it was real. The memory is still so clear and I can still feel all the physical sensations. Could it have been real?In my dream, I was slowly waking up from a deep sleep. As my surroundings became clearer, I was lying face down on a king-size bed with my legs hanging over the side, my toes barely touching the floor. The satin sheets were a light blue color and smelled fresh and clean like roses. The bed was in a large, nicely decorated room, although I could see only what was in front of me. I was facing a large picture window that looked out onto a beautiful tropical beach with white sand, palm trees, and the bluest, clearest ocean water I’ve ever seen. There was a light breeze blowing through the window and across my face.But those were just my first impressions. As I became more awake, I realized that someone was having sex with me! And, I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life! My hands were tied behind my back, my chin was on the bed, and I couldn’t turn my head to see the man behind me.I became more awake and could now feel him thrusting inside me. God, he felt so good! As he drove himself hard against my ass, it made a “slap, slap, slap” sound, causing my body to lurch forward with each thrust. My God, he felt so big inside me! I didn’t want him to ever stop. Slap, slap, slap.Who was he? Where was I? How did I get here?Slap, slap, slap.But I didn’t care about any of those questions. I just wanted to live in the moment. I wanted to feel every inch of him sliding in and out of me. His cock was SO big that I could feel it tapping my cervix with each thrust, sending a tingle up from down there, up through my stomach, and along my spine.Slap, slap, slap.I became fully awake and realized that another sound I heard was coming from me! Each thrust he made caused me to make a moaning sound, something I have never done during sex before.Slap, slap, slap.I could now turn my head to one side, but not far enough to see him. He removed his left hand from my shoulder and placed it on the side of my head, holding it there so that I couldn’t see him. It was only then that I realized that he’d had both hands on my shoulders the whole time, helping to pull himself into me.Slap, slap, slap.His pounding into me must have lasted for ten to fifteen minutes when that familiar sensation in my body began. My climax was starting.Slap, slap, slap.The tingling began down there, in my vagina, and swiftly moved up into my stomach. From there it moved to my spine, down my legs, and up to my arms.Slap, slap, slap.As the tingling reached the back of my neck, that wonderful, burning warmth enveloped my body. A soft groan started deep in my throat and soon became a low outcry.“Don’t…stop,” I yelled. “Please…don’t…stop!”Slap, slap, slap.My climax must have lasted twenty to thirty seconds, much longer than any climax I had ever had before.Slap, slap, slap.Then his climax began. He started to grunt with each thrust and his breathing became heavier and louder. Finally, he cried out, “Ah..Ah..Ah,” with each thrust. He was cumming inside me.Slap, slap, slap.When his climax was over, he untied my hands, pulled out of me, and turned me over on my back. I could see him now for the first time. It was Bill…one of my co-workers! We had been flirting with each other for weeks, ever since he’d been transferred to our office. I had been having some mild fantasies about him, but nothing like this!Moving up onto the bed to straddle my chest, he held my head in his hands and guided his still engorged cock into my mouth. I eagerly took it in, tasting his cum as he pushed it deep down my throat. Normally that would make me gag. But now he was pushing the full length of his cock down my throat and I loved it.He began to slowly fuck my mouth, staying deep in my throat for at least a minute before pulling out to allow me to take a breath. Then he would push his cock down my throat again. It made me feel so good to be able to accommodate him. The look on his face told me just how much he liked it.This continued for maybe fifteen more minutes when he suddenly pushed his cock so deep into my throat that I thought I could feel it in my chest, although I’m sure that was not the case.Then his cock exploded in my throat. He groaned as it spurted his cum down into my stomach. I had never experienced anything like it before. I could feel his warm sperm flowing in small steams down my gullet and into my stomach. It was such a turn-on that I began to feel a second climax building in my body.He must have sensed that I wanted to cum again, so he pulled his cock out of my mouth and quickly moved down to begin giving me the best oral sex I had ever experienced. He slowly toyed with me, making my climax build slowly.Slowly, slowly he licked me and fondled my clitoris with his tongue. God! I couldn’t believe the feelings he was giving me! I wanted it to last forever!But soon that familiar progression of tingling began and I had my second thundering climax. I moaned, “My God, when will this ever end?” I may have said that out loud. I just don’t know.When I finished, he turned around into the so-called 69 position. I took his cock into my mouth again as he continued to lick and fondle my clitoris, then pressed and held his tongue against it. This made me quickly climax a third time! That final climax was so intense that it made me pass out or fall asleep. I don’t know which.* * * * *Sometime later I awoke with a start. I was laying in my own bed, in my own house, my husband fast asleep beside me. “That was real,” I thought. “It had to be!” I felt like I had just been transported back home from that tropical beach house; back from having had that glorious sex. “It must have been real! I can still taste his sperm!”Even now, three hours later as I write these words, I can feel him inside me; feel his cock in my throat. I’m getting aroused again as I write about it. God, I hope I dream again tonight!Monday, 22 August 2011It’s 7:00 AM and I want to write this down before I leave for work. I had another sexual dream last night. This one was as vivid and realistic as the one Saturday night, but even more bazaar.In my dream, I awoke during the night when someone turned on the light on my nightstand. I rubbed my eyes and looked up at the man standing over me. It was Bill again!“What are you doing here?” I whispered. “How did you get in?”I quickly reached over and shook my husband, John. His head rolled back and forth on the pillow, but he wouldn’t wake up!Bill said, “He won’t wake up. I’ve stopped time for him so that you and I can be uninhibited for a while.”“What do you want?” I already knew the answer.“I want a repeat of last night, of course. Didn’t you enjoy last night?”“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”He began to undress as I watched, unable to move or look away. I couldn’t help but think about my dream last night and the glorious sex I’d had with this man. I was getting aroused, even though I was trying not to.As he dropped his shorts to the floor, now completely nude, I saw his semi-erect cock. It seemed to be beckoning me to reach out and take it in my hand. I knew this could not be a dream. This was not a strange beach house somewhere or an unfamiliar bedroom. This man was now in my house, standing over me!In spite of my attempts to resist, I reached out and took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it up and down. It felt soft but was getting harder with every stroke. Soon it was fully erect and was SO big! It must have been 10 inches long and there was already a little clear fluid leaking out of the head and running down toward my hand! As I continued to stroke it, I could feel the veins and rippling surface of his cock under the skin.Suddenly he grabbed the bed covers and threw them to the foot of the bed, took me by the shoulders, and quickly swiveled my body around so that my legs were lying across my husband and my head was hanging off the bed, my long hair dragging the floor. As he leaned over me and spread esenyurt escort my legs, his cock came near my face. I knew what he wanted and I couldn’t resist. I opened wide and used my hand to guide his cock into my mouth, licking that drop of fluid as it passed over my tongue. It had no taste and I eagerly sucked the head to get more. As I did, he again pushed it down my throat and kept it there, slowly pumping in and out.Then he began his oral sex on me. Oh my God, it felt so good…again! “How does he do that? He knows exactly what feels good to me!”Just as my climax was starting, he stopped what he was doing and turned me around again with my head on my pillow. He climbed into bed between my legs and hovered over me on his knees and elbows. I couldn’t wait any longer. My building climax would not be ignored, its urgency demanding that I do something.I wrapped my legs around his waist and quickly reached down to find his wet cock waiting near my vagina. I grabbed it and guided it inside me as he laid down on me, pushed his right hand under my ass, and lifted my hips, causing his cock to sink deep into me. He then placed his left hand on top of my head as we began a long, passionate, hungry kiss.After keeping me waiting for what seemed like an eternity, he began to hump me slowly and deeply. Each thrust again tapped my cervix, causing the now familiar tingling up my spine.Faster and faster he fucked me. The bed was bouncing and squeaking, but my husband didn’t wake up. I began to moan with each thrust, no longer caring if he woke up or not. I just wanted to enjoy this sexual experience at any cost. Bill felt so good inside me. I didn’t want it to end.But my climax was in charge. It quickly grew to envelop me and I screamed out, “Oh God! Fuck me!” Never in my life have I been vocal during sex, but I could not control myself. It was SO fantastic!Bill was humping me harder and faster, grunting with each thrust. Then he suddenly stopped and said, “Turn around and lay face down across your husband. That will elevate your ass.”I quickly complied, up on my elbows, my hips on John’s butt, my ass in the air, as I tossed my hair over one shoulder to look back at Bill. This was the perfect position for him to enter me from behind.He quickly parted my legs and positioned himself between them. As he grabbed my hips and pushed his cock into me again, I could feel that he was ready to climax because his cock was so hard and stiff, and the head so enlarged. It felt like it was going to push up into my stomach every time he thrust into me. He was pushing so hard that I was crying out, not in pain, but in extreme pleasure.Harder and faster he thrust into me, sending wave after wave of chills up my spine. His stamina was amazing! He kept pumping and pumping into me until I climaxed two more times! Oh God, I didn’t want this to ever end!Then Bill reached forward, put his hand over my mouth, and pulled my head back against the side of his neck. He made a long, loud groan as he began to climax inside me. My vagina was so sensitive by then that I could feel his cum spurting into me. He had so much cum that with each thrust it began to make a squishing sound, squirting out of me and dripping onto the sheets.I thought, “If this is not a dream, I’ll never explain the wet sheets to John.”Again, I passed out or fell asleep until the alarm went off at 5:30.John woke up and said, “Why are you laying on me?”In horror, I thought, “Oh my God! It must have been real. What do I say?”“Gosh, John, I was just having a dream about you. You’d better get up or you’ll be late for work.”“Well, it must have been a weird dream for you to end up on top of me like this.”I just said, “Yeah,” as he got out of bed and didn’t notice the wet sheets. I was safe.I have the sheets in the washer now, so all the evidence is gone. But soon I must go to work and face Bill. By his reaction, I will know if these dreams were real or not. But I don’t know how they could be real! Waking up in a beach house somewhere? Stopping time for John? He’s not waking up no matter what kind of noise we made? But how can I deny the wet sheets?I’ll have to do a lot more thinking about this. Do I want another dream like that? What would it be like next time? There I go getting aroused again!Monday night, 22 August 2011It was a really stressful day at work. I managed to avoid Bill until almost noon when he came into my office and closed the door.“Hi, Caroline. Have you been avoiding me?”Without looking up, I said, “Of course not. I’m just really busy.”“Well, you have to eat. How about some lunch? We need to talk.”“About what?” I said, trying to sound disinterested.“About those dreams you had over the weekend. I enjoyed them immensely. I know you did too.”“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”“Come on Caroline. We both know that we had some really great sex and we need to talk about it.”I looked up at him for the first time. Immediately those vivid dreams came flooding back, filling my head with those glorious feelings; the fantastic sex; the beach house; my own bed! “Thank God he can’t read my thoughts right now!”“Caroline, don’t you realize by now that they were not dreams? They were real and we actually had some really marvelous sex, and you loved it? You and I both know you loved it.”“That’s not possible! In one dream I was Lord knows where on some beach and it was daytime, not the middle of the night. That had to be a dream!”“No. That was the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain.”“You’re crazy.” I hate his cocky self-assurance. He has an answer to everything.“And last night was real also. You can’t deny that my sperm was all over your bedsheets. If that was a dream, where did that come from?”“I don’t know,” is all I could come back with.“I think we should admit that we like having sex with each other and just go with it; enjoy it.”“As I said, you’re crazy.”“Tell you what. Why don’t I stop time right now and make love to you? Right now, on your desk.”I just looked at him. Half of me hoping he would, half of me knowing he was crazy.“Okay. Stand up and bend over your desk,” he said as he came around behind my desk and pulled me up. “Don’t worry about someone coming in. I have stopped time just like last night.”Then he pushed me face down on my desk, pulled my skirt up, and pulled down my panties.“Now kick your panties off.”I complied but really didn’t want to because I really didn’t believe he had stopped time. That’s an absurd concept.Then he spread my legs and moved between them. I heard him unbuckle his pants and push the zipper down. I thought, “My God! He’s going to do it right here!” I was sure someone would come in and catch us.Then I felt his cock pushing against my vagina. Oh, I wanted him to push it into me so bad!“Well! Looks like your wet and ready!”Then he did it. He pushed his hard cock in me all the way! I could feel his stomach pressing against my butt. My God, he felt so good inside me! I didn’t care now whether or not someone found us. I just wanted him to fuck me.He must have pumped on me for thirty minutes because I had three great climaxes before he started to cum inside me.“Mmm, your pussy feels so tight! I’m cumming inside you.”When he was finished, he pulled out of me and said, “Why don’t you clean me up with your mouth.”He didn’t have to ask. I wanted him in my mouth. I turned around, dropped to my knees, and took his still hard cock in my mouth. He tasted SO good and I wanted more, so I pushed it down my throat all the way.“Oh Caroline, that’s so good.” He put his hands on my head and held it against his stomach. I could feel his hard cock going soft in my throat; shrinking in length like a snake crawling out of my mouth.When he was soft again, I stood up and got dressed.“Well, Caroline. How was that?”“It was okay, but someone might come in here, so you’d better leave now.”“Why don’t we meet here at work this weekend, Sunday afternoon around two? I want to screw you on Jim’s conference table.”Jim is our supervisor and a real jerk. The thought of having sex on his conference table, then attending his stupid weekly status meetings there, was beginning to turn me on.“You’re out of your mind, Bill! This is sexual harassment!”“True. But you want to do it, so I’m not worried.”“You’ll have to excuse avrupa yakası escort me. I’m busy.”“See you Sunday at two.”“Not likely.” I already knew that I would be here at two o’clock Sunday afternoon.Sunday, 28 August 2011I met Bill at work this afternoon. All week I told myself that I was not going to, but all the time I knew that I would. I told John I was going to a movie and drove around for an hour, trying to resist the urge to go to work. But I soon found myself in my office, waiting for Bill to show up.He was late; almost 30 minutes late.“Hey, Caroline. Sorry I’m late. Come on,” he said as he headed for Jim’s office.“But Jim keeps his office locked!”“I know where he hides his key.”I sat there for a few seconds, my vagina already quivering in anticipation. I asked myself, “Should I actually do this?” I don’t know why I asked myself the question because I knew I was going to.When I walked into Jim’s office, Bill was standing in front of the window completely naked, his cock standing straight out, waiting for me. The window looked out on the rear parking lot from the 3rd floor of the large government building. Anyone in the parking lot would be able to see us.I walked over to Bill and put my arms around his neck. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close, kissing me passionately as his hands slid down to my ass and pulled my pelvis against his erection.He unbuttoned and unzipped my slacks and let them fall to the floor, exposing my nude body.“Mmm! You’re not wearing panties!”“I wanted to be prepared.” Well, there it was. Now I’d revealed my real desire for his afternoon plans.As he moved his hands to my shoulders, I stepped out of my slacks and dropped to my knees. His cock was directly in front of my face, perfectly positioned for me to suck it.As he placed one hand on the crown of my head and one on the back of my neck, I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and took his cock in. He slowly pushed it further and further down my throat until my nose was pressing hard against his belly. It was stretching my throat, but didn’t hurt at all, nor did I have any tendency to gag. Instead, I was wishing he had more cock to give me. If his cock had been 2 feet long, I could have taken it. I felt like I wanted to totally swallow him; to totally take him into my body.He then began a slow thrusting deep in my throat, causing a faint sucking sound as my saliva squished about. I had taken a deep breath before he entered my mouth, so he could keep going for a minute or so before pulling out and allowing me to breathe.As he continued to slowly fuck my throat, the look on his face was so wonderful for me to see. He was totally lost in the feeling of my throat enveloping his huge cock. That was turning me on, too. I was anticipating his next move. Would he cum in my throat or would he bend me over the conference table?I didn’t have long to ponder the question. He suddenly pulled out of my mouth with a ‘pop’, helped me stand up, turned me around, and pushed me face down on the table. I quickly spread my legs wide, eager for him to push his large cock into me.He didn’t make me wait. He found my moist and ready hole with his wet cock and pushed it all the way into me with his first, hard thrust. I yelled out in surprise and in pleasure.Then he started his pumping into me. He pushed and pumped and screwed me for almost an hour. I could see the clock on Jim’s office wall and the hour passed in a blur of grunting and thrusting, pushing and moaning; a blur of glorious sex mingled with my climaxes…. climaxes that were so intense that I almost passed out each time. I stopped counting them after seven.The blur of sex continued until Bill suddenly pulled out of me, pulled me off the table, and pushed me down to my knees again. I threw my head back and opened my mouth wide as he held my head in one hand and stroked himself with the other.After just a few seconds, his cum began to spurt into my waiting mouth. It soon filled my mouth and began to run out and down my neck. I swallowed it quickly as he continued to cum, missing my mouth and squirting onto my face and into my hair. I was thinking, “Where is all that coming from? I never knew a man could produce so much sperm!”When he was finished, Bill collapsed into a chair as I wiped the cum off my face and put it in my mouth. It actually tasted sweet, like nectar from a Honeysuckle flower. At least I imagined it did.“How will I get your cum out of my hair?” I demanded as Bill sat there trying to catch his breath. “John is sure to notice it.”“Just wipe it out as much as you can and tell him some story.”“I’ll tell him someone spilled Coke on me during the movie. That’s where I told him I was going.”“Sounds like a plan.”“Your cock is still so huge after all that sex and your climax,” I said when I noticed that it was still standing erect.“It still wants you. Come here.”I moved over to him and straddled the chair. I reached down, took his cock in my fingers, guided it toward my moist and swollen vagina, and sat down on it.As I began to grind against him, he took my buttocks in his hands, spread the cheeks of my ass, and pushed a finger into my rectum.I stopped and said, “Don’t. I’ve never done that.”“It’s okay. There’s a first time for everything. Keep fucking me.”So, I continued to grind against him with his finger deep in my rectum. It didn’t hurt, but just felt weird to be penetrated in both places at the same time.I soon forgot about that as another climax began to build. It soon sent that wonderful, almost painfully intense chill up my spine and throughout my body.“My God! How many climaxes am I capable of?”“Don’t question it. Just enjoy it.”When it was over, I collapsed on his body, my head on his shoulder. I was panting, almost gasping for air, wanting to just go to sleep and recover.“You liked that a lot, didn’t you?”“How can you tell?” I said, barely having enough breath to get the words out.“I know you quite well by now. I can’t wait for Jim’s status meeting tomorrow. I’m going to sit in this very chair.”“I hope the smell of our sex is gone by then.”“Wouldn’t it be exciting if it wasn’t?”Saturday, 26 August 2011I had another “dream” last night. Bill took me to a beautiful mountain resort somewhere. It looked like maybe the Canadian Rockies with snow covering the ground and the roofs of the adjacent buildings.The sky was clear and blue and I could see ski sloops on a mountain in the distance.We were in a nice, warm cabin, snuggled up on a bear rug in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. The fire was crackling and smelled divine.He slowly started to kiss me on the face and lips, and then moved down to my neck and on to my breasts. He had one hand on top of my head and the other was exploring my body. God, his hands felt SO warm as they moved around my breasts and down to my tummy. But when his hand reached my vagina, I thought I would faint! He ran two fingers around it, making me wet and aroused and driving me out of my mind!Then he pushed two fingers into me and slowly fucked me. The feeling was amazing and the sound his fingers made with the juices in my pussy was strangely arousing.Then he rolled on top of me and I willingly spread my legs and arched my hips, ready to take him inside me. He rubbed his hard cock on my vagina for several minutes. Was he trying to drive me crazy?I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I reached down, took his cock in my fingers, and pushed it into me as he thrust his hips. It must have gone all the way in because I felt the inside of my vagina stretching to accommodate him. God, he felt so hard and so good inside me!He began to thrust deep inside me, driving me wild as my first climax started to move up my spine. He screwed me for ten or fifteen minutes as I had three fantastic orgasms. Right now, I still can’t believe how wonderful it was.After my three orgasms, Bill straddled my chest and climaxed deep in my throat. He had so much sperm that I thought he would never finish!Afterward, we talked for hours and I finally found out some very interesting facts about him (if you can believe them). He said he is able to take me to places around the world by using technology from the 23rd century. That is where (or when) he is from. In anadolu yakası escort that future century, people can travel back in time, but not forward in time.“So, you are stuck here? You can’t go back?”“That’s right, but I’m not stuck. I chose to come back here to stay.”“Why here?”“This century is a much simpler time than mine. No world government, no year-long election process of world leaders. In my century the whole planet is governed by a large committee or board of governors called ‘The Executors’ and it’s not working at all. Many people like me are leaving to return to the past and better times.”“Wow! There are others like you here?”“Oh yes. They keep quiet for obvious reasons. I shouldn’t be telling you what I’m telling you now, but people wouldn’t believe you anyway if you tried to tell them.”He also said that he can indeed transport himself and one other person anywhere in the world and that he can stop time the way he did that night at my house and that day in my office.Whether all of that is true or not, I have to admit that Bill does take me away to wonderful places. We do have outstanding sex. And I don’t want him to stop appearing in my dreams.Saturday, 10 September 2011It’s been 2 weeks since I had a dream about Bill and our glorious sex together! I think he’s probably tired of me and has moved on to someone else. But God I miss his huge cock inside me! He has changed me from a more or less passive sex partner into a sex craving nymphomaniac! I’m horny all the time and John doesn’t even know it. I’ve been waiting for dreams of Bill to satisfy me, but they’ve not come. What am I going to do? I don’t like to gratify myself. That has never been my thing. I want a REAL cock thrusting into me! I want a REAL cock pushing down my throat until my eyes are watering! I want to feel it spurting cum into my guts! That’s what I want…what I need!I’ve decided to **** John tonight (haha). He won’t know what hit him. I’ve always waited for him to initiate our lovemaking, and that worked just fine. But for me to now go to him with my desire for sex, my horniness in control will knock his socks off. But I have to do it, no matter how surprised he will be.Tonight is the night.Sunday, 11 September 2011Well, last night I did it to John and he loved it! I’ll try to write down every detail while it’s fresh in my mind.When I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth, I was wearing my thin black negligee with no panties. I was obviously ready for action. But John was almost asleep already! Damn it!! So, I slipped under the covers with him, cuddled up really close, and kissed him on the neck and shoulders as my hand moved down to his cock, which was limp as a wet noodle. I couldn’t have that, so I pushed the covers down and pulled his cock out of his boxers and sucked it into my mouth.“God, Caroline! What’s up with you?”“What’s the matter, Honey? Have you never been seduced before?”“No, I haven’t! This is not like you.”“Well, it is now. I’m horny and I want you in my mouth and in my body. Okay?”“Sounds great to me.”By then John’s cock was almost hard as I popped it back in my mouth and pushed it down my throat. John’s cock is about 2 inches shorter than Bill’s but is still a nice size, so taking it into my throat was easy.“Oh my God, Caroline! You’ve never done that before!”I ignored him and kept pumping my head up and down on his cock as it became rock hard. It felt SO good to finally have a nice hard cock in my throat. I wanted to feel it spurting into my stomach, but I also wanted it to impale me between my legs. I wanted it to hit my cervix, pound into me so hard that I would climax a dozen times!But for now, I was enjoying John’s cock in my throat. I went down on it and let him hold my head and fuck me. He was doing what he had always wanted to do and I wouldn’t let him.But before he could cum, I pulled it out and said, “Do you like my throat?”“Are you k**ding? It’s fantastic! YOU are fantastic!”“Now I want you inside me.” I straddled his hips and sat down hard on his cock, driving it all the way into me and started to grind on it slowly.“Oh, baby! You’re wonderful,” John whispered. His eyes were closed, lost in the feeling of my gyrations.My pussy lips were now so swollen and sensitive that I also became lost in the wonderful feeling of our sex. I could feel every inch of him, every vein, every ripple in the skin of his cock as I slowly ground my pussy on it.I could tell that John was about to cum, so I quickly pulled out, turned around in the 69 position (which we had never performed before by the way), and I rammed my mouth down on his engorged cock again.John was surprised at first and didn’t know what to do. But since my dripping pussy was directly above his lips, he figured it out right away and stuck his tongue into me. Not very stimulating, but at least he was trying.But I, on the other hand, knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it. I pushed my head down on his cock until the head was lodged in the back of my throat. That happened to be the exact point in my throat that makes me gag…and I did.“Agg! Agg!” I gagged as John found my clit and started to nibble on it with his lips.But I didn’t pull out. I love to gag on a cock. It’s a real turn-on for some reason. So, I pushed down even harder managing to get another inch of cock into my throat. It was SO good to feel it lodged there as it started to spurt it’s cum into my stomach. Long hard pulses of John’s cock made his cum shoot out with such force that it seemed to be alive as it wiggled its way down my throat. God, it felt SO GOOD!John was now driving me to my first climax, and it was going to be a thundering one.“Oh, John! Don’t stop. Don’t stop. You’re so good!”John pushed his tongue hard against my clit as my climax started and quickly built, driving me wild and making me yell out, “Oh FUCK! FUCK! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”After my climax, I put John’s cock back in my hungry mouth and tried to get it aroused again. I wanted more sex, more climaxes. One was definitely not enough anymore.But John’s cock was finished for the night. It just was not in the habit of performing more than once. So, after 5 minutes of trying to suck it back to life, I rolled off and just collapsed.John turned around in bed, held me close, and said, “That was wonderful Caroline! I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.”I smiled and said, “I don’t either. I’ve just been wanting more from our sex life, so I went online and learned some things that sounded like they would be nice.”“Well, they sure were nice for me. I hope it was good for you too. I’m not very skilled at oral sex.”“You were great Honey. I just wish I could have had a few more orgasms. I think I have more in me that wants to come out.”“Really? Why don’t I try a bit harder?”With that, John rolled on top of me and rammed his hard cock all the way in me. His cock had been growing while we talked and he didn’t tell me!“Oh, John! You horny bastard!”That seemed to set off a fantasy in him and he quickly put a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet while he fucked me like a savage soldier on a peasant girl. He rammed his cock into me so hard that it hit my cervix several times, sending tingles up my spine.“Mmm. Mmm.” I moaned as he continued to ravish me. He was so into it that I was beginning to get scared that he was getting TOO carried away with whatever fantasy he was playing out. But then he exploded inside me in a series of hard spasms. His cock was pulsing, but I didn’t feel any cum at all.But that was okay. Cum or not, his cock felt wonderful so deep inside me. I had my legs around his waist and didn’t let him go until I climaxed two more times.Bless his heart. John hung in there, humping me with his almost limp cock until I was finished with him.He rolled off of me, totally out of breath, panting to recover, as I reached down, placed two fingers on my still sensitive clit, and rubbed it hard until I had another thundering climax. I still can’t believe I did that. I almost didn’t realize that I was doing it. My body wanted another climax and it took charge of my hand to make it happen…and right in front of John!I was embarrassed and said, “Sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”“Don’t apologize. It’s a turn-on to watch you do that.”“Really?”“Yeah! You can do that any time you want. Just let me watch.”Laughing I said, “I don’t think I could do that.”“What do you mean? You just did do it with me watching!”“Well, that was different. I was lost in sexual arousal. I didn’t even know you were here.”“Wow! I think I like that even better. ‘Lost in sexual arousal’. Yeah, I like that.”We both smiled and dropped off to sleep.



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