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Daytona funI was sitting in traffic on main drag at the 5 o’clock jam in my F-150 with my windows down. No sense in being at the beach without the salt air blowing on you. I heard a noise coming from behind the truck and i looked in my passenger side mirror. It was a boy, or young man on skateboard coming along the sidewalk. He passed the truck and kind of caught my eye, medium length sandy brown hair parted to one side, white wife beater shirt and a lightweight long sleeve shirt covering it and tan shorts that went below the knees. His face was well tanned and i could see a bit of ab muscle through the shirt as he weaved his skateboard back and forth. He skated up to the corner and then turned and came back down the street. For some reason i was fixated on him and as he passed he glared into my truck. Of course i looked away until he was passed and then looked into my mirror only to see him looking back at the truck.The traffic began moving again and i went the two more blocks to my hotel. After i got to my room, i kept thinking about the young man on the skate board and found myself with a half hard on. I’ll wait until tonight, i thought, and just go down to the beach for a bit right now. I put on my swim trunks, grabbed a towel and headed for the beach. I hadnt been there long when i heard a familiar sound. It was the sound of a skate board and i turned and looked into the parking lot of my hotel. There he was and of course he caught me looking again. He saw me on the beach and came walking over and took the chair next to mine.”My name is scott,” he said to me as he held out his hand. I shook his hand and relied “Don, how you doing scott?”He had a nice firm grip and toothy smile. He was several years younger than meand somewhat shorter, i’m 6’3 and hes was probably 6′ at the most. Im still in good shape for my age, work out regularly, no gut and a tan from a week on the beach. It seemed he looked me over a bit as i resumed my lounged position. Then he said, “so, you looking for company or do you want to be alone?””No, company is fine,” i answered.”I thought so,” he said with a grim then added, “i saw you watching me on the street so i watched where you went””Stalking me,” i said jokingly.”No,” he laughed. ” I just didnt want to be alone either, and i liked your truck, 4 door F150 king ranch. Really nice truck” We continued the conversation for a while watching the beach goers and finally he asked, “you got a room here?””Yes, top floor. I like a good view.””Lets go check it then,” he said straight forwardly. So i gathered up my towel and off to the room we went. When we got inside he looked around kind of wide eyed. “I’ve never been in one of these fancy hotels. This is really nice” Then he walked through the sitting area over to the sleeping and bath area. “Oh wow, you have a jacuzzi in your room!””Yeah, go ahead and try it if you want, i need to take a shower and get this salt and sand off of me.” I walked through to the shower and he shouted “how do i make it bubble?” “The switch is on the wall to the left” I took a quick shower and put my robe on and came back out where i saw him chin deep in the jacuzzi having a good time. I went to the dresser looking for some pants to put when he looked and asked if i canlı bahis would join him. So i dropped my robe and climbed in. We sat in there talking for what seemed like an hour but was probably more like 10 minutes when he slid over closer to wear i was at. I could feel his leg close to mine, touching me off and on. He brushed his hair to one side and looked seriously at me for minute. “Do you want to play with me?” he asked. I was still trying to determine in my mind if this is something i wanted to do, but ive gone along this far, i might as well see if i can do it. “Yes, but not in here. I want to see you while we’re playing,” I said.He stood up revealing his body that i had yet to see. It was much better than i had even imagined. He wasnt just a tanned white boy, he was olive skinned all over with faint tan lines at his waist and upper thighs. His body was tight and toned, well defined chest and his abs was a collection of clearly defined rectangles separated by deep crevices. His arms were slim muscles, each clearly outlined and beautifully lined with both large and small veins. He sported a small patch of hair over his cock and was smooth everywhere else. I almost shot my load just watching him climb from the jacuzzi. He got out of the tub and turned back toward me doing a double bicep flex jokingly, showing off the veins crossing his biceps and going into his shoulders and tightening his 8 pack abs. “You like?”, he said with a smile and quickly turned to walk toward the bed. His back was V shaped and tapered down to a tight brown ass. I watched the muscles moving as he walked away.”You must work out quite a bit,” I said as i climbed out.”Hardly ever, just naturally blessed i guess, but it looks like you work out some yourself.””I do but at my age, the definition you have is nearly impossible.” He flexed a few more times laughing and plopped onto the bed. I climbed on the bed beside him and began to rub my hands over his body feeling his muscles, tracing the veins in his arms and shoulders. He laid there for a few minutes absorbing the attention and in all of the wonder of looking at his beautiful brown body, i hadnt even noticed his cock yet. My fingers traced the crease in the center of his abs down to cock which was still soft but thick and hanging over a long brown sack of large balls. I rubbed my hand over it a few times as i began kissing his chest and neck. His breathing began to quicken and his hands began to explore my body. When he got to my cock, he found me already hard and most likely moist with precum. His fingers gripped my shaft and his thumb rubbed gently across my head as he began to work his hand back and forth slowly. I thought i was fairly well hung but as i rubbed his cock with my hand, i felt it filling out and growing. By the time i got their with my mouth he was fully erect. The length was bout the same as mine but he was much thicker. It was long and straight, the shaft surrounding the head and getting thicker as i got closer to his body. The chamber on the bottom was full and added almost another 1/3 thickness to his well veined brown cock. It had about two inches of pink skin on the shaft at the end near the head when fully erect and my fingers wouldnt quite touch as i gripped bahis siteleri him. I took his mulatto head into my mouth stretching my jaws open wide and took as much as i could in while stroking the rest of his shaft with my hand. I would take him in deep and trace his veins with my tongue while sucking on him. I could feel his breathing getting faster and felt the grip he had on my cock getting tighter and moving faster. He moaned as i took his head into the back of my throat and ran my tongue along his shaft and he began arching his back rhythmically with my mouth movements. It wasnt long until he grabbed the back of my head and held it onto his cock nearly choking as he shot a large load in my throat. I had to grab his forearms to loosen his grip a bit before i drowned.”Oh my god,im sorry,” he said gasping for air. “Its been a long time and i wasnt expecting to come so fast but it felt so good.” “Its ok,” I said as i looked up across his heaving abs and chest. “I would have been disappointed if you had waisted that load on my ass or sumshit”. He laughed. I pulled my body over his and pressed my cock against his. I could feel his abs still gasping for air against mine. I laid my chest against his and pinned his arms to the bed and began grinding my cock into his. He immediately regained his hardness as we ground our cocks together. He began pushing his arms up and lifting me off of him, rolled me and climbed on top of me grinding into my groin. He pushed himself up on his arms where i could watch his muscles moving as he moved his body. I put my hands on his biceps and slowly felt down his arms then reached around his back and pulled him flat onto me. He kissed me tonguing me deep and then began working his way down my neck and chest. I eased my way up to a half sitting position on my pillows so i could see in the mirror on the adjacent wall> I wanted to watch every inch of him moving as he returned the blow job i had just given him. His brown skin was glistening with a light covering of sweat as his mouth worked my shaft. I watched his bicep and tricep working back and forth and his hand stroked my shaft. It didnt take long looking at this body for me to reach my climax and he returned the favor shoving me deep in his throat and sucking me dry. I was trying to catch my breath when he covered with his body and put his hands around my face and said, “i want to fuck you”.”Your dick is pretty thick, youre gonna have to take it slow,” i managed to get out in gasping breaths. He got up from the bed and found some lotion on my dresser and applied to thick cock. It looked even thicker now than it did before with the bottom stretched out tight. He Started to turn me over but i said i wanted him on my chest so i could watch him. He climbed between my legs and i pulled my knees up to my chest. I felt his thickness pushing against my hole. It had been a really long time since i had let anyone penetrate me so i knew this wasnt going to be easy. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed up slowing him down. Easy, i told him as he brushed the head of his cock around my hole rubbing lotion onto my opening. His slid his hand down my crack and i felt a finger working its way into me. Then two fingers and i began to relax a bit. güvenilir bahis He eased closer to me and i felt his head once again and again i put my hands on his shoulder but this time he took my arms and pinned them to the bed. I felt his head penetrating my hole and i gasped holding my breath. Slowly i felt it enter my opening and then my sphincter snapping around his head as it finally entered me. I sighed with pain as i felt stretched to a tearing point. He laid on me for minute waiting for me to relax, i rubbed his sweaty back and shoulders and held him close to me. Then i felt him easing more into me. Im glad he found the lotion because he was filling every inch of me. He began stopping and withdrawing until he felt the pressure of my sphincter around his head and then he would ease more back into me. “Are you alright,” he asked at one point. “No,” I gasped. “Do you wanted my to stop?” “Yes,” I replied, “I want you to stop taking and fuck me now.”He looked at me and sat up between my legs. I moved my head to side so i could watch in the mirror. He began working back and forth each time easing just a bit more into me. I watched the cheeks of his ass tightening every time he went in and the his back muscles glowing with sweat. It was probably only because i could see this that i could bare the pain of his thick cock inside of me. He began going a little faster and a little deeper. I winced each time. He said “are you sure?” as he kept up his rhythm. I shook my head yes. My ass was full yet i wanted to feel all of him. I knew he had to be getting close by the way he breathing and i didnt want him to come before i felt the full thickness of his cock so i sat up and grabbed him pulling him down on me, wrapping my arms around legs around him. He began thrusting faster and harder and i reached down grabbing his hard ass muscles pulling them to me more and more each time until i could feel his pubic bone hitting my ass, his large brown sack full of balls slapping me every thrust. He was grunting and sighing, i was using my heels and my hands on his pulling full into me. He leaned up on his arms and i could see the veins in his forearms and across his biceps bulging, even the small veins on the back side of his forearms were throbbing. I rubbed my hands across them feeling hard under his skins. I looked around into the mirror watching his ass cheeks tightening completely with each thrust and he was rapidly fucking me now. His face began getting red and he moaned and started to pull out of me but i grabbed him and pulled him deep as he started shooting his load, and he kept thrusting deep hard pounding pushes as each squirt of his come left his penis. I could feel his head swell ever bigger with each push, the thick underside of his cock swelling and pumping spasm after spasm of juice into me. I didnt know there was enough room left in my ass to hold that much come. My own cock began pumping come between our stomachs. He laid flat on me, muscles twitching, gasping for breath as my cock finishing pumping all of the juice from my body. I just held him close to me never having been fucked like that. i didnt want that sweaty brown body to leave me. i didnt want that cock to leave my ass even as i felt it shrinking in me. Then i heard a snore. I snickered a bit as he had fallen asleep because i wasnt about to move him now. I was going to enjoy every minute of that body and dick that i could. I couldnt wait til morning when he woke up.



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