Dating momI had had no luck with the ladies, and mom hadn’t dated since she divorced dad, so we had both decided to go to a dating agency. We had to do tests to profile your personality, likes, dislikes preferences etc. A few days later I got a phone call giving me the opportunity for a date with a lady called Sandy, she was an older woman, which has always been my preference, blonde with a medium to slim build. We had similar interests and dislikes and our love rating was 95%!Later on Mom came in from work and I told her that I had been given a date and was going out tonight.“Oh that brilliant, but I have good news too I am going on a date too!”“Well I think we should go and buy some clothes or our dates tonight.”“Come on then” mom said, as we headed off to the shops.While we walked around the shopping centre mom asked “You’re a man what do you think I should wear for my date?”“Well a little black dress is enough to turn any man’s head”, I replied. Mom found a dress that was nice and tight and quite short. I thought mom would look fantastic in this dress as mom was only 5’ 2” tall but was slim, having all her hard work in the gym to thank for that.“What else?”Well you need some nice high heels”, I encouraged starting to build up this image of my own mom looking damn sexy.”Oh I have plenty of those to choose from”, she replied.“Well that only leaves underwear – I think stocking and suspenders are a must!” I said trying to sound as if I was joking but I had this image in my mind and I was starting to feel my cock stir.Mom looked at me and smiled “so this is what goes on in that mind of yours” she laughed as she picked out some black stockings, with a seam down the back, and a matching suspender belt.What panties and bra do you think I should get?”“What about that sheer pair?” I said daringly, thinking mom would just see it as a joke and move on.“Wow, you can see through them!”, she giggled.“I know they’re great aren’t they!” I laughed cheekily.Mom put the bra and panties into her shopping basket and, with a cheeky smile spun round to the checkout. “Well I think I’m all done. Come on Mr fashion advisor, something for you now”.We looked round and I said “Mom I haven’t a clue what to buy”.“Well I would think you would look great in this shirt and tie and these trousers – go and try them on” mom said as she ushered me into the changing rooms.I came out of the changing cubical and did a twirl for Mom “Oh yes that looks fantastic! What woman could resist that?”We got home and Mom got in the shower first and after an hour we were both ready to go on our respective dates. I got in my taxi and said bye to mom. When I arrived at the hotel restaurant a waiter showed me to my table that I had booked which was out the way and secluded in a little alcove out of the way. I waited a while and ordered a drink to try and calm my nerves.About 15 minutes in walked … MOM! “What are you doing here?” I asked. “Has your date istanbul escort not turned up then?” I realised I never got round to actually telling Mom where I was going for my date.Mom looked shocked and stood there silent for a moment “I think that you’re my date”.It dawned on me Sandy was my Mom’s name – We had both applied to the agency and they had paired us up! “Well you might as well sit down and get a drink” I said still reeling with disappointment as I was looking forward to my date. Mom sat down and ordered a Bacardi and coke.“Well I must say you look stunning” I said to mom. And she did look absolutely stunning. She had her shoulder length dark brown hair styled into a longish bob, subtle makeup and all the clothes we had bought together earlier.“And you look very handsome” mom replied and giggled shyly into her drink.We both laughed at the position we were in and decide to order dinner anyway. We drank at least two bottles of wine with our dinner and to be honest we were having a really good time.Mom went to the toilet and I found my self looking at her as she headed off. Her backside look so tight from the exercise she had been doing and I felt a tingle in my cock when I thought of what was under that dress. She was really was an attractive woman, even if she was 50 this year. We ordered a taxi and mom held my arm as we walked out giggling and a little tipsy.We got a cab and mom snuggled up to me in the back seat as we giggled and joked. She smelt wonderful. Mom asked “what aftershave have you got on it smells lovely”. “Eternity” I said.“Oooo let me have a proper sniff” as she he buried her head in my neck and paused then kissed my neck. Wow that felt great I thought. Then came another kiss….and another…..and another. Mom slowly lifted her head and looked in my eyes for a long moment. The taxi drier interrupted the moment by telling us we had reached home. We got out and paid the driver and Mom took my hand as we walked up the path.Putting to one side the moment in the car I said “I’ve had one of the best nights ever, I really enjoyed myself” as mom walked through to the kitchen. Mom came back with a glass of wine each and sat down on the sofa.“Me too”, she replied smiling shyly.“Mom you smell wonderful tonight, what is it?” I asked.Mom told me and I said “could I have a proper sniff”.I leaned in close and it was sending me crazy being so close to mom smelling her perfume. I gently kissed her neck and then again and again. Mom’s reaction was to put her hand on my head to reassure me that it was okay, while letting out the tiniest of gasps of pleasure.I slowly raised my head to look her in the eye and I could see the passion in her eyes.“I love you son”, mom said.“I love you too mom”, I replied.Mom blushed, “I mean I really love you“.Not quite getting it I said, “And I really love you mom”“But I really want to show you how much avcılar escort I love you”, mom said staring into her lap, where her hands played nervously with her drink.“You don’t have to show me mom, I know how much you love me” I said dumbly.Then all of a sudden mom leaned in put her hand behind my head and kissed me gently on the mouth. It started gently and nervously as she waited for my reaction, then gaining in passion quickly once I responded by kissing her back. As it gained in intensity mom broke off and nervously laughed and said “sorry, son but I couldn’t resist it”, while looking down, avoiding my gaze.“Wow” I whispered. “No need to be sorry mom” My heart was pounding and my nerves and passion could be heard in my ragged breathing.Her dress had ridden up to show her stocking tops and a few too many buttons were undone on her dress. Mom looked so beautiful with a little flush on her cheeks from a combination of having just kissed her son and the wine.Mom saw me looking at her stocking tops and did nothing to cover them up. “Your legs look fantastic in stockings” I said.“Good because I bought them to wear for you”, mom said smoothing a hand along her leg and up to the top of the stocking.“What do you mean?” I said being just a little confused.“I made sure that I got some underwear you found sexy after I had arranged for the dating agency to match us up” mom said.“mom….are you saying….”“Yes son you are my perfect date, I have been trying to get you to notice me and realise how good we are together and I thought this was the only way”Then it was all clear – Mom had reverted to her maiden name after her divorce so the dating agency would have no reason to think we were related especially as I had put my address at Uni on my application form (as I expected to be back there in a few days for the start of the new semester). Mom knew all this as we filled the forms in together!“oh mom I want you so much too”I leaned in and kissed mom – our kssing was very passionate and I didn’t even try to hide my huge hard on.Mom broke away breathlessly “let me show you how much I love you.”Mom stood and undid her dress to let it fall to the floor and she stood in all her glory – Large pert tits, tanned flat stomach, stockings & suspenders, huge hard nipples and shaven pussy clearly visible through her sheer underwear.“Oh my god mom you look amazing!”Mom sat back down and undid my shirt and then my trousers. I took off them both as mom silently watched me with pure lust on her face. I stood and when I dropped my trousers mom could see what she was doing to me by the lump in my shorts.“Oh son, I want you so much” mom gasped as I sat back on the sofa.I undid her bra and her tits bounced into full view and I began to suck on them. I could feel the nipple getting bigger in my mouth as mom moaned loudly.I let mom lean back into the sofa as I moved my kisses down to her stomach. I then I moved şirinevler escort onto the floor and kept moving down towards moms panties.“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god….” mom repeated in quick whispered tones. I kissed her panties right over her pussy and mom moaned loudly. I hooked my fingers under mom’s panties and eased them down to reveal a freshly clean shaven pussy. With her legs still together mom lifted her legs to straight up so she could take off the tiny panties over her stocking clad legs and court shoes. As she did this I could see the moist full pussy lips from between her legs. Once the panties were off, mom spread her legs as wide as she could allowing me to continue to start work on her pussy.“oh son I’m coming, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..I’m going to come I your mouth……….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………lick mommy’s pussy………..oooooooohhhhhhh”.As mom reached orgasm her whole body jerked – I couldn’t get enough of her smooth, tasty pussy but I as I let mom recover she asked me to stand up. As I did she squatted in front of me and kissed my huge hard on through my boxers. She quickly pulled them down to see my 8 inch cock loll out in front of her face.“Oh my god……..I want you in my mouth………..I want to taste your come….”Mom took my cock in her hand and started to slowly stroke my cock then, while looking up at me, took me in her mouth and picked up speed licking and sucking on my cock. Mom used her other hand to play with her wet pussy.It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls rising “oh mom I’m coming…””Oh come on son, pump it into my mouth, I’ll swallow the lot, please honey…….please come for mommy………I want to feel it spurt into my mouth….”Mom’s words turned me on so much and I came like I had never came before spurting huge load after huge load into mom’s gaping mouth. Mom gulped the come down and when she finished she looked up and smiled cheekily “oooh that was delicious and sooo much come.“I hope you can recover soon so you can take me…..take your mom – I knew we are so good together.” To help me recover mom laid back onto the sofa and hitched her stocking clad legs up while spreading her legs and played with her pussy while continuing to talking dirty.It wasn’t long before I was ready and as soon as mom seen this she spread her legs and said “come on son I want every inch of you”.I eased my cock into mom and she wrapped her legs round me as I pumped into her.“OH MY GOD! Come on, do me son!” as I pounded her pussy.We swapped positions so mom was riding me and mom bucked furiously on my cock.“Oh mom I’m gonna come again”Mom didn’t ease up; in fact she bucked even harder.“Mom….I’m not….uhh….I’m not protected!”“I know son…..uhhhh……prove to me you love me……..uh …..come in me!”“you could get …..ahhh…. get pregnant?”“Come in me son please, please come in me…….i want you to fuck me and make me pregnant….pleeeease!This sent me over the edge and I came as much as before, wave after wave pumping into my mom.Oh I can feel it squirting in me mom screamed. We collapsed into a heap, gasping for breath.“That was fantastic I hope that wasn’t a one off” mom said.“So do I” I said.“Do you want to sleep in my bed now you’re the man of the house?”I answered her by kissing her passionately and my cock twitching into life yet again.



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