NOTE: If you’ve read any of my other stories, you know that they are usually in the first person. I wrote this one in the third person for a couple reasons. I wanted to try a different angle, and I wanted to explore both girls’ feelings and reactions.

Based on a true story.

– Milene

* * * * *

The motel was worse than Milene expected, definitely low-rent and in need of repair. Several disreputable-looking characters hung out in the parking lot, checking her out as she drove in. Drug dealers, Milene assumed, or maybe drug users. Or pimp types. This looked like the kind of motel that rented by the hour, as the saying goes. Then again, that’s essentially what Milene was there for, so who was she to judge?

Luckily, she didn’t have to hang around long – Anita was already there, waiting in her car. Milene parked as close to her as she could. She was relieved that Anita looked just like the pictures she’d sent in her emails, just as good, just as sexy. A subtle quake stirred her gut as Anita got out and walked over to her car, her chocolate brown skin glowing in the afternoon sun, the loose ringlets of her hair moving easily from side to side to match the rhythm of her swaying hips. Her tight jeans showed off the same long legs and sultry curves that Milene had been thinking about for days, and her white halter top bulged with those full breasts that she’d admired in the pictures. Milene could feel herself getting more and more excited. Excited and a little scared, but that just added to her arousal.

“Well, there she is,” Anita said casually, leaning into Milene’s open window, smiling warmly. “Whew, this place is kinda sketchy, ain’t it?” Her voice had a throaty, sexy rasp to it that sent a tingle in between Milene’s legs.

“Yeah,” Milene said softly. “It’s not much.” She thought Anita seemed oddly nonchalant, considering her original reluctance, and that they’d never actually met in person. Nonetheless, Milene was happy for the conversation. It broke the tension that was inevitable in this situation. On the other hand, just having Anita that close to her, her beautiful, full lips so close to her face, raised Milene’s temperature another notch. She could feel a slight change in her own breathing pattern.

“That’s okay, though,” Anita continued. “We don’t need much for what we’re gonna do.” A playful leer formed on her lips as she said this, and her fingertip touched lightly on Milene’s mouth. Milene’s heart raced at the implication of her words. No, we don’t need much, she thought. You’re expecting this mouth to provide everything you need, whatever you want.

Milene got out of her car and they both went to the office to check in. As they walked, Anita checked out the white girl she had just met. Cute, she thought, like her pictures. Milene was different from Anita in almost every way. She was petite, about 5′ 2″, and fair-skinned. Her boobs were small, but they went well with her body type, and she had a “white girl” booty – little but cute. Her dark brown hair fell just to her shoulders. Overall, she had a kind of preppy look, sweet and clean cut, not at all the type that you’d expect to be doing this. She had said repeatedly online that she had a “thing” for black girls and that she “loved to eat pussy”, but it just didn’t add up for Anita. I hope she’s for real, she thought, ’cause I haven’t had any good head in a long time.

The two girls entered the motel office. Behind the desk was an attractive, 30ish black woman. As they walked through the door, she looked the two of them up and down. Suddenly Milene felt very conspicuous. A white girl and a black girl checking into a sleazy motel was not a common sight. Was it obvious why they were there? Did this woman know what they were going to do, what Milene was going to do? Was it clear that Anita was about to use her as her little white-girl whore? Milene found herself looking at the floor, unable to make eye contact with the motel lady.

“We need a room, please,” Anita said confidently.

Milene could sense the woman’s eyes on her. “One bed or two?” the woman asked. “We got two twins or one king.”

“One bed sounds good, thanks.” Oh my god, Milene thought. Anita seemed very matter of fact, but Milene was mortified. Two girls getting a room with one bed in the middle of the day – what could be clearer??? Milene could feel the heat in her face as she turned absolutely crimson.

“Hmmph,” the woman grunted. “One bed it is then.” She handed the keys to Anita.

They stopped at Anita’s car on the way to the room. Handing Milene the room key, Anita opened her trunk and pulled out a small cooler. “I got some beer to get us started,” she explained lightly, “some liquid courage.”

When they reached the room, Milene had some trouble unlocking the door. Her hands shook visibly. She was more nervous than she expected. Apparently, she needed that liquid courage after all.

“What’s the matter, sweet pea? Having second thoughts?” Anita’s eyes stared intently into Milene’s, assessing the other girl’s state of mind.

“No, not at casino oyna all,” Milene said finally. “I’m just feeling…. I don’t know… funny, nervous.”

She felt Anita’s warm breath in her ear as the black girl leaned in close. “Well I hope not, sweet pea, cuz I been thinkin’ about this all day, thinkin’ about how much fun I’m gonna have with you.” Her hand moved over Milene’s waist to give emphasis to her words.

Milene gave a little cry of excitement just as the door finally opened. They slipped inside and Milene found herself trapped against the wall, Anita’s hands on either side of me, her firm breasts touching just above Milene’s, their faces just inches apart. Anita was leaning down slightly to look at her, bending to accommodate the difference in their heights.

“So what do you say, girl? Are you ready for this? You ready for some hot and juicy?”

Milene’s knees felt like mush as she was confronted with this feast of sensuality so near to her. Anita looked absolutely luscious: deep brown, almond eyes staring intently, high cheek bones, a perfect, slightly broad nose, and of course, her incredible mouth, so full and lush, the embodiment of sinful pleasures.

All Milene could do was nod and utter an almost inaudible “Uh huh.” Then those sweet, full lips were on her, kissing her with more passion than she’d expected. Anita’s tongue was inside, exploring Milene’s mouth as she did the same in return. Her full breasts pressed hotly against Milene’s smaller ones. A pathetic cry poured out of the white girl, muffled by the wet heat of Anita’s mouth. Milene felt a gush of moisture between her legs as this lovely creature had her way with her. It felt like heaven.

Anita pulled away, her nostrils flared, her eyes glassy now with lust. Milene’s hands trembled on the soft swell of her hips. Milene had hoped they’d kiss some, but she didn’t really know how this would go. Having experienced Anita that way, Milene definitely yearned for more.

“You kiss good, sweet pea,” Anita said, her voice husky with desire. “I like that – a good mouth. Okay, I lied a little,” she continued. “I’ve made out with a couple girls. So I guess I’m not totally straight. And one was white.”

“I see”, Milene responded. “Is that all?” Anita had told her online that she’d never done anything with another girl.

“That’s all, just kissin’. I do like kissin’. And girls are fun – softer. The white girl I made out with, she got really hot while we were doing it. It was fun.”

“She wanted you,” Milene said. “I can understand.”

“Yeah she definitely did. Kept telling me how good she’d do me, all night and everything, almost begging for it. It was tempting.”

“And now you’re here,” Milene said softly. I’m going to be begging, too, she thought. Begging to please this beautiful creature in whatever way she wants. The idea of that made her weak in the knees.

“You know I’m only here so you can satisfy me, right? Nothin’ for you.”

“Yes, I know. That’s all I want. It’s plenty for me.”

“Damn, girl, you are a freak. All you white girls freaks?”

“I don’t know, but I am, at least for you.”


Anita grabbed Milene’s face and descended on it again, and Milene was off in another storm of delicious sensation. They kissed languorously for several minutes, and Milene let her hands wander up and down the other girl’s back, over the delicious curves of her body, finally coming to rest holding both of her butt cheeks. “Mmmm, yeah, that’s it, baby” Anita breathed. “Feel me up. You love it, don’t ya? You love my bootie.” She moved her buns around in Milene’s hands as she said it. “Yeah, this is gonna be fun.”

Milene’s response was a half-whimpered “Yes.” She went to kiss Anita again, but the black girl pulled away before Milene could attach to her. “Let’s get busy,” she said. Taking Milene’s hand, she led her to the bed. “Get a couple of those beers.”

Milene got two cold ones from the cooler, handing one to Anita and keeping one for herself. Milene preferred wine usually, but at that point she just needed something to calm her down a bit. She sat next to Anita on the bed and they both drank in silence for a few minutes. Milene glanced over at Anita and noticed her eyeing her, her head tilted to one side. She seemed to be assessing her and the situation.

“SO what’s up with you, girlie?” she said finally. “Why you want to do this?”

The question took Milene by surprise. She thought they were past that point, past the personal aspects, not even caring about them. But Anita kept looking at her intently, apparently trying to figure her out.

Milene felt confused. “I don’t know,”, she answered lamely, “I just like it. I don’t know.” What else could she say? She did like it. She loved it. Not just the sex, either, but the psychology and interpersonal dynamic of the situation, the complete one-sided nature of the encounter, all the giving on her side, all the gratification on Anita’s side. It thrilled her that she had never met this girl before, and that she had just driven a considerable slot oyna distance for the sole purpose of meeting her in this run-down motel room for some down and dirty, uninhibited sex. There was a certain feel of humiliation and minor degradation in knowing that she was about to eat this girl out and that the girl really didn’t care about her, except for how much pleasure she could provide for her. And yes, Milene had to admit, there was an extra thrill for her because she was white and Anita was black, and there were still unspoken taboos to be broken and enjoyed. All of that was there, but nothing that Milene could put into words.

Anita sipped her beer and looked her over a while longer, her eyes returning periodically to Milene’s face, as if she were trying to understand what makes her tick. For a brief moment Milene thought she was considering leaving, and she almost panicked, but then Anita said, “Come on, girl, let’s do this,” and once again she was kissing her.

They both fell prone on the bed and made out for a good ten minutes. Milene’s hands roamed over the sexy black girl, exploring her body, which was athletic, but very feminine. She snuck her hand up under Anita’s top to feel the silky smooth skin of her ribs and abdomen. Anita gave an appreciative “Mmmmm” that sent a shiver through Milene, and Milene’s hand moved up to eagerly cup one sumptuous, bra-covered breast. Then, to her dismay, Anita pulled away.

“Mmmmm, nice,” she murmured, and then lay back, her arms extended like serenely, regally. “Take off my clothes,” she ordered. “Strip me down.”

Anita stayed in that position as Milene began to strip her, like some ancient queen being undressed by her slave girl. “You can start at the top,” she said. Milene went slowly, not so much to entice her but because in Milene’s state, she had trouble undoing the few buttons on her top. As she finally pulled it off, Anita rose up and twisted around, telling her to undo her bra.” No argument from Milene – she couldn’t wait to see those full globes on her chest.

Her hands trembled again as she undid the clasp. Even from behind, she could see the magnificent orbs of flesh as they fell free of their bindings, but when Anita actually turned back to her, Milene could not repress a gasp at her first full view of Anita’s beauties. They were large and full – 36C or D, Milene guessed – but so firm, standing up full and proud on her chest. The skin was smooth and supple, a golden brown that made her breasts look even warmer and prettier than the rest of her. But what really caught Milene’s attention were Anita’s nipples: large, succulent things, a half inch in diameter and even longer in length, with huge, deep brown areolas that were deliciously textured. They were made to be sucked, and Milene was dying to do just that.

Anita noticed Milene’s interest. “Oh, you like these, don’t you baby? You wanna suck some tittie!” Milene lunged to take one in her mouth, but Anita held her back. “Not yet, babydoll” she scolded. “You ain’t finished your job yet.”

Growing impatient, Milene returned to the task of undressing her. Her hands went to Anita’s jeans, working furiously to remove her belt and searching for the button at the waist. The feel of her warm flesh against her hand as she did so increased Milene’s fervor even more, and she urgently undid the button and the zipper. Anita’s hips lifted slightly off the bed and Milene pulled her pants down. In seconds she was out of her jeans and lying there in only her lovely white panties. The contrast of that lacy white garment made her milk chocolate skin look even more sensual and erotic. Milene gazed at her, silent, in awe of her overtly sexual beauty.

“Well, what you waitin’ for?” she asked. She was a little annoyed that Milene had stopped before she was completely naked. Milene sensed she was getting anxious.

“Uhhhhh, do you mind?” Milene asked tentatively. “Can you leave them on for a little while?” referring to her panties.

A smirk crossed Anita’s face as she understood Milene’s feelings. “Oh, I get it,” she said smugly, “you ain’t ready to see the goodies yet, huh? Sure, babe, it’s your show.” But then, in a blatant move to tease and taunt the horny girl, she raised her right leg and spread it out wide, leaning back again to clearly display the crotch of her panties. Milene almost lost it then, as she saw the large wet spot that had already formed there. Her mind raced as she pictured the moist, fleshy treat that awaited her behind that flimsy bit of cloth.

“Yeah, you like that, alright. You wantin’ it now, aren’t you girlie? You wantin’ it bad. You see your dinner right in front of you.” She laughed aloud at her little joke.

Milene didn’t say anything, but they both knew she was right. She asked if it was okay if she took off her own clothes, too. Anita said that was fine, though she pointed out again that she “wasn’t doin’ anything here”, making it clear that this was all about her being pleasured. “Might do some more kissin’, though,” she added with a smile.

Anita lay back against the pillows canlı casino siteleri and sipped at her beer as she waited for the white girl to undress. Her right hand slipped down to caress her own thigh, then moved up slightly to nestle between her legs. It drifted lightly over her pubic area and then slipped down the front of her panties. Her hand moved slowly inside, and Milene could see her finger circling her vaginal opening, until finally she let her fingertip slip just inside the cleft. Milene watched in rapt attention as Anita’s finger moved smoothly up and down within the wet slit of her cunt.

“Gettin’ it ready for you, sweet pea,” she said bluntly, “all lathered up.” She extracted her finger from herself to show the fluids glistening on the tip. She was taunting the white girl, flaunting her position of power. For her part, Milene loved how she was teasing her. She wanted her so much.

Milene removed the rest of her clothes and joined Anita on the bed. As she did, Anita extended her hand, which had returned to work inside her panties. As she held it out, the length of the two middle fingers glistened with the results of her explorations inside her sweet spot. She reached toward Milene’s mouth and Milene eagerly took in one finger and then the other, cleaning all the fluids from each of them. Anita smiled with satisfaction as Milene tasted her for the first time. “Taste good, girl? Plenty more where that came from, sweet pea. All you want.”

“I want it,” Milene replied weakly, “I want to taste you so bad, completely. Please.” There it was, the begging, the complete submission to this beautiful, erotic stranger. The very act made Milene so incredibly hot.

She fell on the black girl, kissing her with renewed passion, her hands moving eagerly over her. She found her breasts, filling her small hands with the soft pillows, tweaking the nipples, rolling the rubbery tips lovingly between her fingers. She felt Anita’s hands exploring, too, over her back and thighs, then moving briefly to cup and caress her bottom.

Now she felt a firm hand on her head, directing her, moving her downward. She knew what was wanted and was thrilled by it. Quickly she move down to capture one firm dark nipple in her mouth, letting her tongue roll easily over its surface. She sucked it in, feeling it harden even more between her lips, pressing her tongue against it’s underside and up to the roof of her mouth. She heard a contented, “Ahhhhhh” above her and knew that Anita liked it. “Mmmmmmm, that’s good babydoll. Suck mamma’s titties. Mmmmmmm.”

Milene sucked her titties a long time, moving from one to the other and back again, filling her mouth with them, using her left hand to raise each sweet melon to her lips. At the same time, her right hand moved downward, easing it’s way into Anita’s panties. She found the steamy slit, already flowing with juice, and slipped a finger inside, drawing another gentle moan from Anita. Milene explored deeper, diddling the girl with first one and then a second finger, moving in and out, drawing even more honey from the pot.

Anita was clearly enjoying this, the sucking and the fingering. Throaty moans filled the room and gentle pelvic thrusts rocked the bed. Then, just as Milene was slipping into a sweet reverie of eroticism, she felt a hand on hers, extracting it from Anita’s crotch. She looked at the other girl and saw a knowing smirk of power. Anita held Milene’s gaze steadily as she lifted the hand to the white girls mouth. The intent was clear, and Milene complied, licking the abundant fluids from her own fingers.

A knowing smile crossed the black girl’s face as she watched Milene consume her juices. Then she continued to take the initiative, reaching down to slip off her own panties. Still enjoying her power over the other girl, she placed the wet crotch on Milene’s lips and watched as the girl sucked on the damp cloth. Anita shook her head and muttered “freak” under her breath, but the submissiveness and decadence of the act thrilled her.

Anita was ready for more now. She startled Milene as she suddenly moved to sit on the edge of the bed. “Get on your knees, girlie” she commanded, and Milene obediently moved to the floor beside her. Anita looked down at her, almost contemptuously, but still smiling. “You really want it now, don’t you sweet pea? You wanna taste the cootchie.” Milene was silent, but she nodded her consent, and Anita smiled broadly.

Kneeling between Anita’s legs, Milene brought her face in close to that luscious spot where they came together. The succulent flesh lay open before her, waiting for her to lick and suck, to use all her oral talents to provide the pleasure that Anita expected. This cunt was her world now, and it would be her world for the next several hours. And a beautiful world it was, a drooling pink furnace of musky desire. The engorged flaps of Anita’s labia framed her long open trench like the petals of an exotic tropical flower. Their deep brown color contrasted sharply with the angry red of her sensitive inner tissues, already coated in a satin-wet sheen. Above it, her inflamed clit shone like an angry little bulb, bulging and needy, the size of a large, juicy pea. A shudder of shameless lust ran up Milene’s spine as she imagined how it would feel between her lips.



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