In part one of this tale I described how my neighbor’s 18-year-old daughter and I had been dating. Her mom, well, didn’t want her daughter to ruin any chances of a college degree being held back by a little bambino. So in return for my agreement to date but not put the girl in any compromising position, mom would take care of my horny needs. That agreement was culminated by Mrs. Johnson stoking me off with promises of more in the future. I liked that deal a lot.

The next week was a whirlwind of activity for me. On one hand, I continued my relationship with Jennifer Johnson as if nothing had happened with her mother. Oh we still kissed and made out at the end of our dates, and she allowed me the privilege of feeling her up a couple times over her sweater. But the thought of her mom stroking me off kept me away from trying for more with the girl.

Jennifer of course had no idea, totally oblivious to the agreement her mother had with me. Mrs. Johnson would take care of my needs as long as I stayed away from the back seat of the car with her daughter. Or, for that matter, anywhere else that would lead to and easy opportunity for sex.

It was a great deal. After that first occasion, where Mrs. Johnson jerked me off in her living room, I’d had a couple more replays. That last time she lifted her top off and let me first play with her breasts and then straddle her and fuck those luscious mounds.

Over the summer Jennifer did get, well, a little amorous on our dates. I mean, she didn’t come out and say fuck me, fuck me or anything, but she did make out with a great deal of fervor and once placed my hand on her breast rather than me appearing to slither in and grasp it.

I so much wanted to take our groping to the next level, but I was constantly reminded my deal with her mother. That was awesome.

Those meetings with her mom were so sexually fulfilling. Mrs. Johnson was a hot woman. She always managed to say just the right things and show just the right skin and feel just the right places when we were together.

On one occasion Mrs. Johnson asked if I had played with her daughter’s tits. I freely admitted I had, over the top of her sweater, thinking that honesty in this situation was the best policy. Jennifer might have already admitted to it, so why deny?

Mrs. Johnson reminded me of the time when I had spied on her and her daughter sunning in the back yard. I vividly remembered that day. It was the daily double of boobs.

Mrs. Johnson smiled, and asked if I’d like to see her boobs again. Of course was all I could stammer.

With that she stood as I sat on the couch intently following her every move. The woman took a couple strides to toward the kitchen then turned back to me. She smiled, then reached down and held her tee top bottom. She slowly lifted it until her lacy bra began to show. Then she turned around, lifting her top totally off. Dropping it on the table, she reached around and unhooked her bra.

Slowly she turned, holding the bra cups with the straps draped below. “Do you want to see these,” said the woman. “Will you stay away from my daughter’s sex?”

I nodded and the bra dropped to the floor, unleashing those large mounds to my few. She walked toward the couch and I scooted forward, reaching out and caressing the meaty globes.

They felt wonderful. I’d guess they were 36C at least, but what did I know? All I knew was that they felt wonderful and soon my lips were licking and then sucking on one of the nipples.

I played with them for a while before Mrs. Johnson reminded me that her daughter would be home from cheerleader practice in less than a half hour, so we had to get going. I begged for a little more time as the woman rubbed by dick through my pants.

“Take your pants down,” said the woman, who strode toward the kitchen. She returned with some butter, which she was rubbing between her breasts. Lowering herself to the floor, she lay down as I straddled her and slipped my dick between those beautiful massive globes.

She held her breasts together as I stroked canlı bahis şirketleri my dick between them. It was so different than the stroking of her hand. Those breasts engulfed my cock and the sensation was tremendous.

Again, what can I say, the feelings were incredulous and like before it didn’t take much coaxing before my dick was spewing its pent up desire all over her chest. Damn, it felt so very marvelous.

“We have to hurry,” said Jennifer’s mom, and I quickly got dressed. It was a good thing too, as we heard a key being inserted into the front door lock. I slipped out the back while Mrs. Johnson closed the kitchen door behind me. I heard a familiar voice saying “Hi Mom” as I slithered away from the house.

Wow. It was a close, but satisfying call. I wondered that night if Jennifer suspected anything, I wondered if her mom got her top back on. Whether her bra made its way under the couch. All kinds of things went through my mind. All I knew was that I banged her mom’s breasts and it was a sexual exploration that was etched deeply in my mind.

Over the next couple weeks Mrs. Johnson stroked me off several times, and once again allowed me to screw her breasts I felt like a sultan, a movie star, a hot guy but knew I was just lucky. I was getting some choice female ministration without any commitment.

Jennifer and I were dating, enjoying the summer before college, and each other. We’d go to movies, on long walks in the mark, and found ways to make out when we could.

Each and every time we dated I’d think a little about her mother, and how the older woman was taking care of my sexual needs.

Still, one Saturday night after dinner and a movie Jennifer insisted the night was young and we should stop at Crum Creek Park which was known as a lover’s lane. The cops were cool; as long as the windows were cracked open heads remained visible when they cruised past.

That meant keeping a lookout and being aware, but if you were merely making out they didn’t shine the light into the car. If a couple’s heads were below sight, the cops would stop and look in the car. Several of our friends had been caught “in the act” and that meant a walk of shame to each house to inform the parents that their precious daughter or wonderful son were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

I parked the Civic behind an F-150 and Jen and I talked for a bit. Each of us silently watched the couple in the car before us making out, and soon she and I were locked in a lover’s embrace. The cops had driven past so we knew we were in the clear from their perspective for a while —the normally drove through once an hour after 10 just to make sure nothing untoward was happening.

Empowered, I worked my hand up Jennifer’s sweater and caressed her breasts, over her bra that is. The feeling was so exciting, and I could hear her heart beating faster as I nibbled her neck.

There was a gasp from deep inside me when her hand started rubbing my thighs and then my cock. Damn! The girl had great hands and soon my dick was throbbing in my pants.

“Does he like me?” cooed the girl. “Does he like the way I am rubbing.”

“Oh my Jennifer, that feels wonderful. Oh yes, that’s hot. You are doing things to me….”

I nearly said almost as good as your mom, but luckily it was only a thought. But with that thought was the realization I must be pushing any limits her mom may have placed on me. I mean, I wasn’t touching Jennifer “down there” but she was doing my dick in a way that would soon lead her daughter and I down another path in our relationship.

Keeping the nibbling going on her neck and the caresses of her breasts going, Jennifer gave an expert and well-practiced stroke job on my cock through my pants. It was an awesome feeling, and soon my groans were battling my gasps.

“Are you okay?” asked my girlfriend.

“Okay? Okay? I’m going to cum!” was all I could say.

Jennifer correctly surmised I liked her ministrations, and continued her efforts. She stroked by cock, slowly up and down, and read canlı kaçak iddaa my mind as she jerked me off. She firmly held me, playfully at first but then with more vigor. I was rocking as she stroked me, and soon my briefs were coated with my cum.

I held her close and kissed her with more feelings than ever before. The girl knew I loved what she had done, and I was a little embarrassed that her mother might know.

For her part, Jennifer was so very cool, calm and collected after jerking me off. “I’m glad you liked that. I really liked doing that for you,” said the girl. “Remember that when you are looking at other girls. I have a thing for you and don’t want to share you with anyone.”

Oh my, it struck me that she was indeed sharing me….with her own mother. If she found out I thing there would be so much trouble that I’d have to join the foreign legion or something.

Still, we hadn’t “done it” so I could honestly tell her mom nothing had happened, and I am sure Jennifer wasn’t going to say anything. So all was clear for now.

That night I walked Jennifer up to her front door, kissed her and told her she was wonderful. I could swear I saw someone watching from the window. The next day I found out that it was her mom.

“You two startled me last night,” said Mrs. Johnson. “I had dozed off on the couch, heard rustling outside, and looked out. I wasn’t spying on you, really, I wasn’t. But, well, did you get some last night?”

Of course not I said, or something to that effect. I mentioned something about a great movie, great company, and a fun night. “I did kiss her goodnight, Mrs. Johnson. But nothing else.”

The woman smiled and said she hoped to see me later in the week before backing her car out of the driveway while I just thought it was a good thing she didn’t have a lie detector test she could have given me.

I couldn’t help thinking about Jennifer and her mom that week. I wanted to feel their hands on my cock, the sooner the better. Sooner was Wednesday afternoon when I was walking at the mall. There I spotted Mrs. Johnson coming out of the big department stores.

Exchanging pleasantries we moved to the food court where we shared soft drinks. I spoke about school while she spoke about work and her husband’s work.

She asked about Jennifer, and I told her that her daughter was wonderful but it was hard staying away from going further than just kissing. Of course, I didn’t mention some of the other things Jennifer and I had been doing.

“Do you need a ride home?” asked my girlfriend’s mom.

Nodding yes, we walked to the parking garage. Mrs. Johnson had parked far from the stairwell, and once we approached the car she asked if I wanted to drive. It was a great choice on my part.

Once inside the car the woman reached over and stroked my thigh. “You have to be a good boy with my daughter, no sex, right?”

“Yes mam.”

She unzipped my pants and wormed her hand into my briefs, slowly grasping my cock and pulling it out into the open. She made slow work of stroking my cock, up and down until I was ready to explode.

“Does this feel good?” asked the woman.

All I could do was grunt. I leaned back against the car door and luxuriated in the calm stroking of my cock. The woman’s hand felt so good, and I was writhing to and fro as she made my dick jump.

Then I felt something wet on my cock. Opening my eyes and looking down, I couldn’t believe it. Mrs. Johnson was licking my dick.

“Oh no, Mrs. Johnson, I’m going to cum!”

She never moved off my cock and I began spurting my manly sauce into her wet and willing mouth. The woman held my dick in her mouth and sucked as I exploded everything I had.

The woman didn’t move off my cock until I was fully spent. Drained, I watched as she pulled her head up and wiped her lips with her while blouse sleeve.

I looked aghast, afraid I’d done something terribly wrong my cumming in her mouth. Soon those fears were allayed as the woman smiled at me.

“You know, my husband doesn’t get to canlı kaçak bahis cum in my mouth, and somehow you got me to do it,” said Jennifer’s mother. “That was really hot. You taste very good.”

On the drive home I stuttered my thanks and told the woman I’d surely stay away from her daughter’s sex.

That promised lasted a couple days, because on Friday night when were making out Jennifer asked if she could stroke me off again. Seconds later my dick was unveiled and the young girl was stroking me off.

Again, I wasn’t going to last long, except that Jennifer asked a startling question. “Can I try what Amber did with Richard?”

Having no idea what she was talking about, it took a couple seconds to say yes. But once I did I was startled again when Jennifer leaned over and licked my cock while stroking it.

She worked the base of my cock while licking the tip and soon I was rocking just as I had with her mother earlier in the week. And just like that afternoon in the parking garage on this night I was equally quick to cum. I spurted into her mouth and watched as she swallowed.

“Damn, that was hot, Jennifer. That was so sexy, so satisfying.”

The girl smiled a shy smile and put her head on my shoulder.

Then she asked me to kiss her. I debated the thought, but quickly did. If she wanted me to, I would. We kissed for several minutes and I know that while I could taste my cum it was the right thing to do. It was a good decision.

We drove home and along the way Jennifer told me it was a good thing I had kissed her. “Amber said a guy who doesn’t kiss you after a blow job isn’t worth giving them to. So I am really glad you kissed me. That was so hot.”

Over the next two weeks I received a four blow jobs, two from Mrs. Johnson and two from her daughter. It was a summer I will never forget.

After Jennifer headed off to university I believed my time with her mother might end. As it was, it always seemed as if she wasn’t around or our paths didn’t cross.

When they did Mrs. Johnson acted as if we’d never been together. Needless to say going from regular blow jobs to nothing was quite a shock to my system. Still, I had wonderful memories of the summer.

I was daydreaming at a local park about those great times, paying no attention to my surroundings, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Hey, what’s up, how have you been?” It was Mrs. Johnson, dressed in her running gear.

I muttered something and we spoke for several minutes. It was a nice conversation that changed a bit when I mentioned that I might head up to the university to see Jennifer.


We spoke for a while as I walked along with Jennifer’s through the park. “So you are going to see Jennifer?”

Nodding yes, we walked a little more. We hadn’t seen anyone for a while and when we turned a corner we could see down the path both ways. Nobody was near us.

“Follow me,” said the woman, walking down a less traveled lane off the main path.

About 30 yards from the main path the woman stopped, turned, and smiled at me. “I’ve missed something,” was all she said.

With that she began stroking my dick through my pants. Soon that stroking led to my zipper being lowered and my cock exposed.

Mrs. Johnson lowered herself onto her haunches, stroking my dick. I watched as her mouth opened and engulfed my cock. She slowly sucked me while playing with my ass.

“Oh Mrs. Johnson, that’s incredible,” was all I could say.

Holding her head in my hands I rocked in and out of my girlfriend’s mouth. She sucked my cock while I enjoyed her actions. One thing I had learned with the two women was to have a little more control of my orgasm.

I let the woman suck my dick right there in the park. A couple times I heard bike riders heading past and once a runner. That was hot, knowing that I was getting a blow job while people were nearby.

My girlfriend’s mom was wonderful at sucking my dick. He knew how to move in tune to my rocking. Soon those thoughts sparked me to let go. I felt the cum boiling up and I shot my load into her mouth.

The woman milked my dick until I was fully spent. Again, she worked my dick until I was totally satisfied. What a feeling.

Damn, I will have to tell her I’m heading up to college more often!



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