Ever get the feeling you’ve just been stitched…?

It’s an unhappy feeling especially when the person doing the stitching is your dearly beloved, your other half.

I lead a normal, easy going fairly blameless life these days. Ok – so Sven hasn’t always been entirely good – but, if you pardon the vernacular, for most of the time I’ve been ‘gooder’ than most – or perhaps lucky and careful not to get caught too often. This time my protestations failed – miserably.

Maybe I ought to rewind a tad. My other half’s niece had arrived to stay with us. Forget Bimbos, when you get to our age, think more like forty plus year old aging has-beens -except Sam wasn’t. A has-been that is. Divorced yes, has-been no way. In fact that’s really the problem. I trust the woman about as far as I can fling a grand piano. Which, with my back, is not a lot! Something was definitely not quite above board.

The object of my concern had arrived a couple of hours before, stiff and tired and manky after a rather long sojourn on the roads, through the summer holiday traffic to our neck of the woods. The travel difficulties keep most of our relatives away during the summer months – a fact not a million miles from our decision to move here in the first place – oh that and the fact we don’t have any spare bedrooms. At all. Well, perhaps an air bed in the dining room – maybe – and only for the selected, a very selected few.

My other half had an appointment in town she couldn’t put off, indeed had been waiting for for some time – we both got a muttered ‘See you later – I’ll try not to be more than two hours…’ over her shoulder. She hurtled out the door, leaving us with the dog, who looked her mournful self at not getting to go for a walk as well.

Sam looked at me in a wheedling way. A way that said she knew she was going to get round me so why didn’t I just give in and do what was being asked – by both her and my just departed wife. I had now had time to think about it a little and in the end thought I might as well give in gracefully – I’d never hear the end of it otherwise.

“OK Sam – you win – we’d better do it on our bed, it’s firm enough and close enough to the right height as well – I’ll go put the oil on to warm,” and so I went to prepare.

It was all herself’s fault – she will tell people that I’ve been learning the gentle art of massage and that for tired and stiff muscles I’m very good at getting the kinks out of the achy bits. It’s just that, well, how can I put it, I’ve never done it to anyone else other than my dearly beloved – which is just as well as it tends to have the wrong effect on me, let alone her. It’s normally a bakırköy escort Sunday afternoon ‘thing’ and we keep it as a special event. Why? Because I find it very difficult to avoid things getting more than a little out of hand. We usually end up screwing like it’s going out of fashion. And now I had the chance to do it on Sam. I knew it was going to cause a problem and we hadn’t even begun.

I guess I ought to admit before we go any further that I’ve lusted after this woman for several years now. That was the other reason I didn’t really want to do that – your own middle-aged niece, even if it’s only by marriage, is a little too close to one’s own doorstep for fooling around. I felt a little like the object of that limerick – you know ‘she knew what they meant, but still went’ or some such line.

I sighed inwardly and muttered grace to myself – ‘for what I’m about to receive…’ etc. etc. – as I put the oil on the burner to warm up. I changed into a pair of shorts and a light top – it was not a cold day and this activity usually makes me more than a little warm. While I was waiting I put the sheet my wife had so thoughtfully provided over the top of the normal covers. Jeez! She even thought of that – Hell! She ‘knows’ where this is going.

While I was still thinking about that fact Sam came out of our bathroom, wearing a smile–just a smile. I tried not to react as she said, ‘don’t want to get oil on my underwear, so I thought this might be easier if I’m like this from the start.’ Let’s just say that, without staring – I mean that would have been rude – I noted she was a natural blonde!

Not trusting myself to speak in anything other than a squeak I just nodded as I waved at the bed, hoping she would lie down before she noticed the erection that was already trying to escape from my damned shorts! Fortunately she got into place fairly promptly. I positioned the oil where I could reach it and still keep one hand touching her at all times – it’s an important piece of continuity that some folks forget. I already had a CD of some rather nice ‘New Age music to massage people by’ playing gently in the background – it would just pick tracks at random till I switched it off. Deep breath and begin…

It’s odd how you can forget and stop worrying about what you’re doing when you carry out massage. You become involved, almost at one with your subject, working your way through a sort of pre-set routine, feeling the bumps and the knots and working them out, gently but firmly. I had started on her shoulders, which were tense, and then backed up a little before easing the tension in her neck. Heaven only bakırköy eve gelen escort knows what all the muscles are called, I don’t know, I’m not into things so much that I’ve bothered to learn them. I know what I like and I simply try to do it to others, well, Ok, my other half so far, but it seems to work.

Sam groaned in appreciation, or perhaps it was a little moan -she seemed to be enjoying it anyway, and that was the main thing. I got to her butt and eased round the bottom of her back and then onto her left leg. She spread them further apart to give me better access. The short fur of her upside down delta winked at me – her slit slightly open confirming the gentle musky smell of her arousal at what I was doing. My penis, hard and now uncomfortable at being restrained for the last few minutes twitched to remind me of my own state. I quickly moved down her leg and away from what was rapidly becoming an object of some desire.

I worked round her foot, holding it firmly and running my thumbs up the centre of the underside, that way it doesn’t tickle and spoil the illusion. Then back up the other leg, thumb following the inner median line. In the massage parlours of Southeast Asia they don’t stop until they reach the very top, and I mean the very top – I chickened out and didn’t brush that fur, sliding my thumb away short of its possible target and back round under her butt. Sam sighed as I failed to touch what I guessed she now wanted me touch more than all of the rest of her, but I was going to try and prolong this agony for both of us, build it until the final surrender to the inevitable was all the more powerful for both of us.

She groaned as I again moved away up the other side of her back. A scant few minutes later I again was back at her shoulders. Time to turn over. Normally I would have held a towel so as to protect my innocent eyes… Not so this time, I folded one arm close to her side and gently used the other to roll her onto her back, hands again down by her side. Sam’s breasts were petite, but still beautiful, firm and proportioned just right on her slim frame. Her nipples were hard as she smiled sweetly at me.

I moved round and was just able to reach the damp face cloth I’d left folded barely within reach, covering her eyes gently with it. I kept one hand touching her cheek as I rearranged my own aching loins; at least she couldn’t see me do it.

I used both hands under her eyes along her cheek bones, then on down her neck to the top of her shoulders and her chest. A little more oil needed, then round her breasts. Skirting the most sensitive areas (at bakırköy grup yapan escort this rate she’d end up screaming before long), I could see the colour of arousal spreading to her chest and lower stomach. Down lower, her legs now blatantly opened – her sex aglow – gaping, coral pink – I skirted the very edge of her fur and then down her legs again. She groaned in frustration as I once again deliberately missed out what, to her, was becoming a desperate need. I glanced at her face – her tongue was just edging through her lips as she almost panted whilst I tantalised her. Now her clit was there for all to see and I could resist her no longer.

Carefully, so as not to break the spell, or touch her anywhere else, I leaned gently over and with just the tip of my tongue flicked that juicy nubbin. If I’d thought I was going to get a spectacular result I was not disappointed. Her wild shriek as she came almost instantly was deafening as she arched off the bed gluing her nether lips to mine as I now used my tongue to full effect. Her orgasm was impressive to say the least, both in her writhing and the inarticulate moans that were now slowly coming to an end. She’d left marks on my arm where she’d grabbed it in her passion. I was glad that was what she’d clasped.

Now she, eyes till closed though the flannel had long since fallen off, was running her hand up the front of my bare leg. She stopped when she reached the moist head of my fully aroused penis now peering out of its lair down the leg of my shorts. ‘Ah!’ was all she said.

Then she half turned and eyes now open and looking straight into mine she used half swung her legs off the bed and, using both hands, undid my belt and took my shorts off. It bounced free and she caught it with a hand.

‘Yesss’ escaped her lips, just before they enveloped the end. She pulled the skin back with her hand as she licked the pre-cum off with obvious pleasure. Then ‘my turn’ and she pushed me back onto the bed, didn’t bother with any niceties, followed me on, knelt briefly either side of my hips and then sank onto me, burying me deep inside her small shape. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she savoured my length inside her – I swear her tummy bulged I was so far up – then she clenched her muscles and started moving on me. Neither of us was either going to, or for that matter wanted to last long and we moved together to a hell of a crescendo in a matter of a very few seconds. She collapsed on my chest, my withering member still trapped inside her, but our juices pooling on me.

Our hearts raced in unison, slowly easing back to normal. She spoke first:

“Maggie warned me this might happen…”


“Oh, I told her I was a big girl now…” she said raising her head and grinning before kissing me gently.

I truly felt very damned – but what the hell!


Sven the Elder © September 2001

Reposted April 2011

“Long may you want to – may you want to long” – old Celtish wish.



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