I met this chick in my summer session Accounting class while in grad school. Leigh was a voluptuous blonde, had a thick Southern accent, and worked at the cosmetics counter in a high-end department store, so she really knew how to fix herself up. She wasn’t quite gorgeous, but was definitely good-looking, and veritably oozed sex. Don’t confuse her with my high school girlfriend Leigh. Same name, different girl.

The class was only 5 weeks long and covered all of Accounting II, with the midterm and final being the only grades. So you really had to keep up and do well on the two tests to survive.

It was a small class, and we had a dead hour between it and our next class, so I got more than casually acquainted with Leigh. She was living with some Saudi, who was part of the royal family, here in the States going to medical school.

When girls mention they have a boyfriend, it’s usually a way of telling you they’re not on the market, but everything else about Leigh shouted she was available. Even so, I continued to be nice to her while turning my attention to another hottie in the same class.

Leigh had missed a few classes because of work and was anxious about the midterm exam. When the class the day before the midterm was over, we studied together for a while in the empty classroom, but she had to go to work soon, so we made arrangements to study over at her apartment that evening when she got off.

Of course I’d love to bang this big-tittied gal with a butt like Jennifer Lopez but had no expectation of that at all, since we were going to be at the place she shacked up with the rich Arabian–until I phoned her before leaving to get directions. “I’ve got 3 bottles of cheap champagne we can drink after cramming, and Hamud is in Riyahd.” I laid rubber halfway down the street and was there muy pronto!

As soon as I arrived, it was clear from the decor that this apartment was Hamud’s, and she was just living there out of a suitcase, so I asked, “What’s the deal with the sheik?” She said they were going their separate ways, but that she would be moving in to his apartment for the balance of his lease since he was moving into a house. This was a relief, knowing that those dudes express displeasure in a way which involves the application of sharp-edged weapons to vital body parts.

Leigh was deceptively intelligent, and within an hour of studying together, we both knew we were as ready as we’d ever be for the midterm. She popped the cork on bottle number one, and, after a little deep kissing and fondling, was sitting on the edge of the couch topless beylikdüzü otele gelen escort sucking me, standing up, by the time it was empty. The bottle, that is. Leigh was so relaxed and comfortable with her body and sex, always seeming to anticipate what the next move was. For example, as soon as I popped out of her mouth and lowered my cock down toward her big breasts, she hikes them up and together and licks between them to get ’em real wet, so I can titty-fuck her. She was the kind of girl that makes you say “exactly.”

So I titty-fucked her for quite a while as she sucked the tip of my dick for good measure and to keep things wet. Finally, she said, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” Eight of my favorite words in the English language. I leaned down and gave her a long, deep French kiss before she gobbled Mr. Johnson back into her warm, wet mouth. Not having gotten any in a couple months, I shot a huge load pretty quick. She took it all in her mouth, swallowed some, but then used the rest to blow some cum bubbles, then let it dribble down her chin and drip onto her boobs. Exactly.

For intermission, I uncorked bottle number two, so we drank it while she told me about Hamud’s eccentricities: He showered 3 times every day, after meals. He must have been a very messy eater! He had 16 wives, over 40 children, and countless girlfriends. The man had stamina! His favorite food, and what he ate for dinner almost every evening, was Popeye’s fried chicken. He wanted to ensure his cholesterol would not get dangerously low! And on and on and on. She told me dozens more. We laughed our asses off, and I enjoyed her stories as much as I did watching her boobs vibrate when she laughed—giggle-jiggle jugs, you might say.

When I pointed out that my cum was still on them, she said, “I know,” then pushed them up towards her face and licked them clean, asking, “Better?”


That act had the little fella growing again, so I figured it was time to give her some pleasure. I was trying to remove the tight jeans from her ample though shapely bottom when she informed me in her Southern drawl that she was “bleedin'”—having her period. Not a problem. Fact was, it was almost over, and I lapped up her juices with reckless abandon. She was surprised and grateful I’d go down on her in that state. I supposed Hamud did not engage in such acts with any of his concubine, perhaps based on Koranic prohibitions.

Leigh had a large pussy, with big lips and clit, that just poured pussy juice like a faucet, and she moaned beylikdüzü rus escort and groaned loudly with pleasure. Even her moaning was in a thick Southern accent!

We proceeded to fuck on that leather couch and on every other piece of furniture in the living room, including both Klipsh studio monitor speakers and Hamud’s prayer rug—doggie-style so that we could both be on our knees facing east–Mecca. Mohammed would have been so proud!

It was so easy to make Leigh cum, so she did over and over and over. We went to get the last bottle of champagne from the frij, fucked on the kitchen counter for a bit, then I carried her, flying fuck style, to the bathroom first to pee and then to screw on the basin and in Hamud’s chair in the shower; yes, he had a chair in the shower. Finally we went to the only other room left, the bedroom, which was dark but for the light from the bathroom.

I bent her doggie style over Hamud’s footboard and banged her hard and fast as we took turns drinking the bubbly straight from the bottle. Her pussy felt great, but due to its large size, extreme wetness, the champagne, and the fact that I had spewed not half an hour earlier, I knew I wasn’t going to cum, but it didn’t really matter–Leigh was cumming yet again—and she could certainly suck me to climax later.

Well, like I said, it was kind of dark in there, and while I’m doing the rapid in-outs with the bottle in one hand, I reached around with the other to squeeze a booby. She reared up a bit to give me better access (exactly), and her butt shifted slightly. Oh, yeah, now it was tight! I figured in this somewhat adjusted position she was now clamping down with her pussy muscles, so I lowered my hand from her tit to her pussy to provide some supplemental clit action. Probing for her clit, my fingers plunged right into her vagina, but my dick was not there. Sonofabitch! I was fucking her in the ass and didn’t even know it!!! And Leigh was still ooooing and aaaahing just as she had been.

I had to get a look at this, so I scooched her down toward the other side of the bed into the bar of light coming from the bathroom. Perfect, I could see my shaft go all the way in, all the way out her booty hole. I’d pull it completely out, watch her bum close, then poke it back in all the way to the hilt. Her whole bottom was so wet from pussy juice that her ass needed no extra lube.

I finished off the last swallow of bubbly. Where to put the bottle? In her pussy, of course! I peeled off the foil and stuck the neck of it deep in her vagina, beylikdüzü türbanlı escort then wedged the base between the mattress and footboard. As usual, Leigh immediately sensed what to do and began rocking her hips back and forth simultaneously on my dick in her ass and the bottle in her pussy while I rubbed her clit furiously and she squeezed her own melons. Exactly. She came first, then I followed right after, spewing like a blue whale (make that a sperm whale–Ha!) in her tight bum hole to join her in a sexual hallelujah chorus so loud that neighbors on both sides were pounding on the walls to keep the noise down. I honestly do not remember what happened after that.

The equation 3 Bottles Cheap Champagne + 4 Hours Sleep = Helluva Hangover held true when I awoke at 6:00 AM to the piercing cry of the alarm clock beside my own bed. Fortunately, 2 Tylenol Extra Strengths, a pot of coffee, and a half gallon of water had me functioning in time for the 8:00 AM Accounting midterm. I ran in to Leigh on the steps of the business building. She looked great in crisp white blouse and perfect make-up and hair, but conceded she felt like warmed over death when she’d first gotten up too, but felt all right now.

We both aced the exam, then went back to Hamud’s for a post-test fuck-fest, only this time I was careful to keep track of what hole I was in. Leigh absolutely loved me to fuck her in the ass, and I was certainly happy to accommodate her. It worked out perfect for us, as her big pussy—though a visual delight—was too loose to make me cum most of the time, but was so juicy no other lube was ever needed for slick bottom-fucking, which, with a little simultaneous tit- and clit-play, made her cum every time. I don’t know what she did to keep her rectum so clean, but it always was, and I’ve never known another woman who loved ass-fucking as much as Leigh—we did it every time we had sex.

We dated for a few months, but I was seeing a couple other girls during that time. I really liked Leigh, but was not in a phase where I wanted to be with one woman exclusively, despite the fact that she was super-compatible and one of the best lovers I’ve ever experienced. She was very understanding and never pressured me at all. She would have been a great girlfriend, but the timing just was not right. In fact, she ended up dating a customer she met at work that she introduced me to, and I was happy she had found someone special. Later, she told me she had fallen in love with me but knew I just wasn’t ready to settle down, so she never even let her feelings be known. She also said I was only the fourth guy she had ever been to bed with! All I can say is that she either had inborn skills or learned a whole helluva lot about great sex with her three previous lovers.

And to think it all started with a cramming session. Of course, what I was cramming turned out to be totally different from–and much better than–an Accounting textbook.




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