Spring had come and so had the last dance lesson. I was as always waiting for the Friday evening with great anticipation. Marianne would come and we would have a great night together no doubt. But I was also sad because it probably was the last time I would see her.

She came to dinner and was in an excellent mode which made us all happy. The dinner was very pleasant and joyful. Father loosened up and joked all through dinner. Maybe the excellent weather and warmth of early spring had something to do with it but mostly I think Marianne had that effect on him.

In class Marianne looked stunning wearing thin, tight fitting pants and an equally tight fitting top. Every curve showed. Also my sisters wore thin tight fitting clothes and looked great. I had three wonderful women for myself all evening.

We had a quick going through of the classical dances we had learnt but then spent most of the time practicing on the more modern dances. Now and then I danced close to all three of them and it was lovely to feel their bodies against mine. I couldn’t help getting aroused even when dancing with my sisters but not so much that it was bothersome. With Marianne was another thing. She teased me all through the evening and in the last dance clung to me, grinding her pelvis against me, dancing cheek-to-cheek, caressing my neck and all sorts of things to arouse me. Of course she succeeded. After the dance ended I had to turn away not to let the girls see the erect status my cock was in.

Marianne ended class without the usual remark that she had to see me in her room later which she always had in the past. It worried me.

At evening tea the cheerful mode was still there. The girls were excited from the dance.

When we rose to withdraw Marianne asked permission to use the ball room for some practicing on her own.

“But yes of course my dear,” mother said in her light mode. “Is it a new dance you are practicing on? Maybe you will show us tomorrow although we don’t will have the time to learn it properly?”

“No there is no new dance at the moment that I am aware of. I have to practice on a show I will give next week.”

“Oh, very well then. I am sure Anders will help you with the lights. And maybe he is willing to stay as an audience if you want that. I remember that Gunilla wanted it when she was here.” Mother smiled sweetly at us both when she started to clear the table.

Marianne and I went back upstairs. She asked me to arrange the lights to form a circle leaving the rest of the room in shadows. She brought two straight backed chairs and placed one in the center of the light and the other at the side. Giggling she told me to turn around while she changed.

Suddenly the music started and Marianne laughed happily. I turned and saw her standing in the pool of light fully dressed but in a nurse uniform. She started to sway and dance on the spot to the music. Slowly she untied the straps of the long apron. It soon came off. With closed eyes and a smile on her lips she started to fiddle with the buttons in the blouse. When the tune ended all were undone.

The next tune was a much quicker one. She danced more vividly and flashed her breasts by holding the blouse open until suddenly it came off. She wore a low cut bra that made the best of her breasts. The long skirt soon joined the blouse falling to the floor just as the tune ended. She stood waiting for the new tune in a daring pose in bra and frilly panties.

When the record started she swept the apron up from the floor and dancing around she put it back on. She fiddled with the bra underneath the apron and suddenly it was off. She swung it in the air and let it land in my face. I felt her lovely scent.

Next came a song and Marianne started to gyrate her body and turning around on the spot showing her breasts from the side under the apron. She yanked her panties down and they also landed in my face. Her aroma was strong. Her movements got wilder and she swung around a few times, giving good glimpses of her naked ass. She loosened the straps of the apron and held it out from her body moving it from side to side. She was careful though not to show more than very brief glimpses of breasts and pussy hair. Towards the end of the song she stood with her back towards me. Her hips gyrated and her ass wriggled and when the music ended she froze in a pose with her arms lifted above her head. Somewhere in the middle of this she had dropped the apron.

She stood motionless for a while then broke into laughter as she turned towards me.

“There should be a curtain drop at the end of course,” she said when she picked up the apron. “Otherwise, did you like it?”

“Oh yes I did, very much. You are fantastic,” I said, suddenly realizing that she had expected applause or cheer or something.

She came over and hugged me and I took the opportunity to caress her breasts. She withdrew and put the apron over my head.

“Keep that on while I get ready for another canlı bahis şirketleri act. I don’t want to be sneaked at,” she said laughingly. I heard her rustle with clothes and change records. The music started and the apron was taken away.

Marianne stood before me in a maids outfit feather duster in hand. She danced in small circles pretending to be dusting, coming closer and closer to me. She dusted my face and suddenly sat in my lap urging me to untie the small apron. She moved her ass around in my lap until the tune ended. When the next tune started she bounced up and danced around me while taking her blouse off. She was suddenly back in my lap but this time straddling me. Her swelling breasts were just inches away from my face. As quickly as she had come she was gone and stood behind me. She reached around and unbuttoned my shirt slipping it off me. Her breasts touched my neck when she leaned over. Suddenly her bra was draped over my shoulders and I felt her taut nipples against my neck.

She left me and danced out circling her chair and using the feather duster to shield her breasts. She sat down on the chair facing away from me and while moving her body in rhythm slowly took her panties off. She jumped up and threw the panties in my face when the tune ended.

A new faster tune came on and she used the chair as a partner. She danced around it, climbed up on it, threw her legs over the back, bent down over it. She gave generous glimpses of her naked ass and brief ones of her pussy hair when the short skirt was lifted due to her movements.

During the following tune she came back sitting in my lap facing away. It was a turn on knowing that she was naked under the skirt and that her naked ass and pussy was bouncing in my lap. I got erect and Marianne laughed throatily when she noticed. She jumped up and down and was all over me dancing around. She ended up straddling my lap but this time facing me. She grinded her ass and pussy hard against me bulging erection.

When the record ended she leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

“Well, this lap dance is not included in the show, only for the private ones,” she said. She rose and stood before me for a little while. Suddenly she knelt before me and tugged at my belt.

“Now Your Lordship, will your Lordship need some help from this humble maid, sir? I mean, Your Lordship, that I could be of help sir, to remove Your Lordship’s pants sir if Your Lordship wants to fuck the maid sir.”

Marianne had now and then jokingly called me different noble men’s titles since she learnt that my father was a baron and that I would inherit the title one day. To night it obviously was Your Lordship.

“But Your Lordship sir, please help your humble servant a little sir. If it pleases Your Lordship to lift the noble ass it will be much easier to pull Your Lordship’s pants down. Please sir,” she said in the thin humble voice.

I lifted my butt and Marianne swiftly pulled my pants and underwear down. Still on her knees she took my cock in her mouth and sucked caressing the shaft and balls at the same time. Suddenly she rose and sat backwards in my lap grinding her naked ass against me. My cock slid up and down along her ass crack. She turned around and straddled me pressing my cock into her pussy slit. She moved up and down along my cock moaning of delight when it rubbed her clit. After a while she rose again and rushed to her purse to fish out a rubber. She was back in no time and put the rubber on.

Marianne straddled me facing away and impaled herself on my rigid cock. She was already very wet and slid down easily. She rode me, slowly at first, but picking up speed. I caressed as much of her as I reached. I took firm grips of her breasts and hips digging my fingers deep into her flesh. She looked over her shoulder grinning of pleasure. I remembered that she had wanted it rough at other occasion and tried to meet her thrusts and squeezing her flesh.

Suddenly she rose and my cock left her plopping loudly. She spun around and mounted me again facing me. She sat down in my lap my cock fully engulfed in her hot pussy. She leaned forward and kissed me and with her arms around my neck resumed bouncing up and down on my cock. I squeezed her ass cheeks kneading and spreading them. I felt my cock sliding in and out against my fingers.

Marianne panted heavily, moaning and crying out now and then. She bucked more wildly until she sat down hard on my cock arching her back. She came crying out loud and her pussy muscles rippled along my cock which made me come to. She laughed throatily when she felt my spasms in her pussy.

“Well, well, this is certainly not included in the show. I hope you understand that. Well maybe except for the ultra private show,” she said giggling when we had recovered. She was still sitting in my lap with what was left of my erection in her pussy. She jumped up and took the rubber off me inspecting it carefully as she always did.

She canlı kaçak iddaa took her skirt off and collected her things and packed them in her bag. I loved seeing her move around in the nude totally unconcerned.

“Now, Your Lordship sir,” she said when she was finished packing. “Your humble servant would like to see this great house, if Your Lordship would be so kind sir.” She giggled.

“Uh . . . well, yes of course. But . . . shouldn’t you put something on? I mean, we could meet someone.”

“Yes, thrilling isn’t it? I will love going around naked in this old house. Maybe we will meet a handsome ghost. Come on, it will be a turn on for later.”

Well, with that half promise I couldn’t resist. Besides, I had learnt from Gunilla what a turn on it was to go around naked in the familiar house. We started to tour the house.

The library came first. She marveled at the large room with book shelves along the walls. She climbed up on the library ladder to look at an upper shelf. Her ass was level with my head and I kissed her cheek. She giggled and turned around and I kissed her mons instead. She parted her legs and had me kiss and lick her slit and clit.

“Easy boy, easy. I want to see more,” she said giggling when she jumped down. It was lovely to see her move around in the nude.

Next was a spacious room with a billiard-table. She ran over to it her breasts and ass bouncing. She climbed on top and stood on hands and knees at the edge.

“I have always wanted to do this,” she said giggling. “But I have never before been to a private house with a table.”

I had caught up with her and grabbed her upturned ass and dug in licking her pussy from behind. She spread her knees to give me better access. She moaned when I came to her clit and grinded her ass in my face. I licked the best I could and soon she was moaning and crying out. She cried out long and her body shuddered when she came and she collapsed forward on the table. I caressed her ass squeezing and pinching the cheeks until she laughingly crept away along the table. She jumped down on the other side and giggling came close to me grabbing my hard cock.

“Oh I loved that. Exciting isn’t it? Touring the house in the nude really turns me on. Gives so many opportunities, doesn’t it? There are more to see I am sure. Show me.”

We left and went out in the corridor to go downstairs. Suddenly I startled and froze. The door to the main bedroom opened. I took a quick step to the side of the corridor where the shadows were deep behind a small cabinet. Marianne bumped into my back.

My father appeared. He went the few steps to the staircase and got out of the shadows. Marianne sharply drew her breath behind me.

“Where are you? Aren’t you coming to bed?” Father called.

I could understand why Marianne was panting heavily. Father was stark naked. He is tall with broad shoulders and heavily built. No excessive fat and all his muscles make him look very strong which he is. I guess his body appeal to women.

His cock had an impressive length and girth although there was no real erection. I guessed that he had been waiting with anticipation for mother to come to bed.

“Here I am. Just checking on things.” We heard mother answer from the floor above. She appeared at the top of the staircase. From where we stood we had an excellent view of the stairs and of father standing 6-7 meters away. There was no light on except for a few lighting the stairway.

Mother stood looking down at father smiling her faint smile. She was wearing a white long night shirt looking like a ghost flowing above us. A lovely ghost though. She started to descend but stopped after a few steps and looked down again. Her smile broadened and she bent over and grabbed her night dress at knee level and started to lift it. She resumed walking down but very slowly stopping shortly at each step. She lifted her nightie slowly as well and it seemed like the hem stayed at the same height. On the first step down her thighs were revealed and on the second her pussy came in sight. Then her belly and breasts and on the fifth step she pulled the nightie over her head and flung it over the railing.

She stood for a short while looking down at father who was watching her intently. Mother took a few more steps down swaying her hips and letting her breast bounce.

There was a sharp intake of breath behind my ear and Marianne pressed herself against my back.

“Look at that, what a marvellous sight,” she whispered breathlessly in my ear. I shifted my attention from mother to father and understood what she meant. Father’s cock had rapidly got erect and more blood was pumped into it with each heartbeat. While we watched it rose in a steady, fleeting movement from pointing down to pointing upwards at an angle of about 30 degrees. And it got fatter and harder all the time. Marianne hissed again and pressed herself hard against me. Her hand came round and found my limp cock.

There canlı kaçak bahis was a throaty laugh coming from mother. There were anticipation and raw lust on her face and she laughed hoarsely again. She wet her lips. She still had a few steps left before she was at father’s level and she took them even slower showing off the best she could and caressing her body with her hands.

When mother came to the bottom of the staircase she curtsied deeply in front of father. She stayed down for quite a while before she very graciously rose. Father stood like frozen. Only his cock vibrated from the blood pressure. Mother took the few steps separating them and knelt before him. She stood on one knee with the other foot on the floor like she was going to propose. And in a way she did.

Mother held her upper body very erect pushing her ample breasts forward. She moved her head a little to touch the cock that was just an inch away. It was very hard and without using her hands she let it caress her face. The tip went from one cheek along her nose, over the eye and crossed the forehead and down the other side. She withdrew slightly to look it over. She moved her head forward again but this time she opened her mouth and her lips engulfed just the tip of the cock. She looked up and locked eyes with father. It was a sacred moment when they looked each other deep in the eyes keeping perfectly still. It was such a lovely picture from where we stood. I got aware of heavy breathing in my ear and the hand massaging my swelling cock.

Very slowly mother raised a hand and cupped the balls before her. Her other hand followed equally slowly and gripped the shaft with thumb and forefinger. She pulled the foreskin back and let her mouth follow until she had the full head in her mouth. She closed around it and must have started to lick and suck because father grunted heavily. Mother looked up at him again with beaming eyes. He put his hands around her face.

She sucked him for a while without letting him further into her mouth. Suddenly she withdrew with a plopping sound and jumped to her feet. She quickly moved over to the staircase and bended over supporting herself against the railing. She wriggled her ass invitingly. Her heavy breasts hang down swaying and the taut nipples stood out.

Father moved after her and grabbed her hips and ass cheeks and kneaded them hard. He poked her backside with his mighty tool. He poked her ass cheeks, into her crack, probably her puckered hole and when she moved her feet apart along her slit and over her clit. Mother moaned highly in anticipation and acknowledgement of his doings.

Father took a step back and stood completely still looking at the sweet body. His cock vibrated with his heartbeats. Mother looked over her shoulder to find out where he had gone. She wriggled her ass again.


Suddenly father whacked the round ass check hard with his open hand. It sounded nearly like a shot. Mother grunted highly. Smack. He hit the other cheek with his other hand. Mother grunted again.

When he raised his hand for a third blow I started to rush forward to prevent him from beating mother. But Marianne held me back. “Ssssh, wait, she likes it, she wants him to, look, she doesn’t goes away. I’ll explain later,” she whispered in my ear.

She was right although I couldn’t understand it. I had been taught that gentleness was important. But I suddenly remembered that some of the women had wanted me to be a bit rough and to bang them hard, Marianne among them. Maybe there was a connection?

His third and forth blow made her grunt even more and from the fifths and sixth she cried out of pain. I startled but Marianne held me back. “Wait,” she whispered excitedly, “listen, here it comes.”

Father smacked the reddening ass cheeks again and this time mother cried out loudly. But this time I heard also pleasure and lust in her cries just as Marianne had said. At the last few blows pleasure had taken over in her long lasting cries.

Father took a step back and watched mother intently. She clung to the railing with both hands wiggling her red ass and moving her feet wider apart. Father took a quick step forward and spreads her ass cheeks with his hands. When his cock found her entrance he froze. We had a perfect view from the side.

“Oh holy mother, he will spear her with that mighty sword,” Marianne panted in my ear. I felt her hot pussy against my ass.

Mother moaned highly, wriggled her ass and pushed back to get him inside but he swayed back as well. But suddenly with a mighty shove he forced himself all the way into her. Mother cried out when he bottomed out in her and she moaned and cried out constantly when he banged her with long hard thrusts. Her cries took over and her body started to tremble and shiver when she neared her climax. She met his thrusts all the time until her orgasm sank back. I was astonished that she had the strength to fuck back all the time.

Suddenly mother made an unexpected move and got free from the log in her pussy. Father plopped out and was as hard as before. She spun around, knelt and took him into her mouth and started to suck him hard. This time she licked and sucked all of his cock.



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