Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 9Finally it was Saturday, the day of the dance. I was a bit nervous, but also anticipating the night to come. I spent the morning pulling everything out I was going to need, and more time than I wanted going through boxes that were still packed in the garage I had not thought I would need again any time soon.After lunch I called Linda and we chatted for a bit. She told me not to pick up Holly, she was already on her way over there and that Keith and I should just pick them both up at her house. I heard the commotion as Holly obviously arrived, and was put on the other line. I jokingly said I had spent the morning shopping, and had finally found the perfect fig leaf.“Yea, I had to go to 4 nurseries before I found one the right size.”Both girls burst out laughing, and Holly blurted out “extra-small”, followed almost immediately by Linda saying “extra-large”. Good thing her house only had two phones, or her mother might not be so amused by our more than slightly ribald joking.After chatting a bit more we hung up and I took a shower and started to get dressed. I had purposefully not shaved in 2 days to prepare for tonight.An hour later I was picking up Keith, and he looked absolutely wicked! He had frizzed out his shoulder-length hair, which was now jet black instead of his usual dark brown. And the makeup around his eyes and down the corner of his mouth looked almost exactly like Alice Cooper’s. And to top it all off, he had on an actual top hat, black outfit including a cape, and a walking stick. He looked exactly like Alice Cooper.I complimented him on his outfit and how much he looked like the rocker, when he laughed and said that all Jews dressed up like that when the Gentiles were not around. Seeing my confusion, he asked what was up.“Oh, nothing really. I just never realized you were Jewish.”“Well, my family is not really observant, but we do keep the High Holy days. Why else do you think my group performs at so many Bar Mitzvahs? It’s not a problem, is it?”“Naw, not at all, I just never realized it is all. I could not care if you were Jewish, Mormon, or Reformed Satanist to be honest. But what do you mean ‘Also’?”“What, you didn’t know that Alice was also one of the Dead Sea Pedestrians? He sure is, so is David Lee Roth from Van Halen, Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, and Gene Simmons from Kiss. Not only do we own half of Hollywood, we also own half of Rock Music. We really are evil and trying to corrupt the Christian youth of the country! But dude, what’s up with this outfit, is this like for real?”“Yep, it’s for real. Oh, I normally never dress like this, but I wore this at least a few times a year.”At this time we pulled up in front of Linda’s apartment so we both got out and went up to knock on the door. Mrs. Carol opened the door, so I introduced her to Keith, who was Holly’s date. She thought we both looked awesome, and even surprised me by humming a bit of “Welcome to my Nightmare” as we went inside.Wow, I would never have imagined Mrs. Carol was an Alice Cooper fan!Once inside she took a quick picture of the two of us, then called out the girls. To say we were blown away was an understatement.My eyes were only on Linda at first. She had on a gypsy outfit, and it was stunning. It had a black bodice, which was tight-fitting and obviously pushing up her breasts to actually give her some cleavage. The skirt was kind of a sparkling metal mesh mixed in with the fabric kartal escort that d****d down past her knee on one side, and most of the way up her thigh on the other, letting me peek at her slender leg. It was topped off with a couple of necklaces that seemed to be made out of coins, and another metallic mesh head scarf. Topping it all off she was wearing some black heels, bringing her up to around 5’4”. I went over to her and gave her a small kiss then stepped back to look at her again, wow.At that time I turned to look at my best friend. Wow again! Somehow Holly had squeezed herself into a very tight spandex bodysuit, that hugged every single one of her curves like a second skin. Under that she was wearing dark pantyhose. On top of her head she was wearing a set of cat ears, in addition to black leather gloves that reached almost to her elbows, and what must be 4” spiked heel boots. She saw my reaction and turned, and on her bottom she even had a long cat tail.I think both Keith and I were shocked, and all of the girls (including Mandy and Mrs. Carol) were laughing. But then the girls took turns gushing over what we were wearing.“Pete, did you really dress like this at home” Linda asked.I was in my most faded boot cut jeans, with my black square-toed cowboy boots – complete with spurs and jingle bobs … As well as a long sleeved white-blue-black plaid pearl button shirt, bolo tie, black leather vest, and my dress black Stetson.I laughed and said “Naw, just a couple of times a year for rodeos and fairs. Heck, I’m not even a good horseback rider. At events we tend to dress up like this because it impresses the tourists. About the only thing I wore fairly often were my hats, the sun out there can be pretty harsh in the summer and Stetson’s simply make good sense. They help keep your head cool, and give you a lot of shade.”Well, after admiring each other’s costumes we of course had to pose for more pictures. First as a group, then as couples. We even made sure Mrs. Carol got one of Holly and I together, as well as Keith and Linda. Then came one of each of us individually, including one I had Mrs. Carol take special. I had Holly turn so her back was 2/3 of the way towards the camera, then turn around so she faced it. It was the classic “Betty Grable Cheesecake” pose, and the effect on me (and probably Keith) was stunning. And this way her tail was obvious, as was how tight her outfit was against her bottom. I also realized after a moment that without any obvious seam, she could not have been wearing panties under that outfit.Finally we all climbed into Scout and headed to the dance.We got there shortly before it started, and I had the photographer take shots of each couple. I knew Keith and Holly would pay me back when they got a chance, and I wanted to keep a copy for myself as well for my book of memories. Since I was ordering I put down that I wanted 4 of their photo (one for each, one for their parents, and one for me) as well as 4 for of Linda’s and mine (one for each, one for each parent). I got a lot of good natured teasing from some of my other friends we ran into, seeing me fully in character was a hoot I think.We were just about to head to the dance floor when one of the teachers came over and asked if I could take off my spurs. I think they were worried they might mark up the wood floor. I had no problem with that but the girl running the coat check bostancı escort room was a bit surprised when I handed her my vest and spurs, then having Alice Cooper check-in his top hat, cape and cane.We all had a blast. This being just a Halloween dance there was no band, just a DJ. But he was really good, and the music selection was perfect. 5 or 6 fast songs, then 3 or 4 slow ones, then repeat. We took a couple of breaks and chatted with some friends. One guy came up and gave Linda a hug and they chatted for a bit, and she made sure to introduce me as her boyfriend.After he left she looked into my eyes and bit her lower lip and chewed on it nervously before giving me a little nod. I simply smiled and gave her a light kiss, and guided her back to the dance floor.Just as a slow song was starting, we were dancing next to Holly and Keith. With a small grin, I asked if we could change partners for the next song. They both nodded, and thankfully Keith was on the same wavelength as I was as we put our arms around each other and started to dance.The look on the girls face was priceless, staring at us in confusion before they started to crack up, and then they also started dancing together. Others around started to catch on and were laughing as well at the sight of 2 guys dancing together, as well as 2 girls. Halfway through we laughingly parted and I started to dance with Holly, and Keith with Linda.“Pete, you are an idiot” she said, still laughing as I held her in my arms. “I could hardly believe it when the two of you started dancing. You really got both of us with that one. How long did you two plan that out?”I told her it was completely spontaneous on the part of both of us, it just seemed like something funny. And obviously we were right. The next song was even slower, so I pulled Holly snugly against me (thank goodness the “2 inch rule” did not seem to apply to the dances here) and rested my hand on her hip. I could feel her breasts pressing into me, and even though I appreciated how they felt against my chest, they did not excite me like they would have before.“Thank you so much for making this happen for me tonight. That means so much to me.”“What do you mean? I would have given you a ride here no matter what, even if I was going stag.”She kissed my cheek and making sure Linda and Keith were out of ear-shot she whispered “I know you set the two of us up. That is so sweet of you, trust me when I say I will never forget it, or how you’re such a wonderful friend.”We finished the second dance and took back our regular partners. For the last song of the slow set I held my lovely little gypsy snugly against me, and this time I did start to get hard feeling her body pressed against mine.Finally it was 10:30 and the dance started to break up. We all spent some time saying goodbye to our friends and headed back to Scout. Once it was warmed up I peeked in the rear-view mirror to ask where Holly and Keith wanted to go, but I let the question die unasked. They were wrapped around each other, kissing in the back seat. With a grin to Linda I put the car into gear and drove away.Feelingour place at the Japanese Garden was our “special place”, I drove us to the park that Holly and I had talked at the week before. Once the engine was off and the radio back on that jazz station, Linda flowed into my lap and we started to make out like our friends in the back were. maltepe escort Now I had been on double dates before, but never had anything this intimate happened in front of the other couple. Just a few kisses and that was it, never an actual make-out session.Soon my hand was caressing Linda’s bare thigh through that slit in the dress, and she had pulled open the snaps on my shirt and was caressing my bare chest. I was feeling lovely little shivers each time my hand slipped high on her inner thigh, stopping right below her panties before slipping down again. Either the reaction was from what my hand was doing to her, or the naughtiness of doing such with another couple just a couple of feet behind us.I could hear soft sounds coming from each of us, little moans or sighs as we kissed and caressed our respective dates. I was nibbling on Linda’s ear when she softly whispered into mine to take a peek. I turned a bit more, and could see that Keith had his hand on Holly’s breast, and she was quite obviously pushing herself against his hand. “Way to go dude” I thought to myself and then proceeded to cause the girl in my arms to shiver and moan softly as I kissed my way down her neck and along her collar.That night I learned what was obviously the etiquette of couples on a real double date. Pretend the other couple does not exist, even if you can’t help but see exactly what they are doing. What happens in the car, stays in the car.But once again that pesky alarm on my watch went off, and we each started to untangle ourselves from our partners. Starting the engine again I started to head over towards Holly’s house when she told me to drop her off at Linda’s. It seems that she was going to spend the night there, so I guess any more fun that night with Linda was not in the cards for me.Once there everybody piled out, and we walked the girls to the door and exchanged more kisses and caresses before they slipped in for the night.On the way home, Keith spent almost the entire time thanking me. Once again I tried to play ignorant, but like Holly he was having none of it. “Dude, come on now. I know you were setting us up that day in the bleachers. I honestly thought the two of you were still going together, and once I realized you were not, you were quietly trying to push me to ask her out. And man, I will never forget you for this. She is amazing.”“Yea, that she is. She is also my best friend bro, so as long as you don’t hurt her we will have no problems.”“Yea, I got that, trust me. I guess I thought you were still together because you guys are always so close. Now I get it, you really are best friends, almost like brother and sister. But with a difference. I could never imagine feeling up some guy’s sister while he was watching from the front of the car.”I sighed, and said “Keith, remember our little talk the other day. I never saw you feel up Holly, and as far as I know you two just hugged and kissed in the back. And that’s all I will ever say, ever.”We were pulling in front of his house, and he nodded. “Yea, I get ya. I think I finally get ya. All we did was cuddle and kiss in the back, and that is all you two did in the front.”“Yep, you got it. Now if the two of you ever want to go out again some time with Linda and I and ‘cuddle in the back’, let me know. I can ask Linda and she would probably be cool with it. But trust me when I say we would like to spend some time just cuddling by ourselves with nobody else around, ya dig?”He nodded, then surprised me by giving me a quick hug and said “Yea, I get ya. Talk to ya later dude.”And at that he walked into his house singing “You and Me”. Strange, but it was only then that I actually realized that the soft love song I had heard so many times in the past was actually sung by Alice Cooper.



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