Hello everyone:

My apologies for the delay in this series. Life happens and you can’t help that. I will be spitting out other stories as well so stay tuned. For this particular series, I’m thinking it will be either one or two more; I’m not entirely sure. We’ll have to see. I did have a fantastic time writing this one and I really like this series.

Anywho, enjoy!


Several volumes of books fell onto the floor as Morgan’s back was repeatedly slammed into the bookcase wall.

Her heels dug into Ian’s backside as he pumped furiously into her, his cock sliding in and out in rapid movements. She moaned loudly into his mouth, breathing harshly through her nose. Her back would most likely be riddled with papercuts and splinters from the constant beating it was taking. “Ian,” she murmured against his lips as she fought to gain leverage on his body, fingers slipping from the sweat. His hands bit deep into her soft flesh of her ass as he pumped her to him.

He growled and turned them around, dropping her rather roughly on a large desk, forcing papers and notebooks to the ground as he stood up, pulling her calves with him and pressing her thighs together for better friction. He flung his head back as he thrust into her using rather short and quick drives. She was on her back, being forced up further with each thrust.

They’d been fucking for nearly three hours and Ian never once let up. He was insatiable and Morgan didn’t mind.

“God, yes!” She screamed and clawed at his back, knowing she left marks. He didn’t seem to care because she was the only one whom he laid. He would tell her over and over again that it was her and she alone and he didn’t want anyone else.

Morgan believed him, of course, because she had been spending more and more time cooped up in his house. She had memorized the corners and every surface, having been fucked on each and every single one just about. She would spend nights and sometimes days with Ian either in the bed, shower, or any other area that allowed for sex.

Sure, she hadn’t exactly been the greatest girlfriend but both she and Drake knew it was over. He had given up long ago and stopped caring where she was when she disappeared from their apartment. Leni, her best friend, tried to get Morgan to end her relationship with Drake but Morgan could never find the time to do it. Until one day, she just left. But to be honest, she had been having too much fun fucking another man behind her boyfriend’s back. It gave her power and she craved Ian, the lust for him too strong to care about how she looked. It was a thrill ride and she was having the time of her life.

Still, it made her seem like a shitty person but she couldn’t help what she wanted and now, she could spend almost every day with Ian.

She couldn’t be with Ian forever. Granted, she had grown fond of him during their little affair but she often wondered if he felt the same. Some days, when they were together, they would spend all day just talking. Other days, their hands couldn’t get enough of one another.

Her feelings ran deep for Ian and she knew it would be hard to give him up when that time came. Speaking of coming, she arched her back into Ian as he ran his teeth along her collar bone.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and the fire deep within bloomed across her belly. Her toes curled and her body tensed with such ferocity, she knew she would be sore the next day. As he pounded into her, she reached out on either side of the desk and held tight, her nails digging into the pliable wood.

God, she was so close.

His grunts only fed her desire even more as she felt his thickness in her, the length of him driving her mad. She was panting and hear was matted to the back of her neck; her skin was chafing but if he could give her these glorious orgasms every single hour of every single day, she wouldn’t care.

With a ferocious snarl, Ian bent his head to capture her lips with his. Their tongues waltzed and slid over one another and he even tugged at hers with his teeth. In return, she pulled his bottom lip with her own teeth before he could get away. He growled and gripped her head with his hands, releasing her legs. He only used his bottom half to pump into her, his cock still just as rigid as when they first started a few hours ago.

She murmured against his lips subtle encouragement in between guttural moans. A solid warmth spread into her limbs. This was it. This would be her third orgasm from him alone. She squeezed her thighs around his hips while he kissed her. He stilled and allowed her to fuck herself on his cock. She moved her body up and down, trying to get that list bit of pleasure before she cried out. The tension erupted into a million fragments all over her body; her nerves frazzled and her muscles weakened.

Morgan came so hard, she broke a piece of his desk off in her left hand from squeezing it so tight. She gasped and slowly continued humping him, her body worn out and güvenilir bahis exhausted.

Ian softened the kiss and moved at a gentler pace. She was clenching so much around him, he groaned with his final thrust, a release that had them both shivering. Spurt after spurt landed on her womb and she smiled because she loved that. Drake had refused to come in her even though she was on birth control. She felt his seed as it slid down his cock to mingle with her wetness on the desk.

Their kiss deepened, their tongues massaged one another. He swallowed her moan as they both came down form their high. They breathed into each other’s mouths while their bodies relaxed.

With one final peck on her lips, Ian pulled back and sighed. He stood and zipped his pants up and tucked his shirt in. There was something wanton about the way he did that. Like this was their little secret, which it was, and the only time they could be with one another was when they had sex.

Between school and him working, it was hard for them to actually go out on a date. Then there would be the fact he was a respectable lawyer in their city and she seemed like a floozy to those would be jealous. They wouldn’t be accepted. And it wasn’t their age either; it was her stupid family that would be the cause of them never being together.

Morgan hoisted herself on wobbly legs. She tried to pull up her shorts but found her arms were too shaky to do so. Ian bent down and buttoned them up once he got to her navel. He found her shirt by his swivel chair and helped her put it on. It was a loose fitting tee in an Army green color that she had found at the local thrift store.

Ian said he would buy her more clothes but she refused. He often helped her out when needed since she just started graduate school about two months ago. She quit her job after saving up some money and used that for books and supplies.

“Sorry about your desk,” Morgan mumbled and blushed, examining the bit of dark wood in her palm.

Ian chuckled. “It’s alright. Never much liked it anyways.”

He grabbed her hand and tossed the piece of wood in the nearest bin. She fell into his chest and heaved in his scent. Spicy and clean. She listened to his steady heartbeat and grinned when it sped up as she moved closer. He wrapped his arms around her back and they stood like that for a few moments until Morgan yawned.


She nodded sleepily. “You wear me out,” she giggled and leaned back with her hip pressed flush against his.

“‘You know you love it,” he teased and flicked her nose.

Her heart skipped a beat.

And, just like that, desire flared in her middle. She ground her front to his and could feel his erection growing once more. She bit her lip and dropped to her knees.

Before he could protest, she had him in her hand and half of his cock in her mouth. He groaned loudly and she took him as deep as she could go, almost to the back of her throat. Ian’s fingers tangled in her now dark hair. She’d grown it out and it hung in messy waves about her shoulders. Coupled with Ian’s constant finger brushing due to extracurricular activities, she could never keep it straight.

She went up and down on him, sucking his massive cock, using her tongue to soothe the areas where her teeth ran across him. He shuddered when she began to fondle his balls, massaging one and then the other.

“Morgan,” he breathed and that gave her incentive to bob her head faster.

She used her other hand to grip the base of his cock. He was close. She could feel the tightening in his sack when deepened her movement. She continued, going quicker and quicker, and touched herself after releasing his cock with her hand. She rubbed her clit heatedly, her moans equaling with his own.

She watched is reaction and saw him glance down at the hand in her shorts. He grunted and rocked his hips a few times before he came in her mouth. She hissed as a small orgasm crept its way up her spine and she sucked him dry, swallowing every bit he had to give.

Morgan kept him in her mouth even when he grew soft. She cleaned him up a little and placed him back in his pants.

She stood and cleared her throat. She wiped at her mouth and glanced in the window to make sure her face looked presentable. Some of her eyeliner was smudged and lipstick was now gone but that was okay.

Ian wrapped his arms around her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder. His warmth breath cascaded over neck and she shivered.

Then, there was a rough knock on the door.

Christ, she forgot they were in his office at his firm.

He groaned and placed a kiss on her cheek before moving away to open the door. Morgan took that as her cue to pretend to be shuffling papers on his desk. She was his “intern” for the summer. But she was pretty sure everyone in the entire firm knew what they were up to considering she was here almost every day and never left his office for hours on end.

“Ian,” a gruff türkçe bahis voice greeted him.

With a sigh, Ian opened the door a little further and the man on the other side eyed Morgan with a creepy look. He was balding and obese. She thought his name may have been Robert or Richard but she couldn’t remember it.

The man stepped through the door and sat down in one of the leather chairs across from Ian’s desk. Morgan saw the way his gaze went straight to the dent she had made earlier and her cheeks grew red. Oh, he knew what they had been up to if his lascivious grin was any indication. He even had the gall to wink at her!

She grimaced and looked up at Ian who had a look of anger clouding his face.

“Okay, Mr. Rhett. I think I’m all done for the day,” she faked a glance at the clock on the wall. It was almost three. She straightened the papers and proceeded to exit his office when that man stopped her with a request.

“Megan, was it?”

“Morgan,” Ian ground out before Morgan could correct him. She had never seen Ian act this way. He was annoyed and seemed super protective of her. “And she’s on her way out.”

Ian ignored the squinted eyes shot his way by the man. “She is your ‘intern’ is she not? And don’t interns typically make coffee runs? Or do yours simply stay on their knees?”

Morgan watched Ian clench his jaw. The entire room knew what he had been implying. But did Ian have other interns? Or in her case, other, younger women he liked to enjoy? She couldn’t have been the only one but she honestly hoped so.

Well, she believed so if him telling her was any indication.

“What would you like, Richard?” Ian asked after he took a few moments to cool down. He sighed and handed Morgan his wallet.

Morgan listened intently to his order and nodded towards Ian before leaving. It wasn’t that she was worried about others finding out about them. It was the fact that everyone knew Ian practically destroyed her father’s business and this would further hurt her family’s name. Their city may have been somewhat large but if you had a decent bank account, everyone knew everyone. He was well known and had a bopping firm and she would seem like a twat who was only after his money. Which she wasn’t. So why continue her fling with Ian?

That answer, she didn’t know.

She couldn’t keep away from him. They were addicted to each other. Even now, as she stood in line at the local café, she felt a withdrawal from not being near him. He was a magnet and no matter how hard she tried, she was always drawn to him. He was on her mind all the time. Even before she was single, when was beside Drake at night, she wanted to be with Ian.

But then again, Ian would tire of her and find someone better. Someone who was better off than she. Someone who didn’t have a broken family.

On the way back to Ian’s office, she had gotten a call from her father who wanted to take her to dinner that night. She sighed when she pulled up and saw Ian leaning against the side of his firm. It was all glass and steel, with two floors and numerous offices. Of course, a lot of that money had been dirty but he cleaned out his clients and was now on retainer for local hospitals and private practices. He helped out when people decided to sue for money.

He smiled at her when she slammed her car door to her old beat up VW, careful not to spill the four coffees she had. Ian wanted one and so did three others as Richard had shouted out when she left that Ian’s “intern”, emphasis on intern, was actually doing work. The only reason Richard stayed onboard at Ian’s practice is because he was good and never lost cases in his custody battles. He raked in the clients.

Ian took the carrier from her and passed it along to his secretary, a middle-aged woman who was married to one of his partners. She was also a sweetheart who absolutely adored Morgan. They always gossiped and chatted about Ian because he was the only single lawyer in his firm of five.

Morgan waited beneath the willow tree out front of his office. She was facing the street that was surrounded by other tall buildings when a hot kiss on her neck caused her to jump. “Ian!” She gasped and playfully slapped his arm. He dodged her attack only to grip her waist and pull her to him as he kissed her deeply.

“I hate doing this,” he whispered against her lips.

“Me too,” she agreed. “Maybe I should change my name and identity. Say I was born earlier,” she teased and nipped at his chin.

“In all honesty, fuck what the others have to say. We want to be with one another. Why can’t we?”

With that, she became melancholy. “You know why.”

Guilt shadowed Ian’s face. She hated bringing up the past but it couldn’t be helped. The damage was done. They would never be accepted by her family nor his. Not that he was particularly close with his family but still. They would only say she’s with him for the money and blah blah blah.

“Speaking of, dad called and wants to güvenilir bahis siteleri take me to dinner,” she sighed and rested her head on his chest.

His deep voice reverberated her skull when he spoke. “You should go.”

Morgan only shrugged. “He’s gonna ask about Drake and if I’m seeing anyone new. I can’t lie to him.”

“Then don’t,” he nearly hissed.

She pulled back from him and glanced up at his face incredulously. “And say what? ‘Hey dad, how’s life? Oh by the way, I’m fucking the man who ruined your career, your marriage, and your life’?” She didn’t mean to say it.

A dark look passed over Ian’s features. “Enough,” he growled. His face softened and gripped her chin in his fingers. “We’re more than fucking and you know it.”

She sucked in a breath and her heart beat faster. They had never spoken openly about exactly what they were doing. Obviously more than friends, but what would you call it? She always assumed they were fuck buddies but she wanted more. “What are we, then?”

A sly smile spread across his lips. “What do you want to be?”

“Lovers,” she blurted and her cheeks burned with a manic blush. “Oh my god,” she bowed her head and placed it in her hands. “I didn’t- I meant-.”

He only laughed. He pried her hands away from her face and tipped it up so he could gaze into her eyes. “Is that so?”

His thumb and forefinger gently cradled her chin and a million thoughts raced in her mind. They had been seeing each other secretly for nearly six months now. No one knew but probably long suspected something odd was happening around the office. It was June and she was there almost every day. In his office with him. Alone. She wanted to be more, so much more. But what qualified as “more”?

A lump formed in her throat but she couldn’t say the words. Tears were forming at the fact she couldn’t say what she wanted to say. Why was this so hard? They weren’t perfect together but then again, she never wanted to leave his bed.

Instead of voicing what she wanted, Morgan simply shrugged and watched Ian’s hopeful expression fall from his face. “I guess I’ll let you get to it, then.”

“Ian, wait,” she tugged his sleeve as he turned to go. “I’m telling my dad, tonight, that we’re seeing one another. And, if he doesn’t like it then, oh well. I don’t care. I like being with you and I hope we can take this further,” she said, accidentally letting her wants out in one go.

A corner of his lips pulled up and he leaned in to give her a peck. “I like being with you, too.”

One more kiss before he winked at her and saw her off. Her heart was stammering in her chest and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.


Her father was waiting for her when she arrived at a local Italian place.

The hazel she’d inherited greeted her with a warm smile and she hugged him when he stood.


“Hey dad,” she replied. They hadn’t seen one another for a few months due to school and him being busy with work. “How’s it going?” She asked once they settled in their seats. They were in a booth, which she didn’t like, but she sucked it up because she was about to destroy his heart.

“Everything’s great! What about you? How’s school?” He straightened his blue tie and black lapels. He was nervous and fidgeting. What was he up to?

She shrugged and bobbed her head. “It’s going and I’m good.”

His grin grew wider as another figure joined them. A woman in her late forties, the same age as her father, in a red sundress with black and bouncy curls. She had skin the color of caramel and her eyes reminded Morgan of chocolate. She stood awkwardly to the side until Michael introduced them. “Morgan, I uh, I want you to meet someone. This is Carolyn. Carolyn, this is my daughter, Morgan.”

Carolyn bent down to hug Morgan around her neck who was caught off guard and half hugged, half patted her on the back. “Nice to meet you, Morgan! I’ve heard so much about you,” she beamed when she pulled back.

“Likewise?” Morgan said, a little confused.

“Hello honey,” Michael sang and placed a chaste kiss on Carolyn’s lips. “I know this is shocking but Carolyn and I have been seeing one another for a few months now and I figured it was time to introduce you two.”

Morgan laughed a little. “That is shocking. I’ve got some news myself. This may seem sudden as I’m recently broken up but I’m happy and I want you to know.”

“Oh?” Michael said after they placed their drink order.

“Do tell!” Carolyn squealed and leaned forward.

Morgan was going to like her. “Well, you know Ian-.”

Michael cursed under his breath when he glanced over her shoulder. Confused, Morgan twisted her body and her blood went cold.

Shit. Shit shit shit. There stood the object of her desire. Ian Rhett, making his way slowly towards them but then about faced right. Morgan let out a long sigh. God, he was sexy with the way he swaggered to the bar, his lean form had her panting with need. Her panties dampened immediately.

She turned back around and noticed her father with a scowl on his face and the menu pulled up so he wouldn’t have to look at Ian. “I hate that man,” he growled.



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