After a long day at work I arrived home and took of my jacket and shirt preparing for a shower. I noticed that the bathroom was busy and I put my jacket back on and threw the shirt into the laundry.

I grabbed my headphones and led down on the couch to listen to my music. With metal blasting into my head all external noise was drowned out and I closed my eyes and relaxed.

I then felt a hand on my ankle, my eyes snapped open and I saw my fiancée staring at me. She was half perched on the edge of the couch wearing a black bolero, showing off her midriff and a black mini skirt.

Her other hand moved slowly up to my knee and her head dropped as if she were a cat stalking her prey. Her eyes locked on mine she continues her slow advance up my legs. She lets out a low growl as she passes the waist of my jeans and her left hand slides up my chest and grips the zipper of my jackets, her right moves to the button on my jeans.

As she slowly pulled on the zipper she flicks a finger through and scratches my chest while her nimble fingers made short work of the button. With my chest now exposed and the button of my jeans undone she straddled my waist and I felt her hot breath on my chest as she raised her head and she let out a gentle hiss as she avcılar üniversiteli escort passed my ears. I tipped my head forward and grabbed the zip on her bolero with my teeth and as she arched her back the pressure pulled the zip open.

Her left hand combed through my hair and her right pulled down the zip on my jeans, while my teeth kept hold of her zip. I noticed that she had no bra on as the torso of her jacket opened revealing her pale chest but hiding her breasts from view.

She looked down at me and moved in to kiss me but as I raised my head to return the favour she pulled back just out of reach and grinned seductively as she teased me. With my jeans zipper now down her hands move to the clasp of her zip and unhook it allowing her jacket to fall open and she leant forward and kissed me gently with just the faintest touch of tongue to my lips. She opened the jacket slowly and leant forward pressing her soft breasts to my cheeks. Her hands dropped to my jeans and her fingers gentle scratching my stomach and sides as she dipped down into my boxers.

Her hand gripped my shaft and lifted it free of my boxers while her other hand gently massaged the tip between her fingers. Slowly she slid avrupa yakası escort her hand up and back down my cock and I turned my head slightly and sucked a nipple between my teeth and began to nibble while she began to caress me.

She leant back pulling her breasts away from my eager lips and backed away from me, kissing her way down my chest and stomach as she went. She removed her hands from me and raised her head as she let out a long breath onto my cock and ran her tongue around the tip. With another growl she dipped her head and devoured my cock, first slowly, then faster and just as she could feel my body tense as it prepared to explode she stopped. She then sat up and her hand gripped hold of my hair.

As she leaned backward and lowered herself to the couch her grip on my hair pulled me up onto my knees. Using my hair as a handle she pulled my head down to her thighs and seeing how wet she already was I saw this as an opportunity to tease her back. I softly kissed all around her, but casually missing her sweet spot and she twisted her grip on my hair so I went in for the kill.

Flicking my tongue over her clit of hear her breath quickening, I sucked it between my lips and rub it, knowing that bağdat caddesi escort will get her to the edge quickly. I feel her body start to tense up with impending orgasm and I stop and hear her growl in frustration as she pulls my hair. But I didn’t relent. I remained unyielding as she vented her frustration.

I grabbed her wrists and remove her grip from my hair, holding them firmly I pulled her arms over her head and held them there. I sat up and looked down at her. Her body revealed and restrained, her eyes excited. She whimpered as I leant onto her, pinning her down and breathing down her neck. Her legs still spread are wrapped around my waist and she pulled me in. I pressed myself into her and in a slow powerful rhythm, which sent her into a short wave of moans and hisses I began.

I lean forward and suck her other nipple into my mouth, and bit down on it, she let out a whimper and started to buck her hips into me. I picked up the pace a little and with yet another growl I fucked her harder and harder with each motion. Soon she was tensing up again and I picked up the pace yet again. She began to moan loudly and desperately looked up to me for permission. I felt my own orgasm building and I stared down at her with a look that could have only meant one thing, “Let’s Fuck”.

Her eyes rolled back and her head tipped up. Her back arched as she started to let go as I reached my peak. We both collapsed into each other and as we finished we lay together for a minute catching our breath. We sat up and lit a smoke as we sat in the dim light of sunset coming around the curtains in our living room.



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