This story is set in the Delhi Nights universe and makes reference to previous stories, but it isn’t necessary to have read those stories to enjoy this one. Thanks for reading.


Rahul stepped out onto the balcony of the hotel room and looked out at the twinkling lights of Delhi spread before him. The air was humid and warm with the charged scent of an impending rain. He looked up at the clouded sky. Rain would do the city well. A sudden soft breeze, signaling the beginning of a change in weather, momentarily cooled his naked flesh. He took a sip of his scotch.

Rahul Oberoi’s greatest strength was that he accepted who and what he was – a corrupt officer. He wore the khaki with pride and as a senior Inspector, he maintained control of his circle with absolute authority, but he also knew his limitations. He kept the gang lords in his area on a leash, albeit a very long one. Drugs. Prostitution. Violence. It was a part of life in a metropolis like Delhi. As long as nothing went beyond the idiosyncratic bounds he had established – and he received the usual payments in time – he didn’t have to tug on the leash. The gang lords were generally content with the status quo, but there was the occasional Company thug who thought it would be better to have no leash. The last time this happened, Rahul had been forced to teach a harsh and messy lesson. The encounter had left the upstart, Gabbar Bhai, and a dozen of his boys, carcasses in a fetid, forgotten alley. The official report said they had been killed by Pakistani smugglers in an arms deal gone wrong. The people who mattered, though, knew better.

That had been two years ago, and Rahul realized the lesson would have to be taught again. Kundala Devi had failed to keep her lieutenant in control and now a ferengi was dead. Punishment would have to be meted out. His mind started to turn to plans, taking sips of his scotch until the glass was empty. He took the remnant of an ice cube in his mouth.

The breeze became stronger and he felt the first heavy drops of warm rain.

“Rahul? Are you coming back to bed?”

He turned around to see Vidya approaching him. Unlike him, she made some effort at modesty and had wrapped a bedsheet around her.

Vidya. His friend’s wife.

Vidya. Big brown eyes. Cobalt black hair. Fair skin. Firm and taut where a woman needed to be, soft where she should be. She had wrapped the sheet just barely enough to cover her upturned breasts, revealing an alluring expanse of skin. The material was stretched tight across their fullness. A small red bindhi on her forehead added to their illicit act. As usual, he felt a pressure build in his loins just looking at her.

Sunil was eight years Vidya’s senior. Their marriage had been arranged at Sunil’s request after he had seen her at a party. He was a man who believed wealth could buy anything and, as far as Rahul could tell, Sunil had bored of her a year into their marriage. Vidya had the privileges of wealth, but not much else. She had been easy to get into his bed. They had been fucking for over a year now, and unlike the other women he had slept with, he still hadn’t tired of her. There was a certain allure to fucking Sunil’s pretty wife. Sunil was his friend. Sunil was also a conceited prick.

“In a minute.” He smiled at her. A gust of wind caught the sheet and pulled it away for long enough for him to catch sight of her long, tapered legs and the soft swell of a hip. Even as she tried to grab it, another gust and it pulled apart to reveal the patch of neatly trimmed hair between her legs. She quickly grabbed it and turned to go back in.

When his cock stirred, thoughts of punishment were put aside.

“Wait, Vidya. Come here.”

He took a sip of his scotch and watched as she stopped and turned her head to look at him. She looked down at his cock, starting to grow turgid and heavy against his leg.

“We should go inside.” She said, giving him a mischievous smile. When the only response was the twitching of his cock, she turned and walked toward him.

When she came within reach, he pulled her into him. He smiled as he felt the warmth of her skin through the cloth as he pressed against her. The rain had started to fall harder now. Large, wet globs splattering against the concrete. They were protected by the balcony above them, but the errant drop still hit bare skin. Her nipples hardened. Against the backdrop of the smells of a warm, wet Delhi, her scent came to Rahul – a perfume of unnamed wildflowers mixed with the fruity smell of her shampoo. He breathed it in. The two moved to the balcony, just beyond the reach of the curtain of rain to look out into the city. The rain made starbursts of the twinkling lights. Below them, the dark street avcılar grup yapan escort was empty except for a group of college kids clustered beneath the eaves of an all-night food stand.

Rahul moved behind Vidya and, brushing aside her hair, kissed the nape of her neck. And, then trailed a kiss to her ear. She sighed as he nuzzled her. He tugged at the sheet, but Vidya resisted.

“I want you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Here? Outside?” Her voice was hesitant. “There’s people down there. What if -”

“See you? They can’t.”


“It’s dark. It’s raining. They can’t see anything up here.”

She tried to move away from him, but he wrapped his arms around her, one hand covering the fist that clenched the sheet to her body. His other hand went to her belly, pulling her into him so she could feel his hardness against her ass.

“But, what if they did?” He nibbled her ear, eliciting a whimper. “Would you like that?”

He slowly pried her fingers loose from the sheet. She still held it in place but he could sense her resolve weakening.

“Rahul. I -”

“Vidya.” He raked his teeth along her neck. She whimpered as he applied the lightest pressure. He broke into an out of tune rendition of an old Bollywood song.

Tip-tip barsaa paani.
Paani ne aag lagaayi

Vidya giggled and leaned back into him.

Aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to jal uthaa mera bheega badan
Ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu

“You’re a terrible singer,” she laughed. Her laughter was cut short when Rahul’s hand fell to the space between her legs. Her cunt was radiating a moist heat through the bedsheet. This time, when he pulled her hand away, she didn’t resist and the sheet fell to the ground in a puddle around them. She brought her hands up to cover her breasts.

In the distance, a flash of lightning. Then, a burst of thunder that gave Vidya a startle. As if it was a signal, the rain had changed. The fat drops of water that had intermittently splattered against the cement of the balcony changed to smaller drops that beat a quick staccato rhythm. Rahul looked down at the group gathered at the stand. None of them had looked up or noticed what was happening.

Rahul traced his fingers down Vidya’s naked back, feeling the soft warmth of her light brown skin. He knew the contours of her form as well as he knew those of his wife. The path her spine traced from the plateau of her shoulders to the shallow valley at the small of her back. From there, the slope of paler skinned mounds. The dark velvet crevice between her legs hidden in the forest of cobalt black tufts. She shuddered under his touch.

He slid his hand across her hip to the front to rest it on her belly. Another shudder. Vidya shifted and leaned back into him. His cock pulsed against the crack of her ass.

Rahul brought his other hand to her face, cupping a cheek, caressing the warm skin.

“Do you love me?” She whispered. She continued when he said nothing. “You know you’ve never told me you love me.”

“Where is this coming from?”

She shrugged in response, still leaning against him. He rubbed his thumb against her lips. Her breath was warm as her lips parted.

“If you need to hear it, then, yes. I love you.” He nuzzled at her neck as she leaned her head back. He loved every woman he bedded.

“And, Asha? You love her too?”

“Of course.” She had only brought up his wife once before, during Karan’s wedding.

“Do you think about her when we’re together?”

“Only when you bring her up.”

His thumb opened her mouth and went into the warmth, feeling the soft coarseness of her tongue. She began to suckle on it. His other hand shifted to her inner thigh, and her legs involuntarily – invitingly – opened. He slipped his hand inward, resting the fingers teasingly on the edges of her cunt. Then, he began to play with the folds of her labia, his finger dipping into her wet warmth. She gave a low moan and shifted.

Another burst of lightning followed by thunder. Closer this time. If the men bothered to look up, it would be in those intermittent flashes of light that they would see them. Rahul nudged her forward, closer to the edge of the curtain of water so that the men below had a better view. Rahul looked down, hoping at least one of the men was looking up. His thoughts returned to that night when he had fucked Sonali in front of his friends. In front of Vikram. Blood pulsed through the veins of his engorged cock at the recollection. Vidya was beautiful. She was his. And, he wanted others to see her.

“I’m going to fuck you up here.”

Rahul slid two avcılar masöz escort fingers into her slick cunt and she arched against him. His other hand covered one of hers. What had been an act of modest on her part became lewd as he had her knead and mold her breast. His fingers, lathered with her juices, found her clit. She quivered in his arms as rubbed the nub. She was panting now, her chest rising and falling. As the pleasure took hold, she didn’t need encouragement anymore; she began to play with her own breasts, massaging the pliant mounds, scouring the hard nipples with her palm.

“Spread your legs.”

Vidya widened her stance. She moaned as he pulled out his fingers and ran them gently down the slippery groove of her pussy. Rahul focused on the swollen clitoris. She shuddered, a low moan that turned into a growl of need. He pressed his thumb against the clit, teasing the sensitive tissue.

“Rahul.” She turned his name into a moan, thrusting against his hand, her pelvis arching up. Over the ozone smell of rain, he caught the scent of her sex.

She reached behind and found his cock, wrapping her fingers around it. She squeezed the shaft, stroking. In return, he palmed her cunt, course skin pressing against the hard clit, two fingers buried into the wet warmth. His other hand went to a bare breast, full and weighty in his hands. He kneaded and squeezed, rubbing the hard nipple under his palm before taking it between thumb and forefinger. He suckled at her neck.

They remained like that for what felt like an age savoring the exquisite sensations of flesh on flesh. She arched into him, hand reaching back to caress his neck, pelvis thrust against his fingers. Lightning flashed and the thunder rolled behind the wall of rain. Each time, her startled response made her squeeze his cock harder, bringing out a grunt of pleasure.

From below a whistle. Rahul smiled. Someone had finally realized what was happening.

“They’re watching.” Rahul whispered into Vidya’s ear. Her response was a long moan of pleasure. Rahul felt her legs begin to shiver and her juices lather his fingers. She pushed her pelvis against him, begged him to bring her relief.

Another flash of lightning. More whistles.

“Rahul. Mere Jaan!” She panted. He licked at the sheen of sweat coating her body. As her tension turned into a quiver, he increased the stroking of his fingers.

She yelped as he pushed three fingers into her. He stroked. Fast. Hard.

“Hai! Rahul! Hai!” Her breathing was ragged, body slick with sweat, cunt hot and slick.

Lightning struck again. Whistling from their audience.

“You like them watching.” His fingers stroked, teasingly rubbing her clit with each thrust.

“Yes.” She managed between panting breaths. “Yes.”

His fingers tweaked an engorged nipple. Pulling. Pinching.

She groaned and writhed.

His fingers, lathered with her warm juices, thrust into her. In. Out. In. Out.

Vidya’s pelvis began to spasm against him. Her orgasm flooded through her, pleasure scouring her nerves. Her breathing stopped. Her fingers clenched at his cock, the pain making him sigh. Another shudder from her body and then, he felt her legs go weak, the flood of her juices soaking his hand.

When he released her, Vidya turned to collapse into his arms. Rahul pulled her into him, her hard nipples against his chest and his hard cock against her belly. He lifted her chin and kissed her, forcing her mouth open with his tongue. She moaned into his mouth, hand reaching up to his head, drawing him into her.

Another flash of lightning. Rahul put his hands on her hips and guided her back, lifted her up to sit on the balcony wall. The warm rain was on them now, pouring down on their skin. Rahul tasted the rain in her mouth. His hands clutched at her hips.

Below, the watchers were hooting and hollering. The lover’s silhouettes, highlighted by the flashes of light were providing a show they would never forget.

Vidya reached between them and wrapped her fingers around his cock. He tensed as she squeezed and stroked, pulling his cock head to the tip of her warm cunt. The foreskin peeled back and she rubbed his head against her opening. First, her strokes were slow, but as he pushed against her, she increased the pace and the pressure. His slick head against her clit.

Rahul pulled away to look at her. Her mouth was open, her eyes heavy lidded with lust. Her wet hair framed her face, errant strands along her temple and cheek. Rain water beaded on her face. Rahul moved a hand to her breast. The wet skin was soft and pliant in his hand. She continued to look at him, a soft moan escaping her lips as his thumb avcılar otele gelen escort found the distended, rock hard nipple. He circled and flicked it with his thumb.

They were lit by lightning again. Laughter and whistles below were lost in a burst of thunder.

Rahul’s cock twitched in her hand. Vidya, licked her lips as she pulled it to her wet opening. Then, turning to look down behind her, she shifted her pelvis toward him.

“Fuck me.” She sighed.

With a grin, Rahul drove forward in one thrust. Vidya yelped as he sheathed himself in her to the hilt. He began with slow, rhythmic strokes, one hand on the small of her back, the other, at the back of her neck. Rahul focused on the rivulets of rain that cascaded down her torso, around her breasts, down her ribs and between her legs where he joined her.

Vidya sighed with every stroke, face flush and eyes closed against the downpour. Her body was highlighted in every lightning strobe. She shuddered with every burst of thunder. As he started to thrust faster, she shifted to wrap her legs around his waist, her hands on his shoulders to steady herself.

Soon her moans and pants turned into animal grunts of hunger as his cock pistoned into her cunt. His thrusts became harder and faster. The bouncing of her firm breasts made the water shake in a lewd tableau. Rahul clench his jaw as he drank her in with his eyes.

He grunted her name.

Rahul felt her body start to tense. She pulled in close to him, drawing him deeper into her. Her breasts were crushed against his chest. She raked her nails across his back, making him thrust harder.

In. Out.

In. Out.

He felt her body spasm in his arms as her orgasm began to roil through her. She drew herself into him, nails biting into his flesh. She became silent, her legs holding him inside her as the orgasm thundered through her. When it was over, the tension in her body eased and she sighed, savoring his cock inside her.

Rahul slid his cock in and out of the wet warmth of her pussy. The rain mingled with her juices. He controlled his strokes, slow and steady, wanting the sensation to last as his orgasm began to build. He focused on Vidya’s face. He dark eyes. The parted lips. Rain trickling down the soft brown skin.

It didn’t take long for the pressure to become to much and his pace quickened. The slow strokes became a pistoning until he buried his cock in her with the last thrust. His body tensed and his jaw clenched. With a quivering grunt, his cock spasmed his release into her. He spasmed inside her as he emptied himself. Then, he drew his cock out and eased her off the balcony.

He held her in his arms as the rain came down on them.

“I love you.” She whispered.


The rain had cleaned the streets and brought a crispness to the air. Rahul took in a deep breath. It was nice to be able to draw a breath without having to clear your throat. He looked at his watch and then Vidya as they stood outside the apartment complex. In the light of day, her beauty was refined sensuality. She wore a silk sari that was tied low on the waist to reveal a flat expanse of caramel torso, and a top that revealed more than was probably appropriate. A decorative bindhi was complimented by eyeshadow and lipstick that emphasized her large brown eyes and the graceful contours of her face. A gold mangalsutra and simple jewelry completed the picture.

“When does Sunil come back from Dubai?”

“Day after tomorrow.”

He nodded. There would be time to see her again. He pulled on his sunglasses and couldn’t help but rake his eyes over her body. He placed his hands on the small of her back, caressed the swell and dimples before sliding fingers down the sari as far as he dared. He felt her tense. His cock stirred.

“Rahul? What are you doing?” She looked at him, her eyes wide in surprise. He drew his hand out and ran it along her flank before pulling away. He wanted to take her back upstairs. He imagined stripping off the sari, kissing every inch of that perfect skin.

His reverie was broken by the honking of the Toyota Qualis that pulled up to the curb. The driver, sub-Inspector Priya Rao, rolled down the window and smiled at the two. Next to her, Constable Sethi, was making a concerted effort to look away from Vidya.

“We’ll be dropping Mrs. Reddy to the Emporio.” Rahul said, opening the back door for Vidya before climbing in after her. As the vehicle pulled away, the two kept a distance between them, though Rahul’s fingers itched to caress her skin. The drive seemed interminable. Gazes were averted and no one spoke.

“Constable, you’ll stay with Mrs. Reddy,” Rahul instructed as they pulled up to the luxury shopping center in Vasant Kunj. The DLF Emporio held every luxury brand from around the world. It was a place only the likes of Sunil Reddy’s wife could shop. “Then, make sure she gets home safe.”

Soon, Rahul and Priya were alone, heading to a part of the city that the likes of Sunil and Vidya Reddy would never venture. It was time to deal with a matter of punishment.



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