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Confessing My Love To My BFFTears still cooled my skin in lines from the outer edges of my eyes across my temples and into my hair. Marin’s hot breath in my mouth was like life coming back into my soul. I loved her and I knew she could not love me back, at least not the way I did her. After confessing my love to her, She was so sweet and honest that the emotion just hit me. I fell apart out of nowhere, hard as I fought against it. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. But, I couldn’t hold myself together in the face of never being with her. Now she was on top of me in bed anyway and I don’t think either of us knew where it was leading.After I had told her how I felt and she told me she couldn’t return my feelings, I tried to step away, giant heaves shaking my body. She pulled me in and shushed me. “Joy, Joy, no no no babe, it’s ok. Shhhh, it’s ok.””I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make it weird I’m just…” I couldn’t even finish the sentence, the saltiness of my broken heart dripping into my mouth.Her arms came around me, a sweet hug pulling me into her. “Shhhh, no. I love you, you know I do. I just don’t know how to give you what you need. It’s not in me.””I know, it’s ok. I don’t expect…” again the heaves took me. I’d never felt like this for a girl before. It was overwhelming.”Hey,” she touched my lips with her finger and it calmed me a bit. “It’s ok. I can give you something. Just not all of it.””Wha-what do you muh-mean…?” I was confused and trying not to make it harder on her. She was being so loving. It almost made it sadder.”This…” she said and she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. I kissed her back, lost in the taste of her lips, letting the caress of the fantasy take me away for a minute. Then I remembered. She’s straight, I’m not. And I’m in love with her.”Wait, this isn’t going to work. I don’t want you to do this if you don’t feel it,” I said, afraid she was just feeling badly for me.”I do feel it,” she said, her beautiful eyes looking deeply into mine. “I don’t canlı bahis şirketleri think it’s the same as what you feel. But, I do love you. And, I do think you’re beautiful. And, if I was going to find out maybe there was something for me in a relationship with a woman, you are the one I’d want to learn that from. Are you ok with me trying without being sure?”I nodded, feeling my eyes welling up again. She kissed me, the salt of my sadness blending with her saliva. It was so beautiful the way she loved me in this vulnerable moment. And I wanted her so badly”Ok, no more tears then,” she said, pushing me back towards the bed. She dropped her shorts to her ankles and stepped out of them. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. White panties contrasted the dark olive of her skin. How I’d ached to feel her body against mine. She dropped me back onto the comforter and mounted me, looked down into my eyes, and began to ride me. Her eyes studied my face as she glided back and forth across my shorts in only her panties. I felt the strength of her hips as she pressed more strongly into me. My breathing skipped when she dug harder into my groin with hers. She was pleasuring me in a distinctly feminine way. It was intoxicating.She stripped her top off and reached for mine. Over my head it came, discarded to the floor. Her breasts are perfect, small and suckable. She unfastened my shorts and pulled them off. Raising up slightly off of me she glided her hand over my panties, stimulating me underneath. I gulped loudly as she touched me.”What’s in here?” she said playfully. She’s seen me naked before, but we’ve never touched each other in this way. “A pretty kitty to play with? She’s so wet already.” My panties were drenched with my juices. I could see the dark patch and so could she. It was super erotic that my body was telling her how much I wanted her. She looked up at me again, a look of honest desire in her eyes. It was unexpected after she turned me away earlier. She canlı kaçak iddaa settled down on top of me again. Our bodies fit together, interlocking like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I felt the satin sliding back and forth over my vagina as her warm place pressed and ground into me. She used small, strong motions, driving directly down onto my clit. The pleasure filled my body with a floaty euphoria. I never dreamed she’d be so dominant, so into it. I groped her softly, feeling the lean lines of her body, exploring her breasts, the hard point of her nipples passing under my palms. Her hand gripped my face under my chin and pulled me into her mouth for a sweet kiss as the bed bounced gently beneath us. I gasped in between kisses for the pleasure she was giving me. Her tongue licked around the edge of my lips as she humped me.”Ohh, oh oh my god…” I whispered between wet kisses.Faster and faster she drive forward. I could feel an orgasm growing below my waist. She sat up on me, using the upright angle of her body to drive harder into my slippery pussy. I fell back over the edge of the bed, crying out in ecstasy. My hands pawed at her frantically as she owned me, the steady motion of her grinding pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I looked up to see her reared head back, loving it. I couldn’t believe this was my straight friend! “I’m gonna cum…” I said, my hair dangling off of the comforter.”Me too, wait for me, wait for me OHHHHHHHHHH!” I could feel her body exploding with the orgasm. She drove harder and doubled over on top of me as she grunted and strained through it. My body rose to meet her, our pussies rubbing into each other, our juices mixing through the fabric that separated us. We seemed to climax so long I couldn’t get to the end of it. The sensation rode high and carried me until she collapsed on top of me. her body came down and I pulled her nipple into my mouth, drinking from her body. She came down off the orgasm slowly with long strokes across my canlı kaçak bahis hips. I felt her butt contracting with each push, a small amount of perspiration on her lower back. Her skin was salty to the taste.”Holy fuck…” she said, her breath still heavy.”That was crazy,” I said. Still expecting her to pull back with some regret.”So crazy I want another one. Can you?”She surprised me again! I nodded, grinning ear to ear. In seconds she had my panties off and was on top of me again, naked this time. And ohhhhhh the feeling of our waxed, smooth vaginas sliding across each other was amazing!”Oh fuck, oh fuck…” was pretty much all I could say as she lady-fucked me over the other edge of the bed. This time she was super lost in it. Her clit against my clit was like a magnet that drove us on, unable to control the motion of our hips together as we fucked and fucked. “Oh Joy oh Joy, I’m cumminnnngggggggggg,” and she peaked again, just as i was cresting. I came so loud and hard the second time I felt like I was coming apart underneath her. She stayed again with me, not stopping completely after.”We don’t have to stop after we cum, do we…?” she said more as a statement than a question. It was a reference men’s need to reset after orgasm. We could just hump and hump as long as we wanted to and cum over and over. It was really freeing. She kept going on top of me, slower and deeper with her mouth on top of mine. We felt another orgasm rise and blow inside of us while she held me and kissed me. I clutched at her body when I came the third time. Something was shifting inside her. This wasn’t just friends sex. It couldn’t be.Finally she fell on top of me, resting for a moment, our kisses hot and wet. We lay there, catching our breath. I loved how her sweaty body felt on top of mine. Like home.”Where did that come from?” I asked.”From you,” she said, smiling. Her finger traced my lip as she kissed me again, slowly and sensually.”So, are you saying there’s a change in the winds?” I asked, still feeling a bit tentative. She nodded and kissed me again. “Then, I think it’s my turn to take over. I wanna taste you properly,” I said, flipping her on her back. I kissed my way down her body towards my first taste of vagina. I was so happy it was Marin’s!



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