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“Men are such fucking assholes!”

Nina sat quietly and watched as her best friend paced the small apartment.

“I offered him everything. And he dumped me.”

“Well, Mary, you can’t be sure about that.” Nina said, trying to sound diplomatic. Truth was, she hated this guy she never even met. Although she denied it, Nina could tell that Mary was upset. And she had every right to be.

Mary stopped and looked at her friend.

“Three weeks Nee. I haven’t heard from the bastard in three weeks. And I thought older men were supposed to be more mature. No phone call. No email. No text. Nothing. How could he?”

Mary whirled around and started pacing again. Nina watched her friend with a sad look. Yep, Peter had really done a number on her. She can still remember how excited Mary had been when she told of his impending visit. She had tried to warn her about meeting men on the internet. But Mary had sworn Peter was different. He was a gentleman from England. They had been corresponding for almost a year. He had even planned a visit. Mary had been over the moon.

“Be honest Mar, how much did you really know about him?”

“I thought a lot. Hell, he could have been lying to me the entire ten months.” Mary flopped down beside her on the couch.

“I’m such a fool. I haven’t felt this foolish since ninth grade.”

“Really? What happened then?”

“I’d rather not talk about it. But I thought I got wiser with age.”

“So you live and learn. Men aren’t like normal people. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.” Nina handed her a glass of wine.

“Face it babe, this was all a game to him. Just be glad you found out now before you made a bigger fool of yourself.”

“You’re right. And I was even going to make his fantasy come true. I looked for a girl and everything.” Mary sighed and took a deep gulp of wine.

“A girl? What was his fantasy?”

“Two women. I was going to do that for him.”

Nina laughed. “Really Mar, you and another woman.”

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m sorry. But I just don’t see you into that. That’s all.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll have you know that I’m quite into it.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I have toyed with the idea of being with a woman before Peter came into the picture. I guess you could say I was fulfilling both our fantasies.” Mary said on a deep sigh.

Nina sat up and finished her glass of wine. She sat quietly for a moment before looking back at Mary.

“Ya know, it you still want to fulfill your fantasy, I can help.” She offered hesitantly.

Mary looked at her. “What do you mean?”

Nina took a deep breath. Ok, so they were best friends. But not even Mary knew that she was bi. It freaked a lot of her family and friends out. The last thing she wanted was to freak out Mary.

“I mean, that I have been with women. And I would love to be with you. Especially your first time.”

There. She said it. Mary was a very beautiful woman with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Her body wasn’t slim but voluptuous. Her breasts were an easy size 44 DD. Nina had often thought about being with Mary.

She kept a close watch on Mary to read her expression. At first she wasn’t sure if she even heard her. Then she watched as she sat up and placed her wine glass down next to hers on the coffee table.

“What casino siteleri do I do?”

Nina smiled.

“Nothing. I’ll do everything. If something feels right, then do it. There are no rules to this. It’s all about pleasure. Are you sure?”


Nina leaned closer and brushed her lips over Mary’s. She didn’t pull back as Nina expected but instead she part her lips slightly. Nina took that opportunity to slip her tongue inside Mary’s mouth and rub it along hers.

“How does that feel?” She asked, pulling away to look at her.

“Nice. Kiss me again.”

Nina moved closer and pulled Mary into her arms. She tangled one hand in her soft brown hair and the other came up to massage a breast.

Mary moaned into Nina’s mouth. She wasn’t sure what to expect. Nina’s lips were soft on hers. She kissed and nibbled her lips, licked the corners of her mouth. Her kisses were gentle, exploring. They weren’t rushed.

“You have very soft lips Nee.”

Nina pulled back and laughed.

“I have a lot of soft parts Mary. Making love to a woman is not like making love to a man. Everything is different. More intense. It’s very pleasurable.”

“Show me.”

Nina’s hands went to the buttons on Mary’s blouse. Slowly she unbuttoned each one, revealing the midnight blue bra beneath. Her fingertips caressed the silky skin above the lace. She leaned forward and placed soft, wet kisses on her skin.

Mary moaned and lifted a hand to sift through Nina’s short black hair. She let her head fall back as Nina kissed and licked her way across her chest, over her throat and to the sensitive spot right beneath her ear. A shudder ran through Mary’s body.

Nina stood and pulled Mary to her feet. She made quick work of undressing them both. She then turned Mary and laid her back on the couch. Nina knelt over her. Her breasts swaying invitingly before Mary’s mouth.

“What should I do?” Mary asked, looking up into Nina’s brown eyes.

“Whatever you want to do. Whatever feels good.”

Mary lifted her head and tentatively touched her tongue to one hard nipple. She heard Nina’s moan of approval. Encouraged, she opened her mouth and sucked the hard peak into her mouth.

Nina cradled Mary’s head against her breast. God it felt so good. And given that Mary was a virgin at this, turned her on even more. She could feel her pussy creaming. She rubbed her pussy on Mary’s thigh.

“Oh!” Mary looked down at Nina’s hair covered bush and the wetness that coated her thigh.

Nina laughed and covered Mary’s mouth with her own. Her tongue slid inside and mated and danced with Mary’s. She kissed her chin, her cheek, down her neck to her breasts. She took her time laving each firm mound. The flat of her tongue caressing the rigid peaks of her nipples.

“Oh Nee.” Mary moaned, arching her back.

Nina alternated between each breasts, licking, sucking, nibbling. She continued kissing and licking her way down Mary’s stomach, past her navel to the shaved cleft of her pussy. She knelt on the floor and with her hands, spread Mary’s legs wide.

“You have a beautiful pussy Mar.” Nina said in a husky voice.

Mary looked down and stared into Nina’s brown eyes. She held her gaze as Nina lowered her head and touched her tongue to Mary’s throbbing clit.

Mary closed her eyes on a moan. She felt slot oyna Nina do it again. This time her tongue swipe a path from her pussy hole to her clit. Mary laid her head back and just gave in to the pleasure that Nina was giving her.

She felt Nina’s fingers on her bare pussy lips. Rubbing them. Spreading them. She was completely exposed to her. She jumped at the feel of her tongue again at the opening to her weeping pussy. Long, sure strokes. Her nose rubbing across her swollen clit. Her finger rimming her inner lips and playing with her hole.

Then she felt her mouth close over her. Her lips, tongue and teeth pulling at her. Eating her. The slurping sounds filled the room. Mary looked down to see Nina’s face buried in her cunt and her eyes closed. Savoring the moment. She saw her tongue flick furiously against her clit. Her teeth pulled the fleshy nub into her mouth and gently sucked. Felt her fingers as they slipped inside her tight hole and wiggled.

“Oh fuck Nee.” Mary moaned as she rocked her hips against Nina’s mouth.

Nina used one hand to part her pussy lips and the other to finger fuck her while her mouth sucked hard on her clit. She could feel her juice flowing from her pussy. She licked and sucked and swallowed it greedily.

“Yes Nee! Yes!” Mary cried out, her hips bucking.

Nina continued to fuck her. Her middle finger pistoning in and out of her. Her tongue and teeth working her clit.

“YESSSSS!” Mary hissed as her orgasm hit. Her hips lifted off the couch but Nina’s hand on her stomach held her down. Nina continued to lick and suck until Mary fell limply back against the couch.

Mary tried to catch her breath. She couldn’t believe the intensity of her orgasm. She looked down and saw Nina looking up at her. A small smile on her shiny lips.

“That was incredible.” Mary panted.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Was it what you expected?”

“No. I thought it would be just like a man doing it. But it wasn’t. It was more intense.”

Nina laughed and crawled back up on the couch. She leaned back against the armrest. Mary watched her spread her legs. She could see Nina’s own juices glistening in her shiny pubic hair.

“Do you want me to do that to you?” Mary asked, uncertainty filling her voice.

“Mar, I want you to do whatever you want. This is your fantasy, remember.”

Mary sat up slowly. Nina was right. This was her fantasy. And she wasn’t about to let it slip by. She always wanted to know what it felt and tasted like to eat pussy. She moved toward Nina. She could smell the her arousal. Leaning close, Mary pressed her lips against Nina’s. She tasted herself on her.

“Mmmm.” Mary said taking the time to lick her lips.

Nina opened her mouth and sucked Mary’s tongue into her mouth. Her hands tangled in Mary’s hair holding her head steady for her assault. Mary’s lips were soft as they slanted over hers again and again.

“God Mary, you are so fucking good at this.” Nina whispered pulling her head back.

“I can be even better.” Mary said with a grin.

Nina watched as Mary slowly slid down her body. She stopped at her breasts and paid special attention to her pebbled hard nipples. She took one in to her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. Her hand came up and plucked and pinched at her other nipple. Nina rested her head back against the couch and canlı casino siteleri groaned. For a virgin, she was incredible. Mary knew exactly what to do to make her pussy cream. And that’s why sex with a woman was so much more intense. Women knew what they liked. Knew what made them feel good.

“Yes Mary.” Nina moaned. Her legs parted wider as Mary licked and kissed her way down to Nina’s pussy.

Mary settled herself between Nina’s thighs. She sifted her fingers through her dark pubic hair, parting the curls, revealing her swollen clit as it stood out from beneath its hood. Mary took a deep breath, inhaling Nina’s musky scent. Lord! her smell was arousing. Mary felt her own pussy clench. Still unsure of what to do, Mary spread her pussy lips wide and touched her tongue to Nina’s clit.

Nina moaned and lifted her hips to Mary’s mouth. Encouraged, Mary began to flick lightly at the swollen nub. Using just the tip of her tongue, she rolled it around her clit. Nina’s moans became louder. Mary became bolder and began to nibble and suck on Nina’s engorged clit. She ate hungrily at her soaked pussy. She could feel Nina’s slick juices coating her chin. Mary licked lower and slid her tongue deep inside Nina’s hole.

“Oh. God.”

Mary closed her eyes as she stuck her tongue in and out of her pussy. Mary could taste her tangy juice on her tongue. She swallowed each drop as it flowed from her weeping pussy.

“Yes Mary, just like that baby.” Nina crooned, her hand coming down to hold Mary’s head tighter against her pussy.

Mary squirmed on the couch at Nina’s words of encouragement. She could feel her own wetness coating her bare lips and thighs.

Using her fingers, Mary inserted her middle one deep inside Nina’s pussy. She could feel the spongy tissue inside. She wiggled it. Nina groaned louder, her hips bucking off the couch.

“Oh God! Oh God!”

Mary latched back on to Nina’s clit. She loved the feel of the silky flesh in her mouth. Loved the smell of the other woman’s arousal in her nostril. Loved the taste of her juices on her tongue. She continued to finger her and suck on her clit at the same time. She could feel Nina’s pussy walls starting to clench on her finger.

“Yes Nina. Come for me. Let me taste you.” Mary said, her breath fanning Nina’s hot pussy.

“YESSS!” Nina cried out as her orgasm rushed through her and into Mary’s mouth.

Mary continued to suck and slurp every last drop of her tangy cream until she felt Nina’s body relax. And still she licked and sucked. Nina’s hands pulled lightly in her hair to bring her face up to hers. Staring into her eyes, Nina brought her face closer and kissed her deep.

Their tongues met and dueled. Each tasted the other. The kiss was exploring and demanding. Rough and gentle.

Mary pulled back and looked at Nina. Their bodies were touching. Breasts to breasts. Stomach to stomach. Pussy to pussy. Experimentally, Mary rubbed her shaved mound against hers. Her springy pubic hair tickled her.

“Whoa there Mary. I think one time is enough for today.” Nina said on a soft laugh.

“I thought this is my fantasy.” Mary answered, her eyes focused on Nina’s wet lips.

“It is your fantasy. And, I hope the beginning of something between us.” Nina said with a hopeful look on her face.

“I hope so too.” Mary replied and rested her head on Nina’s shoulder.

Nina’s hand came up to stroke her hair and back. In a slightly twisted way she was glad Peter had let her down. If he hadn’t, she might never had had the opportunity to be with her. To fuck her. To comfort her.



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