College Bound Young Black StudsA week ago I was checking my e-mail and had a reply from a site I’am on. Black guy here 18 young and hung get at me ,it said. So I replied back and and he sent a pic of his cock as requested and I sent a couple of mine back. His name was Dave and liked the pics I sent and some I had on my ad……Definately looking to get this dick sucked good he said. I told him cool and sent him my number to call me. He called some minutes later and said hey this the guy online you sent your number to. Yeah hey whats going on with you today I asked….Oh just trying to bust a nut here, Cool I said you look like you have a real nice one from what I seen I told him…..Yeah it’s ok he said, so when you all able to handle this for me he asked…..Well anytime today and tonight is good with me I said….That sounds good later tonight will be out and about I will give you a call…Ok cool I said later me know then …..Ok later he said hanging up…..Some hours later as dusk fell my phone rang, Hey this your boy Dave we talked earlier bout you working on my rod…..Yeah hey so when you free to come over……Well gonna stop at a friends house he might be up for some head too……Oh I said so he’s into getting sucked too what’s he look like ? I asked……He a cool lil black dude we going to college together at the end of summer…….So you guys are both looking for some head huh ?…..Yeah we down for it we don’t do nothing like sucking and shit but you can suck us…..Sounds good to me I said as I started to get excited by the unexpected news of his buddy tagging along……Ok gonna call ya back when we can get over……Ok I’am gonna go get ready call me later then I said…..I got in the shower and cleaned up thinking about the two young black guys who were planning to come over . I Put on a Black thong and stockings with the hot thought of showing my ass to these two black guys and the thought of having to entertain both of their cocks at once. I had seen a pic of Daves dick and it looked to be about 8 and he had a nice set of nuts hanging off it with a dark black bush and he was dark complected as I like, But I never seen his buddys dick and don’t know much about him. For all I know his buddy might not even come with him I thought……I layed around in my bedroom watching some porn waiting on the phone to ring, Ah he probably won’t call or come anyway I thought…..1/2 hour later he called …..Hey this Dave you ready gonna head your way now my boy Brandon gonna take a ride too he cool with it…..Ok well you got the address I texted him earlier, I ‘ll be here canlı bahis just laying around watching some porn right now……Ok we bout 10 min away later he said…..I was excited and a lil nervous at the same time knowing these two were on their way and It was up to me to please their cocks at the same time and get them off good…..15 min later they arrived and I seen his buddy Brandon he was caramel tall kinda slim nice looking stud and Dave was dark complected med build with a short hair cut as they got out of their car…..I opened the side door and they came in as I was in the kitchen in my Pink gown with the black thong and stockings on….Hi guys what all you up to tonight I said as they eyed up my outfit I was in…….Hey this my boy Brandon ,Dave saidoh both you guys are nice looking I said…..Brandon said thanks and asked what I got on under the gown I bent over and said, Well take a look he raised my gown and they both looked at my ass in the thong……Yeah that some sexy shit there nice ass too as Dave rubbed it with his hand…….So after some small talk Dave said so where you wanna do this I’am horny as shit he said rubbing and grabbing his cock thru his pants …..I led them into the bedroom where the porn movie was playing and I laid across the bed as they sat on the bench in front of the bed. Yeah this look like a good movie here Brandon said as a hot Blonde was getting ready to take on three blacks in some Gangland movie….Yeah this look like some good shit here Dave said also rubbing his crotch…..Well why don’t you two guys get comfortable I said….Go ahead and take those clothes off…..Both of them stood up and started stripping down to their undies Brandon had his tidy whites on with a nice stick pressing against them to one side and Dave was down to his red boxers they were completely down to their shorts now and I was getting hot as hell in the bed watching them as they stripped down while glansing at the movie…Brandon’s undies went off and his prick popped out to one side He was cut and about 8 also…….Wow nice big dick i Said ……He moved towards the bed with his erect cock you like that huh he asked….Yeah as I rubbed it and his balls His ball sack was tight and firm ….I got off the bed and on my knees as I took him in my mouth his sweet pink cut head and working my way down his shaft….AH yeah that fells good he said…..While I getting Brandon warmed up I was looking at Dave standing there wanking his 8 in dark black dick and low hangers as he watched the movie.He glanced over at me working on his buddy Brandons cock….I was wanting bahis siteleri to taste his dick so bad….I stopped on Brandon and told them to kick back on the bed while I got between them, they both arranged their heads on the pillows as I got down between Daves legs to give him a sample of my mouth. Brandon played with his cock while kicked back watching the movie……Daves dick was so sweet and he smelled good down there as I took him in my mouth while working his balls with my right hand…..Ah shit yeah been needing that he said……Ah Yeah suck it he said….I licked him up and down on his shaft and then some long strokes up and down getting as much of his big black young dark dick I could cram in my mouth caressing his balls also he was enjoying the pleasure of my mouth as he looked down at me between his legs…..Does that feel good baby I asked him…….Yeah he said….After working on Dave for some minutes I stopped and got Between Brandons legs as he pointed his curved rod to my mouth with his hand….Yeah take that dick he said as it went into my mouth work them nuts too he said….as I did to Dave I rubbed his balls with my hand as I had him in my mouth up and down on his black cock….Sucking both their cocks was a real treat Soon Brandon was rubbing my head …Yeah suck it baby suck it baby he said suck that dick he said…..I seen Dave was stroking his cock watching me and the movie at times i stopped on Brandon and got back to Daves prick…..You ready for some more I asked….Yeah get on it this shit got me hot he said as I took him back in my mouth to pleasure his cock up and down was enjoying it……Brandon reached over and got his hand on my ass and was rubbing it while he stroked his cock soon he had found his way to my asshole with one of his fingers and rubbed my anus ring it felt good and turned me on while I was blowing Dave……I stopped and told him to go ahead and stick it in if he wanted to he soon had a finger in my asshole….I started suck Dave harder and felt his balls tighten a bit…He was really into it now and was reeling from the blowjob I was giving him….Yeah suck that dick suck it damn you sucking that shit good….He said I was getting hotter myself with Brandons finger in my ass….I stopped on Daves cock and went back to Brandons black stick …..Be back on yours in a few minutes I told Dave….Dave said damn you bout had me blow there for awhile…..Don’t worry next time is all yours I told him….I was like a k** in a candy store with my mouth filled with all this black licorice dick…Back working on Brandons rod he told bahis şirketleri me to suck his nuts while he held his cock up he raised up a bit was I was able to suck his nuts as he moaned in pleasure and soon pointed his dick back in my mouth for some more sucking….Whew you got that dick feeling real good he said…..Bout time for some more of mine Dave said as I switched back to his Pole…… and Brandon found my asshole again as I blew Dave……Dave was really tensing up and his sack as tight as I worked on his young black sweet cock….Ahhhh yeahhhh shit got to bust this nut soon can’t hold it !!!!! he said as I gave him all I could up and down on his dick I felt his middle vein suddenly widen and his dark prick got fatter and harder as he yelled out softly OH YEAH ! here cums that nut ! get it ! he ordered me..My mouth was middle ways on his dark 8 inch prick when his hot load hit his piss hole and exploded in my mouth going up and down on his cock as best I could while receiving his big young load of cum……Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh !!!! he said as I was finishing him up and some of his load running from my mouth…..That was a big sweet load you had there baby I told him as I was cleaning up his spent dark shaft….Been needing to bust that fucking nut he said….Yeah he worked that dick good Brandon said…….Time for mines now he said….Dave watched the movie as I got back on Brandons curved rod and started the milking process again on his black cock. He liked to have his balls sucked on while he stroked it a bit then said get on it as he again aimed it for my mouth. After some minutes he was getting close to blowing as he started bucking up and down a bit and he finally yelled out ….get it get it get it ! I was between his legs sucking the shit of him…….Suck the head suck the head !!!!! he commanded me…..I worked some strong suction on his pink dick head and soon felt him tense up and his sperm cumming up his shaft steadily sucking his head his cum blew out into my mouth and some ran down his shaft as more flowed out ……AHHHHHH FUCK ! He said in pleasure and begged me to stop on his head……It’s sensative he said……Damn got all my cum he said….He was soon spent and layed back on the pillow with a big WHEW ! Shit man !…………Both of their sweet dicks were a real treat and both were satisfied with the pleasure I gave them…………………………They soon cleaned up and left.Dave wants me to be his regular white bitch boy for the summer now and is considering doing anal on me he said ……….Might try out that ass next he told me. Brandon is out of town for the summer and working right now…..Might have Dave over in a few days as he called last night wanting to know if I was gonna have that ass ready for him….Can’t wait to have him in my mouth and butt….



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