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Cold As Ice, Ch. 01

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.


Part 1 – Prologue

Saturday, March 28th. The project was started! The ground was cleared and work was beginning. Piles were being driven into the mountainside for the construction of The “New” Cabin. It was going to have a steel frame, which was unusual for a house but necessary because of the weight of the large, bulletproof windows that would give such scenic vista views of the Town below. The walls would be insulation-filled concrete, with Hardiplank on the outside to make it look like a rustic cabin. Inside would be drywall, light colored so that the rooms were not as dark as the old Cabin’s rooms had been.

The space inside was more efficiently planned, so that space was not wasted and every part of the house could be better used. It would be an A-frame as viewed from Town, with the slanting roof coming down nearly to the ground. On each side would be one-car garages. As one looked at the house from the driveway (opposite the deck and Town-side view), the right side garage went into the kitchen, while the left side would go into a little room that would be my den and office… and that is where there already was the secret entrance to the wine cellar, which Old Man Bonniker had dug literally into the mountain. It was a safe room as well, and even more than that: I could put stuff in there that I didn’t want found.

The large walk-in closet to the master bedroom would be on the right side instead of the left, over the kitchen. Inside that closet, at the end of the house facing the deck, a small space had a circular staircase that was only 30 inches wide, barely enough to fit a person. I got that idea from President Thomas Jefferson’s home ‘Monticello’ in Virginia; he believed in efficiency and his stairs were only 24 inches wide. Laura and I were both physically larger than he was, so I had to plan for that. The staircase came from the attic room and down to the main floor between the walls of the greatroom and kitchen, where the double fireplaces had been in the old Cabin. Aside from an unusual thickness of the wall, no one would realize it was there. But most importantly…

… we would never again be trapped in our bedroom in the event of a fire or home invasion.

Part 2 – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

“Can you get us a few moments with the Commander?” Teresa asked at 9:00am Monday, March 30th. “I’ve got something big, and it’ll save time if I tell you both at the same time.”

Cindy made a quick call to Helena French, the Commander’s assistant. “Okay, let’s go, but give me the Cliff’s Notes real quick before we get there.” Teresa did so, both women knowing that the Commander expected Ross to be aware of the situation before bringing Croyle into his office.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Okay, Croyle, whaddya got?” I asked as two of Crowbar’s Angels came into my office, completing the set. Tanya Perlman was already there. I had Teresa and Cindy sit down in the chairs in front of my desk.

“We think someone is trying to smuggle diamonds into the County.” Teresa said. “We were working on a drug ring, and ‘Chris Pervert’ came across a C.I. who told him that the drugs were cover for a diamond shipment.”

“So Detective Christopher Purvis has been getting some work done, eh?” I said, then asked Teresa pointedly. “And why are you of all people using a nickname like that?” Tanya was trying hard to suppress a giggle.

“I’m aware of what people call me.” Teresa shot right back. “And they can go fuck themselves and the horse they rode in on.” I just shook my illegal bahis head, but couldn’t resist grinning, and Tanya lost the battle and began laughing out loud. ‘Teresa Cunt’ Croyle just did not care, and in that respect she was a lot like me. One reason I like having her in charge of Vice.

As Teresa playfully slapped Tanya on the shoulder, I examined the report Teresa had made. As she gave some details about it, I could see that Weinstein, the Jewish club owner in the southern part of the Tenderloin District, was linked to it. And the warehouse involved, which was near Weinstein’s club, was owned by a shell company that my research had revealed was ultimately owned by one Town & County Councilman Thomas P. Cook, ostensibly for legitimate business purposes.

“So why smuggle diamonds into our Town?” I asked. “Why not into the City?”

Teresa replied “We have several diamond sales outlets in the County, sir. For one thing, we have a University, which means a lot of college guys buy engagement rings. The rich executives buying for their trophy wives is another. Except for the sheer size of the City, the diamond stores here do the most business in the State.”

“I see.” I said.

“Another thing, sir,” said Teresa, “is that they may be shipping through here on their way to the City. The SBI and FBI are all over the direct Southport-Midtown-City route like a wet blanket. So they route further west, straight up to here, maybe even going over the State line. At any rate, like the drug routes, these guys are coming through here and I’d like to bust their chops.”

“Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, eh, ladies? Okay, plan the raid, coordinate with SWAT if you need to and Cindy or I will give them authority to go. Just let Cindy and me know right before ‘go’ time.”

“Yes sir.” Teresa said. “It’ll be soon, maybe tomorrow night.”

Part 3 – Rumors, Innuendo… Sex…

Vice Detective Julie Newton and her sister Yvonne, who was ADA Paulina Patterson’s assistant, sat down for lunch at the soup and salad restaurant, sitting at a table with a view of the lake on the same Monday, March 30th. It was still too cool to sit outside, but the beautiful day showed promise of the warmth of a new Spring. One could tell they were sisters, but also could see the difference between them as they sat together. Julie was very lithe, almost waifish, but her legs were shapely and her legs and ass looked good when she wore high heels. Yvonne was just a bit stockier and toned from exercise, and she had the gorgeous legs of a dancer.

“So, Yvonne, how is Helena doing?” Julie asked, referring to Commander Troy’s assistant, who shared the same anteroom with Yvonne.

“She is the sweetest lady.” Yvonne said. “She’s so elegant and charming, and she’s very efficient at her work. But you know she goes into the Commander’s office around lunchtime almost every day and closes the blinds to the windows. And he’s a much happier man after she comes back out. Paulina and I are sure he’s banging her, and I think Paulina’s jealous about it, just a little bit.”

“I’m not surprised, about Helena, that is.” said Julie. “Did you know that she and her husband are swingers?”

“No! Get out!” Yvonne replied, her face showing surprise. “Her? She’s so refined, and so classy.”

“She’s part of that Libertines group of swingers, and they are the classy ones.” Julie replied. “Commander Troy and his wife are part of that group, also. You know his wife is the sex professor at the University. They’re discreet about it but they swing, too.”

“I’d heard that Commander Troy and his wife had an open marriage.” said Yvonne. “Is it true that he’s called the ‘Iron Crowbar’ because his cock gets very very hard when he gets an erection?” Both women giggled.

“So I’ve heard, but I don’t think I’ll be finding out.” Julie said. “The other reason, which Lt. Croyle told me about, is that he used a crowbar to beat the crap out of a Russian mobster not long after he came to the Police Force here. Lt. Perlman gave him the nickname and it stuck.”

“I heard he was sticking her, too.” Yvonne said, and Julie nodded. Yvonne then asked “He hasn’t done it with Cindy, has he? That’s the going rumor.”

Julie laughed. “It’s a pretty open secret now that Lt. Ross is a lesbian. She’s engaged to Jenna Stiles. I don’t think he’s banged Ross, nor Lt. Croyle. Now ‘Teresa Cunt’ has been banging the Commander’s nephew Todd. Word is that Teresa had an affair with Todd’s brother Jack some years ago. Jack was murdered, and that was the Iron Crowbar’s first big case after he got here.” Julie gave the details of the Case of the Murdered Lovers.

“Wow.” Yvonne said, “I had no idea, especially about Teresa. How do you know all this stuff?”

“I keep my eyes and ears open.” Julie said adroitly. “And a Police Station is full of rumors and innuendo… the walls talk. So, what’s going on with Paulina and the District Attorney’s office?”

“Not all that much.” Yvonne said. illegal bahis siteleri “At least for Paulina: she says the Iron Crowbar and Lt. Perlman close cases so decisively that she either doesn’t have to go to trial or it’s an easy spoon-feeding to the jury. Jenna Stiles, on the other hand, is about to pull her hair out. That guy Sharples fucks up more cases than they get convictions on. She’s about ready to kill him, as is D.A. Krasney. He’s a good D.A., but he’s elected and he’s tuned to the politics of the success rate of convictions. Sharples is ‘bad for business’, says Mr. Krasney.”

“And then there’s Gor-don, Jenna’s paralegal.” Yvonne continued. “He’s a good paralegal, but Commander Troy and Lt. Ross hate him. Cindy even told Jenna that if Gor-don ever came to their house, she, Cindy, would shoot him on sight as a home invader. So Jenna can’t work with him at her home. Jenna just doesn’t understand the animosity.”

“I can tell you this.” Julie said. “Gor-don showed some attitude, and especially towards the Commander. The one thing you cannot do around this Police Department is show the Iron Crowbar attitude. Commander Brownlee did, and he got fucked up… bad. I heard that Troy didn’t even take his crowbar into the room when he went after Brownlee, but it was a really bad day for Brownlee when Troy was done with him.”

“I heard that, too.” said Yvonne. “And Commander Troy got in trouble with the Sheriff over it, too. I heard that the Commander almost killed Brownlee because Brownlee hit Cindy Ross.”

“Yes.” Julie said. “You asked if the Commander was banging Ross. No, they’re not like that, but they are very close. She’s like family to him, and God have mercy on anyone that fucks with the Iron Crowbar’s family.”

Their food was served, and they talked more gossip as they ate. As they got up to go, Julie asked “Do you think the Commander is fucking Helena right now?”

“I’d bet on it.” Yvonne replied. “She went into his office and closed the blinds just as I was getting up to come get you for lunch…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Helena French straightened out her dress, then took a step up to me. She slid her arms around my neck and gave me a deep, wet kiss.

“Mmm, Don,” she said dreamily, her eyes sparkling, her smile beautiful, “that was some of the very best sex I have ever had. You really fucked the hell out of me. I don’t know what got into you…” she paused to kiss me again, then finished “… but I hope it gets into you every time you get into me.”

“It was because you’re so damn beautiful and sexy.” I replied, letting my arms wrap around my assistant’s waist and hold her. It had indeed been some very hot sex.

When Helena came in and began closing the blinds, I looked at her. She was wearing a clingy blue dress with brownish stripes, the same one that had been the object of a Facebook meltdown over whether a dress was blue and brown or gold and white. Helena was also wearing very high heel blue pumps that matched the dress, and her legs and ass looked magnificent.

“Don, honey,” she said as she came around my desk to where I was sitting, “I have been unable to think of anything but coming in here and getting you balls deep into me.” Her voice was husky and her eyes practically glowed with the desire for sex.

We often had quickies in the office. Sometimes Helena would bend over the desk and I would pump her from the rear, enjoying the feeling of her sweet ass smacking into my hard groin. Sometimes, like today, Helena lay down on my desk on her back… definitely an incentive for getting paperwork done and keeping my desk clean. I would eat her tasty pussy and then fuck her.

This time, Helena wanted to give me head. I certainly let her. She was on her knees between my legs as I sat in my chair, and she quickly had my cock out. It soon was throbbing with iron hardness as I felt Helena’s wickedly hot mouth engulf my thick inches until my balls were pressing into her chin.

As Helena fellated me, I remembered the incredibly hot blowjob my sister Elizabeth had given me. That had become a recurring memory that would get me off very quickly, and I realized that I was about to come in Helena’s mouth. I did the only thing I could.

“Like down on the desk, Helena.” I said. She did, raising her legs as I reached up under her skirt and slid her blue lace panties down her shapely, sensuous legs. I then sat back down in my chair and began eating her pussy. I spent long moments letting my tongue swirl over her slit, sucking on the swollen labes, then fastening my mouth to her and delving my tongue in as far as I could get it. I licked the upper wall of Helena’s pussy as I sucked hard, hearing her groan. As I continued my oral assault on her sweet pussy, I let my tongue slide up and begin slashing at her engorged clit until I had her nearly flying off the desk. I felt her cunt muscles clutch at least one time as she gasped.

I stood up and aimed my iron hard cock at Helena’s cunt, then canlı bahis siteleri shoved forward. Helena groaned as I sank my meat down into her until I bottomed out and our pelvises met. After withdrawing, I shoved into her again, feeling my balls smack against her asscheeks.

Our coupling was deep, wet, and intense. We didn’t have much time and were already aroused, so I fucked Helena with short, stabbing thrusts, not withdrawing very much. Sure enough, I felt my nut rising just as Helena’s cunt clamped down hard on my cock. I did not try to hold back and just let it all go, and with a deep grunt I filled the lovely woman’s cunt with my hot load…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was still feeling the pleasing lassitude of the sex with Helena when I got back from lunch. I could still smell the Febreeze that had been sprayed to take out the musk smell of sex. But I also detected the scent of certain perfumes, and almost before I saw them I knew that Cindy Ross and her sister Molly Evans were sitting on the sofa of my office, waiting for me.

Closing the door, I studied the two women, though they hardly realized they were being observed. Molly’s cheeks were rosy and she had a bright sparkle in her eyes. Cindy looked half-happy and half-annoyed. The deduction was easy to make.

“Congratulations!” I said. “So, when is the baby due?”

Molly burst out laughing while Cindy just had this ‘How does he do that?’ look on her face. Molly stood up and hugged me warmly, which of course was returned warmly.

“November.” Molly said. “Congratulations, yourself! Are you happy?”

“Ecstatic.” I said.

“So,” Cindy said, “how did you know? I just found out this morning when Molly showed up.”

“And that’s exactly one of my observations.” I said. “The fact Molly is here suggested she had some news that she wanted to tell either me or you, and personally. Her cheeks are rosy; I’d be dull indeed if I couldn’t see that. And you, Ms. Crowbar 2, have that look on your face that you get when your scruples are being sullied. Your sister being impregnated by a married man does sully those scruples of yours…”

“No, I am happy for you both.” Cindy said. She got up and surprised me by giving me a very warm hug…

Part 4 – April Fools

At 1:30am on Wednesday, April 1st, Lt. Teresa Croyle watched through binoculars, observing the truck pull into the warehouse in the warehouse in the Tenderloin District. With her was Senior Sergeant Hugh Hewitt and an eight man SWAT squad, as well as Detective Tim Geiger and Detective Christopher Purvis.

“Okay, there’s the truck.” she said. “Let’s go!” The team moved forward to the open bay door, ready to charge inside!

“POLICE! FREEZE!” shouted a voice. Teresa’s eyes widened in shock… that wasn’t her group! She gave the signal and her team rushed in, using proper procedures for clearing a potentially hostile area. It only took a few seconds to realize that the raid was over before it had begun.

Teresa walked into an open area where five men in workman’s overalls were being held at gunpoint by four Town & County Police officers. They were sitting around a large red and white picnic cooler, full of mostly ice and some water, and stuffed with beer bottles. The five men had been sitting around the ice chest in folding chairs, drinking beers. They were now on their knees with their hands on their heads.

Sergeant McCombs was one of the officers that had jumped Teresa’s claim on the raid. With him were Patrol Officers Jermaine Davis and Justin Hendricks. Teresa knew Hendricks was not only overweight, he was one officer the Commander had his eye on as potentially dirty. Jermaine Davis was black, and the ‘jury was out’ on whether he was dirty or just had had the bad luck to get in with bad people like McCombs and Hendricks. But none of that was on Lt. Croyle’s mind. It was the fourth person, who had led the raid, that had her attention.

Standing on the other side of the five perps, wearing a trenchcoat and a wilted fedora hat, was Town & County Vice Detective Leonard ‘Sergeant’ Sharples.

“What the fuck is going on here, Sharples?” Teresa asked angrily as the SWAT team came into the area along with the other Vice Detectives.

“I just got information that a smuggling operation was going down here.” Sharples replied matter-of-factly. “I emailed you, but had to move quickly to apprehend the criminals.”

Teresa looked over the five men, recognizing one of them. “Why, Dirty Lennie!” she said sarcastically to the long-haired, unkempt man she knew all too well. “I’d think you wouldn’t risk showing your ugly face around here, knowing the Iron Crowbar is just itching to give you a beatdown.” Dirty Lennie had shown up in the periphery of crimes before, particularly in the ‘Murdered Chessplayer’ and ‘Black Badge’ cases.

“Bring it on, bitch.” Lennie said. “I’m ready for that faggot any time he wants a fight.” Teresa grinned: such bravado from criminals usually did not end well… for said criminals.

“Okay, Sharples,” she said, her grin vanishing as she had to address the problem-child Detective, “what are they smuggling and where is that contraband?” She was examining her emails as she spoke.



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