Ass Hot

She rolled off of him, panting, switched the vibrator off and removed it. She stretched out on the bed on her stomach like a cat, perfectly content in this moment.

He rolled over to look at her, his eyes still dark with desire.

“Are you hungry?”

“Always, I can always eat.”

“Good, I hate for this food to go to waste!”

“What did you get?”

“I wasn’t sure if you were going to be a stereotypical female and be late so I got cold food instead of hot food. PLUS, I wasn’t sure what the game plan was…” he looked her in the eyes “but now I see you can’t contain yourself when you’re horny. Mental note for next time.”

She felt a warmth in her pussy as she heard him say “next time,” there would be a next time? He was still interested?

He was laying next to her on the bed, shirtless, his pants were around his knees, and his large penis was flopping to one side. He stood up and kicked off his pants, happy to walk around naked. She enjoyed watching his penis bounce around off his legs as he walked over to the kitchen and retrieved a tray. He caught her staring at his dick and she saw it twitch, coming back to life. He was young and fit and ready to play again.

“The lady at Whole Foods made this for me when I told her I had a hot date” he said as he put a tray of beautifully displayed meats and cheeses and fruits down on the bed.

She scoffed at him “knowing your demeanor, she probably thought you were hitting on her and she was waiting for you to ask her what time she got off work.”

“Well, I did get her number.” He said, grinning, and showing her a phone number on the back of a receipt tucked into the tray.

She rolled her eyes, laughing, and sat up in the bed. She pulled her bra back into place and grabbed the tray, moving over to the couch, and retrieving her beer from the floor as she went. He followed along, grabbing her ass as she walked. She squealed in fake protest, dropped the tray on the coffee table and ran over to the couch, choosing her spot. He sat opposite of her on the couch, completely naked, grabbing a handful of cheese and fruit from the tray.

As the silence stretched out, thoughts ran through her head. She was trying to think of something to say, something to talk about. She remembered something they had occasionally discussed and her eyes snapped back to him so suddenly that he turned to look at her with one eyebrow raised, waiting for her to voice her thought. She immediately regretted her look because she wasn’t quick witted enough or enough of a bullshitter to come up with something else to say other than what she was thinking.

“I thought you had a girlfriend.”

He laughed and shrugged “I thought you had a boyfriend.”

She blushed and shrugged in return. “And that’s that.” She said, knowing full well she would probably stew over this later but, for now, she was enjoying the moment and she didn’t want to ruin it. But she already had ruined it a little bit, she felt tense.

She took another sip of beer, trying to reset her mind.

“I can see your mind working” He pestered her. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not tonight.”

“Do you want to stop?” She looked up from her beer and he was staring at her, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri totally earnest.


He smiled at her, and his whole face lit up. She smiled back and settled into the couch. She stretched out and put her legs across his lap. “Will you help me take off my tights?” She asked, lifting one of her long legs onto his shoulder to get his attention. He turned to look at her, her body stretched across the couch, and, because she had lifted her leg onto his shoulder, her pussy was on display for him.

“I like the tights, maybe they should stay on”

“They really aren’t that comfortable, plus these ones are expensive, so no ruining them”

“Fine fine… I guess I’ll just have to help you take them off then” he said turning towards her so her legs were on either side of him. He grabbed both of her legs and turned her as he kneeled on the floor in front of the couch. He pulled her forward until her ass was on the edge of the couch. He lifted her leg onto his shoulder and grabbed the lace-y top of the stockings delicately for someone of his size and gender. She moaned as he kissed her inner thigh and followed the removal of her knee high stocking down her leg, kissing each area of skin as it was freed from the stockings. Once the first stocking was removed he kissed back up her calf and thigh and left her leg resting on his shoulder. She watched, panting with anticipation, as he turned to the other leg and lifted it onto his other shoulder, again grabbing the stocking delicately and pulling it down her leg with kisses. After removing her second stocking, he returned up her leg with kisses and kept going until he was at her pussy. He held her hips open wide, her legs resting on either shoulder, and leaned in to run his tongue from her ass to her clit, tasting her delicious juices. She threw her hands over her head and grabbed the back of the couch.

“Please Jacob, put that smart mouth to work and make me cum.”

He needed no more invitation to dive in, his fingers began rubbing her clit as he continued to taste her. Flashes of last night, and tonight, and all of her fantasies ran through her mind as she watched him bury his face into her cunt. She closed her eyes, enjoying the attention when she felt him stop. She looked back down at him and he’s watching her.

“What are you thinking about?” He quizzed her.

“You” she responded quickly because it was the truth.

“I’m right here, why would you need to think about me?” He says, making large circles around her clit with his thumb, keeping her just distracted enough to answer quickly so he can get back to work.

“I’ve fantasized about you; You’re in my spank bank. I guess I just can’t believe we’re here, and we’re doing this.”

He rewarded her answer by flicking his tongue across her pussy and sucking on her clit. She arched her back, moaning, and closed her eyes again. He once again stopped and she looked down at him again. “Please, keep going”

“Look at me when you cum baby, I want to see your ‘O’ face”

She grabbed his hair, staring straight into his eyes and pulled his face back into her. She continued to watch him as he licked her, using his tongue to massage and lubricate and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri using his fingers to probe and penetrate her. She could feel herself getting close, and her moaning increasing in volume and frequency. Hearing her, he got up next to her on the couch, using his hand to rapidly rub her clit as he kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips and she sucked her juices off of his lower lip. He stared down at her and she looked into his eyes as she grabbed his hand and held in on her clit, her whole body seizing in an orgasm, moaning and grabbing his hair to bring him down for another kiss.

He didn’t even give her enough time to come down from her high before he grabbed a pillow, threw it on the coffee table and laid her on her belly across the coffee table. His large penis was already hard as his knees hit the floor behind her. His throbbing cock found her dripping pussy without any assistance and he grabbed her hips as he pushed his full length into her. She moaned, tilting her hips just a little bit to get him in just a little further. She wanted every inch of his perfect dick buried in her.

His attention was already somewhere else, his eyes drawn to her ass. He moved his hands down to her ass cheeks, pushing them together and pulling them apart as he watched his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. He circled her asshole with one finger and began to probe her. Her ass was well lubricated already from the plug and the vibrator and his finger slipped right in. He watched as he pushed a second finger in, her muscles clenching initially as he probed then relaxing to allow him to bury them both inside her. She squirmed and moaned as he pulled them almost all the way back out and plunged them back in to her. He enjoyed watching her open up to him, every hole belonging to him in this moment as even her mouth was calling out his name “oh my god Jacob, yes!”

Having control taken from her, she was able to just enjoying the feeling of him fucking her, every sensation was magnified because she didn’t have to pay attention to anything else. It felt like she could feel every nerve ending and they were all being pleasured. His slick fingers were deep in her ass, her muscular little ring holding on to them as they explored her. Her pussy was making juicy sounds as his cock slammed into her rapidly, the table squeaking under their weight.

He felt himself getting close as he continued to fuck her vigorously with his cock and his fingers, but he didn’t want to cum in her pussy, not this time. He slowly withdrew his pulsing shaft from her cunt, his head making a slurping sound as it emerged. His shaft was well lubricated with her pussy juices.

She felt empty as he removed his fingers and she realized his intentions. She quickly sat up, surprising him, her arms reached behind her and grabbed his face and she turned to kiss him as they fell back against the couch. His arms encircled her as he leaned into the kiss. In that moment she felt incredibly comfortable; safe, appreciated, desired, confident. She put one hand on his chest to help her break their forceful kiss.

“Let’s go to the bed.”

He smiled down at her, pulled her crazy sex hair back from her face and kissed güvenilir bahis şirketleri her gently. His sweetness drove her crazy with desire, and she continued to kiss him as she stood up. She looked down at him, sitting butt naked on the floor, his large cock standing straight up, wet with her juices. She held her hand out to him, “to bed Sir!” She joked, pulling him up and pushing him over to the bed.

She pushed him and he pulled her onto the bed and they tumbled unceremoniously onto the bed. He tried to flip her on her back so he could lift her hips up and go to town but she wrestled with him. He obviously wasn’t trying too hard because she ended up on top of him, straddling his chest as she fake cheered with her hands about her head. He wasn’t in the mood for games and tried again to get on top of her, tossing her onto her back again. She laughed, and kissed him, long and slow. She broke the kiss and whispered “patience” as she pushed him back on to his back.

She straddled him again, taking her time to enjoy kissing him. His hands found her tits, and began playing with her nipples, trying to get her turned on enough to lose her patience. She sat up, still straddling him, and crawled backwards down his body. She sat up all the way and turned around so her back way to him. He watched as she grabbed his hard cock and sat down, slowly, pushing his perfect dick into her ass. She gasped as she felt the thick head of his perfect cock slide deep inside her, and she paused to look over her shoulder at him “you feel amazing inside me.”

She slowly raised herself up and slowly slid back down, moaning, allowing her ass time to get used to his thick cock. Once she began feeling comfortable, She tilted her hips as she rode him, rotating forward as she was going up and backwards as she was going down. This gave him the perfect view as she impaled herself on his dick and added some extra friction, running his penis along the side of her tight opening. He loved seeing his cock separating her big round ass-cheeks and disappearing into her tight ass, her muscles gripping his thrusting shaft.

She adjusted her legs, keeping his penis inside her. She spread his legs and put her feet between them, then slid her feet under his thighs so she was kneeling between his legs and impaled on his dick. This position allowed her to make more full contact and get a deeper penetration. She went slowly again at first, allowing herself time to get used to it, then began really bouncing on him, burying his dick to the hilt in her ass. This position squeezed her thighs together, putting pressure on her clit which lit up all of her nerves. She reached over and grabbed the vibrator, sticking it between her thighs and turning it on, allowing it to tease her clit with each bounce. She threw her head back, groaning, nearly screaming with pleasure.

His cock was throbbing, and he knew with this right as he isn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. He pushed her lower back forward causing her to fall forward and put her hands out to catch herself as his dick slipped out of her ass. He sat up and gets to his knees behind her, grabbing her hips and pushing his dick back in.

“Yes, Jacob, give it to me! Fuck my ass!”

He quickened his pace, pistoning in and out of her, his balls slapping against her wet cunt. He tried to hold back, but the sensations were too great, he felt his balls clenching up as he sped up his thrusts. She applied the vibrator directly to her clit and she began shaking with her own orgasm as he exploded inside of her.



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