ClareClareLet me introduce you to Clare, I met Clare on xHamster and wrote her a short story just for her entertainment, to my surprise she wrote back with a continuation of that story. This has been going on for some time now and with Clare’s full consent we would like to share this fascinating journey with you.Neither Clare nor I are professional writers as we are sure you will see, but if you can excuse the appalling grammar you may enjoy the concept of a story written by two people one male, one female, who have never met in real life but have explored many different avenues on a wonderful sexual adventure. The story has been copy and pasted straight from email onto the page you are reading now.We will keep posting chunks of this story from time to time and we would both love to hear any comments you have.Our Fantasy WorldThe beginingPeter:I will try and set the scene. You have been shopping all morning and in need of a large cup of hot coffee and decide to pop into Cafe Nero. Down stairs the coffee shop seems a little busy so you decide to try upstairs, this is indeed quieter with only one other person up there quietly reading a paper.As you slide into your seat the short skirt you are wearing rides high up your thighs almost exposing your pretty panties just before you smooth your skirt back down you notice the man reading the paper is now watching you from the corner of his eye.The feeling of a complete stranger looking at your exposed upper thigh starts a tingle deep inside, a tingle strong enough to stop you from covering your legs, in fact the opposite starts to happen! Pretending not to notice the man watching you, you slowly reach down as if to idly scratch your thigh and casually slide your skirt higher, sparks of excitement are now shooting through you, your fingers are slightly trembling.Glancing at the stranger you see him catch his breath as your panties come into view and his hand drops into his lap!What is going to be the next move? How far do you dare go?Things are starting to get hot now and you slip your jacket from your shoulders only to look down and see that in your aroused state your braless nipples are straining hard against your tight blouse, a fact not missed by the man sitting opposite! You see the bulge in his trousers start to strain as his massive cock begins to swell at the sight of you. Clare:I usually use “The Cafe Monde” when I am Salisbury but today I thought I would have a change so I went to my second favourite “Cafe Nero” and made my way upstairs where it was so much quieter.I sat in a corner seat and the only other person there was a good looking guy in his 40’s who was reading a paper.I noticed him look across and his eyes were staring at my thighs and then I realised that my skirt had ridden up and I was behaving very unladylike by showing my panties.His eyes were now fixed on my thighs and I didn’t know whether to show a little more, move away or pull my skirt down. I decided to play along and opened my legs wider and by now he was nearly panting with excitement. This made me more and more excited as well and I could see that he now had a very large bulge in his trousers and I was getting hotter and hotter and slipped my jacket off and my braless boobs were now on show and I was behaving like a complete hussy which was unlike me.I smiled at him and beckoned him over and invited him to sit with me in the corner. He got up and walked over carefully placing his paper over his bulge which was now straining in his trousers.He was very red faced and also seemed nervous but by now I was feeling so horny I wanted his full attention and company.”I had better introduce myself. I am Clare and you are?”……………………………………………Peter:…………………….S..S…Sorry I stammer, my names Peter, I couldn’t help but notice you as you walked in, and just then when I glanced over I found it impossible to avert my gaze from your gorgeous legs. As I am talking you lean back in your chair, arching your back and accentuating the way your breasts strain at the material that barely conceals them. I lean forward and ask if you’re local but my question goes un answered as you give me a smoking hot sultry look and slowly part your legs, I am so close I can almost feel the heat, I look down, your legs appear to tremble. The bulge in my trousers is now becoming uncomfortable and I slide my hand under my newspaper to adjust my straining cock. Now you lean forward and in a bold brazen move take my paper and throw it on the empty seat by your side. I think you want to see the affect your having on me as you display yourself to my lust filled gaze, I remove my hands so you have a clear view to gauge my cocks reaction to your erotic display. I am slightly confused though you are dressed like a well to do lady but behaving like a complete hussy, it seemed out of character normally I would suspicious but by now I was far too aroused to care, all I knew is we were alone for the moment and your hand was sliding towards your panty covered pussy and slowly, ever so slowly tracing the outline of your white lace panties. I watched escort kocaeli as your eyes dropped to my crotch to watch my cock jump as another surge of fresh blood was pumped through my rock hard shaft. So far hardly a word has passed our lips but it feels like volumes have been said. I notice you pop the top button on your blouse exposing a little more cleavage than would normally be decent in a place like this, I can see your breathing becoming short as your arousal builds, I wonder how far this can go??………………………Clare:I feel a tingling between my thighs and it is obvious that Peter is very aroused as his huge bulge certainly was giving the game away. Our eyes made contact as he put his hand on my thigh and I think he was waiting for a yes or no response from me as it slid further up under my skirt until I could feel his fingers were now under my already wet panties and at my entrance. Just then a waitress came to clear our table and he hastily removed his hand which I could see was glistening with my juices and leaving me very frustrated.”Peter, can I buy you lunch as I want to get to know you more?” Peter nodded and I suggested “The Lamb” at Nomansland and he agreed.We left the “Cafe Nero” and headed towards my car which was parked in the New Street multi-story. We took the lift to the 4th floor and kissed and I could see he was still aroused as we found my Discovery and I unlocked the doors and he sat beside me.We left the car park and drove towards Nomansland and soon his hand was pushing up my skirt revealing my panties and soon he was stroking my inner thighs. I think I was now breaking all speed limits in haste to get to the Forest and I was thinking more about Peter and sexual contact than lunch.It was a glorious hot and sunny day so I parked up in a wooded area and we kissed and I suggested we went for a walk deeper in the forest before lunch as I was desperate to get some sexual satisfaction as soon as possible as I was on fire. We got out of the car and walked into the forest and …………….Peter:…………………. My urgency was increasing to boiling point, as we walked I grabbed Clare’s hand and pulled her from the track and into a sunlit glade I had seen between the trees, it was perfect, warm, secluded and private. In the middle of the glade was a tree that had long since fallen I pushed you up against the trunk and kissed you with a long deep passionate kiss, you legs were wrapped around me and our sex was rubbing together urgently through our clothes, the heat radiating from your pussy was burning into my crouch.Suddenly a deer bolted from where it had been hiding before our appearance, you span round just in time to see it disappear through the trees. Now I am stood behind you as you lean across the trunk in front of you, I lean forward and feel you stiffen as I kiss the back of your neck. I reach round and caress your braless nipples, as you grind back against my bulge I resist the urge to tear the buttons from your blouse, I know you have to return back to your normal life looking as smart as you left to go shopping that morning.I feel your hands come around behind you and feel you feverishly caressing the full shape of my cock through my thin trousers, I now have all the buttons of your blouse undone and pull it open to reveal your heaving breasts to the warm sun. Running my hands lower I quickly release the clasp on your short skirt and it drops to the floor, I glance down at your almost naked ass and watch as your fingers deftly fumble with my belt.Once again I slide my fingers inside your panties and feel a now familiar wetness, I feel the bump of your clit under my finger and feel your knees buckle slightly as I caress it gently. Finally you manage to free my throbbing cock and release it to the fresh air, the sexual urgency is getting intense now, your pussy is now soaked so I strip off your wet panties and………….Clare:I couldn’t believe the situation I was now in as I have never been unfaithful, and now I was about to have sex with a man I had only known for less than an hour.I was now bent over a tree with my boobs freed from my blouse and my skirt now on the bracken covered ground with Peter’s hands now exploring my body. My panties were next to go and now he could not only feel my wetness but see it. I was feeling slightly embarrassed at the position I was in with him now viewing all of my private parts but I know I also wanted him so much. I lent back and undid the buckle of his belt and he helped me and his trousers soon joined my skirt and panties on the ground. He slipped his pants off and I could now take his erect cock firmly in my hand and realised then how big he was. I was now ready to take him and he pushed his very thick cock into me slowly at first and then all the way in and then started to “fuck” me faster and faster and I was now moaning out with the sheer pleasure of it.It was an amazing experience and we were making love and behaving like the a****ls in the very forest we were in. My god he was an experienced lover with stamina to spare as I had orgasm after orgasm and gölcük escort by now I was screaming out in uncontrollable pleasure and I was probably being heard by the walkers in the locality as well as the diners at “The Lamb” but at the time I couldn’t care less.After what seemed an eternity I felt Peter stiffen up and with a cry to match mine he came deep inside me and it felt so wonderful.He stood up and I joined him and we kissed and cuddled before retrieving our clothes and having to clean off the bracken and moss before dressing.”I guess I will have to buy you that lunch I promised Peter” ………………………..Peter:The situation seemed to be the same for both of us, neither having….until now.. been unfaithful. Something seemed to have snapped, something had suddenly taken us from our stable day in day out lives and thrust us heatedly together with a chemistry mix that was like dynamite!My legs were still shaking from the exertion of thrusting into Clare, the tension that was throughout my body as I emptied my seed deep within her body was now washing away, it was being replaced not with guilt but an elation a release that was so badly needed!I accepted Clare’s generous offer of lunch and we walked over to the Lamb hand in hand like a pair of giddy lovers. We found a seat that was excluded enough that we could talk in confidence and sat down side my side. I asked what are your plans for today? and after laughing that your plans had changed somewhat already! you said that your free until 6 that evening, great I said, maybe we should get to know each other a little better? With that I get up to order us some drinks at the bar and I can feel your eyes following me, checking out my slim ass I think :-)When I return to the table I can’t help but notice your skirt has ridden up again and I suspect this probably didn’t happen on its own and again I find myself struggling to keep my hands to myself and once again I feel a familiar stirring from below. Where are you from you ask, Fordingbridge I say honestly, are you married? yes I have been married for 9 years to my 34 year old wife, you can see that although I am in my 40’s I was not acting or looking like your typical middle aged man. Have you done this before you ask, no I can honestly tell you again that this is a first, why did you do it this time? I turn to you looking you in the eyes, how could I resist such a brazen display from such a sensual a****l as you? With that I drop my hand to your upper thigh again, causing you to jump, I look down and can see the evidence of our recent passion shimmering on your panties. What would you like to do after we eat Clare?………….Clare:Peter asked what I would like to do after we had eaten. I had a very easy reply to his question “More of the same Peter”. The question is where. It is up to you Peter but my husband is at work in London and my daughters are having a sleep over at their friends in Downton after spending the day with them so my house is free until hubby returns about 7.30pm. What do you think?……………Peter:…………I thought carefully about Clare’s answer and considered it a fairly safe bet to accompany her back to her house, it seemed like neither of us could eat fast enough, the next thing I knew is we were almost running for the car and speeding back to your house, my cock was in a state of almost permanent arousal thinking of what was to come or should I say cum.I would worry about picking my car up from Salisbury at another time, for now I only had one thing on my mind….you! I could not get the image of your body from my mind, I could still feel your pussy gripping my cock like a velvet vice and I wanted more.Finally we swung into your drive, now we have to act casual, just in case someone should be watching, once behind the front door though it was a different mater.Although we knew that we had time on our side it was hard to control the excitement, so I asked where your shower was? Leading me by the hand we walk into the bedroom leaving a trail of discarded clothes on the way, then we are completely naked and under a warm fine spray of water, you pick up the soap and…………….Clare:……..and I begin to lather you all over and notice that you already have an extremely large erection which I am now concentrating my attention on.I think yours compares very favourably with any I have seen on xHamster and my Nomansland experience verified that as I took every inch of you stretching my cunny.I then sank to my knees and took it in my mouth and I swear that it grew even more as I sucked and gave you head the very best I could as you pushed it further down my throat. I stood up and took your hand and led you to the bed, my matrimonial bed, both still wet from the shower as we kissed and cuddled like a couple of teenagers.I looked up and saw that there was a framed photo of my husband and k**s so I turned it around so they couldn’t see what was about to take place with my new found lover.This was going to be more comfortable than over an oak tree in the New Forest as I lay on my back and you getting izmit sınırsız escort on top of me. I then put my legs over your shoulders as you entered me again pushing deep into me and soon we were in rhythm as we really went for it. I was hoping the neighbours couldn’t hear my screams of ecstasy as you pounded me so hard and fast. I had a wonderful orgasm which was even better than the forest one and I then pushed you off so that you were now on your back and I was going to ride you to a finish which I always like to do. The bed was now rocking and banging and I was taking full advantage of the k**s not being home as when they are sex has to be more conservative so as they don’t hear too much of what mummy and daddy are up to.I was nearly crying with the pleasure I was getting and then I felt Peter cum and at the same time I did as well and we then collapsed in a heap on the bed exhausted. I kissed him and thanked him for the best sex I have ever had and told him that we had another hour or so before I had to drop him back into Salisbury to get his car and wondered if there was any fantasies that he would like to explore before I did………………….Peter:…………….After Clare had just fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies, to make wild passionate love to a complete stranger, I was feeling quite satedI found it so erotic the way she writhed and moaned as we made love, almost primal at times I loved it. I thought we only have an hour left and I want to make the most of it!I looked down at you stretched out lazily on the bed, a big satisfied smile on your face and I slowly started to stroke my fingers over your body, stroking you lightly all over but avoiding your breasts and pussy. Your body is on fire and my fingers feel like feathers stroking around all your erogenous zones. I watch you as your breathing becomes un even and ragged, your breath catching in your throat each time I come close to your sex. I concentrate now on the area just around your breast and pussy, your hips are starting to move involuntary but I am teasing, I have not touched you yet, not where you want it anyway. I hear a moan escape your lips and see your wetness glisten as you wantonly open your legs. I move round and with out touching you lean slowly forward until you feel my breath on your pussy. My mouth is watering, I have wanted to taste you all day and now was the time….You jump as my tongue touches your outer lips, rolling your hips to meet my hot tongue, urging more pressure on your clit. It seems to take no time at all, you are so worked up that your orgasm crashes over you in minutes. Watching your pleasure has made me so hot I just have to have you once more, my cock is pounding I feel incredible, my cock slips straight in coated with your wetness we finish off the day with a quick hard passionate fuck. Hubby will be back in an hour so we best go get my car, the drive is relaxed and we are both grinning like k**s, as we pull up behind my BMW I ask well what do we do now??………….Clare:……. well the first thing I would like to do is to exchange email addresses so we can keep in touch and hope you feel the same way Peter.I have had such an incredible time and will let you into a little secret. Today I have lived out a fantasy which was to seduce a man in a coffee shop and it just couldn’t have gone better.  I chose the right man and the bonus was that he was a fantastic lover and gave me everything I needed and even more. I feel drained Peter but also so satisfied which will live with me for a long time.The question is Peter, do you want to meet up in the future for pure sex with no strings attached? …………..Peter:The Story continued:…………. Thank you for the lift to my car Clare, I have written my email address on this slip of paper for you, please don’t let anyone find it though I say with a wink, as I hold you for one last parting kiss I consider your proposal, pure unadulterated sex, no strings! Hmmm let me think……. (one second later) Yes I would like that. As I drove home I consider what a fantastic lover you had been, shear passion, the release, the feeling. I could not believe it, I was getting hard again! I felt like a teenager once more.I checked my computer as normal when I arrived home and there was an email from Clare waiting for me, she must have just managed to write it before her hubby returned. It was asking what I had planed for tomorrow as she had to visit a friend in Cornwall and would have to stay down there overnight. I quickly checked my schedule and decided that there was nothing I ever do work wise that should stop me popping down there, it is fortunate that my job involves a lot of travel anyway so for me to disappear for a day or two would not be out of place. I emailed you straight back and arranged to meet you down there, don’t worry I will arrange the accommodation I said, this was going to be a nice surprise for Clare. Later the next day we arrange to meet in a little Cornish pub, as I walk in you are already sat down, I pretend not to see you and walk to the bar, after getting my drink I turn and watch you as I slowly sip my drink, you feel my eyes burning into you, you know I am watching but you don’t look up, you start to stroke your hair and seductively suck the end of your finger just every now and then running your tongue around the tip…………….



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