Cindy First BJCindy First BJ This event happens back in my early teen years.Cindy was a neighbor girl that lived about a mile down the road from me. Since she and her older s*s was the only k**s my age within walking distance we hung out together most summer days. Cindy older s*s soon became uninterested in hanging with us as she became interested in boys closer to her own age. Cindy was about a year younger than me. Growing up we 3 had played games like house, doctor, and other games. I had seen them both naked, and likewise they had seen me naked, but as we hit puberty that all change and the games were no longer played.One day as I was visiting Cindy said she had a secret and if I wanted to hear it we should go down to their clubhouse, as she didn’t want the older s*s to know. The clubhouse was just a little building in the woods behind their house. It had just an old couch to sit on. At the age of 13 she had just recently started to develop breast while her ass was still fairly flat. It was just a short walk, but I did enjoy watching what ass she had to swing.Arriving I flopped down on the old couch and Cindy sat beside me. Making me promise to keep her secret she shared that her Mom had a new Boyfriend and she had accidently seen his thing (cock.) So I thinking she was going tell me she had walk in on him in the bathroom. She shared that last night she wanted something to drink and had left her bedroom when she heard canlı bahis some strange noises coming from the living room. Scared she carefully peeped around the corner and observed that her mom was on her knees in front of the new BF and was kissing his thing… well kind of kissing it… she was actually putting it in her mouth and then he grunted and grabbed her head. I asked her if she liked what she seen… she said she guess so… I notice that Cindy small nipples were attempting to poke holes in her thin white shirt. I also was half erect trying to hide it from Cindy. She was curious to know what had happened. I told her she should ask her s*s or someone. She said her s*s would tell mom she was spying. SO I told her that her mom was giving the bf a BJ.The next day she called and asks if we could meet in the clubhouse, this time to come through the woods so her s*s wouldn’t see me. Arriving shortly thereafter, I found her waiting for me wearing a pair of shorts that was very tight and another thin shirt. She asked if I remember how we played doctor when younger. I said yes… so??? She said I want to see your thing again. I kind of laugh and said things had change since she last seen me and maybe that was such a good idea, even though the idea did cause me to get hard. That when she volunteers to show me her…. Hmmm kitty as she called it. Any 14 year old teen wouldn’t turn down that down. Now I was extremely hard and I sure my shorts bahis siteleri showed the evidence. Nervously, I agree and stood in front of Cindy. With shaking hands I manage to undo my shorts and let them drop around my ankles. Standing in my underwear, which showed a large tent Cindy awaited the remover of them also. To delay a little and give me time to get the nerve up, I removed my tee. Cindy couldn’t contain her excitement and attempted to help me. As my cock came into view, she blurted you have grown and even have hair like me.Cindy seemed very curious and asked if she could touch it. Without waiting for a answer she took a finger and poke at it making it bob. I told her to wrap her hand around it like this, using my own hand as a example, and stroke it like this. I removed my hand and she willingly, but nervously followed my direction. Before I knew what was happening I was cumming and shot my load all over Cindy hand, face and shirt. She kind of laugh, and said the same noise mom bf made…Is that the stuff that makes babies? She asked. I told her yes but it was ok because it didn’t get inside her. She then asked if I could do it again. I said yes but in a few minutes, I needed to sit down. I didn’t bother with my shorts or underwear. I sat down beside her, still semi erect. As I sat there I reminded her it was her turn. She attempted to back out but finally agree.Taking her place in front of me, she lowers her shorts güvenilir bahis and left her panties in place. She lowers her panties to reveal a few hairs and finally with her panties around her ankles I ask if I could touch her. When we were younger we never touch each other when we played doctor, just observed in curiosity. Running my fingers gently on the outside of her lips she emitted a moan of both shocked and pleasure. She was wet and as I touch her wetness spread onto my fingers and I gently let one finger slide in. She came as soon as I my finger enter her virgin kitty. She made me stop and pulled her panties and shorts back up. I sat back revealing my erect cock. She asked if it stayed like that all the time. I told her no just when I got excited in a special way….I told her if she wanted to make me feel really good she could kiss it like her mom did her bf. As first she wasn’t sure, but I convince her it was ok and if she didn’t like it she could stop. She leans down and timidly takes my hardness in her mouth. Just the head at first and with encouragement from me she start to bob her head up and down taking more each time. I soon felt my second load building and just as I felt the first spurt leaving my cock I pulled her head away. I was too late and some spurted inside her mouth. She spit it out immediately, as the rest of my load when all over me and her. It was minute later that her s*s started to yell for her. Cindy when into action mode telling me to get dress and get out before she (her s*s) caught us… I threw my shirt at her and told her to clean up. I snuck out and away….without being notice.Part two coming soon.



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