Christina took a break from her housecleaning and relaxed on the sofa with a cup of hot coffee. She was about to turn on the television when the telephone rang. Christina picked it up and answered with a friendly, “Hello”.

The commanding voice on the other end of the line was Ms. Naomi Evans the school principal. Ms. Evans announced, “I realize that it’s Saturday but it is imperative that we talk and I am not far from your home. I shall be there in twenty minutes.” Before she could reply Christina heard the click of the phone hanging up. Christina was one of the few white teachers at the inner-city school where she has worked for the past three years. Ms. Evans was a jet black woman from Africa that was extremely strict, authoritative, and quite alluring.

Naomi only started at the school a few months ago. Christina had discussed things at school with her husband John and he chuckled, “Perhaps you should get under the desk and make the principal happy. I’m sure a domineering black woman like her would really appreciate a submissive white woman worshiping her pussy.” The doorbell rang awakening Christina from her thoughts. She walked to open the door wondering what the principal wanted.

When the door opened Naomi didn’t just walk in she made a command entrance. The ebony Amazon towered over the pale-complected teacher. When offered a seat on the sofa and some coffee the principal replied, “Give me something stronger and I advise you to have the same.” The worried woman went to the kitchen and returned with brandy for both of them. The principal patted the cushion next to her instructing Christina to be seated. Ms. Evans looked right into the woman’s eyes and asserted, “The grades your students are getting are below acceptable standards. If you are not up to the job then I have no choice but to terminate you. Do you have any defense for your pathetic performance? Moreover, what are you willing to do to save your job?”

Tears fell from her eyes as Christina pleaded, “Please don’t dismiss me I beg of you. I am a good teacher and am willing to work harder but you must realize that some of my students are slow learners and a few refuse to even try. I implore you to give me another chance to prove myself. I am willing to do anything.”

A wicked grin crossed Naomi’s face and her dark eyes sparkled as she taunted, ” I simply adore women that beg for what they want and need. Are you attracted to other women Christina? I can’t help but notice the way you look at me with yearning, longing, and desire in your eyes. Like right now you just can’t stop looking at my long shapely legs can you? I find your lustful ogling of my body quite arousing. When caught staring at me you blush and show your submissive side. Reminds me of a child caught steeling cookies. Maybe we can work something out after all. What do you think?”

The wife answered, “I am married.”

Ms. Evans sternly stated, “That’s not what I asked you is it? Where is your loving husband and why can’t you stop sneaking lustful glances at me like a dog looking at a bone? Tell me all about your experiences with other woman and are you willing to satisfy your carnal cravings and keep your job? Please don’t bother trying to deny your desire to please me. Your submissive nature, the lust in your eyes, and the way you lick your lips when ogling my sultry frame tells me all that I need to know. You want to put that licking tongue of yours between my legs don’t you? I’m getting wet thinking of your red lips on my black cunt lips. You are aroused as well. The nipples on your huge tits are so stiff that they may poke through your house dress and I am willing to wager that your pussy is flooding.”

“I ah, umm, …I can’t deny it but I haven’t been with another women since I was a teen. A lady down the street and her daughter made me service them and their friends. We moved and I met John and haven’t cheated on him at all. Not even once but another teacher at school named Betty keeps hitting on me and says we should rub our tits together and see who has the biggest ones. She is always touching me everywhere and making lewd suggestions. It makes me blush when she says things like she wants to feed me her big black hairy pussy but I must confess that it turns me on too. My husband is in sales and is gone much more then he is here. I tell him everything and he said I should let her have her way with me. He even said that I should get under your desk and suck your pussy. He knows how submissive I am and wants me to let black women dominate me and degrade me in every way. He has even bought some lesbian sex tapes with white and black women getting it on. I’m sure he wants me to have sex with a black woman and tell him all about it and I suppose the next step would be him watching or maybe even joining in. When we watch the videos and talk about it we both get all hot and horny then he fucks me like crazy. Knowing that it is what he wants makes it very tempting. You are captivating and I sometimes think about what it would be like to be under your desk.”

Naomi smiled and casino siteleri stated, “I really do appreciate your honesty my dear. I’m sure you noticed that my last name is not African. I too married but soon realized that it was white women that I wanted not men. He caught me in bed with his sister and we soon divorced. He was a generous man and left me well off financially. Sadly I did and still do care about him but sexually it is women that I desire. It is good that we confided some of our innermost secrets with each other. It’s so fucking cool that your husband wants you to do what you yearn for so much. Did you play with yourself while fantasizing about being under my desk eating my hot cunt?” Christina blushed and nodded her head indicating the affirmative. Ms. Evans smiled and instructed the wife to pour them more drinks.

After returning with the drinks she sat next to the ebony Goddess and sipped her brandy. Christina jumped when she felt a long finger travel under her house dress up to her moist mound. Christina moaned as another finger was added and like pistons pumped in and out of her purring pussy. Naomi declared, “Your slut slit is as wet as mine! That’s the way I like my bitches, wet and willing. You do want me to make you my slut bitch don’t you baby?”

“Oh yes, make me your slut. I’m all yours so do with me what you will. This has been building in me for awhile now and I feel like I’m going to explode. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“You are an obedient slut; I like that in my women. Go put one of those nasty porno movies on and then strip naked for me.” Christina put in the video and began disrobing but her mistress told her to move closer and strip slowly. She did her best to imitate a stripper and even tossed her soaked panties in the face of her ebony goddess. Naomi sniffed them then stood up and fondled her latest conquest declaring, “These tits of yours are so fucking huge!” Naomi caressed, kissed, licked, and then sucked the DD cups with passion. When instructed to undress Naomi and call her Mistress from now on the wife hurriedly complied and was enraptured by the sight of the nude African Amazon Sex Goddess. They kissed and embraced then Naomi whispered in her ear; “Isn’t it erotic? Look at us together in the mirror. You are so pale and I am so dark, you are 5’6″ and I am 6’1″, the contrast is fucking hot and steamy.” Christina readily agreed and felt weak in the knees.

The turned-on teacher was pushed back on the sofa, her legs were spread wide, and she erupted like a volcano when tongue and fingers worked on her flooding pussy. Christina thought that it was over but her mistress kept at it until she reached three more orgasms. It was like being thrust in a rocket into outer space and the teacher was in orbit. Before she was able to come back to earth her voluptuous mistress straddled her head and lowered her dripping pussy to Christina’s waiting lips. The scent, sight, and taste of the delicious delicacy drove the white wife wild with wanton lust. To her it tasted like a blueberry chocolate cheesecake and she just couldn’t get enough. She was lost in a feeding frenzy as her mistress furiously fucked her face. She kissed, licked, and sucked the pungent pussy with fervor. Her mistress yelled out, “Yeah baby, eat my cunt just like that! Don’t stop, suck my clit, nibble on my pussy lips, and stick your tongue up my cunt as far as you can. Put your whole face in there and fuck my cunt back with your pretty face. Oh, oh, oh, suck out my cummmmm….yessssssss! You are going to be my cunt lapping slut from now on. What you lack in experience you more than make up for with your wild enthusiasm. You do love eating my cunt don’t you baby?”

Oh yes Mistress it is by far the best thing that I ever tasted. When your sweet creamy cum hit my tongue I climaxed again. I like it. I love it and I want some more of it. You can sit on my face anytime you want. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Glad to hear that honey. You look so cute talking into my shaved pussy but I’m not getting up just yet. Some of that sweet cum that you adore so much leaked down to my big black butt so why don’t you just stick your tongue up there and lick it all out?” Naomi shifted so that her ass was now over Christina’s mouth. The wife never even imagined such a thing before let alone thought that she would ever try it but was willing to do anything for Naomi. The taste wasn’t as bad as she imagined. She did taste some cum along with everything else. She worked hard to please her mistress and was rewarded with some more of the gooey cum that she loved so much. The two women then nursed on each other’s breast and kissed passionately. Naomi observed, “I discussed the contrast between us earlier but we do have some things is common as well. We both have big tits although yours are larger, fat butts, smoking hot cunts, and powerful sex drives. Your husband will love it when you tell him this. When do you expect him home?”

“Not for at least three weeks.”

The principal laughed and said, “Hell baby by slot oyna then there will be a whole lot more to tell him. It could take all night. If you are a good little pussy licking slut I just may consider letting him watch us! Too bad we didn’t get to see much of the interracial lesbian porn but it was well worth it. We will watch them together real soon. See you at school on Monday. There is no way I could fire you now but we do have to work on their grades.” Christina’s head was spinning. She knew that there was no going back now. Her desire for Naomi was much too strong. She couldn’t believe that she could have so many orgasms in such a short time. Although she felt content she was already looking forward to Monday.

While getting ready for school Christina admired herself in the mirror and knew full that what everybody said about her was true; she looked at least five years younger than her forty years She knew that her mistress was thirty-eight but she too looked younger than her years. As she drove to work the wife was happier than ever before. She felt so alive and was filled with sweet anticipation. She could not get her sexy lover out of her mind. Naomi was her aphrodisiac and nothing else mattered except pleasuring her African Amazon. When she entered her classroom her heart dropped when she was greeted by a short stocky black woman that introduced herself as Etta Brown. The pale skinned teacher almost burst out in tears when told, “Ms. Evans has turned this class over to me. She is waiting for you in her office now.”

The heartbroken wife timidly tapped on the door and was told to come in by the object of her carnal cravings. Naomi remained seated at her desk and told the trembling teacher to have a seat. Naomi informed her teary eyed lover, “You are no longer a teacher at this school. Etta the enforcer has taken the class over for you. She will get the slackers in line.”

Christina sobbed, “How could you do this to me? What kind of evil person are you?”

Naomi chuckled,”I am not evil. I am your mistress and you are my pussy-licking fuck-slut. You must make this stupid mistake on your part an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. Never ever assume. You assumed that you were being thrown to the curb. You judged me as a hard-hearted, uncaring devil that is void of all compassion. You assumed that you were being fired when in fact you are being offered a new position as my personal assistant! A substantial increase in your salary is also being offered to you. What do you have to say pussy-licker? You really should be ashamed of yourself. I do hope that you have learned a lesson about assuming and judging.”

“Oh my God! I am so ashamed and will do my very best to make it up to you.”

“Good answer you cunt lapping slut. Now get naked, crawl under my desk, and worship my cunt with your sucking lips and probing tongue. This is your fantasy so live it out slut.” The excited wife discarded her clothing in record time and dove under the desk. She was both surprised and delighted when she discovered that under her pretty purple blouse her mistress was naked. Christina savagely devoured the chocolate cunt that she hungered and lusted for so much. The principal fucked her face back wildly. Her raging passion was out of control as she held the white woman’s face tightly to her flooding cunt and cried out, ” Eat my black cunt you white slut. Yesssss! Suck the motherfucker. Gobble up every single drop of my gooey cum. Eat it, eat it, yessss. Just like that. Don’t stop, suck, suck. Soooooo fucking gooodddd! Oh baby, keep licking. So good, so good, Im going to cum for you again. Shitttttt yesssss!”

Naomi was so into the frenzied face fucking of her sex toy and the awesome thrill of her powerful orgasm that she didn’t notice Leona Lewis the gym instructor along with a slender blonde white woman and a student named April. They were all standing in the doorway staring at the lewd sex scene wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Ms. Evans shouted, “Leona shut the fucking door. How long have you been here? Who are these people and what the hell do you want?”

Leona answered, “Long enough. This is April Anderson a student here and her mother Kathy. They were both muff diving a group of girls in the gym shower. I brought them to you for discipline. I thought about calling the police but decided it was best to see you first. So sorry about the interruption but you really should lock the door.”

Naomi agreed and told Leona to lock it now. The principal addressed Kathy Anderson first asking, “What the hell are you doing? Please explain why you came into my school and molested a bunch of girls. This better be good or you will be sent to prison!”

The slim blond mother was intimidated by the dominating principal and fought to hold back the tears as she explained, “My daughter told me that some of the girls were making her do sick and perverted things to them in the showers so I decided to come to the school and help her but they overpowered me and forced me to join my daughter in satisfying their filthy demands. The sex canlı casino siteleri crazed animals used and abused both of us. I not only did not come to the school to have sex with the girls bud did not consent.”

Naomi asked Leona Lewis, “Exactly what did you witness?”

The tall lean black woman offered, “I wasn’t there at the beginning but when I walked back to the shower area April and her mother were on their knees eating black pussy. There was a line of girl waiting their turn and there was no sign of force. As a matter of fact mom and daughter appeared to totally love eating pussy.”

The principal then questioned April, “Well young lady what do you have to say for yourself? How old are you and the other girls and exactly what happened?”

The girl squirmed and shyly admitted, “I did tell my mom about what was going-on in the showers but was not complaining. I never imagined she would come to the school. At first mother was yelling and calling everybody names. The girls did take her by force but soon mom was into the whole scene and openly declared how much she loved eating pussy. Mom kept urging the girls to give it to her and to keep the hot tender young cunts coming. I am 18 and all the other girls are all 18&19.

Naomi glanced over at the mother; the woman was beet-red and her head was hung low. The principal was convinced she now knew the truth. First she ordered Christina to come out from under the desk. She couldn’t resist telling her how sexy she looked naked, sticky faced with red blotches from the friction, and in total disarray. Then she asserted, “Well ladies guess what? There is no need for the police or any one else for that matter. Case closed. All of you strip and obey my every command and this matter will be over and done with. Christina have my seat at the desk. Leona crawl under the desk and make my girl moan and scream with delight. Mother and daughter join me in the center of the office and get on your knees. That is a position you are quite familiar with. Is it not?”

Naomi winked at her lover as Leona ducked under the desk and lovingly licked the white woman’s pussy .Mother and daughter assumed the position and started kissing Naomi’s bald black savory slit. The principal commanded.” Not yet bitches. You will get your reward later but for now you will have to work for it. Each take a foot and suck my toes then slowly kiss and lick up to my boobs. Tiny tit sluts just love to nurse on big beautiful boobs so have at it.” Naomi hand feed each one a tit and delighted in their adoration of her ample busts. As her juices flowed she had them kiss and lick downward. As both tongues licked her throbbing clit she instructed the mother, “Get behind me, kiss all over my big black ass, and then tongue fuck my ass-hole while your little girl gobbles up my craving cunt. Mom if you both do a really good job and get me off then I shall permit you to exchange places so you can each enjoy my slimy, sticky, and savory cum.”

The African Amazon was is a state of sublime bliss as the mom and girl team tongued both holes with fervor. She saw her lover quivering to a climax as her own shaking orgasm caused her to scream out, “Yessssssss! Fuck yeah, suck suck, yessssss!” She told them that they had done a fine job and asked them to switch positions. Mother and daughter licked, kissed, and sucked her holes with passion and adoration. It didn’t take long for her to cum again and state, “You two are phenomenal. Any more females in your family? We just have to get together again.” They both eagerly proclaimed that they would like nothing better than to service the African Queen again but there were no other females in the home. Naomi wondered if they had any sisters or cousins in the area but let it go for now.

When the others left and they were alone again Naomi let Christina remain in her seat and sat on the other chair. They both remained naked. Noticing a frown on her lover’s face Naomi questioned, “What the hell is wrong with you slut? You look like you just lost your best friend.”

Christina nervously stated, “That mother and daughter duo are trying to steal you away from me. Are all white woman submissive sluts for black cunt? You really enjoyed them didn’t you? When are you planning on seeing them again and what about me?”

“They can’t steal me from you because I don’t belong to you or anyone else. You are my girl but we both can do whatever we want. I had hoped that we could do everything together. Hell next time I’ll watch them service you first and then you will know just how fucking hot it is to have a mother and daughter drive you out of your mind with their hungry mouths. Black women can be just as submissive. When I was a teen my father left me and my mother alone. Sometimes at night there would be strange noises coming from her bedroom. I sneaked down the hallway and peeked in her room. A white woman that lived down the street was on mom’s bed with her legs spread lewdly. Mom was eating her out and loving it. After that night I spied often. The woman would sometimes bring friends and they would all use and abuse mom. They would fuck her pussy and ass with big rubber cocks, make her eat their cunts and ass- holes, spank her and humiliate and degrade her in every way possible. I grew up watching that shit.”



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