Edgar moved through the party goers wondering if he might find someone special to strike up a conversation with. He hadn’t been to one of these company parties since his divorce last year. He realized it must have been over a year since he had been laid. He realized he really needed someone to just do him. That thought motivated him to look around harder.

A bright red dress exposing a nice pair of legs caught his eye. He wandered closer, catching up to her at the bar.

“Excuse me, I was wondering-“

She turned and smiled cruelly at him. “Hello, Eddie.” She sized him up. “Lemme guess, were you going to buy me a drink? Didn’t recognize me, did ya? The hair color is new. So are the tits. Do you like them” She spread her arms and lifted her chest. “You paid for them.”

“Linda.” The sound of her voice tightened his ass. “Jesus, I can’t get away from you, can I?”

She was wide eyed innocence as she leaned against the bar. “You came up to me, not the other way around.” Her grin came back and she laughed. “You really didn’t recognize me did you?”

He frowned and admitted it. “No, I didn’t.”

“Jesus, Eddie. You’re a mistake I don’t want to repeat.”

“Mmm, hm. I’m in no hurry for that either.” He was examining her body, new tits to legs. “It seems single life is treating you well.”

“Mmm, hm. How are the kids? Who’d you leave them with? Not that little slut Christeen?”

“Since when is she a little slut? The girls love her.”

“Oh my god. I can’t believe you. You think I didn’t watch how you looked at her, how you laughed and flirted with her over the years?”

“Oh, for fucks sake, Linda. She was a teenager! I was never flirting with her. Jesus! You see evil wherever you look, don’t you?”

“She’s a little whore, Eddie, but so long as the girls don’t start taking after her, you do whatever, hmm, whomever the fuck you want.”

“You’re a psycho, Linda. There is nothing wrong with Christeen. The kids go off to camp this Saturday anyway, if that puts your broken mind at ease. They won’t see her, or me, or anyone for two months.”

Linda signalled the bartender for another drink. “Good, at least the wont be picking up any bad ideas from the little tramp.”

“God, you’re a mess.”

“Says the pot to the kettle.”

“Well, I’m done now. It’s been lovey, Linda. Let’s get together real soon.” He walked away with a stress headache beginning. “…Fucking unbelievable.”

Edgar pulled up to the dark house. Shifting lights came from the living room. He figured Christeen would be up watching a movie or something. He heard ‘Double Indemnity’ playing on the big screen television, but didn’t see her in the dark room. Then he noticed her on a stepladder dusting the bookshelves and watching the movie over her shoulder. She was wearing a bright pink tee shirt and shorts. He smiled. God, she really is so young. She reached the feather duster a little too far and had to catch herself from falling.

“Oh, Christeen, be careful up there.” He put a hand on her waist and steadied the step stool. You really don’t have to do that.”

She grinned and laughed. “Oh! Hi, Edgar. God is it that late already?”

“I came home early. Party wasn’t my scene.”

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that.” She turned on the overhead light.

“I don’t pay you to clean my condo, you know?”

“Oh, that. I was looking over your books and noticed it was a little dusty. I figured I could multitask while I watched the movie. When I see something that needs doing I just do it.”

“Well there’s far too much that really needs doing over here. I’d have you up all night.” He wondered why he said that. Maybe I do flirt with her?

“Oh, would you?” She smiled. “Well, okay. Have you eaten? The girls had me order Thai. They sent more than we could finish. There’s a bunch leftover in the fridge?”

“Oh, god that sounds perfect. I lost my appetite at the party. Ran into Linda.”

“Oh, my god! The Dragon was there?”

Edgar laughed. “I nearly- nevermind. Yeah it was ugly, as usual, she said some- You know, nevermind. Can you stay? Watch the rest of the movie while I eat? After dealing with her I could really use a friendly face.”

“Hmm, use my friendly face, huh?” She gave him a dubious look.

“That smile could certainly pick me up.” He ran through what he had just said. Use her face? Did that come across as… Come across her face… Oh, c’mon, Eddie, stop it. She didn’t take it that way… take it. Stop!

“Ohhh, well, actually Mom can’t pick me up until 11 anyway?” She bit her lip. “So, I can’t really get a ride until- You know what, I could call a friend to pick me up.”

“No! No. Please, stay. I love this movie and you’ve always made for good company.”

Her dark eyes looked him over and she smiled. “I’d like that.”

They paused the movie and went to the kitchen. “Oh, uh, I suppose I owe you a refund.”


“Well you pay me for babysitting to 1am and you’re home. I guess I owe you, uh… let’s see-“

“Don’t be anadolu yakası escort silly. I pay for your time and you’re-” he turn and she walked into him. He had to brace her so they didn’t tumble over each other. “-still here. I’m so sorry are you okay?”

She lifted her eyes and slowly smiled. “I’m fine.”

Edgar realized he was holding her breasts. He was actually gripping them. “Oh. Jesus. Sorry.” He looked down and almost couldn’t accept what he saw. His hands were on her chest, cupping her soft tender, A cup breasts. “Oh…” He gasped.

“You’re blushing.” She smiled. A few more seconds went by. “Uh… I’m really okay now. You can…”

Edgar jerked his hands away. “God! Christeen I’m, oh god.”

Christeen laughed. “It’s okay. Let’s forget it.” She winked. “If you can.”

He laughed nervously. “Okay, I’ll try.” He smiled and tried to forget the last thirty seconds, tried to forget the way her small braless tits felt in his hands, how his fingers gripped and felt the hardness of her nipples. He was very aware that his dick was getting stiff. “…oh god.”

“Oh, please. Let it go. I’m not upset about it. It was a funny accident.” She smiled and replayed the feel of this man’s hands firmly gripping her tits. She smiled and realized she was getting very wet as she stared at the nervous father of two sweet girls who just molested the babysitter. She laughed at how she had just put it in her head. She knew he hadn’t meant to do anything of the sort. She watched him mentally torturing himself and sighed. “God, you’re such a nice man. Let it go. Let’s get you fed and watch the movie.”

“Yeah. Okay.” He smiled shyly.

She pulled the food out of the fridge. “Shall I get you a beer?”

“Oh, no, if you’re here, I shouldn’t.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re home. Drink what you want. It sounds like the party was a disaster, so you probably need a drink.”

“Well now that you mention it…” He crossed to the bar. He picked up a bottle of rye. “Uh, join me. No, what am I saying.” He turned back to take down a glass.

She was at his elbow, her chest pressing to his arm. “I’ll take one.”

She smiled up at him and his heart skipped. “Uh, you old enough to drink?”

She smirked. Her voice was a low whisper, as if they were sharing secrets. “Well, what do you think, Edgar? You just offered me a beer. Beer is fine, but I’m more of a whiskey girl. I like the way it feels slipping down my throat.”

He swallowed and picked up a second glass. “Call me Eddie?”

“Call me Christie.”

He felt his heart picking up. “Christie, you…” He poured her whiskey over an ice ball.

She smiled at his nervousness. “Me? Uh, huh?”

“-surprise me.” He turned around and faced her. He held out the heavy pour of whiskey.

“Good.” She took the glass out of his hand and took a slow draw. She smiled and lifted her head. With her eyes closed she swallowed. “Mmmm, that’s the good stuff.”

His hand was shaking. She took his glass. “Let me carry that for you Eddie?”

He watched her ass as she slowly walked towards the living room. He reached into his pants to straighten his awkwardly positioned dick when the microwave dinged. His dick flexed and he jerked his hand out of his pants.

He gathered up his food and chopsticks, some napkins and as an afterthought picked up the bottle of Weller as he passed.

Christeen sat back on the couch in the light of the television. “I hope you don’t mind that I turned the light off. It makes it easier to watch. Plus it’s always more fun in the dark, don’tcha think?”

She’s definitely flirting with me. No! Come on she has to be 19 or something. Damn that’s half my age. …half my age.

Edgar stared at the screen. “Christie, are you flirting with me?”

She laughed. “Of course I am Eddie. Isn’t that what we do?”

“Do we? I mean, do I? Do you think I flirt with you?”

“Oh, just always!” She reached over and pinched his cheek. “I don’t mind I kinda like it.”

“I never meant-“

“Oh, yes you did. You’re always flirting with me. It’s one of the reasons I like working for you. You’re more yourself that other parents. Well, it’s not that I babysit much anymore anyway. You’re girls are the reason I haven’t stopped. I’m kinda getting too old for it. Plus, you know, you pay for my time I think it’s only fair to have fun with you, make you laugh, make you… blush.”

He was staring at the girl. “Well, you certainly do that.”

“Cause you’re too easy. Watch.” She reached down and lifted the bottom of her shirt. She stared into his eyes. “Don’t break eye contact.” She lifted her shirt slowly. Edgar was breathing funny. “What are we doing, Christie?”

“Making you blush.” She lifted the shirt exposing her belly, then higher. She whispered. “Tell me when to stop, Eddie.” She slowly kept the shirt rising it showed the swell of her small tits, then she took a deep breath. “You aren’t going to stop me are you?” She kept going. As the shirt exposed ataşehir escort her nipples she was breathing hard too. “Tell me when to stop.”

Eddie bit his lip. His cock was throbbing in his pants as he watched the girl taking her top off. It covered her face and he stared hard at her sweet pink hills. The nipples he had felt were a darker pink than her surrounding flesh.

In a quiet voice she whispered. “…okay then.” The shirt came over her head and she tossed it away. She smiled at him as she sat next to him topless.

“My god.”

“You aren’t blushing, Eddie.”

“I guess I’m not as easy as you thought I was.”

“I sit corrected.”

She made no move to cover herself.

“Are you going to put that back on?”

“Nope. You’re paying for my time. I figure I should entertain you.”

Edgar sighed. “Ugh… Let’s, uh, let’s watch the movie.”

“Mmm, kay.” She reached for her whiskey and cuddled into his lap. She sipped on the dark brown liquid and smiled at him.

“Christie?” He couldn’t look away from her sweet breasts.

She placed a hand on his chest. “Yes, I’m flirting with you. “You’re paying for my company, isn’t it traditional that I show you a good time?” She burst out laughing. “Oh, shit. I’ll wake the girls.” She hopped up and grabbed her top. “I’m sorry, I am flirting, but I can’t keep up the act.” She shrugged back into her pink tee shirt. “I can’t believe I did that. Man, nothing is going to make you blush tonight. How come I have no effect on you tonight?”

“Because we’re old friends and you’re just too silly for me to take seriously tonight.”

“I figured I’d at least get a shocked look. Seeing my tits really had no effect on you?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Oh, Christie, you absolutely have an effect on me. You’re just not allowed to see such things.”

“You mean you’re… Oh!” She gasped and covered her mouth. “Eddie! God, don’t say such things!” She giggled and looked at the ceiling.

He grinned. “Now who’s blushing? Just watch the movie.”

She finished her whiskey and curled back against him. Her eyes stayed on his crotch where she wondered how much of an effect she actually had on him.

As the movie played on and the plot on screen became more and more convoluted, Christeen sipped her whiskey and any of her remaining inhibitions drifted away. She curled up closer and let her hand rest high on his thigh.

Edgar wrapped his arm around her a little tighter and she felt him kiss the top of her head.

She let her hand slowly and casually slide up his thigh. She heard Edgar inhale sharply as she rested her fingers in his lap. She tried not to giggle as she gently felt the shape under her fingers.

Eddie lay there letting her slowly grip his cock through his jeans. He couldn’t believe this night. He decided to rest a hand on top of hers and press down.

Christeen smiled and moaned quietly.

Edgar carefully reached up and cupped her tit. He loved the softness and the size. He imagined it to be the perfect mouthful. His thumb went back and forth making her nipple harden. He wanted to bite that nipple he now felt. He gave it a hard squeeze and Christeen moaned and sat up. “I’m glad I stayed.”

Edgar poured her more whiskey. “I am too.”

She drained the glass and smiled at him. “I like it over here.”

“I like having you over here.”

Her voice was very sleepy. “Mmmm, you know you can have me over here anytime you want, Eddie. Don’t make me go just yet?”

Eddie shuddered at the thought. “You’re not going anywhere. I paid for you until 1am, so get comfortable.” He lay back on the large couch and she slid down to rest her cheek on his belly.

Christeen laughed quietly. “You make me sound like some kind of whore.” She sat up. “Why does that turn me on a little?”

“Yike. Same reason it turns me on a lot.”

She grinned. “Are we flirting again?”

“I hope so.”

“Me too.” She lay back down resting her cheek on his belly again. “So thinking of me as, what would the Dragon call me? You’re dirty little whore? Thinking of me like that does something for you?”

“If I were going to pay a girl to come over here and let me do things to her, I would so totally want it to be you.”

She smiled and looked away shyly. “I think I should slap you for that, but since you’re paying me I’d better let you do what you want, huh?”

“There is something I’ve been aching to have you do.”

“Oh, god. What? What is it?” She was breathing heavy again.

“Stop talking and let me watch the movie.”

“Damn it! You are absolutely no fun at all. I can think of a dozen things you could have me do that are way better than… than keeping my mouth shut.” She acted like her words had shocked her. “Can’t believe I just said that.”

“Christeen? Movie?”

“Ohhhh, fine.” She lay back down, her hand resting in his lap.

Edgar tried not to moan as he realized she was gently feeling of the size of his cock. He closed his ümraniye escort eyes and enjoyed the sensation. She was gently dragging her fingertips across his bulge and moaning. Suddenly he realized she had her mouth inches from his throbbing cock. He was so hard and her soft body was right here. Oh god, Eddie. What are you thinking? “I just thought of something.”

He moved her hand off of his lap and unzipped his pants. Carefully he slipped his dick out and sat back. She watched his dick growing. As he felt Christeen’s breath on the head of his cock, he knew it would brush against her lips in a few seconds. He lay back and closed his eyes. His breathing was heavy and deep.

He felt the fat tip of his dick meeting the softness of Christeen’s young mouth. He began moaning as he felt the tip of her tongue swipe at the head of his cock. He shuddered and gasped as he felt her lips part and engulf his head.

He lay there and had to admit she had always been his dream fuck and now here she was sucking his cock. He moaned loudly and felt Christeen lift her head and begin bobbing on his cock. Her mouth was so warm and wet.

She was actively giving him a perfect blowjob.

Edgar moaned. “Ohhh, God. Christeen. What are…? What are we doing?”

She crawled up and kissed him. “You know exactly what we’re doing.” She sat up and pulled her top over her head once more. You paid for this body until 1am. Now, are we doing this? Let’s do it right.”

“Dear god…” He watched her strip off her shorts and socks. She stood bare naked in his living room, he stared at her well trimmed pussy and the wet pinkness she proudly held open with her hands.

As he realized the situation he quickly stripped of his own clothes and helped Christeen crawl up onto his cock. “Ohhh my god. Yessss…” He watched her position his stiff dick between her legs and slowly slide her hot, wet pussy fully down his shaft. “Oh my god, Christie!”

“Ssssshhh, you’ll wake the girls.”

“We can’t have that.” He swallowed hard and stood up, holding her on his dick. He moved towards the back yard. “They’re not going to see us or hear us in the back yard.”

Christeen quietly giggled. “Ohhh my god! You’re amazing.” She had her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and her arms around his neck as he walked them out onto the back deck. “Oh god. I love this!”

“Has anyone ever fucked you like this?”

“No one’s ever fucked me before, Eddie. You’re my first.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Yes.” She giggled and grinned a bratty grin. “But you’re really good!”

He bounced the young girl in his arms thrusting into her and kissing her passionately. “Ohhh Christie. You are heaven! You have no idea how much I needed this. No idea.”

She was out of breath and laughing quietly. “Hey, I see something needs doing I do it, remember?”

“I gotta start paying you more.”

“Mmmm, paying me? So you want me to be your whore, Eddie? Is that what you want? You want me to be your little whore? Huh?” She was drunk and horny and fucking him back and it all felt so good, so right to him, until he heard his ex-wife’s voice in his head. “She’s a little whore, Eddie, but so long as the girls don’t start taking after her, you do whatever, hmm, whomever the fuck you want.”

“Oooooh fuck!”

“Yeah we are!” She giggled sloppily. “And doing it right!”

“No, yeah, god yeah, but… Oh never mind. Later.”

“Okay, ohhhh god okay. Just don’t stop, Eddie.” She threw her head back and a small gurgle came from her throat. “Fuh… uhhh, god damn, Eddie! God… Damn.” She grinned and closed her eyes. “…coming.”

He smiled as he felt the young girl coming on his dick. “Oh god… Oh yes.” The scene was too much for him. This young girl was a recurring sex fantasy while he fucked his lukewarm wife over the years and now… “Oh fuck, Christeen. This is so, ugh, so fucking perfect. So… Ugh!” He began surging cum into her and she squealed as she felt him unloading in her folds. “I hope you’re on something because I just left a massive load inside you.”

“I felt every drop. I didn’t know you wanted me to make a baby tonight! I’m really honored Eddie. Our child will be so perfect, and I’ll try really hard to be a good mother to Darla and Jill.”

“Oh, shit. Are you on birth control, Christie?”

She kissed him. “Now look. I can make you blush.” She laughed loudly.

“Oh god. I need another drink.”

They sat naked in the backyard drinking more whiskey. Edgar was letting his hands and eyes drift over Christeen’s young body. Christeen was holding his dick and gently stroking it. “Mr Garamond?”

Edgar burst out with a short laugh. “After all of that, what happened to calling me Eddie?”

She smiled and pushed his dick away. “Eddie. Yeah, sorry. Eddie, I, uh. I don’t really know what to do now.”

He leaned forward and kissed her. “Drink more whiskey?”

She laughed. “Oh, Absolutely.” She sipped at her glass. “But we just… I mean… What do you and I do now?”

“Oh. I guess I know what you’re asking. Did our friendship just change?”

“Yyyyea-uh! I mean, how do I keep babysitting for you after this?”

“OH!” He turned her to look in his eyes. “That’s not a problem. The girls are going to camp on Saturday. They won’t be back ’til the new semester.”



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