Chris was home alone for a few days over the weekend. His wife was out of town with Rob’s wife, who was his next door neighbor, for four days for a girls extended weekend out. While she was away Chris was taking the time to indulge in his lingerie fetish. For the last two nights he had been dressing up in some of Christy’s old lingerie, using their toys, and getting off online with other guys in his favorite chat room. He’d told his wife years ago the he slipped into her lingerie a couple of times, she wasn’t too hot on the idea then and still wasn’t thrilled with the idea. He’d brought it up a couple of times since then.

She had no idea that he still did it though, at least he didn’t think so. He’d been careless a couple of times and forgotten to pick up the cum stained lingerie after he was done and she had seen it laying around after a business trip or two. But he was always able to pass it off as some of her old stuff he found while cleaning and forgot to put it away. So if she knew she didn’t say anything. His one consolation was she liked to see him jerk off with her lingerie and even liked to see him use her toys while she toyed with her pussy but she still wasn’t too thrilled with him wearing it. So he indulged in his fetish whenever she was out of the house for an extended period of time.

Last night he indulged in some of her old sheer nude thigh high hose that she wore out and a satin and lace teddy that he had bought. Those were laying on the floor next to the things he had on the night before. Tonight he went with something a little sluttier. He dug out one of her black lace garter belts and the matching hose and slipped them on. He loved the way the garter belt framed his toned runner’s ass and the hose felt so good on his legs. He ran his hands up and down the length of his legs eliciting a moan form his lips. Next he grabbed a simple red spaghetti strap camisole and shimmied into it. The satin on his nipples made them harden instantly. To finish off he snatched up a pair of jade green string bikini cut panties that were actually his that he’d had from a previous relationship. It didn’t exactly match but he didn’t care. The feeling of the smooth fabrics on his skin was what he wanted. It got him so hard that his cockhead was poking out of the top of his panties. After dressing up he laid on the bed, got out a pair of nipple clamps, a nice thick 8″ dildo and pulled open the laptop. Last night he lounged around the house in lingerie and played alone while watching some porn. Tonight he wanted to play with others online.

He logged on using the screen name ‘MWM in wife’s lingerie’ and scrolled through the names in the chatroom. He always looked for curious, CD, married, or lingerie in the screen names. They were more likely to be of the same mindset as him even though he was in a gay chat room. After a few minutes of striking out he came upon a guy with the nickname ‘lingerie hubby’ and starts to strike up a conversation.

“Hi there. How are you doing tonight?” He started off with.

“Hi there. I’m Jeff. And you are?”

“Chris. How are you doing tonight?”

“I’m doing well.” Jeff replied. “Horny of course.”

“Lol.” Chris typed as he laughed while rubbing his cock. “Aren’t we all? Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

“True.” Jeff responded “So do you like to wear lingerie too? I love it. And yes my wife knows about it. She gets off on it.”

“LOL. You beat me to my next question. Yes. Mine doesn’t know though. She gets off seeing me use her lingerie to stroke, even gets of seeing me use a toy in my ass, but isn’t keen on me wearing it. She doesn’t know I still do it. She knows I’ve done it a couple of times.”

“Mmmm that’s hot. Mine loves toys too.” Jeff responded

“Lucky you. She ever use a strap-on with you?” Chris typed out. He looked over at the toys on the bed next to him, thinking about slipping one in his ass at the moment.

“Ohhhhh my yes.” Jeff typed back. “It feels so good to have her fucking my ass with her strap-on. She has a big one she likes to use on me from time to time.”

Now for the question that was make or break for a conversation. “Ever thought about the real thing?” Chris asked. He’d had guys bail at this question, and other times they stuck around and the two of them got off together. It was always hit or miss. Silence for a couple of minutes. Chris was beginning to think that Jeff had bailed when a reply came back.

“Yes” was all it said.

“Me too.” Chris replied, happy that he found someone who thought the way he did. Hopefully he could probe a little more now. “I’ve never had another cock but I fantasize about taking one in my mouth and sucking him off and then having him fuck my ass.” His cock twitched at the thought of doing this. It was a huge fantasy of his. As he waited for a reply he reached over and took the nipple clamps from the mattress, opened them wide, and bit down on his nipples. A jolt of pain casino oyna and pleasure shot through his body and made his cock jump like always. Christy knew he liked having his nipples played with and bit, she did it a lot, but she didn’t know that he used nipple clamps. He stroked and thought he’d have to show her these someday, she’d probably get off on it.

Jeff’s reply didn’t come back for a few minutes. Chris thought maybe he pushed it too far too fast. “That’s incredibly hot. I think about the same thing but I’m dressed in lingerie when it happens.”

Chris smiled. “Me too or just a pair of panties. Hell, at this point it doesn’t matter. LOL.” He hit enter and chuckled. He was right. At this point it didn’t matter if he was dressed or not. The thought of being dressed while getting fucked was hot but it didn’t stop him fantasizing about getting fucked without being dressed up.

“Really?” Jeff replied. “The thought of being dressed and having a cock in my mouth turns me on. I haven’t done it in quite a while. Being dressed up would be even better.”

“So you’ve been with a guy before? Lucky you. Does your wife know?” Chris stroked his cock and typed some more. “Sounds like you and I have the same train of thought. I like to fantasize that I get caught by the neighbor while dressing up and one thing leads to another and he comes over to fuck me.” It was true. He’d thought about his neighbor, Rob, many times while fucking himself dressed in lingerie. He’d even sucked his wife’s vibrator while riding a dildo. Imagining one was actually a toy and the one in his mouth was Rob’s cock.

“Yes she knows. She knew I was into guys when we were dating in college. She even knew that I slept with my dorm mate. Haven’t had a cock in a long time though and have been wanting one lately.” Jeff typed out. “And yeah she knows about that too. She’s encouraged me to go looking but I haven’t found anyone local. It’s a bit harder than you think. Lol.”

“My wife is even bi.” He continued. “I’ve watched her with a few women over the years.”

Chris was a bit shocked at that, and turned on. Oh how his college days would have been different if he’d had that experience. “Well if you were my neighbor I’d let you do me.” Chris chuckled as he typed. “And wow. Lucky you. No wonder she’s cool with you fucking other men. I’ve often jerked of fantasizing about watching my wife with a friend. Or her watching me with another guy.” He massaged his balls as he thought of that. It would be a dream come true to see either one of those things happen.

“LOL. We’d play while the wives are away.” Jeff typed out. “We’d never get anything done around the house. Except each other.”

“Mmmm yes.” Chris groaned as he stroked his cock and tugged on the nipple clamp chain. “Ohhh yes.” He typed. “I’d be all dressed up for you in the bedroom with the windows open so you could catch me.” He stroked his cock faster.

“Oh God yessss!” Jeff responded. “The thought of that gets me so hard. Would you like to see? I’d love to see you. I’d love to see you take one of those toys in your ass.”

Chris had never cammed with another guy before. He’d thought about it and had had guys show off for him before but he’d never reciprocated. The thought turned him on and frightened him at the same time. He decided to take the plunge but first he needed to take care of something. “Yes! But let me do something first.”

Before Jeff could reply Chris got up and went to the bathroom. He rummaged around and found a red wig that Christy used one year for a Halloween costume. He put it on and then took out her makeup. He’d toyed with her makeup before while she was away and had gotten so-so with it. He hurriedly put on some foundation and concealer. Then some eye shadow and lipstick. That should be enough to hide who he really was. At least for any fleeting glimpses Jeff might get as he moved on camera.

When he got back to the laptop the screen had Jeff’s reply, “OK” and a request for video chat was hanging there in the chat window. Chris took out an old camera they had for the laptop since the one on the laptop quit and hooked it up. He pointed it so his face didn’t show at first, just him in profile from the neck down stroking his cock, and hit the accept button. When he did he was greeted with the sight of a guy from the neck down, shaved all over, with a nice build, toned legs, no six pack but a taught stomach, in panties covering a large bulge.

Chris groaned at the sight. “Ohhhhh my. You look sexy in those. And what a large bulge.” He licked his lips. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes I can. I like what I see too. Very nice. Sexy.”

“Mmm thank you. I’d love to have your pantied cock right in front of me, mouth open and ready to take it in.” Chris said. The voice on the other end sounded like one he’d heard before, but over the internet he was probably imagining things.

“Ohh really?” Jeff gasped. “I’d love to slot oyna be there too. Stroking it for you and ready to fill your mouth.”

Chris giggled. “You would? Do you really think so? Or are we all just talk?” He’d always wondered if he could go through with it if presented the chance.

Jeff laughed. “Well I did tell you I’ve been with a few guys over the years haven’t I? I wouldn’t hesitate to be over. I’m a bit out of practice though so I might not be as good as I was in my younger years.” Chris could see him squirm in his seat on camera as he laughed.

“I’m not sure how I would react if or when it came to it. I’d probably be nervous as hell.” Chris said. “I’m not sure if I’d really go through with it.” He stroked his cock and heard Jeff moan. Part of him wanted to do it and the other part of him was just a bit frightened. He wasn’t sure why. When he chatted online he always got into it easily with other guys.

“I’ll bet you’d be a natural at it. You look like you’re doing a good job now.” Chris watched as Jeff pointed at the camera, indicating him being dressed up and stroking his cock. “‘I’ll bet you’d be comfortable and slide right into it. Or would that be slide on it?” Jeff laughed and rubbed himself through the panties. Chris could see that he was getting larger. “But over the internet, where it’s anonymous, to a point, it’s so hot.”

Chris laughed. “I’d love to slide on that thing there.” He pointed to Jeff’s bulge. “And yes it is hot. Pull that cock out for me. I’d like to see it.”

Jeff tugged down his panties without a word and out popped the largest cock he’d ever seen. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed. “You are huge!” staring at him over the camera was a cock that looked like it was almost ten inches long and very thick, and Jeff wasn’t totally hard yet. The head was bulbous and the shaft was thick with veins popping on it. His balls and groin area were totally smooth, much like the rest of him. “I’m not sure I could take that in my mouth, ass yes, mouth, probably not.” He licked his lips off camera as he thought about bending over and being stuffed with that monster.

“Oh really? Your ass? I thought you said you’d never had a cock before.” Jeff admonished him.

“No, but lots of toys.” Chris groaned. “Want to see my ass?” before Jeff could answer Chris got up with the laptop in hand, turned around so he could still see Jeff’s feed and his own, got on all fours and wiggled his ass at the camera. He heard Jeff let out a moan and saw him tighten his grip on his now rock hard cock as Chris pulled aside the satin panties to show off his tight, shaved ass.

“Very hot. I’d love to get behind that and fill it.”

“Ugghhh yess,” Chris grunted. “I think I could take that monster in my ass. I have a toy about the size of you.” He rubbed his ass and cock at the same time. Leaning over to show off.

“Oh my. You look so sexy. Is that a wig you have on?”

Chris blushed. “Yes, you saw?” He sounded a bit embarrassed. “That’s what I went off to do before we got on cam. To hide what I really look like a bit. Do you like it?” He wasn’t sure how much Jeff saw when he had turned around to show off his ass. He hoped it was only him from the back.

“Yes. It actually makes you look even sexier.” Jeff replied. Chris could see that Jeff was stroking his cock faster and massaging his balls now. It was probably a good ten inches long.

“Ohhhh.” Came the noise from Chris’ lips. He rubbed his ass and stroked his cock faster knowing that he was really turning Jeff on. Reaching over to the nightstand he picked up the lube, flipped open the cap and dripped some down the crack of his ass.

“Getting all lubed up for my huge cock?” Jeff asked as he wiggled it at the camera for Chris.

“Yessss.” he hissed. He then pulled out the large 8″ dildo that he had used so many times before to show Jeff, running it up and down the crack of his ass.

“Oh my, yes! Fill that hot ass with my ‘cock'” Jeff put a hard emphasis on the word cock.

Chris spread his legs and guided the tip into his waiting hole. He watched on camera as the invader slowly spread his ass and the head popped in. He let out a low groan, oh God it felt incredible, even more so now that he could see it and someone other than Christy was watching him. He’d never seen it this way before and the sight was mesmerizing and sexy. Apparently Jeff thought so to because he was jerking his cock faster and harder and Chris could hear him breathing heavily. Slowly he inserted the large phallus into his ass, moaning and groaning the entire time.

Jeff egged him on. “Oh yeah, take it. Take my cock baby. You know you want it. God you’re so tight.”

He could see Jeff thrusting his hips and his fist was flying up and down on his cock. “Oh yess baby. Fuck my hot little ass. I need a cock so bad. Do it! Pound me!” Chris was now sitting upright and had turned to face the camera now. He zoomed out, canlı casino siteleri throwing caution to the wind and letting Jeff see him almost to his face. He stopped at his chin but realized that as he rode the dildo he might pop into view but only for a few seconds. He rode the dildo in his ass and stroked his cock as if he had a lot of experience taking the real thing. His eyes narrowed to slits as he rode the dildo and let the exquisite feeling wash over him.

He heard Jeff gasp when Chris zoomed out. He wondered what was wrong. “Ugghhh. What’s the matter hon?” Chris asked through half closed eyes. He could see that Jeff had stopped stroking his cock but still had a firm grip on it.

“Ohhhh my.” Came the reply after a few seconds pause. “That, um, that is so hot. Are those nipple clamps?” He gripped his cock and massaged his balls.

“Yes they are. My wife loves to play with my nipples, gets me turned on. I love the feel of the clamps.” He grunted as he sat on the dildo, taking it fully into his ass and tugged at the chain on the clamps. “Oh just imagine if they could see us now.” The thought of getting caught by his wife was an incredible turn on. He wasn’t sure how she would react. Would she be mad? Or would she be turned on at the sight? Or would he get a mixture of the two?

“Mmmm that would be hot. Do you want to get caught?” Jeff asked as he resumed stroking his member. “Like this? Or with an actual guy?” Chris could hear him moaning.

Chris shivered at the thought of getting caught. It turned him on immensely. Be it his neighbor that catches him dressing or his wife that catches him dressed or with another man. “Mmm. that is a bit of a turn on. She might know I still dress up but hasn’t said anything.” Chris looked into the camera at Jeff’s sweating body and throbbing cock, wishing that he was there or him here pounding his ass. “Are you offering?” Chris giggled.

Chris could hear a nervous laugh form the other end of the video feed. “Maybe. Depends on how close we are to each other.” came the groaned reply. “Does she have any idea?” Chris could see now that Jeff had inched lower in the office chair he was in and had now spread his legs and was fingering his ass while stroking.

“Ohhh your ass is hot.” Chris moaned. “Would you like my cock in it?” He gasped.

“She might.” He said answering his question. “With the fact I love a dildo in my ass and she knows I love to cum on myself, giving myself a facial.”

A loud grunt emanated from Jeff. “Wowwww. That is so sexy. She knows you like cum?”

“Yes, at least mine. She gets of having me eat her out after I cum in her or watching me cum on my face and swallow it. So she may have an idea that I want more.” Chris had an idea now. “Would you like to see me cum on my own face?”

Even though Chris couldn’t see Jeff’s face he could tell he was nodding and heard him moan a low yes as a response. Chris smiled into the camera and blew a kiss to Jeff. This was so hot. Why hadn’t he done this before? He would have to do it more often, it was such a thrill.

He laid down on his back facing the headboard of the bed and scooted so his ass was butting against it and his legs were up so his feet resting on the top of the headboard. In the process he buried the dildo deep in his ass and groaned with pleasure. He gazed over at Jeff enthusiastically stroking his cock on the other end of the camera feed. “Mmmm you like that?”

“Oh yes. So this is how you do it for your wife?” Jeff now had three fingers buried in his ass.

Chris just nodded and moaned. “Oh god I’m so close. Are you close to cumming Jeff? Ready to spray that load in my ass?”

Jeff just grunted in response as Chris arched his back and scooted closer to the headboard. His ass was now high in the air and resting on the headboard with his feet, and his cock was now pointing directly at his face. He stroked with one hand and pushed the dildo in and out with the other.

“Mmmmm, open that mouth baby. I’m going to cum and want to fill your mouth with it.” Jeff grunted.

Chris stroked his engorged cock faster, hearing Jeff talk dirty to him got him excited. “Yessssss. Talk dirty to me baby. Pull that monster out of my ass and stroke it off in my mouth.” He pulled faster and faster as he drove the dildo home deeper and deeper.

“Yes. You’re my little slut aren’t you?”

Chris moaned as he heard Jeff talk. Jeff continued, “Pound that ass with that dildo. Open wide for my hot cum baby. You know you want it. Beg for it.”

Chris looked at the camera, “All for you baby. Fill my slutty mouth.”, and opened wide only to look back at his own cock. He tensed up and felt the first wave of a tremendous orgasm welling up. “Uggghhh yesssssss. I’m cumming!” Chris let out with a groan.

He tensed and shot the first load. It hit his face square on the chin, some of it getting in his mouth. He heard Jeff grunting loudly and guessed he was cumming also. Not wanting to look away he kept his eye on his cock and let shot after shot hit his face and mouth. By the time he was done his face was glazed with a huge load of cum and he swallowed what he had caught in his mouth.



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