Chloe lit a cigarette and rolled down her window. The slim blonde valued her time alone; she sometimes felt that she couldn’t be completely herself around others. All the boys who were entranced by her notoriously tight and shapely bum just didn’t understand the girl who sat on it.

She wears a pair of tiny denim short shorts which hug her shapely yet slim hips and tight round ass. Every day she went to the gym to do squats to keep that shape. It was important to her to her. Over her white crop top she wears a red flannel shirt. Her hair is tied in pigtails just begging to be pulled as you bend her over and fuck her tight little ass doggystyle.

She gets out of her car and saunters across the parking lot, into the donut shop. She stands in line and shuffles her feet. When she orders a large coffee with cream she doesn’t think about the consequences it could have on her bowels.

Chloe may have been considered a “hot chick” but she considered it no secret that with the right mix of ingredients in her flat stomach, she could cook up farts and a shit that would clear a room.

Unfortunately for her, the moment the hot coffee hits casino siteleri her stomach she feels a palpable shift from her lower abdomen to her butthole. She adjusts her short shorts and gulps down another sip, feeling it fill up her belly. It’s been a few days since the sexy blonde had had a satisfying dump.

“Oooh. So full. Gotta unload soon” she thinks to herself.

She keeps drinking the large cup. With every drop she feels the big poop lodged in her colon push harder and harder against her soft young asshole.

She sits in the corner of the shop, scrolling through instagram.

She takes a tentative look around and lets a tiny fart escape her creamy cheeks.

“Mmm. A little better. But I need a toilet to wreck soon…” she decides as she gets up.

She rounds the corner and finds the ladies room door. She enters the three stalled room and scoots toward the middle one.

Once inside the sexy blonde bites her lip as she feels the solid poop poking its way out of her asshole with increasing urgency. She locks the door. She grips her stomach as she lets her short shorts and thong fall to her ankles and plops down her taut slot oyna bubble butt on the toilet seat.

She closes her big blue eyes and concentrates on pushing out the monster turd that seems far too thick for her tight little asshole. But this snake has been curled up inside her rectum and belly all morning.

“Just takes a little coffee to move it along and make me drop a big stinky one” she giggles to herself as her stomach gurgles and churns. She leans forward, her toned abs contort as she clasps her hands together in her lap and scrunches up her face. The enormous log of poop works its way out of her colon, as she lets it unload out of her asshole. The solid log slides out of her crack and splashes in the toilet water.

She exhales heavily… On the inhale she is greeted by the familiar stench of her favorite private moments; a good dump.

“Oof. and it is stinky. Sure hope noone walks in on this”

She pulls out her phone from her button down shirt pocket and begins to scroll through snapchat. She even sends off a few toilet selfies. “Haha. I’m so gross I love it.”

The rancid yet somehow fresh and healthy smell of chloes guts canlı casino siteleri fills the bathroom from her butthole outwards. Another big, hot , steaming shit falls to the toilet and Chloe sighs with relief as she feels her stomach muscles contract and relax after their mighty feat.

As she pulls the toilet paper loose from the roll, she wiggles her butt on the toilet seat. The door opens and she hears someone enter the stall next to her. She feels bad for whoever it is… “It must smell like I dropped the biggest, nastiest shit of 2017” she thinks to herself. Chloe crumples up the toilet paper and reaches behind her to wipe between her smooth round cheeks. Her shapely rump spreads as she itches the shit out of her soft asshole.

She smiles and lets out a few gassy farts. “Ah. What a relief.” she thinks as she is inundated with her naughty smell. “I love being a ratchet nasty bitch.”

NOTE = This and all of my stories are simple Erotic female relief/ release stories. They are for people like myself who think that hearing about legal females taking big, relieving shits is the sexiest thing in the world. I know it’s not for everybody, but I also know that there are others who share this fetish. I wanted to create the content that I wanted to read as there is a dearth of it currently. If you know or have other content like this please let me know in the comments! Thanks!



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