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The lights were off in the bedroom I shared with my sister, Chey. A glimmer of light from our bathroom pierced the pitch black, it was kept on to help with my fear of the dark. It was late, we were both supposed to be sleeping as it was a school night. A soft sigh parted my tender mouth, sleep was beyond my grasp. I looked over to the other bed where Chey slept, peacefully. Her features are identical to my own even in repose.

Chey and I are twin sisters, identical twins, and as much as we look alike, our personalities are completely opposite. She is soft and sweet, loving and kind to everyone. She never has a bad word to say to anyone and when she smiles it lights up the room. I, on the other hand, am a hellion as my Daddy tells me all the time. Brash and sassy, full of energy, and always looking to explore new places and things. Rest assured, it gets me into more trouble than I can handle at times. I wondered at times if things would be different, had our Mother not left us, so long ago. Daddy has raised us, alone, since Chey and I were 4 years old.

I lay there watching her sleep, wishing I could be more like her at times. See, I got into trouble today and Daddy grounded me from everything that I consider fun. My jaw still throbbed where he had grabbed it and forced my gaze to his own, asking quietly, “When are you going to settle down, Tawney?” I wish I had the answer to that question but I don’t. Daddy released his grip, shook his head and walked into the other room. His parting shot to me was, “You’re grounded… from everything.”

I tossed and turned, replaying it all in my mind now, still unsure that what I had done was so bad. The Head Master at the all girl’s school we attended had called me into his office. Apparently, one of the times I uncrossed my legs, Sister Carmen had seen my bare slit. “What was she doing looking?” I thought to myself. Just to be mean and nasty I purposely uncrossed my legs and showed Head Master my naked twat while he dialed my Daddy’s office. I’m almost sure Mr. Finch took great pleasure in telling him that I had taken to not wearing panties under my short, plaid, uniform skirt.

Daddy was livid when I walked thru the door. My breath caught in my throat as soon as I saw his face, his eyes raking me from head to foot. One of his large hands whipped out and caught hold of the hem of my little skirt, yanking it up almost to my belly. I turned beet red as his gaze dropped to my shaven muff. “Daddy!!!!”, I yelped, instinct making me jerk backwards away from him. He didn’t let go though, instead he tugged me closer so that I had to stand on tippy toes. I could feel his breath on my face as he hissed, “Not only have you quit wearing panties to school but you shave your cunt now??” Hearing that word shocked me into silence… Daddy didn’t talk like that to his baby girls. Chey stood next to me, crying big tears, begging Daddy not to whip me.

He dropped my skirt and lifted his hand to clench my jaw so hard, tears stung my eyes. That’s when he asked me when I was going to settle down and told me I was grounded. So, here I lay, sleep far away while I thought about what I had done. More than that though, I was thinking about the rush of pleasure I had felt when my Daddy was staring at my young, shaven, pussy.

Just thinking about it was making me hot between my thighs. My hand stroked down to cup the bald mound, fingers wiggling in the slit until I whimpered. I looked over at Chey to make sure she had not heard the little lustful sound I had made. She was fast asleep so with a low groan of submission I continued exploring my soft cunt. My index finger was curling in circles around the tiny nub of my clit until it started to throb in time with my heartbeat. I had masturbated before but never while thinking of my Daddy’s tongue flicking my clit like my fingers were doing right now. I let my hand drop down, so the pad of my middle finger was tracing the tight ring at the opening of my hole. A hot moan… “Dadddddy” tore from my lips just as I dipped the digit into my clutching pussy. Back arching high, hips grinding down into the pink, pastel sheets, I worked the finger to the first knuckle as the orgasm ripped thru my virgin pussy. A small squirt of juice sprayed over my hand, the walls of my cunt spasming again and again.

My body froze as I realized the covers in Chey’s bed were stirring. Breath held within my shuddering chest, I waited to see if she was awake. My worst fears were confirmed when Chey crawled out of her bed and into mine. She pressed her head to mine and crooned softly into my ear. “You called out Daddy, Tawn…. were you dreaming that he was going to spank you for today?” I lay there, silent, still trying to catch my breath. My sister wrapped her arm over my belly and tugged me closer.

“Why do you have to be so bad, sis?” Chey sighed and then went on. “Daddy does the best he can and you keep pushing every limit, casino oyna although, I do have to admit I wish I could be as fearless as you are.” I remained silent, listening to my beloved sister bemoan my bahaviour for the hundredth time since we were old enough to talk. To my suprise Chey started giggling softly, whispering close to my ear, “I wish I could have seen Mr. Finch’s face when you showed him your pussy though.” My arms curled about her in a close hug, my laughter joining hers until we were both rolling on the bed. When the giggles subsided I was straddling her, tickling across her ribs. Our identical, amber orbs met and held in a long look and I whispered softly… “Chey, when I called out Daddy, I was awake, fingering my pussy while I imagined him licking my clit.”

I watched as Chey’s eyes rounded with shock, her soft, pliant mouth forming a cupie doll -O-. I waited for her to come to terms with what I had said but she suprised me when she responded, “Did you cum, Tawney?” I nodded slowly, never releasing her gaze. To show her, I writhed my hips across her bare tummy, leaving a slick trail of my cum around her belly button. A low groan of need gurgled in my sister’s throat as her hand slipped down to brush over my soaked mound. It was my turn for the shocked look, my sister’s finger sliding thru my swollen lips causing heat to torch every nerve.

My body dropped down over hers, our mouth’s just a breath from the other’s. I whispered at the corner of her lips, “Are you sure, Chey?” She smiled into my eyes and nodded. With that little show of admission, I lost control. My tongue snaked out, little pink tip tracing the outline of her mouth, parting it to be tongue-fucked. A hissssss of need escaped the second before my tongue plunged into her mouth, licking the sweet cavern to taste her. My sister’s tongue curled about mine, coiling and slick as we dueled for Dominance. My hands threaded into her copper curls, tugging gently to lift her into the kiss. Soft sighs, whimpers of lust quaked from our young bodies, the smell of girlish lust filling the room as we started to grind our pussies together.

Chey pushed my head away from hers, voice ragged as she asked me to taste her cunt. I could not believe this was my meek and mild sister!! I reached out with my left hand to turn the bedside lamp on, knowing I needed to see her face as she came against my lips. I was going to drink every drop of her sticky, sweet cum within moments and I couldn’t wait.

Ever so slowly, I slid my curvy body down hers, the shock jolting thru my core as our rigid nipples brushed across each other. My mouth found her jaw, nibbling over it until I reached her neck. Small, ivory teeth glittered as they sank into the translucent flesh of her neck, pearls of crimson flowing onto my tongue as I suckled hard. Chey was panting, little howls of pleasure-pain ricocheting around us, her hips slamming up against mine. Something deep inside whispered… “this is your sister” but I drowned out the thought with my animalistic sounds of rapture.

My mouth continued it’s quest over Chey’s ripe body, stopping to flick at each nipple that topped high, perky young tit’s. I noted that even our nipples matched, a light, coral pink that deepened in colour to a dusky rose when aroused and swollen. My teeth nibbled the nubs then bit down to the edge of pain before soothing once more with long, slow circles around each.

“Ahhhh damnnn, Chey.. I need to suck your pussy.” Her gaze locked onto mine as my mouth brushed over her wet mound. The downy soft, strawberry blonde curls tickled my nose until I laughed into her cunt. I grabbed a little fistful of the curls and tugged, “Someday soon, I’ll shave this for you, sis.” I couldn’t wait another second for a taste of my sister’s virgin slit. My head tilted, tongue flicking out to lick from her tiny asshole to her clit. “Mmmmmmmmm sissy, your pussy is sweeet…” A groan of pain vibrated in my throat as Chey clenched fistfuls of my hair and yanked my face into the middle of her cunt.

Using my thumbs, I popped her clit from the sheath, baring it completely. I sucked the throbbing nub into my mouth, cheeks hollowing as I drew it in and out, over and over. I could smell her strawberry body spray mingle with the vanilla scent of mine, the smell of girl pussy juice… all of it so intoxicating to the senses. I became feral as my cheeks rubbed against her silky thighs. My tongue drove into her cunt, fucking hard and fast while my thumb frigged her clit. Her tender, young body, so like mine was ready for the awakening of exquisite pleasure.

Mindless with desire now, my nails raked over her tummy, leaving bright red scratches behind. My tongue thrust in and out of her hole, mimicing the motion of a stiff cock as I took her closer to climax. Chey writhed underneath my mouth, her fingers clutching at the sheets until they tore from the mattress. My tongue flattened to slot oyna lap at her cunt like sweet cream, drinking every drop of my sister’s juices. Her words incoherent, nothing more than a chant of bliss, she was begging to fly over the edge. I pressed two fingers close together, curling them just inside her sopping cunt to stroke over the g-spot, my teeth raked over her clit until she exploded in sobbing screams against my mouth. I couldn’t remember tasting anything as delicious as my sister’s cum as it flowed over my tongue. Little mew’s of pleasure, being purrred from both our lips brought us back down, just a layer.

I felt Chey push me away long enough to switch positions, her head almost hanging off the bottom of the bed. I stood up, legs shaking with anticipation of what was to come… finally, to feel a mouth on my needy little hole. Crouching on my hands and knees, barely balanced on the bed’s very edge, I lowered my dripping snatch to my sister’s mouth. Always being the loud, wild one, a scream of unabated rapture tore from my mouth as her tongue corkscrewed into my tight asshole.

The overhead light snapped on, the glaring brightness stunning Chey and I. We blinked slowly, eyes glazed with lust, trying to figure out what was happening thru passion hazed minds. We didn’t have long to wonder. Daddy’s voice stung us both like the tip of a bullwhip. “What in the hell are you two doing?!?” I tried to scramble off Chey’s mouth but Daddy stopped me. Three long strides has brought him to the end of my bed, his large palm splaying over the small of my back held me firmly in place. My entire body flushed pink as I felt the heat of his gaze run over my flesh. A low whimper of something close to fear parted my cum coated lips. Low sobs and hiccups were heard from between my thighs, Chey was crying in terror at being caught.

Almost in unison we both cried… “Daddy we can explain..” A halo of copper curls turned to an odd angle, amber orbs lifting to look over my shoulder into his. I needed to see him, see if he was angry with us. Daddy was naked, strong and firm, every muscle defined with tension. I couldn’t help myself, honest I couldn’t. My eyes dropped to his jutting cock. I could see every rigid inch, the veins seeming to pulse under smooth skin. His hairy balls were taut against his thighs, the head of his cock twitching and drooling pearls of precum and all I could think was how badly I needed to feel it in my mouth.

Daddy reached forward to take a fistful of my curls. I sobbed as pain shot thru my skull. “Tawney, I’m almost sure that you are the cause of this, you ache to be a little slut.” I shook my head no, every movement of my head causing the pain to bite into my scalp. “Nooo I don’t Daddy, I don’t want to be a slut, pleassse no I swear!”

His arm raised high and then came swinging down, the palm landing on my bare ass with a booming “Smaaaaaaack!” The force of the blow sent my cunt landing against Chey’s mouth and being the slut “she” is (Daddy would never believe that though) her tongue coiled around my clit. I screamed until I went hoarse, Daddy kept smacking my ass until it burned with fire and Chey just kept licking my dripping cunt. Ahhhh God! I needed to cummmm. Somewhere in those long moments of getting the spanking I knew I deserved for all the things I had done wrong that Daddy didn’t even know about, the pain turned to pleasure, the pleasure to sheer erotica and erotica to submission.

I wiggled my ass back, tempting him to do his worst.. or.. his best. I wanted to cry with frustration when he answered my taunt with walking around the bed to slap his cock against my lips. His voice was silky smooth when he ordered Chey to keep licking and sucking my snatch and asshole. “Suck my cock, babygirl and suck it hard so I can fuck your cherry pussy…” Just hearing those words made me tremble. My head jerked up to look into the glowing amber that my twin and I had inherited from him. “Yes, Daddy” was my only response.

My tongue hung out of my mouth, near drooling as his cock pressed to my cheek. I nuzzled against it until he decided to have mercy, ass flexing as his cock pushed past my lips. My lips ran along the shaft, kissing softly, loving every inch of silken strength. Chey’s tongue working over my cunt and the reality of Daddy’s cock in my mouth turned me almost savage. I took him deeper into my mouth, the drooling head leaving a salty trail over my tongue. My lips were drawn wide now, nostrils flaring with every breath as he pumped his hips to force the head into my throat. Gag’s sounded as he impaled my mouth, the tears flowing freely from the corners of my eyes. Daddy started long, slow strokes in and out of my mouth, his cock stopping on my trembling lips and then plunging back in until he fucked my throat. My hands curled around his body, cupping his muscular ass in small palms. I couldn’t get enough of my Daddy’s cock, I wanted to drink his canlı casino siteleri cum.

Just when I thought I might get my most fervent wish, Daddy drug his cock from my mouth. One finger reached out to stroke down my cheek, catching hold of a tear and whiping it away. He stepped around the bed until he was positioned behind my ass. Once more, I looked over my shoulder to watch him watching Chey, her tongue busy scooping up my cream. His mouth parted, features contorted into erotic pain… “Babygirl, I’m going to fuck you until you beg to cum…”

My thighs parted wider over my sister’s head, cunt drooling slick juice into her face. Daddy grabbed two fistfuls of my ass cheeks to spread them apart. He whispered, almost to himself, “Someday soon, I’m going to suck your pussy.” I shivered, his words scraping every nerve raw. With no warning, his cock thrust into my tight, virgin hole, stretching it to mold to his cock. Screams wrenched from my throat, pain blinding me with it’s intensity. “Daaaaaaaddddddy!!! Daddddddyyyyy!!! It hurts, please no no no it hurtsss!!!!” I was bucking and writhing, trying anything to get him away, get his cock out of me and stop the white hot burning in my cunt. His hands held me in place, riding out every one of my attempts to get free. Daddy leaned over me, mouth nuzzling my ear, to whisper, “Shhhhh, Tawney, babygirrll, shhhhh.. I promise it’s going to get better.”

My head dropped to rest against Chey’s thigh, tears wetting her skin as I sobbed my pain. I could hear Chey underneath me, mirroring my sobs. A small spark of pleasure coiled under my belly button, Daddy was starting to stroke his cock in and out of my pussy. A gasp of sweet need shuddered from my lungs and without thought, my hips started to grind back to take more cock into my pulsing snatch. “Daddy’s little girl is a needy little slut, isn’t she?” I could only nod as he fucked into my tight hole. Chey had started sucking my clit down into her mouth, tugging it with her lips until it stretched away from the hood. I dropped my head, tongue snaking out to fuck Chey’s pussy with the same slow, languid motions Daddy was using on my cunt. Her cry of pleasure was music to my ears, encouraging me to take her to climax once more.

Daddy pulled his cock from my hole with the promise that he had something special for Chey and I. He positioned our bodies so that she and I were laying on top of one another, mouth to mouth, breast to breast. He splayed our thighs apart until our mounds were pressed together. Slowly, gently he eased into Chey’s tight cunt. After the head had gained entrance he plunged into her, taking her cherry the same as he had taken mine.. quick and hard. My mouth covered hers, muffling the scream of pain as Daddy held her still to adjust to the length and girth. I kissed her so soft and sweet, licking inside her mouth once more to taste the flavor of my cream. Tongue trailing over her cheeks, the salty tears a tang on my tongue, I crooned to her that it would be pleasure beyond comparison, soon. I felt Daddy begin to thrust into her pussy, slow and sure, and Chey’s first whimper of heat was against my neck, where she nuzzled.

My lips parted on a soft hissss, “Dadddddy, ahhhh yess, more more.” He had pulled out of Chey and fucked back up into my slit. Our pussies ground together, clits rubbing until we were both panting for climax while Daddy kept teasing us by switching back and forth between our cunts. Chey came first, her body curling into mine. Soft, timid moans floated over my skin, light as a feather as she sang her release. I started to French her mouth, licking the crevice, teasing with the tip of my tongue, wanting to prolong her first climax. I could hear Daddy groaning as her cunt sucked at his cock. I was selfish, hoping he would wait to make me cum too before he shot his load.

He slid out of Chey’s dripping snatch and thrust back into mine with a grunt of desire. I plunged my hips back, corkscrewing down on his cock, a greedy slut needing the release he could give. His fingers started to dig into my ass cheeks, possessing me, his cock filling my twitching hole. I could only scream, “Dadddddddddddyyyyyyyy!!!” as the climax reached out, grabbed hold and tugged me into the waiting abyss. My toes were curling, hair tingling, every nerve alive and filled with bliss as he slammed into my spasming core, the walls milking at his shaft. I heard him groan, long and low, “Yessss, babygirrrl, nowwww..” just before his cock was yanked from my cunt. Long, hot ropes of cum shot across my lush ass, over my arched back, covering me in the milky spew. And ohhhhh how I loved the feel of that heat on my skin. Daddy collapsed on top of Chey and I, chest heaving as he moaned. My pouty mouth bowed, small whimpers and mew’s of pleasure rippling thru my body with every aftershock.

Daddy rolled off us to stand beside the bed. He leaned down, kissed each of us on the forehead and whispered… “Happy Birthday, Tawney and Chey… I love you, babygirls.”

Chey and I looked at each other and started to laugh.. we had both forgotten, today was our 18th birthday and what a way to start out the year.



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