Welcome to Midland, a nice quaint mid-sized city in the heart of America. Housewives and blue collar workers, a few big buildings to gaze at, and the few opulent citizens make Midland the very picture of suburbia. The people of Midland are its greatest asset and today we will look in on Cheri Montague, a young woman that has a very interesting story indeed…

Cheri loved the female form so she couldn’t imagine being anywhere more appealing than the varsity track locker room at Midland High School. Her teammates were in various forms of dress and as always, Cheri couldn’t stop her eyes from scanning and enjoying the view. Usually she observed her teammates’ bodies like works of art, allowing for ample time, as she soaked in every smooth curve and sweat glistened body part.

However today Cheri could not concentrate, as her mind would not get over the fact that she had done so poorly at practice today, or the fact that she had had the most amazing time showing her teammate Barbara how to eat her pussy just before practice began. After having caught the slightly younger senior masturbating casino şirketleri before their previous track meet, Cheri had been pleasing and guiding the girl affectionately known as Barbie in the arts of sex. Earlier today however Barbie had instead begged to please her older “sister” and Cheri could only oblige.

Cheri let herself be led by the younger girl through the locker room. Her mind was still wandering to her earlier performance as she lazily watched Barbie’s ass stretch the crease of her shorts. Maybe her attentiveness and ability would return to her if she let herself be controlled she thought. Otherwise she’d much rather be the one leading the blonde to their regular spot. As they approached the empty trainer’s room Cheri prayed that releasing control would led to her gaining it back.

Locking themselves in the deserted trainer’s room during sixth period Cheri allowed Barbie to lay her down on the exam table and remove her track sweats revealing her “kitty” boy short panties. Then the doll like girl spread her legs and gazed at Cheri’s now soaked bald pussy. Having casino firmaları had Cheri ravage her twat on many occasions Barbie approached the subject as her older companion did. Cheri moaned as the tongue traced and licked its way up her inner thigh. Propping herself on her elbow Cheri could now observe the top of her teammate’s head as it advanced past her crotch up to her belly. Kissing down from Cheri’s belly button Barbie made her way back down to the top of her friend’s slit.

Anticipating what was coming next Cheri held her breath and watched as Barbie’s head and tongue danced around her lower lips. Needing to be fully appreciated, Cheri inched down into her partner’s face only to see and feel her move away in the same motion. Teasing her teacher as she had been done so many times Barbie nibbled, licked, and kissed all around and on Cheri’s now throbbing pussy. Unable to take anymore teasing Cheri lay back and grasped the freshman’s hair pulling her into her gushing sex.

Startled Barbie sensing Cheri would have no more teasing jabbed her adept tongue into the inviting hole in güvenilir casino her face. Rubbing her nose in her lips while she licked and sucked at her partner’s walls Barbie was being driven into a frenzy by all the dirty talk coming from Cheri’s mouth. After insistent moans and whimpers Barbie gratified Cheri’s wishes and made her way to Cheri’s pulsing clit. Sucking it in between her teeth and tongue, Barbie listened while Cheri’s breathing and body movement grew wilder. Sucking and biting Barbie inhaled Cheri’s clit causing the junior to moan and suddenly calm down. Still sucking on Cheri’s clit Barbie inserted two fingers into her companion’s hole, just as her body began to shudder with the first wave of orgasm. Pumping and sucking all at once Barbie continued to please Cheri until her body no longer shuddered and her breathing quieted down.

Amazed at how good she felt Cheri was slow to dress when finally a whistle signaling that practice was beginning sounded. Pulling her track shorts from her bag Cheri donned them without the barrier of her panties, which she stuffed into her bag alongside her sweats, and rushed with the senior in her wake towards her worst practice ever. And even here after practice Cheri still could not concentrate as she pulled her sweat, cum, and spit soaked shorts off and headed for the showers…



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