CHARLIE The CENTAUR Part 3Holly Levine was hooked on Charlie,s Norse, cock as she savoured the hot fresh taste of his sperm rolling it round her tongue prior to gulping it down loudly so Charlie could hear as well as see her pay tribute to his prick. As she swalllwed she suddenly felt an intense surge of senses course through her body like a jolt of electricity and realise for a rare occasion she,d had an orgasm with just a cock in her mouth. She sometimes came with her titties being sucked and obviously tofingers, but rarely simply sucking cock and she enjoyed every second of it till she seemed to have drained most of his cock cream away. She was delighted to see he was what seemed even harder now she,d sucked him off! “Why don,t you eat me and get me dreads for that wonderful cock of yours Charlie?” she suggested. “It,ll be a real pleasure Holly.” It seemed record time she stood naked before Charlie letting him drink in her stunning beauty which seemed created for sex. Charlie was no stranger to eating pussy bakırköy escort as Corrina his occasional girl friend had taught him how and his younger sister adored it. Corrina kept nagging him to marry her but she also told him she wanted his foal badly and was willing to funk him as she wanted a young baby centaur a bit more than Charlie. His little sister on the other hand just loved to fuck. He knew it was supposed to be taboo to fuck his sister, but there were few single female centaurs in his tiny settlement even though married Sellina Forest now and then let him fuck her, but then all the Male centaurs fucked her. She had five c***dren and Wasn,t sure who the fathers to any of them were. Charlie suspected her youngest Calvin who looked very much like Charlie was likely his son, but certainly wasn,t making a case out of it. As well as a long prick Charlie also had a tongue a full four inches longer than human males of which he made much use of with Holly, his tongue reaching beşiktaş escort depths she,d never felt by a tongue before which made her head spin and soon she was tingling as more climaxes coursed through her body and juices squirted and flooded out to cover Charlie,s gave, some running on his best and neck and in his hair. “Gosh Holly! You sure are one Juicy Lady!” Charlie laughed as another squirt hit his nose and splashed down onto his chin. “Sorry Charlie! When I,m really hit I squirt all over the place!” she apologised. “That,s okay, Holly!” Turns me on even more!” “Looking at your cock you,d better stick it on my pussy and fuck the Shit out of me!” she growled eagerly and he responded by slipping his cock in as far as possible, surprised she stretched to take more than half his length. “I,ve had a couple real big dicks, but none like yours Charlie, but I,m determined to take as much of you as I can!” she moved her pelvis against him making their genitals squelch as beylikdüzü escort they created a mighty magical suction and a loud sucking noise to boot! Charlie held on as long as he could, but Holly was working hard with her twat muscles to milk his balls while trying to accommodate more of his length and thickness till she managed about two thirds the total length. Sudden,y Charlie exploded and his fresh ejaculation shot out with enough force to spurt his cock cream back out of Holly,s quim and down onto the now soaking wet rock. They collapsed together kissing passionately Holly held gently in his arms as they recovered from the sex session. “So what do you think of human pussy then Charlie?” she looked up happily from his arms. “Fabulous!” Charlie thanked her. “So what,s a centaur pussy like then?” “Basically the same except a bit deeper to take the Male,s prick!” he replied. “Well if we fuck a few more times I reckon I can take All of you!” she boasted. “We,ll see. Would you like some refreshment? I have some wine at my hideaway and we can chat a bit more?” he offered. “No eally. I must get back. You go on and clear off before I head back. I don,t want to know about your home yet?” She kissed him passionately once she was dressed again and promised to return the next day for more fun and games. TBC



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