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Charlie Avoids Being Fired (bi-male, MMF, DP)My name is Sam and I manage a small company offering leisure services. There is a small team of staff and the nature of the business means that some weeks we just see each other at team meetings and work independently the rest of the time.Four weeks ago I was working on my own at a computer in the office. I needed to research something on the internet and opened the browser to look for the information that I needed. When I started typing something into the address bar the autofill came up with a site that I definitely wasn’t looking for. I realised that someone had been using an office computer to access porn and decided to investigate the browsing history. Sure enough for a period of half an hour on the previous day a member of my staff had whiled away the time checking out some hard core porn (mostly mmf bisexual and double penetration stuff). A quick check of the rota revealed that it was Charlie, who had obviously been pleasing himself during work time. Charlie is a great worker and I didn’t want to lose him so I made a thorough check and discovered that this was the only time that he had done this. I made a snap decision; I covered his tracks and called him up to tell him what I had discovered. I told him how stupid he had been and that he could consider himself lucky that he wasn’t out of a job. Charlie was grateful and promised not to do it again.Two weeks later I found myself socialising with Charlie and he took the opportunity to take me to one side and apologise again for his actions. I told him not to sweat it but whilst we were on the subject I was intrigued by his choice of viewing. I asked him if he shared these mmf fantasies with his girlfriend. Of course he wanted to know why I was interested, so I confessed that I was into mmf fantasy but that my wife was not. We had secret knowledge of one another now and this made us more relaxed in discussing these ideas. He said that he had raised the possibility of a threesome with his girlfriend and she had not dismissed the idea. Charlie promised to broach the subject with her again and if she was amenable he would set something up for the three of us.For most of the next week I was constantly checking my messages and inbox to see if anything might happen. Then I received a cryptic text message from Charlie suggesting a date and time for meeting up. I had a day to wait and I could think of little else for most of those 24 hours. The time for going to Charlie’s flat finally came round and I made my way there feeling more excited than a k** on his first date.I rang the door bell and waited for the door to open. I was greeted by Jane, she kissed me on the cheek and asked me inside. I had met Jane a few times before, she tended to dress down a little in baggy clothes, but on this occasion she was wearing a simple dress which showed off her figure beautifully. I was pleased to notice curves that I had never seen before and couldn’t wait to get better acquainted.Jane showed me into the lounge where Charlie handed me a drink. We made small talk for a while until Jane winked at Charlie and then got up to leave the room. As she left she said “I know this will sound clichéd, but I am just going to change into something less comfortable.”Charlie flicked the switch on the TV remote and soon we were watching images of two well endowed guys pleasuring a gorgeous girl. Over the moans and groans coming from the screen we got to talking and admitted to each other that we were both bi-curious bahis siteleri but there were certain things that we weren’t prepared to do. Just as if we were in a meeting at work we set out the ground rules for our encounter that evening.We had finished talking and an uncomfortable silence was just beginning take shape when Jane walked back into the room. She was now wearing a silk corset with matching thong, stockings and long black gloves. I was already pretty aroused, but the sight of her made me horny as hell. I instinctively stood up. Jane glanced at the bulge in my trousers and smiled. Charlie stood up and took Jane in his arms and kissed her. Jane broke off the kiss and went and sat in the middle of the sofa.”Now why don’t you boys take off all of your clothes and come and sit either side of me on the sofa?” Jane didn’t need to make the invitation twice. Both of us quickly took off our clothes and sat next to her on the sofa. Jane didn’t waste any time she took Charlie’s cock in her left hard and took hold of mine in her right. She was smiling lewdly with a glint in her eye as she slowly stroked our cocks. I moved a hand onto her leg and started to caress her stockinged thighs as Charlie kissed her again and eased Jane’s left breast over the top of her corset.Charlie and I took it in turns to kiss Jane and nibble on her neck and breasts, whilst she kept up a steady rhythm on our cocks. After a little while Jane suggested that we should take it to the bedroom and stood up. As soon as Jane let go of our cocks Charlie and I stood up to eager for more. Jane took a cock in each hand and led us towards the bedroom. We began to get the giggles as we approached the door though as it was obvious that we couldn’t all fit through the door this way.Jane pushed me through the door into the room and told me to lie on the bed. As I lay there I couldn’t help noticing the effort they had gone to in preparing the room. Beautiful clean linen, candles, a little bit of background music and a heady scent in the air. Jane and Charlie gave me a little bit of a show. Charlie stood at the end of the bed whilst Jane went down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Her hands were still encased in the long black gloves and she used these to stroke the base of his cock and his balls.Judging by the moans of appreciation Charlie was receiving an expert blowjob. Then Jane made eye contact with me and drew her mouth off Charlie’s cock with an audible pop. She stood up and removed her thong. I noticed that she was neatly trimmed with a triangle of hair just above her slit. Jane saw my gaze and said “would you like a closer look Sam?” As she said this she used her gloved fingers to part her pussy lips slightly.I nodded and Jane climbed onto the bed next to my feet. She slowly crawled up the bed kissing and nibbling parts of me on the way. She paused at my cock and teasingly licked the tip. Both of my nipples received a playful bite before Jane knelt over my face. She lowered her pussy towards my waiting lips. I breathed in her musky scent and started to explore every part of her pussy with my tongue.Jane was appreciating my attention as she started to make little mewing sounds and was slowly humping my face. Then the bed springs creaked and I realised that Charlie had joined us on the bed. Next I had a real surprise, I felt a breath on the sensitive tip of my cock. My cock twitched and slapped against my belly, on the rebound it slapped into Charlie’s chin. This was a first, feeling a stubbly canlı bahis chin with the end of my cock.Charlie grasped my cock with his hand and guided the end into his mouth. He started to stroke up and down with is hand easing my foreskin off the head of my cock with each pull. He started to lick around the head of my cock which made my toes curl and I started to moan with pleasure. Jane noticed this and looked over her shoulder to see her boyfriend devouring my cock. She lifted herself off my face and turned around before lowering herself back down again. She obviously wanted to enjoy the show.Jane lent forward and started to kiss and nibble Charlie’s ear. She started to whisper things in his ear. I could just make out some of the things she was saying. “Are you going to make him come with your mouth?” “I want to see you swallow his spunk.” She kept on talking to him all of the time. This spurred Charlie on and he started to wank my cock into his mouth faster. I knew that my moment wasn’t too far away, and then Jane started to play with my balls and massage the root of my cock below them. I exploded into Charlie’s mouth. My body quivering all over, my cock kept jerking until I felt spent.As I recovered my equilibrium I noticed that Jane had got off me and was kissing Charlie deeply. She pulled him onto the bed and quickly straddled his face. She had been having a good time with me but it was obvious that Charlie knew how to push her buttons better because she was soon gasping and writhing on his face. Then she lent forward and took his cock in her mouth. I moved to get a closer look. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Taking Charlie’s cock out of her mouth she said “Do you want a taste of this?” I nodded and grasped the base of Charlie’s cock.It was the first time that I had had another man’s cock in my hand. I noticed that it was a little bit longer than mine but did not have as much circumference. I amused myself by rolling his foreskin back and forwards before taking the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the sensitive end of his cock.Jane then started whispering things in my ear, telling me what Charlie liked. I was learning from an expert and judging by the groans coming from the region of Jane’s pussy I was a good pupil. I continued to use my hand to stroke his cock and was gradually picking up the pace. Jane then started urging me on, she was obviously getting close. I picked up the pace even more. Charlie started to writhe on the bed and I couldn’t keep my mouth on his cock anymore. I concentrated on wanking him hard and fast, he let out a groan and started to come. When Jane saw this her eyes opened wide and she started to pant and groan through her orgasm. I slowed my pace slightly and squeezed harder and was rewarded with the sight of a jet of spunk squirt out of the end of Charlie’s cock, this was followed by another one and then a few further spurts that dribbled down over my fingers.I looked up at Jane and realised that I had been aiming Charlie’s cock at her as she had two glistening trails of spunk on her face. Without thinking I licked at her face and swallowed some of Charlie’s spunk. She must have thought this was really something because she kissed me hard and had another mini-orgasm.Jane recovered quickly and got up. She looked a little flushed, both of her nipples were peeking out just over her corset. Her pussy looked moist and slightly puffy. I had never been jealous of Charlie before but I envied him right now as Jane looked so hot. güvenilir bahis She looked at me and then at Charlie and said “I have got to have one of your gorgeous dicks inside me, which one of you is going to fuck me?”Charlie had only just come so his cock was still wilting. But I was already semi-hard, so I grasped my cock and stroked it to a full erection. Jane got the message and reached into a bedside drawer. She found a condom and threw it towards me. I quickly rolled it on and lay on the bed. Jane then took her gloves off slowly and eased herself onto the bed. She stood astride of my groin and slowly lowered herself towards my waiting cock.The feeling was exquisite as Jane eased herself onto my cock. She took her weight on her feet and slowly rose up and down. I stroked her thighs and fondled her breasts before easing a thumb onto her clit and describing little circles around it. After a while she said that her legs were getting tired and eased down onto her knees. I moved my hands onto her ass and found that Charlie was already there kissing and nibbling on her cheeks.Charlie then moved up the bed and whispered in her ear. I didn’t hear what he said but the look on Jane’s face was one of pure lust. She just said “You bad boy, OK”. I was wondering what she had agreed to when Charlie rummaged in the bedside drawer and pulled out another condom and some lubricant. He quickly eased the condom onto his now erect member and started to dribble the lube down the crack of her ass before massaging the lube into her anus. I now knew what was coming next.There was a slightly awkward moment as we tried to find space for everyone’s legs. Jane lent forward onto my chest and then let out a little “oh” followed by a more guttural grunt. Then Jane asked Charlie not to move for a moment, she continued to rock back and forwards on my cock as she eased Charlie further into her ass. Then she said “OK Charlie fuck me.” Charlie began to thrust and it became difficult for Jane or I to move so we hardly moved as Charlie set the pace.Jane was starting to look very flushed, she was grunting in time with Charlie’s thrusts and her eyes were glazing over. Beads of sweat were beginning to appear on her brow and top lip. Charlie was thrusting faster now and announced that he was close to coming. He let out a long groan and thrust a little deeper. He was coming and Jane collapsed onto me quivering and moaning.Jane rolled off me and was almost instantly asleep. Charlie went to the bathroom to clean up a little. I rolled the condom of my still erect cock. I was wondering what to do next when Charlie came back into the room. He noticed my hard cock and asked me if I came whilst we were fucking. I replied that I hadn’t and he said “well you can’t go home like that. Why don’t you jack off over Jane? I would love to see you come on her stockings.” I took Charlie’s cue and began to stroke my cock. I was ready to come so it didn’t take long for me to start shooting what was left in my balls over Jane’s lovely legs. She didn’t move a muscle. Charlie grinned and crawled onto the bed next to Jane. I went to take a shower.When I came back into the bedroom they were curled up together asleep on the bed. I got dressed, wrote them a short note and left. This all happened a week ago. Yesterday, Charlie stopped by my office. We closed the door and were able to talk briefly about what had happened. Charlie said that he and Jane had had the most amazing time last week, although he didn’t think that they would be doing it again soon. He went on to say that he now felt uncomfortable working with me. Charlie tendered his resignation. So, I lost my best staff member anyway. But I do have some great memories that will stay with me for a long time.



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