Back to the sex-citing autobio of self professed superslut PTA mom, Charity Jones.

The next few weeks my life got into a comfortable stride. I adjusted to the crazy busy schedule, plus it didn’t hurt I was getting laid at least twice a week now.

After discovering my dom George was also my boyfriend Chet’s father, I still continued to fuck him. I had my every other week threesome with my boss punk rock Patti and him at a no-tell hotel at the edge of town. Plus every other weekend my date night with Chet would end up with me getting power-fucked by his dad while he watched, half the time being joined by his naughty maid Consuela.

I would join Momma for regular threesomes with her boyfriend/boss Marcus almost religiously, but there were nights when they just wanted alone time, so I would end up picking up guys from the Zebra Club where I worked as the coat check girl on Friday nights.

My best friends Faith and Hope were having their own adventures of course.

Faith finally quit working at the Burger Baron in late October, deciding four months was long enough t pretend to be a taxpayer and went back to dealing pot full time. This gave her oodles of free time though, and she would spend more time over at our place. There was more then one night I would come home after work or after a date to find her getting double or triple teamed from some of Momma’s regular BBC’s in my bed. Being the good friend I am, I would naturally join in.

Hope on the other hand was spending less and less time slutting out with us. We would still hang out with her at school, but she spent most of her free time with Beeder. Beeder was the school geek with the hugest cock I had ever seen, and now her and him were an item. We would still hang on weekends and every few weeks she would join in on a suck and fuck session with us gals, but Beeder was always involved as well.

School was pretty damn good too. I was captain of the cheerleading squad and dating the captain of the football team. I was a pretty blue eyed blonde haired busty bubble teen. Translation ; super popular. And my grades were doing exceptionally well, now that I wasn’t fucking everything that moved. A far cry from having to fuck for grades last year.

Speaking of which, the Dragon Lady had returned.

You might remember her, as I certainly couldn’t forget. Vice Principal Gordon was the Dragon Lady. Towering in at five foot four inches, an entire inch taller then me; she still terrified everyone. She had close cropped grey hair, steel grey eyes and striking Germanic features. She was also a sadistic dominatrix that punished us for over 2 months with brutal anal sessions for fucking our teachers.

She was convinced we were still at it, and at the end of September, just a week after I started fucking George in the role as Chet’s father; the Dragon Lady was punishing us again. The three of us would stagger home after the anal violation each week and go out of our week to avoid it the following. It made my taking it up the ass anytime during the weekend involve gallons of more lube.

We had to do something about it, but couldn’t figure out what. After our second group colonization Hope said she had a plan with a look we had never seen before. She wouldn’t tell us what, and we didn’t hear back from her a few more weeks about it.

But when we did, man, it was so good.

It was the Halloween dance at school when it all came to fruition.

The three of us had decided to as pregnant nuns. Yhis was actually my idea as we could hide alcohol in our “ bellies”. All three of had to booze mickies, one was the real one with whiskey in it, the other one was a fake one with juice in it. Teachers would come to investigate what we were drinking, when it was revealed to be orange juice we would wait till they walked away to swap out the real booze.

If we ran out, Chet had brought some in the trunk of his car too. He came as a priest with a big paddle which eh threatened to spank people with. He actually did smack a couple of stoners who kept harassing us when we were sharing a joint behind the gym. Chet may have been my cuckold, but that was only in bed. In the street he was lightning fast , extremely protective and had the same muscular build as his dad, simply put he was not to be fucked with.

Beeder came as well, or Richard as Hope insisted on us calling him , despite never being able to. His costume was ridiculous. Hope was a horror fan and Beed..Richard was a pirate fan. So he came as a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder whilst wearing a hockey mask and wielding a toy chainsaw. Hope was in hysterics over he as ran around the dance pretending to attack people with his little casino oyna plastic toy

Beeder disappeared from the dance for about half an hour and when he returned he simply saluted Hope on the other side of the room. She smiled at him and turned to us.

“Drunken brides of Christ, please open your bible to Dueteronomy 32: 35, “ the busty goth girl intoned

Redheaded Faith and I opened our bibles and read the passage

I quoted ; “Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them.”

Faith raised an eyebrow , “ Alrighty freak girl would you care explaining this to me”

“ Of course my fire headed female felony felicitator”, Hope said gesturing us to follow.

Hope was clearly on a roll here. The dark haired, big titted goth led us out of the dance and down through the halls of the darkened school avoiding the teachers

“ Two weeks ago, I asked you to produce me some MDMA ( insert actual technical word), which you did within the confines of a week, did you not dear Faith”

“ You mean the ecstasy I got you?”

“ Indeed”

“ What of it?”

“ And my blonde big busted bisexual bawdy ball sucker of big black cock.”, Hope said indicating me

“ Yes, I get it, you’re talking about me, what is it?” I asked

“ All those wonderful dark hued gentleman you’ve introduced me to over the last year, have also been important”

“ To what?” I asked almost exasperated

“ You better spill it freak girl, I’m about two inches away from punching you in the cunt”, Faith grumbled

“ O Thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Hope asked biblically as arrived at her locker.

She quickly undid her lock and swung open the door and then made a sweeping gesture to the contents inside.

“ Ladies, choose your weapon”, she said with an evil smile.

Looking at the contents, I just covered my gasp with my hand “ Oh my” I said

Faith just nodded with an evil smile

“ Tonight, we get reap our vengance upon the Nazi Bitch”, Hope said.

Fait hugged Hope to her and exclaimed “ Have I told you today that I love you freak girl !”

Hope’s plan was a piece of sheer evil brilliance.

Hope had actually brought a third mickey of alcohol which she had gone out of her way to be caught by Vice Principal Gordon drinking. But what she hadn’t done was actually drink any of the booze, she had dropped the ecstasy in the mickey and merely pretended to drink in front of Vice Principal Gordon.

She had discovered from our custodian Tyrone that Vice Principal Gordon was a closet alcoholic and counted on her drinking the mickey herself. Tyrone volunteered that information when Hope told him that pet names the Dragon Lady had been using for him were actually nasty racial slurs in German. He was more than willing to help.

Beeder..err.. Richard was sent out to spy on her to see how long it would take for her to start reacting to the drugs. She was feeling flighty and good and calling Tyrone those nasty names in her demented version of foreplay when Beeder made his salute to report the next part of the plan. I mean, Richard, damnit.

Tyrone then led the high as a kite Nazi Bitch out to the nearly complete aquatic center on the pretense of some hot fun times. That gave us enough time to equip the “ weapons” Hope had smuggled into the school earlier during the day.

We ducked out of the gym covertly under the cover of night. We stalked across the parking lot like ninjas, I tell ya, big pregnant biblical ninjas.

Chet was guarding the door on the outside. Seems like everyone was in on the plan but us. I gave him a kiss and he promised me we wouldn’t be interrupted. He had just found out about what had happened to us when Hope was sneaking around and was livid and insisted he play some role. That’s my guy, love you Chet sweetie.

We made our way into the new indoor basketball court where our “ guest “ was waiting.

Vice Principal Gordon was squatting before old Tyrone , who was leaning against a stack of pallets covered in a drop cloth in the middle of the court. A single light spotlighted them and left most of the place in shadow. It was perfect for what we had in mind.

She was too busy sucking his cock and high as a kite to even notice us enter

“ Ja, ja, I love sucking your big drecksneger cock” she intoned as she slurped around his big black dick.

He had the face of a man who was enjoying the blowjob, but only in the way that he wanted to hatefuck this bitch for calling him names and all her racist bullshit.

“ Well, well well, what do we have here”, slot oyna Faith said very loud as we stood at the edge of the circle of light

The Dragon Lady broke from her lip lock on the big dick and twirled her head around

“ Vat? Vat? Who is dere? Vat do you vant?”, her German accent really coming out in her loss of control.

“ It looks some old tired whore is using the school as her personal tramp ground” I said in response to faith

“ How dare you?”, she said rising angrily to her feet.

“ Gentlemen , restrain her if you please”, Hope asked

Gordon moved toward us, but out of the shadows stepped forth four black men wearing ski masks and absolutely nothing else. They moved quickly onto her and grabbed a limb each. She screamed and kicked but they just picked her up and placed her on the pallets.

“ Tyrone, help me!!! Get someone!!”, she screamed

“ Sorry ma’am, I’m not your drecksneger anymore”, Tyrone zipped up and wandered off with another glance

“ Tyrone! No!!! Help!Someone help me!!! Please!!” she scream

“ Scream all you want bitch, no one can hear you”, Faith said

She struggled and screamed a couple minutes more and then finally stopped panting.

“ What do you want?”” she pleaded into the dark.

“ Gentlemen, please disrobe the whore”

“ No! No!!!” she screamed and started kicking again and struggling again

It was off no use of course, she was fucked. They tore her clothes literally off her until they were in rags around her. And I do mean all of her clothes, they even tore of her bra and ripped off her panties. If this was a normal scene I would have admired how taut and fit her body was for a woman in her late fifties. But I couldn’t really give a shit now.

“ Why ? Why? WHY???” she screamed almost in tears

That’s when the three of us stepped out of the shadows and into the circle of light

Hope intoned, “ Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them “

“Mein gott”, Gordon whispered in terror, the same terror she put us through

We stepped right up to her and I looked down at her with a cruel smile

“ Payback is a bitch”, I whispered.

The three of us unsnapped our skirts and let them fall to the floor beneath us. We released one more step and revealed our “ weapons”

We each wore a thick black 10 inch strap-on.

“ Please girls, you don’t have to do this” she pleaded as we began to circle her

“ Of course we don’t have to do it, we’re doing it because we want to”, Faith chuckled.

“ Please, I’ll do anything you want?” Gordon begged.

“ Anything?” , I asked

She gulped back a sob” Ja, anything”

I leaned down to within inches of her face and paused over her dramatically.

“ Not interested”

“ Oh gott nein!!!”

“ Shut her up Faith”, I told my redheaded friend

“ You got it”, she smiled stepping up to her face.

Faith gripped Gordon by the neck hard till she gasped for a breath and then she thrust her slim hips forward and shoved the black strapon into her mouth. Gordon gagged and sputtered, and Faith began to fuck her face as gently as she had Tyrone done to us in our “ punishments”

Hope and I had agreed that I would go first in punishing the Dragon Lady since during all our punishment sessions with the VP I was the one that always ended up going first. It was karmic as far as Hope was concerned.

I decided to be a bit more merciful to the Nazi Bitch than she had ever been to me and squeezed out some lube and spread it all over by big black fake cock. Yes, I always carry lube, you never know when you’re going to have anal sex during the day. Okay, fine, I never know when to expect it, yes, I’m a slut.

I lubed up the tip and had the gentlemen spread her thighs wider for me. She struggled but to no avail. The guys were actually hard watching this, and I recognized a couple of those wonderful cocks from previous adventures. But tonight wasn’t about us, it was about her. And she was going to get it.

I pushed the tip of my fat fake cockhead to her sphincter. The VP tried to scream but the fake cock in her throat didn’t let her do anything but gurgle. This was what it was like to be a man, I thought, this was pretty hot. Then I pushed my hips forward.

I pressed the thickness of my dildo into the Dragon Lady and she went nuts. So I pushed some more. She really didn’t like this at all. That just made me laugh. So I started bouncing my hips back and forth into her, thrusting more and more of my “ dick” into her.

I grabbed her hips like so many before had done canlı casino siteleri to me, and tried planting myself and really started ramming it home. I plowed the nasty german bitch for all I was worth. I fucked her relentlessly. Tears were streaming down her face as I rammed the fake dick home.

I probably fucked her for about 10 minutes and saw Hope switch out with Faith, only allowing Gordon to scream out briefly before swallowing another fake cock. I was sweating and my back was sore, I couldn’t believe how men did this. I panted and tapped out.

Faith went up next and I had to go clean up my “ cock”, it seemed Gordon wasn’t prepared for anal at all. It was pretty nasty. I’ll spare you the details, but lets just put it this way, it was pretty stinky.

We spent the next hour fucking the bitch with our cocks, Each one of us tapping out after ten minutes or so at a time. In the end Vice Principal Gordon was a limp rag and the men were barely hanging on to her.

“ Okay boys, your turn”, Hope said pulling her *dick* out of Nazi Bitch’s mouth.

“ Huh? Vat?”

“ Shut up bitch”, Faith said spanking her ass HARD as she pulled her own *dick* out of the VP’s ass.

“ Just remember, her ass is ours”

“ You got it” came a vaguely familiar voice” from behind one of the ski masks.

He crawled up on the table and proceeded to feed his big black cock into her mouth. Gordon was so far gone, she took it willingly. Another man stepped between her thighs and shoved his dick unceremoniously into her pussy, which she grunted around the cock in her mouth in response.

We put our skirts back on and stepped outside to share a joint.

I cuddled up beside Chet and softly started to cry into his shoulder. It was so overwhelming to get this out of my system. I felt I was releasing the anger of the assault, the anger from my horrible night in Dallas, at my utter lack of choice. And finally I was just getting out all the anger and hater I had for that bitch in a final burst of tears.

Chet just held me close and rocked me back and forth.

I looked around and saw Beeder doing the same for Hope. It was so amazing seeing the transformation from a mouse to a full person in this last year. She was in love and it showed.

I saw Faith standing alone smoking a joint angrily looking into the night. Tears we welling up in her eyes, but there was so much rage in them.

I slipped out of Chets arms reluctantly and moved towards my best friend.

“ Faith…”, I softly said

“ Don’t”, she just bit back, the tears in her eyes

I reached out, “ Faith..”

“ Don’t don’t don’t “

I grabbed her, and she slapped back at my arms. So I gripped her firmly and she struggled trying to get me off. She was all but hyperventilating. But then I grabbed her and squeezed her tight.

She flailed and squirmed and fumed, ad then it all broke down as I hugged her against her will. Faith started sobbing.

Deep thick wrenching sobs. It was so full of grief and hanger and pain and rage. She shook and she cried and wailed out “ why why why” .

This had been coming for along time now, and not because of what Gordon had done to us. This was the deep rooted pain she had for years.

Hope came over too and we both squeezed our lithe friend between us.

Faith sobbed and grieved for the loss of her mother. The abuse of her father. The sheer terrifying loneliness she lived in until she had found us.

This wasn’t a magical catharsis where she was all better the next day. But finally she could begin to care. To heal.

Beeder and Chet had wandered off discretely away to man talk while we bonded with each other.

This was one of those times it is so impossible to explain. Unconditional love and acceptance between friends. Between sisters.


Goddamn. I had sisters.

We laughed, we cried, We hugged like idiots. We shared a joint and shared jokes and finished off our booze.

We decided not to look inside to see what was going on, we had a pretty good idea. We got reports later from William ( one of Mrs Parsons boyfriends) who was one of the men inside that they fucked the shit out of her for hours. Each one dumped a load in her a couple times before they left, so much cum was flowing out her pussy he said it looked like a long trail of jizz going down the pallets to the floor.

The next week at school was a great blessing. Vice Principal Gordon actually came nervously up to us once mid week

“ Ladies, I need to discuss….”

Hope interrupted her harshly , “ We have nothing to discuss, unless you’d like more punishment”

Gordon’s face went white, she mumbled something and backed off

I can count one hand the number of times she spoke to us again for the rest of the year.

And each time it was very politely



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