Characters: Steve (student) and John (Teacher)This fantasy begins in the suburbs at a high school. Steve attends this highschool. Steve was a senior.Yes, another weekend has gone by. Another boring Monday has arrived. Today myclass gets a new Math teacher. I don’t know what the hell happened to our oldteacher. I am glad she is gone.Well on this Monday, I was late for class as usual. When I walked in the roomboy was I shocked. There sitting in the front of the room was this man. Thisman was not no ordinary man. He was tall, handsome, muscular, and almostperfect. He stood up as I came into the classroom and spoke to me. His voicesounded so wonderful. But while he spoke I could not keep my eyes off hislarge bulge in his pants. I let my eyes drift up to his wonderful face. Therewas definitely something different about this man. He had a certain qualitythat stood out and was contrasted by the class. My new teacher, who I laterfound out was named John, was Black.The school year went fast after that point. I thought I would never get achance to really get to know John better. I found out that he was not marriedwhich made me very happy. He turned out to be a good math teacher. John alsobecame our senior class advisor. He helped us out on many occassions.It was now almost time for our senior class trip during our spring break. Thisyear we were going to go to Florida. To be exact Walt Disney World. I wasalready to go. The next thing for me to do that morning of the trip was tofind out who my roommate was going to be in the hotel we were staying in. Tomy surpise I found out that John had placed my name on the list next to his.At first I was very happy about it until I realized that I would be admiringhis body all week and my cock would be noticeable. But I quickly forgot aboutall my worries as John closed the door to our hotel room.There were two full beds in the room. It was a nice room. I asked John whichbed he wanted. He told me he take anyone. So I took the bed on the right nextto the window. My clothes were all wrinkled and sweaty from our long trip. Iunpacked a little bit of my things and then started bahis siteleri to stip for a shower. Iwas not embarrased doing it in front of him. I get a kick out of showing mybody off to other people. John looked up at me from what he was doing and toldme not to use up all the hot water. I told him I would not. I went into theshower and turned on the hot water. By now my cock was sticking out in frontof me. I started fingering it. I was going faster and faster as I thoughtabout John. I was really turned on as I pumped my cock with my hand. I wasmoaning and moving my hips. All of a sudden I heard a knock at the door. Itwas John of course. He asked me if I was alright. I told him I was alrightand then he asked me if he could come in and shave. I told him it was alright.As he came in I had forgot about the shower doors being see thru doors and Iwas hard as a rock. I figured why hide it, flaunt it. He came in and startedto shave. While he was shaving he would glance over to me while I am in theshower and smile. Each time he did that my cock throbbed. I wanted to get outthe shower before he left the bathroom so that he could see more of my body. Iturned off the water and walked out. I got my towel and started to myself off.He finished shaving and then left the bathroom. I was still hard and startedto jerk off. I shot my cum into my hands and licked all the sweetness off ofmy fingers. I got dried off and went to put on some fresh clothes.John and I went out touring together with some other students. I wished thatit was just us alone. We walked around, wasted money, and ate. We went backto our hotel room around 10:00. I was tired. I went in the room and turned onthe television. There was an X-rated movie on the cable and it made me hotwatching it. I stared at the picture on the screen as this huge cock slid inand out of this woman’s pussy. All I wanted was the cock deep in my throat. Iforgot all about John being in the room with me until he spoke. I proceeded toget ready for bed. I stripped down to my underwear and jumped into my bed. Iwas fast so that I could watch John strip. This was my first and canlı bahis probably onlychance of seeing him that way. I watched him as he took off his clothes. hestripped down to his bikini underwear. He turned and I looked at him andsmiled and he returned the smile.He turned off the television, the lights, and turned me on. I could not takemy eyes off of his crotch. It was so huge. He rolled into his bed and saidgood night. I mumbled good night to him as I rubbed my rock hard cock. Aboutfive minutes later John began to speak. He told me something was wrong andthat he could not sleep. I asked him what it was. Then I told him that maybeit was the bed he was in. He agreed. Then he asked me if I mind if he sleptin my bed instead. I did not know if he meant for me to switch beds with him.I told him it was alright. He got up and crawled into my bed. I sat up to goto his bed when he grabbed my arm and told me to stay in bed with him. I couldhave died when his strong black hand touched my arm. I laid back in bed nextto him. Then he told me something else was wrong. I asked him what it was andhe told me that he was used to sleeping naked. I told him that I would notmind. The next thing I knew he threw his underwear on the other bed. He toldme that he felt better but there was still something wrong. I was getting wiseto what he wanted. I turned around and slid my hand down the length of hisnine inch cock that was fully erect. He moaned. He turned to me and kissed meon my lips.After our first long french kiss I told him that I want to see his Black body.I got out of bed and turned on the lights and dropped my underwear off. It washard getting them off. I pulled back the sheets on the bed to see this hugeblack pole sticking up from his body. My mouth fell wide open as he smiled andmoved his hand up and down on his pole. He had an uncut cock. I watched ashis loose skin slid up and down in his hand. I told him that I would do thatfor him. I grabbed his black pole with my hand. I started jerking it up anddown. I could fell the loose skin sliding in my hands. He was moaning andmoving his hips. He told me to güvenilir bahis suck him. I was ready to eat his monster cock.I licked at his pole. It smelled good, and it tasted good. I licked his bigblack hairy balls. I took one into my mouth and rolled it with my tongue andthen the next. Then I slid my tongue back up to his cockhead. I swallowed thehead of it. I slowly took more and more of him inside of me. Soon I had one,two, three, four, five, and then six inches of cock in my mouth. He washolding my head while I was fucking his cock with my mouth. I pulled off andstarted licking the base of his cock. He was moaning. I watched as a smalldrop of cum oozed from his cock. I licked it. He then asked me if I was realhot. I told him I was. He rolled me over on my back and told me he was goingto fuck me in my ass. I looked at him over top of my body. He had lust in hiseyes. I wanted him deep inside of me. He started kissing me. His tongue slidinto my mouth. I sucked on his tongue as his hands started spreading my legsapart. I pulled my legs up high to expose my tight little hole. He slid afinger inside. And then another. I was feeling good. I started moving mybody as his fingers slid in and out of me. Then he pulled his fingers out andput the head of his cock at the entrance of my asshole. he started to ease hisway in slowly. He slid in about two inches and then he pulled out one inch.Then he slid the entire 9 inches inside of me. I could feel each inch insideof my body. The opening of my whole was streched wide open by his thick blackcock. He started to fuck me harder. His balls were were slapping against myass as he fucked me. He slowed down his pace and slid his tongue in my mouthonce again. He was driving me wild. Then he started to really drive his fuckpole into my whole. The bed was shaking, I was moaning, and he was groaning.He felt real good inside of me. The next thing I know is he exploded inside ofmy body. I could feel the cum pumping inside of me. It drove me wild as helaid on my body. I started shooting cum between our body gluing us together.He stayed inside of me until he got hard again. He fucked my brains out again.He even went down on me. I enjoyed the entire weekend with him. When we gotback home our lovemaking did not stop. I even felt his tight black holeclasped around my fuck pole on several occassions.



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