It has been a while since I last wrote about my life. If you care to go back, you can read those stories over the years that described all that happened. To give you a quick summary. As a happily married woman in a nice town, my husband and I had a good life. I thought that he did an excellent job of taking care of the “womanly” needs. We had an active and more than interesting sex life. I thought that everything he did with me was all that I needed. One day when I needed a dress for a school event, my neighbor Andrea offered to loan me a dress rather than wasting money on a new dress. After trying on a few dresses of hers, she took advantage of having my clothes off and taught me how exciting a new aspect of life. After she seduced me, we started a long and wild neighborhood adventure of filling each others needs in our morning get togethers. That relationship faded away when they moved to another state to help their aging parents.

Next, I met Sara at the fitness center and at work. As we became closer friends, it was I who seduced her. While we both stayed happily (and actively married), we also developed quite an exciting relationship. The highlight was when we went on vacation together, a time that totally became a frenzy of lustful sex. We took full advantage of a time when we only focused on each other, without taking breaks to satisfy (and be satisfied) by our husbands. It was a great vacation and the fun increased when Sheri joined us. She was someone I knew who had encountered trouble. After helping her, she needed to pay off her debt, something that Sara and I greatly enjoyed.

Later, when Sheri and I were enjoying ourselves, our secret was found by John coming home unexpectedly. While he got the opportunity to join the fun, it seemed that many Literotica readers did not appreciate that I limited John’s penetration to me. He could enjoy Sheri, but not enter her. The comments and emails did not change my mind at home, only stopped me from wanting to share further.

Now, as months have passed, there have been more changes in my life. Sara became too nervous that her husband would also find out and worried that I would expect her to join in when John was participating so she ended our relationship. Sheri paid off her debt but remained a part of our lives for the enjoyment. John never complained because he had fun with Sheri and got to enter me quite as often as he desired. But then, it all came to an abrupt end one day while John was driving home from work. He never saw the truck with failing brakes and the crash. He was rushed to a hospital but could not be saved.

Even though I was so sad, getting together with Sheri was a chance to sit with a friend, even though there wasn’t any other enjoyment. As we got into Fall, I knew that I had to go to the condo to make sure that all is prepared for the winter rental season. I knew it would be a good break to see the Fall sunsets and enjoy some relaxation at the beach bars. My only concern was that it would be too sad with too many memories. As I spoke to Sheri about my concerns, she reminded me that there would be one good memory, that was the place where I found her and brought her into my life. I looked at her with a smile and said, “Well, it will be much easier if you are there with me. I’m sure that you will be a great help in getting everything done and I’ll have someone to sit with at the beach bars.” She smiled back at me, “I may even find something to do with you at the condo.” Hearing her say that gave me a warm feeling. I knew that it would be a good break for us and would turn the corner in our lives.

I made plans for us to leave a few days later. One advantage of having the life insurance proceeds was that it was no longer necessary to hunt for good airfare and meet all the future date discounts. We could fly sooner and more illegal bahis comfortable as I selected flights with first class seats. Sheri was excited when she heard that we would be flying first class in a few days. She exclaimed with a smile, “I’m not sure which I’m looking forward to more, my first time in first class or returning to the scene of our beginning.” As she said that, my mind went back to the airport that day. Sara and I were so mad that our rental car needed to be exchanged mid vacation and we had found Sheri there crying, her life in shambles. We offered friendly help and then, since we were in the middle of a lust filled vacation, we had brought Sheri into our lives to give her an opportunity to “pay” for the help. What I thought at the time was a fling had turned into my main relationship. I stood there recounting months of changes and knowing that the next step would be another lust filled vacation with my friend Sheri.

Perhaps, I thought, the lust should start right there. We could easily move from the kitchen discussing our plans to the bedroom, fulfilling them. I felt my nipples hardening and my pussy aching. Yes, I thought, it was time for the vacation lust to start. As I stepped forward to take Sheri in my arms, my phone rang, bringing me back to the reality of standing in the kitchen. I cursed the world as I saw that it was clients whose new home purchase was not going well. As soon as I answered, I could both clients firing off questions quicker than I could answer them. Things wrong with the house they were purchasing, financing questions, what would be the closing date, on and on they went. Finally, I stopped them as Sheri looked at me laughing. As I told my clients to slow down and start at the top of their list, giving me time to answer or make a note.

I sat down at the table, notepad in front of me with my file folder on their purchase open. They began to go through their questions again. I worked to keep them calm as I answered their concerns, noting items that would need to be addressed. As I focused on my work, Sheri moved behind me and began to massage my shoulders. My tension eased as she gently rubbed the tense muscles in my neck and shoulders. I did my best to focus on my work as her hands distracted me. I looked back and smiled at her, giving her a knowing glance that confirmed to her my plans to be executed as soon as my call was done. “yes, I’ll give them a call as soon as we get off the phone…Yes, I’ll let you know what they say…No, I don’t think that will end the deal…Yes, everything can be addressed…Yes, that will be dealt with in the contract.” I continued to mumble responses, take notes and try to focus on my call. Sheri was making it harder and harder to concentrate.

Then she stopped rubbing my shoulders and moved to the other side of the table, in front of me. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Then she let it drop to the floor. I felt myself getting very close to telling my clients that I would need to go when I heard them introduce a question by telling me that it was the issue that was their biggest concern. “Oh, this is your biggest concern,” I said. “I’ll have to make sure I write this issue down very carefully”, I said out loud so that Sheri would pause and let me finish my call. Only then, with a smile on her face she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it dangle on her shoulders, only half covered her breasts. I looked down, taking notes. “uh huh…oh yea…uh huh…yes…” I listened to them. As I realized I had an easy answer, I interrupted them, “oh, here is how we will take care of that in the purchase contract.” I spelled out their answer and then looked up at Sheri again. As I looked up, she dropped her arms, allowing her bra to fall to the floor, exposing her breasts to me. She licked her fingers and began to massage illegal bahis siteleri her nipples. Making them pointy hard as she played with herself.

“OK, that is the list. I’ve got it all…Yes, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have something to tell you. It will take some phone calls so it may be a few hours…Please don’t worry, I’ll get everything taken care of as soon as I can…Yes, I definitely have some things here that I need to take care of immediately…Oh, you can’t imagine how much I am feeling an urgent need to address what is in front of me.” With that last comment, Sheri smiled and began to lower her pants. Her light blue panties staring me in the face. She stepped out of her pants leaving her standing in front of me wearing nothing but her panties.

She looked at me, “Before I take these off, tell me, do you need to take care of that work?”

I stood up and began to pull my shirt over my head. “I will not be able to focus on work even a little bit right now. I completely need you right now. I need totally and completely to have you.” With that, as I unhooked my bra and let it drop, she pushed her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy to me.

She looked at me, “have me…have me…have me however you want me.”

With that, I led her to the sofa. I wrapped my arms around her naked body, our breasts pressing together as I kissed her deeply. Our lips pressed together. My tongue slid into her mouth as she moaned in pleasure from the kiss. I then pushed her down onto the sofa and knelt in front of her, pushing her legs apart so that I could get close to her center of pleasure. I lifter her legs to be over my shoulders, spreading her pussy wide. My arms reached around her legs as my hands grasped her breasts, feeling the erect nipples she had teased me with earlier.

It was now my turn to tease her as my kisses started on her upper thighs on either side of her aroused pussy. As I kissed her legs, I could smell the intoxicating scent of her increasing excitement. “yes…yes…yes” she moaned as I kissed her leg, my cheek pressing against her pussy. I kissed on thigh and then the other. My breath moving over her open pussy as I moved between her thighs. As my face moved across her, she arched her hips upward to encourage me to taste her wetness. I wanted to tease her until she begged for pleasure after the teasing striptease she had done while I was trying to work on the phone. As I teased her, I could feel my own arousal building. I knew that once I satisfied Sheri, she would attack me. I planned my own satisfaction as I teased her. I would have to make sure she had no opportunity to tease me further.

Her moaning and squirming intensified with each pass of my mouth over her wet hot pussy. She was swollen with desire when I could not resist her any further. My lips met her pussy lips. My tongue penetrated into her. I licked her deeply, tasting her arousal as I licked and licked up and down her open hot pussy. My tongue swirled over her swollen, erect cum button. I licked circles over her arousal as her moans filled the room. As one hand continued to massage her breasts, feeling her hard erect nipples, I slipped the other hand down to her drenched opening as I continued to suck and lick her luscious wet clit. I slid a finger into her and began to massage the smooth inner walls of her pussy as I continued to lick and savor her juices on her swollen cum button. As I pushed a second finger into her, she arched her hips upward, pressing her pussy down on my fingers and up onto my face. Her moans turned to screams as her body filled with orgasmic pleasure, wave after wave cascading through her body. Her body squirmed in delight as she was filled with total satisfaction. As the orgasmic waves crested and canlı bahis siteleri began to slow, she pushed me away from her begging me to let her catch her breath.

As she lie there panting, I crawled on top of her, intertwining our legs so that my pussy and clit could rub against her wonderful body. I slowly began to slide up and down. I told her to let me know when I should pick up the pace as she recovered from her delight. She looked up at me with a smile, “If you keep rubbing me like this with your hot pussy, I’m going to cum again.”

I looked down at her as we continued to slowly scissor our pussies together and told her “oh yes, you will cum again…and again…and I’ll cum all over your pussy.” As the pleasure built on her face, I increased the speed and intensity of rubbing my pussy against her. With each stroke of my hips, I pleasured myself as I also gave her pleasure. Sheri moaned in satisfaction as I rubbed against her. Her hips began to move in unison with mine, rubbing me as I rubbed her. Our strokes against each other built the excitement we were feeling. Our juices mingled as our pussies rubbed together.

I moaned to her, “yes…yes…yes…oh Sheri…fuck me with your pussy. I’m going to cum on your pussy.” She grasped my hips to pull me harder against her as I went up and down on her spread legs, massaging our aroused clits with each stroke of my body on her. We both became frantic in our motions, using the other body to build ourselves to orgasm.

Then Sheri screamed, “I’m cumming again…oh yes…oh yes…give it to me…cum on my pussy.” When I saw her body begin to spasm in her climax, my pussy and clit exploded, filling my body with wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. I pressed my pussy down on her, feeling the total delight as it flowed through me until I nearly blacked out, falling on top of her panting like I sprinted a mile.

We were there together, both of us catching our breath after our romp. My body was exhausted from the encounter Sheri and I had just experienced. I told Sheri that I needed a shower and then remembered that I was supposed to be working. “Sheri, I hope that I can remember what I am supposed to be doing for work. You seem to have completely distracted me.”

With that, Sheri got up and walked over to my work table. She began to scribble on a piece of paper. After a few minutes of writing notes, she looked at me, “I just added up what how much it will cost for me to go to Florida with you. Between airfare, my share of the cost of using the condo, the rental car expense, food and drink…it will cost me $3,000. I don’t think I have that much vacation money.”

I looked at Sheri with shock in my eyes, “what do you mean? I’m taking you along as my friend. I have the money to pay for a vacation for both of us. “

She looked at me, “No, I can’t ask you to spend that kind of money on me. I’ll have to find a way to earn the money to pay for my share.” As I started to object and assure her that I would pay, she continued, “Donna, I have to tell you something. It excites me to think that I’ll have to pay you back for the vacation. I know just how I can earn the money for my vacation.” With that, I knew where her comments were headed. “I’ll earn the money being your vacation slut. That is what excited me about going on vacation. I remember being in Florida. I remember you helping me with a loan and making me pay off the loan. That is what I was thinking of when I just stripped for you.”

I looked at her and saw her lust, “Sheri, tell me that you’re sure of this. I can take you as my friend and we’ll have …”

Sheri interrupted me, “Please no, please…take me to Florida as your slut. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ve never told you how much I found it exciting to be treated that way, to owe you satisfaction…to serve your every desire.”

And with that, I began to think of how I would use her while we were on vacation. I told her, “Yes my friend, when we head off to our vacation, you’ll be mine. And I intend to have you enjoy every minute of paying off your vacation debt.”



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