Caught Wearing Neighbour’s Tights and PantiesI have previously posted 2 blog posts which are true experiences of when i took 2 pairs of my next door neighbours stockings from her washing line when i was a teen and then met her again a few years ago and told her about it and then got some tights and stockings and panties from her. This is a story and fantasy that i have written that i wish had happened with her after i took her stockings from her washing line.Arlene was my next door neighbour in our close and was 23 years old (8 years older than me) and her and her husband had not long moved in next door to us. She was tall with long curly ginger hair and not slim but not fat and had a lovely figure with lovely legs and she often wore tights (pantyhose) and stockings (as a lot of females did in the mid 1980’s). She was very friendly and got on really well with my mum so they were often in each others houses for chats and cups of tea etc so i got a lot of opportunities to see her lovely legs encased in nylon and she was my first proper teenage crush. At that time i had not long discovered the joys of wearing tights and stockings myself and i loved the feel of them. One day when i was in my bedroom i looked out the window and saw Arlene hanging some washing out and noticed there were 2 pairs of black stockings dangling from the line! I got excited and knew i had to have them and try to get them. I waited a few hours then went into the back green where her washing was hanging. I looked around and then looked at the back windows of the other houses in our close to make sure there was no one looking out their windows then i quickly ran towards the stockings and grabbed both pairs from the line as quickly as i could and stuffed them in my trouser pocket then ran back upstairs into my house then into my bedroom. My heart was racing as i pulled the stockings out to look at them and as i examined them i noticed they were both patterned black stockings. One pair had small black dots on them and the other had small black hearts on them. As i was alone in the house i tried them on and they felt amazing and i got turned on and hard immediately. I kept the pair with dots on my legs then put one of the other stockings over my hand to use it to wank my cock with while thinking of Arlene and her legs and it didn’t take me long to cum! The next day Arlene came through to our house for a coffee and chat with my mum and i was sitting at our table in the living room as they were on the settee pendik escort and she suddenly said to my mum “you’ll never guess what happened yesterday i think someone must have stolen my stockings from the washing line as they were gone when i went out to collect my washing”! My face went red and i kept my head down so as not to look at her as i wasn’t sure if she had saw me or suspected me. To try to change the subject i said that one of my friends had once had an expensive pair of jeans stolen from their washing line. Thankfully nothing else was said about it and i carried on wearing them and wanking with them whenever i could and was alone. A few weeks later Arlene came through to ours to say her and her husband were going away down south to England for a long weekend break and asked my mum if she could keep an eye on their house and gave her the keys. I knew i had to try to get them and get into her underwear drawer to try to get some more of her stockings and hopefully tights and panties too. On the 2nd day i asked my mum if i could go into Arlene’s to use her house phone to phone one of my friends (this was before mobile phones!) as we didn’t have a house phone and she said ok but to be quick. I got the keys then went into her house and went straight to her bedroom and saw her chest of drawers. When i found the one with her tights and stockings in it i was amazed as there were so many different pairs and types and colours so she clearly enjoyed wearing them and her husband probably liked her to wear them too! She also had lots of sexy suspender belts and basques and lots of silk and lace panties. As i had to be quick i took a pair of pink sheer stockings that i’d saw her wear once before when she was going on a night out and also took a pair of sheer light rose coloured stockings and pair of sheer black tights and 2 pairs of black panties, 1 silk and 1 lace. As she had so many pairs i didn’t think she’d miss anything but i turned out to be wrong as the pink stockings were the only pair of those she had but i didn’t think about that at the time! I had fun wearing all of them and wanking in them over the next few days and nights whenever i could. A few days later after they got back on the following friday there was a knock at the door and it was Arlene. My mum was at work and i was alone in the house as it was the school holidays. I noticed she was wearing a skirt and a pair of black pattern stockings which were the same type as the ones i’d previously taken from escort pendik her washing line! She said she had to go out for a while and might be a while as she had an appointment to go to and didn’t know how long it would last and there was a plumber due to come to fix her bathroom taps and her husband was away for the next couple of days working out of town so she asked if i’d be able to sit in her flat to let the plumber in to do the work then she’d collect the spare keys from me once he had finished. I said this was fine and i thought i’d have another chance to maybe get another pair of tights and stockings from her drawer. I sat in her house and thankfully the plumber arrived soon after and didn’t take long to fix the taps then leave so i thought i’d have some time to be brave and try on some of her stuff in her bedroom before i took some more. I was really turned on and took a pair of sheer black tights and a pair of pink silk panties and stripped off my trousers and top then put them on. I also put on a sexy sheer see through black negligee then lay on her bed and started to play with myself. A few minutes later i heard the front door open and totally panicked as i didn’t have any time to do anything and then Arlene walked in the bedroom and saw me on her bed wearing her tights and panties and negligee. I was horrified and started to apologise and didn’t know how she would react. She walked over then sat down on the bed next to me and said she had a feeling that she’d find me like this and she wanted to check as she didn’t really have an appointment she just waited for a bit them came back early. She said not to worry then told me that she had noticed when she got home from her break a few days earlier that her pink stockings were missing as they were on top of the other ones and she was going to wear them. She then thought that as we had the keys that i must have taken them and she then thought i might have taken her stockings from her washing line also and asked me if i did. I told her the truth and said that i had just recently started to wear them and that i enjoyed seeing her in them and that i had a crush on her and i loved to see her legs and feet when she was wearing them so it felt nice to wear stuff that i knew she had already worn. I told her i didn’t mean any harm and i hoped she wasn’t angry. She said she was flattered and she wouldn’t tell my mum or her husband. She then said she wouldn’t want to cheat on her husband but that she could have a bit of pendik escort bayan harmless fun with me. She then stood up and took of her skirt to reveal her black pattern stockings and black suspender belt. She lay down next to me on the bed and started to rub my legs through her tights then told me to pull down her pink panties which i’d had on over the tights then she started to rub my cock through her tights with her fingers gently and it felt amazing and i got hard again. She smiled then she told me i could rub her stocking covered legs so i did. She then told me to take her heels off and rub her feet which i did then i asked if i could kiss her feet and toes and she said yes so i started to lick her feet and suck her toes through her stockings After i done this she started to rub my cock through the tights with her feet which felt amazing then she told me take my cock out and she started to give me a footjob. it was the first time i’d ever experienced something like this and it was amazing. After a bit i felt my cum building up and she told me to cum all over her feet and stockings and she kept wanking my cock with her feet till i shot a huge load all over her feet and on her stockings. She was smiling and said “i hope you enjoyed that”. I told her it was awesome and thanked her and she said i could keep the tights i was wearing and the panties and the negligee then she took off the cum covered stockings she was wearing and the black suspender belt and her black panties that she also had on and then handed them all to me and said i could have those also! She then said she wasn’t finished and she went to her drawer and took out a pair of sheer tan tights and put them on with no panties and she lay back on the bed and she started to rub her pussy through the tights and play with herself while i watched. After a bit she then told me rub her pussy through her tights which i did as her pussy got wet and her juices started to appear on the gusset. She then said i could lick her pussy through the tights if i wanted so i lay down and started to do this and it felt great and she must have enjoyed it also as she was moaning then she put her hands on my head to push me further in and told me to lick faster till i made her cum. She then took off the tights which were covered in her pussy juice and gave me them also to enjoy. That was the only time we done anything sexually but she told me she’d give me some freshly worn tights and stockings regularly and also would give me any ones that she ripped or laddered rather than throw them away for me to wear and enjoy which she did on a regular basis until they moved away a couple of years later when she was pregnant so they needed to get a bigger house.



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