Caught …My wife Julie and I were on a road trip from Az to Tn and I worked it out to stop in Birmingham Al to meet up with Dave, a guy I had been chatting with from Xhamster. Julie had no idea that I had a taste for sex with men , do I was going to have to try to cone up with a reason to get away to neet Dave and have some fun.We got into town early on a Friday . I had told Julie I wanted to take our car to a dealership for some service and that tgey were going to work me in when they could. She decided that she wanted to do some shopping and visut local museums. We had already decided to get a room in town and stay till Sunday. She decided to Uber around while I was taking care on my stuff. Dave and I had agreed to meet at a motel in the early afternoon, which left me time to head to the dealership for an oil change. That was done quickly and I headed to the motel to get ready. Dave and I had been chatting for sometime, sharing vids, stories, and pics we found while discussing our fantasies and desires. We both enjoyed watching bi mmf, cuckolds, big chubby guys, and bbw/ ssbbw. We had planned to meet, watch some porn, and do to each othermuch of what we talked about. I was there about 1/2 hr when Dave knocked on the door. I Was wearing thigh high stockings and a pair of lace panties under a black lace babydoll. Im by no means passable, but we both enjoyed sex with guys kartal escort dressed a little. Dave came in , I was a little hesitant at first, but then he took of his jacket, shirt and pants, and he was dressed similarly. I had brought my laptop and was streaming some hot vids which had the desired effect. We made small talk for a couple minutes when Dave decided to kneel in front of me and began sucking my very erect cock. I was massaging his nipples as he worked on my cock. After a few minutes he stood up and I knelt down to taste his lovely hard cock. I held his cock in my hand as I slowly took him into my mouth and licked and sucked him for a few minutes. If we didnt stop soon, this was going to be a very short encounter. We moved onto the bed, and kissed and rubbed each other for awhile. We were both very hot by now, and ended up in 69. I was on my back, Daves cock sliding in and out of my mouth, while he was on top, stroking and sucking me. Suddenly the door opened and as we both turned towards the door I saw something that made me shudder. Standing inside the door was my wife Julie, with an evil grin. We both tried to get up, but she said ” dont move, I want to look at this scene.” I looked at her, she looked at me and said that she had git on the computer one day after I left, and that I had left my Xham page on. She bostancı escort now knew everything. I could see everything falling apart. Then she said she knew where and when Dave and I were meeting, what we were gonna be wearing, and doing, and she wanted to see it with her own eyes. It was easy to just tell the front desk she was my wife, and they gave her a key. Julie hadnt been sure how she was going to react, but she looked at me again, then at Dave, then at me, then said that if I got to suck Daves dick, then she wanted to also, and whats more, that she knew I fantasized about a lot more than that, and that she was going to do a lot more than suck his cock.Well, I didnt know what to think, but since we were all there, what the hell…She made me get up, took my place and told me to watch her. Then my wife looked into my eyes as she took Dave’s cock in her mouth. Here I was, I had been expecting to spend the afternoon sucking and fucking with my friend, and here I was, watching him sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, and my cock felt harder then I could ever remember. I moved closer to her to watch, then she took his cock from her mouth and offered it to me. I gladly took it, and she watched fora moment before we both kissed and licked it together. Dave was twitching and we stopped. No cumming yet, Julie said. maltepe escort She told me to get on my back and she got on top, on her hands and knees, then she directed Dave to get behind her and put his cock in herpussy. I looked up at her pussy. It was soaking wet, glistening, and he slid right in. I was now inches away from her cockfilled pussy, watching her get fucked, she was moaning, and she took my cock in her mouth. Here was my fantasy, licking her clit, a cock thrusting in and out of her, I was in heaven, as Im sure her and Dave were also. I was licking his cock as it slid in and out, her juices coating it. She waz moaning louder now, and quicker. Julie was about to cum, I knew, then Dave grunted , pulled on her hips, and as he thrust once more, he began to shoot his cum in my wife’s hot, wet, pussy. As Dave came, I was licking her pussy, and she started cumming, very loudly. The came together , my face was getting covered in their juices. I was in heaven. It was amazing, her cum, his cum, on my face, in my mouth. After a moment he moved away, Julie moved over, looked at my face, and asked Dave what he was waiting for….to get down there and clean me up. As he was licking their combined juices from my face we kissed, swapping it in a long , hard, deep kiss. Dave realized that I Hadnt cum yet, and he moved down to. my cock, abd he and Julie combined in kissing , licking and sucking me till I shot a huge load of cum in their faces, which they shared as he and Idid, then they both came to me, and we all shared the cum in a threeway cumfilled kiss. When we stopped Julie looked at us, and told us that we had better be prepared fir the next 2 days, as she had some fantasies as well….



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