Final Deliverance

Chapter 21 Daddy and me in Paris

Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic:

Miles sat in his oversized leather chair pushing it backwards to recline. He threw his feet up on the credenza that was behind his desk. He crossed his ankles and then his arms behind his head. He let out a large relaxing sigh as he felt like a pea that was snugged tightly away in its pod. His eyes peered out of his oversized bay window taking in the crystal blue sky that didn’t have one cloud in it today. This has become part of his morning ritual staring out into that sky as it brings him inner peace and serenity that he needs to start each of his mornings. It helps him cope with everyday goings on as the Director of a secret black-op facility that is quaintly known as Camelot to him and his co-workers.

Today is the anniversary of the inception of Camelot just a year after 911. Miles shook his head in disbelief as his eyes were trained on an airliner floating off in the distance. That in turn that brought in the contrast inside of his window. It was the burnt orange desert floor and the heat vapor rising from it. Miles thought to himself, ‘I can’t believe that I have been stuck out here in New Mexico on this massive Air Force Base for just a little over a decade now. Has it really been that long?’ he thought to himself.

His mind then took him to a simpler time before all this happened. His window before this one stood twenty-four stories up and overlooked Central Park West. He closed his eyes and like a movie playing he could remember the sounds of the trucks and cars below his window, the hustle and bustle of thousands of people scampering by rushing to their next appointments. What a contrast to today of seeing just wide open spaces.

His recollections overtook him as he had a thriving practice back then. At the time he was one of a handful of Psychiatrists that specialized in treating damaged brains due to head injuries. His main technique was to tap into the subconscious brain to try and help his patients with memory losses, comas, psychotic breaks and amnesia. It was his work and application of his findings that led him to be given the prestigious Adolph Meyer Award. He smiled as he remembered his ex-wife Cara who was a brilliant psychiatrist in her own right she even matched his genius and intellectuality. They divorced because she could not handle living in New Mexico. She was a Manhattan girl at heart with little or no room for a country redneck lifestyle. He smiled as he remembered how small Amy his daughter was when they left New York City to come to New Mexico.

Miles spun his chair around and looked at his massive office and thought, ‘how the hell did I ever get here? How did I allow this to happen to me and my daughter? Was it a sense of pride or duty as an American to help one’s government?’ He was in his office the day of 911 minding his own business sipping on a cup of tea when his secretary bolted into his office and told him of the news of the Twin Towers being slammed into by two separate planes. Then he vividly remembered how both buildings fell and then completely covered Manhattan in death and soot. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he had to walk home that day recollecting his one main thought, ‘if I could exact some type of vengeance on the people responsible I will.’ He even saved the suit he wore that day as a memento placing it in plastic to never forget.

Miles’ memory of what happened next was as vivid as him having breakfast this morning. He was sitting in his home a few days after the 911 attack. He was paid a special visit from the Director of the Secret Service. It was during that meeting that the Secret Service Director Graham told him that his country needed his help. Director Graham explained to him that the government was going to capture the people that were responsible for the attack. When that happens the government is going to need some special men who are equipped to extract information from living, breathing psychopaths. Miles never did find out why they chose him, as this was warfare, he thought to himself ‘wouldn’t they have their own people for this sort of thing?’ It was the fact that he would be given complete autonomy to break down a real psychopath that intrigued him the most. It would be new career path for his work and his findings and applications could actually be ground breaking.

Miles’ head now rested between his hands as he thought of how he abandoned his ideology of helping his fellow man to maintain a healthy psychosis. He couldn’t believe how quickly he discarded that ideology the more he understood the pathologies of the captured terrorists. It was their complete disregard for human life and their blind faithfulness and crazed fanaticism of Jihad. Jihad against the people of the West, the infidels, that led him down a new dark ominous path of destruction of his own mental life.

He masked his abandonment of his ideology by the way he syphoned out pertinent information from the terrorists with the fact that he was able to thwart upcoming attacks on the West. With each new arrest, capture and snatching of the other terrorist that in turn saved the lives of so many innocent men, women and children only covered up the horrible human being that he had become. Miles’ mind slipped into his deep dark secret hiding place in his subconscious mind. He just realized that, in the end, he is just a monster preying on the dumbfounded minds that are unable to protect themselves. When Miles and his staff could no longer pull out any other pertinent information the terrorists were then handed over to special handlers of these secret facilities and they in turn tortured them in the more traditional styles. In the end the terrorists or as he thought of them psychopaths, their minds were destroyed by his methods never to be regained again.

Miles wasn’t sure if he did all of these ghastly things to the terrorist out of some type of vengeance for all the innocent lives that were taken by them? Perhaps he had a new sudden hatred for the Islamic people in general. He remembered being flown to a myriad of facilities and safe houses around the world that were being secretly run by our government that housed these terrorists and that included Guantanamo Bay. It was there that he was introduced to the more notorious men involved in the 911 attacks. Miles had shown that he was far more superior then his colleagues of extracting the information needed to try and bring down al qaeda and other splintered factions around the world. It was here that Miles did his greatest damage to a fellow human being and destroyed whatever sense of morality he ever held dear to himself.

When he was finished with these men his memories were as vivid as if they were sitting across from him today in his office. He left them with very little brain functionality. The images of these men just sitting or lying in their cells, drooling and defecating on themselves plagues him even to this day. It was only at this very moment that he realized that he did exact the vengeance he so craved on the day of 911. Miles got control of himself as he knows that he will one day pay for his sins. He then spun around throwing his feet back up on the credenza once again. He picked up the file that was on his desk. Looking down at it gave him a smile it said, ‘Case Study 301’ and when he opened the folder jacket inside was a photo of a co-ed named Kristen Foster. He sighed and thought, ‘now I am going to have to fix this one as part of my atonement for the horrible things I’ve done right after 911.’

Miles realized how thick her folder had become by the weight as it landed in his lap. It was so thick that it could actually rival the Iliad at this point. Kristen has been his patient for the past two months now. As he stared at her picture a small chubby began to grow between his thighs as just the mere site of Kristen turns him on these days. He grimaced a little knowing that he is perplexed is at this stage. He has tried everything that he could to try to pinpoint the night in question where she witnessed a quadruple homicide that has led her to becoming Catatonic. Miles is no further along in healing her than the day she actually came into his life.

Kristen has completely blocked the night from her memory that led her to become catatonic. As much as Miles has tried over the past couple of months during their therapy sessions he still hasn’t been able to locate the night in question in her subconscious mind. You see Kristen a couple of months ago was found in a bathtub covered in male sperm and blood. She witnessed four people shooting at one another and killing one another. She was the lone survivor and is the only one that can shed any light as to what happened that evening.

Kristen was brought to Miles by the FBI and in particular Special Agent in charge Tom Murphy. He explained to Miles that our fair young lady just happened to be in a room where two of the men who were murdered were both on the FBI’s top 100 wanted list. Now, Tom does not know what her role was that night or if there is a relationship to any of the parties and that’s why she was brought here to Miles to find out whom she actually is.

Then suddenly the loud shriek of his intercom filled the silent room like a morning alarm going off. Miles was startled and shot up in his chair as his thought process was broken then he heard is secretary Lilly’s soft voice come thru the box, “Doctor Spencer” there was a short pause, “Doctor Spencer Carl has brought your first session of the day Kristen Foster.”

Miles quickly stood placing her file back on his desk. He checked his appearance he straightened his tie and noticed the bulge in his pants. He quickly adjusted himself to hide his half wood then when he was satisfied he pushed the button on his intercom, “Yes, Lilly that is fine. I am ready for her.”

Miles reached under his desk and pressed the button and the door buzzed and then it opened slightly. Then the door was pushed all the way open. There she was his 20 year-old muse sitting in her wheelchair like a marble statue because of her catatonic state that she constantly lives in now. Her face appears to be that of a young teenager of fourteen maybe fifteen but as far as the FBI is concerned they feel she is a sophomore at UCLA. Standing behind her wheeling her into the office was her orderly Carl. Carl is a mountain of a man who stands 6’6” weighing in at least 330lbs he turned and with his usual cheerful face Carl smiled at Miles and said, “Good morning Doc. How are you today?”

Miles smiled back as he and Carl have worked together the since Camelot opened and said, “Just another day and another dollar that my ex-wife Cara gets from me.” Then he bent over looking into Kristen’s blue eyes and slapping her knee he said, “Good morning Kristen, how are you today?” As usual there came no response verbally or any other kind of movement from her. She just sat there staring at nothingness as if it was the most captivating thing on earth.

Carl said, “Do you want her on the couch again sir?”

Miles said, “Yeah Carl that will be just fine.”

Carl bent over picking her up and as he held her in his arms she appeared to be a small child being cradled in her father’s arms. He gently went to one knee and softly placed her on the couch as if she were a fine piece of china. He crossed her ankles and straightened her torso sitting her upright. He stood and took her hands and crossing them and laying them gingerly in her lap. When he was satisfied he turned and said, “Hey Miles can I have a few minutes before you start with her this morning?

Miles always had time for Carl, “Sure buddy whatever you need.”

Carl could see Lilly outside the door leaning in trying to eavesdrop on their conversation and he said, “This is kinda sensitive Doc.”

Miles saw Carl looking at Lilly and quickly understood what he meant. He walked over to the door and in a joking voice said, “I think he’s going to try and get back the $200 he lost on the Dallas Giants game last week. Pam must really be pissed off at him.” Miles shut the door turning he said, “Okay buddy what’s so important?”

Carl’s head hung low as there was an uncomfortable pause in the room and finally said, “Well, I don’t know where to begin or how to say this?”

Then there was another long pause again and Miles jumped in and said, “Is there something wrong at home?” Carl’s head was still low, “You or Pam didn’t do something stupid like cheat on each other did you?”

Carl looked at Miles, “Oh no, no, no, no, no nothing like that at all.”

Miles said, “So, what is it because I really am pressed for time today buddy.”

Carl rolled his hand in a fist with his thumb sticking out like he was going hitch hiking and he began to motion at Kristen and said, “It’s about her.”

Miles was game, “Okay, what about Kristen?”

Carl said, “Well.” He sighed and said, “It’s bad.”

Miles waited as yet there was another long pause. Miles stands 6’1” himself and when he slapped his large hand on Carl’s shoulder it seemed as if it was the hand of a young boy. He knew Carl was a sensitive guy and said, “Look, buddy whatever it is you can tell me. Just spit it out. Whatever you tell me here stays with me and in this room. You can trust me.”

Carl said, “Okay. Well, you know because of the way Kristen is.” He pointed at her statue like state and continued, “You gave her all of those hypnosis techniques so she could be sorta like normal. Like if I was to say eat, she does or exercise she’ll do sit-ups and push-ups even run on the treadmill?”

Miles smiled and said, “Yeah, I remember, I was there buddy.”

Carl said, “Well, you also gave her the technique that when she feels the urge to use the bathroom, she gets up by herself and goes to the bathroom? Well, over the past couple of weeks the bathroom technique hasn’t been working for her every night. So, we’ve been putting her in an adult diaper so she doesn’t ruin her bed. So, there have been times when I came in the next morning that I noticed that she had been sitting in a urine soaked diaper or she’s defecated since the previous evening.”

Miles interrupted him and said, “Well, you knew that the techniques were never going to be 100%. So, I guess what you’re saying is that you don’t want to change her diaper anymore? Okay, no, problem I can pull you off of her case load and give her to someone else. No problem buddy, problem solved then right?”

Carl immediately became defensive. He didn’t like the idea of not working with her and said, “No, no, no, no changing her diaper is not the problem here Doc.”

Miles said, “Okay, if it’s not about changing her diaper then what is it?”

Carl said, “Well, it’s the changing of her diaper over the last few weeks that leads me to believe that someone here in the facility is touching her lady parts in a very bad way. You see at first I noticed that when I changed her diaper in the morning sometimes she would be all red down there ~ you know ~ around her lady parts and all. A couple of times it looked to be sensitive and puffy.

It was never that way before. At first I thought it was just because the diaper was on her so long but then when I noticed white dried stuff inside both of her lady parts as well. That’s when I first thought that someone is doing something bad to her down there. I didn’t say anything until now because you know as well as I do that a lady’s private parts ~ well ~ there’s a cornucopia of reasons why her plumbing might be bad down there. Then when I noticed it over and over again during the past couple of weeks I just knew somebody is doing dirty nasty sex things with her. It’s absolutely disgusting that someone would do that sorta thing while she’s so defenseless like this.”

Miles tried to keep it together and keep an unemotional face but his heart jumped from the middle of his chest into his throat as he thought to himself, ‘damn if he only knew it was me that was causing her red puffiness and leaving crusted cum inside of her dirty little slut holes.’ Miles realized at that moment that he needed to deflect Carl away from his theory and he quickly thought, “Carl just because she’s puffy down there doesn’t necessarily mean somebody is doing something to her.”

Carl objected immediately and said, “Come on Doc you’re a man of the world and I’m a man of the world. I know what it looks like when you’re tagging your girl’s naughty spots. Not only that but you have an ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend and a daughter. I have two girls of my own and a wife. I get that there is a myriad of reasons why her lady parts could be the way they are but she never had these problems before when she first showed up.”

Miles wanted to continue to throw him off of his theory and said, “Carl I think you were right the first time. You should always go with your first impressions as they are usually right. You said it yourself that she sat in dirty diapers for hours. That could cause a myriad of problems down there. I mean I can think of a couple of reasons why she could be like that. I mean a urinary tract infection a yeast infection can cause all of those symptoms. The white puss inside of her lady parts could be caused by itty-bitty cysts inside of her vagina.”

Carl said, “Yeah that might be true doc but it just seems like a huge coincidence that she’s having all these symptoms the same time as those two new young orderlies started here. I think that they’re ~”

Miles’ heart slipped out of his throat as he was happy that Carl was blaming someone other than him and quickly was all over the new theory and said, “~ Whoa Carl, before you go incriminating anyone you should be pretty damn sure of your facts buddy. The accusation that you’re making is pretty damn serious especially here in the facility that we’re working in. I mean the consequences here far more ~”

Carl did not want to give up on his train of thought and said, “I know what I am saying Doc. These two guys are doing something that is apprehensible.”

Miles was now in a battle and he shot back and said, “Well, what you said before about her lady parts that it could be like a cornucopia of things isn’t too far from the truth buddy. It can be so many things going on down there. I mean it’s just like Joe Pesci said to Kevin Costner in JFK, ‘this is too big for you. Why is her pussy red? It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside of an enigma.’ Carl you’re jumping out on a limb way too fast here buddy.”

Carl fired right back at his boss not backing down and said, “I understand that those guys are probably highly decorated and have every right to work here in our secret place. Well, you used a movie reference so let me use a movie reference, did you ever see Uma Thurman in Kill Bill?”

Miles said, “Yeah sure I did?”

Carl said, “Well, in Kill Bill Vol. 1 there was a scene ‘Pussy Wagon’ where the orderly is a pimp? Uma Thurman is in a coma and this guy is selling her lady parts to guys from outside of the hospital?”

Miles cracked up for a second, “I just made the connection! Pussy Wagon, oh my god he named his truck Pussy Wagon with the money he got from selling her lady parts. Damn that’s just classic Quentin Tarantino.”

Carl said, “It’s not funny Doc. These guys I think are bringing in other guys to ~”

Miles cut him off, “~ Whoa, wait a minute Carl. It’s one thing to have an idea but I think that you’re just way to close to Kristen.” Miles took him by the shoulder and spun him around and said, “Carl look out that window there and tell me what you see?”

Carl knew this was some sort of trick but he said, “I see the sky, the desert and the mountains.”

Miles said, “Do you see anything else?”

Carl said, “No.”

Miles said, “Come on buddy you know as well as I do that out there are roving patrols looking for people. Look up in the mountains in every nook and cranny there’s at least six dozen highly trained snipers with orders to shoot and kill any lube job out there who thinks that there are aliens here on the base. So, to think that they’re sneaking guys in here for a few measly bucks ~ I mean come on buddy.”

Carl still wasn’t letting go he said, “Have you seen her lady parts lately?”

Miles took this opportunity to exclude himself from the roster of guys Carl could be thinking about and said, “I’ve never seen her lady parts Carl. When she comes in here the only thing that I am concerned with his what is above her shoulders. I’m just trying to fix her brains so she can one day talk to me like a normal person.”

Carl was offended a little and said, “You know I went thru the complete process that was needed to work here. I understand that there are secret programs going on here on the base. I’m not saying they’re civilians but there are a whole bunch of guys who work on the base.”

Miles said, “That’s right Carl. You’re working in probably one of the most secret facilities in the world.” He turned him around and faced his filing cabinets and said, “See, those files over there. See that they are all locked. Each of those locks had a different combination to it. Everything in there is higher than top secret everything in there is ‘For Eyes Only.’ Which means I am part of a handful of people who knows what goes on here?” Miles stepped in front of him and said, “You do realize that Camelot doesn’t actually exist right?”

Carl said, “What do you mean?”

Miles was trying to give the gravity of how important the people who work on the base really are and that no one would have time to do the things he is talking about, “Carl the reason Camelot doesn’t exist is because I was the one who came up with the name. The only people who actually know the name Camelot are the people that actually work in our little department here. That’s like what twenty people or so who work in this building? The general public has no clue about what we do here even our own government doesn’t know what we do here.

I mean just to make it even more crystal clear to you buddy the Department of Defense doesn’t even know of our existence that’s how black-op we are. When you consider all the people who run the black-ops as a whole, less than one half of one percent even knows that we exist and knows where we are located. That’s how secret this facility is.

On the façade of our building isn’t the name Camelot, right? I mean everyone here on base knows us only as Medical Storage 5398. You get your paychecks from the DOD right? Wrong. Those checks are written off a slush fund accounts that don’t even exist. Our government has snatched a War Lord from Africa, a Peruvian drug Lord and we have access to the funds stolen from Iraq after Saddham Hussein was thrown out of power. We have access to tens of billions of dollars Carl. We’ve taken bad money and are putting it to good use like paying for your two daughter’s college educations.”

Carl’s head shook in disbelief, “I don’t know if I can handle this anymore.”

Miles was smiling on the inside knowing that he was manipulating him and said, “Carl, I only report back to the Directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA, Secret Service and the Secretary of Defense. That’s it we are not on any DOD payroll that is why Camelot doesn’t exist. We’re not even mentioned or found on the government rolls so nobody knows about us. They’re not even funding us which means we get to do whatever we want to. So, when you say that guys are just wondering around our halls waiting to have sex with her is insane. Especially with all the security that we have on the base and inside of this building, if anyone was doing that to her we would definitely know about it.”

Carl looked at him as his theory was hanging on by a single thread said, “You know what? You’re right Doc. But all I know is that with all the secret people that work here they can bypass security. I mean they were trained to do it.” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Look when I change her I can’t help but see the damage down there. It just pisses me off when I see all that dried semen in her lady parts. I’ll concede that they’re not bringing guys onto the base but what about the guys on the base? How about the ones that even work in this building, somebody must be doing something because of the state of her lady parts. You’ve gotta believe me Doc.”

Miles put both hands on his shoulders and said, “Carl there’s a reasonable explanation for every one of your accusations. I want to believe you buddy but the logic and science doesn’t back you up. Now, look if my daughter was here and I didn’t know about it. I would want a guy just like you taking care of her. Here look at her for a second would ya. She’s got on one of your daughter’s old sundresses. You even brought in an old pair of flip flops for her. Look at that hair. Oh by the way you’re going to have to teach me how to do that French braid stuff because I always mess it up for my daughter Amy. You even have a bow that matches her dress. You treat her like she’s a prized china doll. When you look at her dressed and looking like that you could never believe that she could be involved in anything devious or that she could be in any kind of trouble. She looks like a perfect little angle, doesn’t she?”

Carl nodded his head up and down and said, “I don’t think she did anything wrong. She’s so young and innocent looking, what could she have possibly done wrong?”

Miles smiled at him trying to soften the blow of reality, “Carl, aside from the people we have locked up downstairs in the cells there are no civilians allowed on this base. Carl the director of the FBI allowed her to come here to work with me to get answers. I know that you want to believe that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people and that she’s absolutely 100% innocent.”

Carl eyes shown all the hope in the world and said, “Is it all possible that she’s innocent?”

Miles in a soft soothing voice said, “Well, I want you to listen to my plausible theory and then you can make up your mind. Let’s go back to the night that she lost her mind and had a psychotic break that led her to becoming Catatonic. First she was in a night club where she is clearly underage. Look at her she looks like she fourteen maybe fifteen. They didn’t check for an ID when she got there? Once she was there she met a very bad man. Now, whether he picked her up or she saw him flashing a lot of money and was attracted to him I do not know.

All I know is that they met there and someone made a suggestion of going back to his hotel suite for the night. She’s not so innocent Carl just based off of that. Now, I am not sure whether or not she knew at the time that the man she about to share her bed with was notorious for running drugs, guns and is heavily involved with human trafficking especially young white attractive teen girls such as her. So, to go to your theory, this guy saw her then snatched her and brought her back to his hotel suite to sell her later on the black market.”

Carl said, “See, I can believe that. Now, that she’s saved you’re going to fix her then she can go back to her life again.”

Miles said, “Hold on a tic Carl here’s my theory. She was snuck into the club to target this guy because he’s a known pedophile by the FBI and only likes young white teen girls. She shows him some attention and before you know it they’re partying together. She makes the suggestion to go back to his hotel suite. There lying in wait is a hit man from a Columbian cartel. Now, you have two men that are on the FBI’s top 100 wanted list in the same room at the same time. Carl the odds of that happening are like being struck by lightning and then getting up and getting hit again. Carl it just doesn’t happen. This guy bided his time and when the time was right came out and killed the two bodyguards then shot it out with the mafia guy.”

Carl wrapped his massive arm around Miles’ shoulder and said, “Look at her Doc. Do you really think that she could pull all of that off?”

Miles said, “Carl I am going to tell you something that is Top Secret. If anyone would find out that you know it could come back to haunt us. Our sweet little innocent girl there was sitting next to the mafia guy in the bed when he was shot and killed. How do we know this? Well, we found his brain matter splattered all over the right side of her face and hair. She was literally covered in the mafia guy’s sperm on her face, breasts, stomach and inside both of her lady parts.

Now, this is the kicker that should casino oyna convince you that my theory is correct. She was covered from her shoulders down to her pelvic bone with the hit man’s blood. There was even a bloody handprint on her upper right arm indicating that he held on to her. Not only that but we found blood around her left ear. All this indicates is that he grabbed her pulled her tight to his chest and talked to her. The blood on her body wasn’t intermixed with the mafia guy’s just the hit man. The hit man was shot in the chest and stomach he didn’t die right away. It would have taken about twenty minutes for him to bleed out. Here is the kicker though everyone was shot and killed in that room that night except out little muse here. So, now the FBI wants to know, who is she in cahoots with, the mafia guy or the hit man?”

Carl became agitated and said, “So, you’re going to fix her up so that she can live the rest of her life in a jail cell?”

Miles said, “It’s just not that simple buddy.”

Carl said, “Why don’t you just leave her like this. If you believe what you say that she’s creating a whole new world for herself in her subconscious mind, then just leave her alone.”

Miles wanted to console him as he realized that Miles’ theory was probably right and he said, “This is more important than just her. The mafia guy is kidnapping young boys and girls from all over the world. If she had any information that could bring down that organization then it’s worth me fixing her brain. Can’t you understand that Carl? She’s important Carl. Yeah, she may have to go to jail but she could save the lives of hundreds of little kids around the world.”

Carl said, “Well, then if she’s important enough save for other’s then it is my duty to save her from the abuse that she’s taking right now.”

Miles said, “Please Carl I doubt very much that she’s being abused here. I have given you reasonable explanations for all of your concerns.”

Carl said, “Well, I still feel someone is having sex with her almost on a daily basis now. You should see the way her lady parts look. I mean they’re all gaped for gosh sakes.”

Miles knew what he was talking about but acting as innocent as he could he asked, “Gaped? What do you mean by, ‘Gaped?’ How would that prove that she is having sex every day? I mean, are her lady parts red and puffy today?”

Carl said, “No.”

Miles said, “So, are you the only one who has noticed that fact that her lady parts were red and puffy or has seen the crusted white fluid inside of her?”

Carl said, “Yes.”

Miles wanted this to end and said, “Carl I think this is all in your head.”

Carl said in desperation, “I can prove it! I can prove that they’re hurting her or someone is hurting her?”

Miles said, “How can you prove it?”

Carl said, “I would have to show.”

Miles said, “Show me what?”

Carl said, “I would have to show you her lady parts.”

Miles said, “You really believe this is happening to her? I mean really believe it?”

Carl said, “Yes. If she were my kid I would want someone to prove if she was being abused.”

Miles said, “Alright Carl. I trust you buddy. You do what you have to do to convince me.”

Carl moved over to the couch and knelt down in front of her and looked into what can only be described is her lifeless eyes. He looked up into her face taking her hands into his and he softly said, “Kristen, the doc and I have to look at your lady parts. Now, I know this can be embarrassing but it will only be the two of us and only for a few seconds or so. I see you almost every day when I change your diaper and that’s how I know somebody is doing something bad to you. Miles has never seen how you are being mistreated. He’s a doctor so it will be okay if he sees your lady parts.

Now, I am going to reach up under your dress and remove your underwear okay?” Carl released her hands and then slipped them under her dress and he gently pulled down her thong past her knees and then all the way off. “That wasn’t too bad was it? Now, I am going to lift your dress and open your legs for a little while. I am going to have to show Miles where you’ve been hurt. Just relax we aren’t going to hurt you.”

Miles said, “You know she really can’t hear you or understand anything you’re telling her.”

Carl looked up at Miles as he lifted her dress past her hips. Then he pushed her upper torso to the back of the couch. He slipped his massive hands under her knees pushing them back against her shoulders. Then he said, “If you can talk to plants so they grow better, then me talking to her has to do some good.”

Miles looking down at the man whose hope was shown in eyes said, “Okay, Carl. Sorry. I am a man of science and you’re a man of faith. The last thing I want to do is step all over your faith. Now, that you have her half naked what do you want to show me?”

Carl held out his hand and pulled him towards him and said, “Kneel down her next to me.” Miles wasn’t going to argue with him and he knelt next to him. Carl pointed to her anal cavity and said, “Do you see the way her butt hole stays slightly open like this? When she first came it was pristine and it remained closed all the times even when I would wipe her like this.” Then he took his finger and traced the outer rim of her butt cheeks that showed a clear path to her anus and said, “See this ring here that is the outline of how a man’s penis that is inserting into her every day.”

Then he pointed to her vagina and said, “Do you see her outer labia here, see how it also stays open? Do you see the tear shape right here of her inner lips that just stay open now? When she first arrived her labia remained tightly closed as if it was a minuscule slit. So, I ask you Miles, if she is unable to masturbate how can you explain that she appears to be having sex?”

Miles looked at Carl and said, “Okay, now it’s my turn. Do you see this little mark here at the bottom of her anus and there is one on the right side over here?”

Carl said, “I never noticed that before.”

Miles said, “That’s okay Carl. They are scars from when she was eight. Her father took her to Disney World and her mother forced the father to have sex with her. He tore her open but then her mother took her to meet up with another family that same night. She participated in a small orgy with the other family. The other family had two teenage boys. They double penetrated her vagina while their father tore her anus all the way open at the same time. Look here on this side over here and down here do you see the white scars around her vagina. That all happened when she was raped by three male intruders when she was only twelve.”

Carl’s face grimaced and in a dark ominous voice said, “Where the hell is her father?”

Miles said, “Now, Carl all in good time.” Then he opened her vagina and said, “Do you see this line here and here this one here and the one a little deeper inside?” He continued his examination and then opened her anal cavity and started to point out more scars on the inside.” Then he released her and as he knelt next to Carl he said, “Carl she’s been abused since she was about five. Under hypnosis she told me she lost her virginity at the age of seven. She continued to be abused over and over again by all the men in her family. Her complete family belonged or should I say still belongs to some sort of secret society of incestuous families that can keep all of this hidden from the general public.

Now, Carl I want to believe you but given that her vagina was red and puffy is not enough evidence for me to go after the two new orderlies.” He stood and said, “Please put her thong back on. I’ll tell you what I am going to do though. Later today I am going to have the physician come down and look at her lady parts to see if she has a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection. If he feels that there is something else wrong I will make sure the he will give her a complete and thorough gynecological examination? Then and only then if he feels that someone is sexually abusing her I will then pull the security tapes from her room for the past month. I will then set you up so that you can watch them. If you see anything that isn’t right you come only to me and let me watch with you. If there is something wrong I alone will handle it. I don’t want you to get mixed up in this stuff. I just want you to take care of her okay?”

Carl smiled and said, “I guess I should have just pulled her underwear off in the first place. Thanks Doc. That’s all I ask is that you look into it.”

Miles just smiled at him as he was exiting thru the door and said, “Any time buddy.” Once he was alone with his patient he exhaled a large sigh of relief. He then quickly looked over to the couch at Kristen. She hadn’t moved or reacted to anything that was being done to her or said about her in the room with Carl. Miles was very acute watching for any reactions with the revelations that Carl brought forth in their conversation. As Miles walked over to the large window behind his desk he pushed a button and the blackout shades slowly descended and he asked her, “How are you today Kristen?” There came no response as usual. Then he picked up his lighter and started walking around the room lighting scented candles and said, “It looks like when you want me to fuck you from now on I’m going to have to finish in your mouth. That way I can make sure there’s no more dried semen in your tiny-slut-hole, honey.” Miles then turned on some soft jazz that seems to calm his patient and has actually brought out some of their best sessions.

Miles then sat in his seat and scanned his notes from where they ended their last session. He then was ready to start the next session. He turned on his video recorder and like he always did he gave the therapy session number, the date and time. Then he started the arduous procedure of hypnotizing Kristen. Then, once again, Miles used the technique of Regression to tap into her subconscious mind. It took a few minutes for her face to transform from what looked like to be a white marble stone statue to blood rushing into her cheek bones and soft loving face. Her eyes seemed to be endlessly vacant when she’s in her catatonic state then slowly you can actually see a light as if life pouring back into them.

Once Miles saw little movements of her body he realized that she was close to being ready to start and he asked her, “Kristen can you tell me what happened after you left Sweden?” At first there was no response so he fired off another question, “So, after you returned from Sweden did you go back to Latrobe, Pennsylvania with your extended family or did you go back with your father to your new home in Muskogee, Oklahoma?

Slowly Kristen’s body began to move she smiled stretching a bit and yawning as if she came out of a deep slumber. She smiled at Miles and as she did in every session. She lifted her bare heels to the edge of the sofa cushions. The soft cotton sun dress she was wearing slid down her cream colored thighs. Miles’ peered between those thighs and was greeted with a bright lime green thong today. As always she sported her wonderfully small camel toe for his enjoyment. Her legs spread slightly as her hands came to rest on top of her knees and with a soft singing voice said, “Well, hi there Dr. Spencer. Good morning to you. How are you today? Are you getting a nice view of my coochie?”

Miles smiled back at her enjoying the view that she seemed always to provide for him and said, “I am doing just fine today Kristen. So, tell me did your father take you to your new home or did you go back to Latrobe with the rest of your family when you left Sweden?”

Kristen slipped her fingers under her thong her eyebrows were dancing up and down as she smiled and began to tickle herself and said, “Come on Doc I see the way you stare at my fun holes down her. Forget about these stupid questions that don’t mean anything and let’s finally have some fun together. I mean I’ve been coming here since I was like nine, right? I mean I’ve been coming here for five long years now. And every session I try to get you to have fun with me but you just sit over there pretending like you’re not looking at my cooch. But you just can’t help yourself you love staring between my legs ~ like you want to come over here and do all sorts of dirty nasty things to me.

Come on Miles, I’m so horrrrrrny can’t you help me out just a little bit?” She spread her legs wide and her other hand moved her thong to one side revealing her tight little slit while her fingers slipped inside of herself. She eyed his lap and began to giggle at Miles and said, “Look! I can actually see you beginning to grow under your pants. You like what you see over here don’t you? You can’t help yourself can you? Let’s finally end this game of pussy and cock and slip on over here and take me once and for all. I am inviting you to take me Doc! Please you’re such a hunk with that long blond hair in a pony tail (her fingers were now wet as they were gliding in and out of her slit) those crystal blue eyes and my god look at your snake under those trousers, my god, look at it, it goes half way down your thigh for gods sakes. I want to feel you inside of me ~ I want to see you push my bellybutton up and down when you’re inside of me.”

Miles eyes were intently watching her Jill herself in front of him as he thought, ‘damn she is still locked in her subconscious mind. She’s only been here two months but in her mind she feels that she’s been in therapy sessions with me for at least five years now. Damn this is not good. Damn her pussy looks so small and tight I love the way it wraps around my shaft.’ Miles began to shake his head knowing how appetizing it really is to be balls deep inside of her but he also realizes that he truly needs to help her.

Miles straightened himself in his chair putting her case file over his ever growing penis and said, “That is very cute Kristen but no matter how many times you play with yourself in here I am a Doctor of science not your personal gigolo. Now, put that thing away and let’s get down to work here. I mean if you can remember when you first came here you couldn’t even remember your name. My job here is to get you to remember who you are and all the things that happened in your life not to be some boy toy of yours for your own personal pleasure.”

Now most sessions start out just like this one and it ends up that Kristen seduces Miles and that means at the end of each session Miles has the grueling job of wiping her mind clean of any sexual contact between them. So, every time Kristen starts off like this, in her mind, she feels like she’s seducing her therapist for the first time. Kristen then smiled as she moved her glistening fingers from between her legs to her mouth and sucked on them, “Oooh, now that is delicious Miles.” She held her hand out to Miles and said, “Don’t you want a taste? And no I wouldn’t think of you as one of my many boy toys ~ you’re a man, a real man and I crave man meat today.”

Miles just giggled at her trying to deflect her advances and said, “Kristen we have so much work to do today we don’t have time for this nonsense. Now, would you please just answer my questions? After you had your night of fun with Mr. Johansson or Gabe or ‘G’ as you called him. After your special webcam show that you put on for every one of the ‘Special Families’ watching that night, where did you go and who did you go with?”

Kristen sat for a moment and thought of his question and said, “Oh yeah the night with ‘G’, I remember that, that was a fun night. That’s a night I wouldn’t mind doing all over again. ‘G’ made me feel like I was a TV star that night, if only for a short time. It was neat having all those big TV cameras in the room with us, shooting the two of us fucking our brains out. It seemed to last all night long and with all those people watching us on their webcams made it even more exciting. You know if you like Miles, I could let you pretend to be ‘G’ and the two of us could do all those dirty nasty things all over again.”

Miles was trying to keep her on point, “Please, Kristen, I know that you like to tease me this way. But ~ you know how I feel about this subject matter. I feel that it is completely inappropriate for girls of your age that are under 18 to have sexual experiences with males who are much older than that.”

Kristen began to laugh out loud and said, “Well, then I guess my whole life is inappropriate because that’s been going on since I was a little girl.” She took fingers from both of her hands a spread her vagina as wide as she could. She winked at him and smiled and said, “I just want to get really inappropriate with you, right NOW! How does that sound?”

Miles said, “See, this is the reason why I think you’ve been blocking out so many things that have happened to you in your life. You deflect your real feelings and hide behind sex. You use sex as a defense mechanism to protect yourself from your true feelings. Now, because you do that I have to sit in this room with you and deflect your sexual advances while trying to dig deep inside of your mind. It is very difficult for me to find your true feelings and memories of what has happened to you when you were younger. I am just trying to help you live a normal life again. Why won’t you help me so that I can in turn help you? Believe in me and trust in me, I know what to do to help you?”

Kristen folded her hands over her chest although her thong was still pushed to one side and her legs were still spread for his enjoyment she huffed a big puff and said, “How many times do we have to go thru this? I’m not hiding anything. I love my life I am free to do whatever I want whenever I want with whoever I want to do it with. I know that you feel that my family’s lifestyle is wrong but for us it is just normal.” Kristen began to become agitated and her arms began to flail over the place trying to make her point that much more dramatic and said, “I mean if I grew up a couple hundred miles in either direction and was Amish then I would only have sex to have children. I mean I think that is totally ridiculous. What if I was Jewish or Islamic? I mean Arab girls are considered second class citizens and have no say so in their own lives for gosh sakes. I think that’s way worse than me doing something as beautiful as sharing my body with another human being. I mean when you think about its just two people playing around with each other for a little while. What does age have to do with anything for god’s sakes?!

I just can’t help myself Doc. I mean my family and the other ‘Special families’ that we hang out with are all nudists. I mean when you go to a party and everyone is nude. I mean adults and kids all at the same time. It just makes it normal to have sex with someone else. Also, I just want to tell you that I don’t like it when you call all those sweet people swingers because they’re not. They are good, nice family people it’s just the games we play as families just happens to include sex. We don’t want to live our lives by the rules of everyone else out there. What other people feel is a normal family life is just plain stupid to us.”

Miles looked at her and said, “I’ll concede this point to because I do not want to waste another whole session debating something that I am never going to win with you. So, let’s just move on. Like I’ve asked you several minutes ago, once you finished with your webcam show and your father concluded his business merging the two beer companies where did you go, if you can remember that is?”

Kristen sat there happy with herself that she won her point with the huffy puffy psycho babbler sitting across from her. She thought really long and really hard trying to remember what came next in her life and then it hit her. She snapped her fingers and a large smile crossed her young face and said, “I remember it was actually kinda of sweet of my daddy to do what he did next with me.

Okay ~ so like ~ the morning after the webcam show we were still staying at the Johansson mansion in Sweden. My father slipped into my room early the next morning and woke me. He told me that we weren’t going to go home with the rest of the extended family. He smiled at me and pulled me to him and hugged me really tight. He was so sweet to me that morning and he said to me, ‘Listen Princess, the last time we had a family vacation together we went to Disney World and it didn’t turn out all that great there at the end.’ I just smirked at him and said, ‘Well, daddy whose fault was that? I begged you and mommy not to put your ‘big thingy there’ inside of my tiny little stinky hole. I told both of you that your thingy was too big to go inside of me but you guys just didn’t care you and you did it anyway!’

My father grabbed me tight and said, ‘I’m so sorry Princess I was so drunk that night. It is never my intention to ever hurt you sexually. Understand Princess you were at that special age that most girls in our families learn how to do those, sort of things. You know what I mean, right? This isn’t an excuse honey but if I didn’t do that to you that night then mommy was going to get one of your grandfathers, Uncle Danny or your cousin Timmy to do it to you in your stinky hole for me. It was my job to do that with you.

I mean I felt horrible enough that the year before when your cousin Timmy took your virginity. Well, that was supposed to be my job to do that with you. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to hurt you like I did the night I stuck my thingy inside of your tiny stinky-hole honey. So, now that we are here in Europe and on a small vacation I want to make it up to you. Look, now, that your mom is in jail and your brother is no longer with us, I want us to leave here and start a whole new life together as father and daughter. Can we at least try to do that Princess?’

I began to cry a little and I hopped into his lap and kissed him on the lips and said, ‘why didn’t you say all that stuff before and I wouldn’t have been such a brat to you and mommy. I mean that’s the whole reason that I hadn’t talked to anyone for a whole year after we came back from Disney World. I mean it really wouldn’t have been necessary to send me to see a Shrink when all you had to do was say you were sorry?’

My daddy kissed me back on the lips and hugged me so hard that couldn’t I breathe, he only let me go because I was pounding my fist on his back and squealing, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe daddy!’ As I was taking my deep breathes he smiled at me and said, ‘Princess I am sorry I was such a fucking asshole back then and didn’t listen to the most important thing in my life. Now, do you forgive me?’ I felt like this big like weight came off of my shoulders and said, ‘yeah daddy, I forgive you.’ He stood and as he hugged me again I turned my head and looked into the full length mirror that was in the room. As we stood hugging each other my daddy took advantage of me by squeezing my tiny butt with his big hands. It looked so damn hot and he said, ‘Good! Now, pack your bags because we need to leave in an hour to catch our flight.’ I was jumping up and down and said, ‘where are we going daddy?’ As he was walking out of the room he said, ‘One hour Princess not a minute more and it is a surprise!’”

Miles saw that there was some actual closure in her life and that the father actually admitted to doing something sexually wrong to her in her young life. Things were beginning to flow like he wanted to and asked, “So, where did your daddy take you?”

Kristen smiled really big and moved to the edge of the couch and was more excited than he had ever seen her before. Her hands and arms became animated she spoke so fast that Miles was having a problem keeping up, “He took me to Paris! I’ve always wanted to go there. I mean all those romantic movies I’ve watched with my mommy all the time. They all talk about Paris in all of those romance novels that my mommy reads all the time. Mr. Johansson or ‘G’ surprised us his family owns an apartment building on the left bank of Paris. The family has owned the building for like a couple of hundred years or something like that. The Johansson’s have the whole eighth floor of the building. Three hours after my daddy woke me we were sitting in the Arlanda airport getting ready to fly first class to Paris.”

Miles saw the excitement on her face and said, “That was completely unexpected going to Paris, right?”

Kristen said, “Yeah, I know right? I mean I was going to go somewhere that none of my other girlfriends had ever been before. They were going to be so jealous when I tell them. After we went thru customs ‘G’ had a really nice surprise waiting for us.”

Miles said, “Okay, I’ll bite. What did ‘G’ having waiting for you?”

Kristen’s smile nearly went from ear to ear, “Okay, so check this out. When we went through the doors of Customs there was this big sign that said ‘Foster’s’ on it and standing behind it was our limo driver ~ yeah you got it ~ our limo driver ~ Vincent! He took our cart and walked us outside to the car. It was a dark maroon Bentley ~ a stretch-limo-Bentley. Vincent made his way to the trunk of the car when the back door swung open and one of the most stunning women I had ever seen in my life stepped out.”

Miles said, “Really there was some in the car waiting for you?”

Kristen said, “Yes, Celine. She was a lot closer to my father’s age I guess she was about 35. She had sandy blonde hair that fell over her shoulders. She had these bright blue eyes and a perfect face she didn’t have even one flaw. She was wearing a white dress that was pretty much see-through. The sequins covered her nipples and her pussy but you could see her tanned skin underneath. She had real long tanned legs and a nice round tight butt. She walked to my father put her arms around his shoulders and kissed him passionately right there on the sidewalk at the airport like they’ve known each other forever so something. When she pulled away she said in a heavy French accent, ‘Mr. Foster I am Celine your Steward of the Avian building and the Johansson’s penthouse. I am here to provide all of your needs whatever they may be.’ My father smiled pointing up in the air with his finger and said, ‘G’ you shouldn’t have.’

I don’t know what he was talking to but I understood as the next person out of the car was Chloe she was much closer to my age later she told me that she was 14. She had on these white sneakers and a tiny yellow strapless sundress that stopped at the top of her thighs. She wasn’t wearing a bra as it was her large breasts that held up her dress. She had the same hair color as Celine and same colored blue eyes. She embraced my father and kissed him the same way Celine did and in a light whispery voice said, ‘Hello James. I will be your valet while you stay at the Avian.’ She put her arms around his waist and put my father’s hands under her dress displaying bare butt and then she kissed him open mouth. ‘I am available to you for whatever your needs may be twenty-four hours a day.’ My father just looked at me and said, ‘holy crap I think I must have died and gone to heaven.’”

Miles said, “It sounds to me like ‘G’ was rewarding your father for a job well done by getting the two companies to merge. It sounds to me like your father was going to have a few busy nights, eh?”

Kristen said, “Well, I was okay with that especially when two younger boys slipped out of the back of the limo next. They saw me and made their way over to me. The first boy to come over was Cedric. I found out later he was 16. He was wearing black trousers with a white shirt. It was unbuttoned and open. His stomach was flat and had one of those six pack things. He had big black wavy hair and beard that looked like it was only a week old. He was so hot Doc I just wanted to jump him right there on the sidewalk. He was tall maybe six foot tall and when he hugged me it felt just like the way my daddy hugs me ~ I felt like I was a stick of butter melting in a pan. He smelled so good I just wanted to bite him everywhere right then and there. When I looked up at him he didn’t say anything but then he moved his lips to mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth. He kissed me so deliciously that my knees actually went week just like that do in those cheap romance novels. When he stopped he smiled at me and said in his French accent, ‘I am Cedric and I will be one of your valets. I will do anything you want whenever you want and as much as you want my dear!’”

Miles said, “Well, well, well. slot oyna I guess ‘G’ got someone for you too.”

Kristen smiled and said, “Well ‘G’ overdid because after he let me go I was greeted by Axel. Axel was pretty much the same age as me or maybe a year older. He had blonde hair that went down to his shoulders. He had blue eyes and the strongest chin I had ever seen. He was wearing yellow trousers just like Cedric his shirt was unbuttoned. He wasn’t as tall as Cedric but I knew I was going to have a lot of fun with Axel. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me like Cedric did but he bent me backwards as his hand went down and began to squeeze my butt. When he pulled me back up I surprised myself. I jumped up on him wrapping my legs around his waist. My arms went around his neck and like a boa constrictor I squeezed him nice and tight kissing him the best I could. His hands kept squeezing my butt and a few times his fingers tickIed my fun holes. I don’t know how long we were on the sidewalk like that but finally Vincent the driver tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Miss we really do need to go. You may continue this in the back of the car if you like.’

I released Axel from the grips of my thighs and when I looked around everyone else was in the back seat of the car. When I slipped inside Celine was already sitting on the floor of the limo. Her dress was hiked up over her hips and she wasn’t wearing any underwear as I could see her well used butt hole and pussy. She sat in front of my father as her head was bobbing up and down on his penis like she hadn’t eaten in weeks.”

Miles interrupted her story, “Are you sure that’s the way it happened? I mean don’t you think that was kinda quick? I mean for your father and Celine to be doing that after they just met?”

Kristen said, “Well, you didn’t stay at the Johansson mansion like we did. I mean the servants are really there to do whatever you ask them to do and I mean whatever you want them to do!!!! Once we were all inside my father buzzed up to Vincent and asked how long until we get to the penthouse and he told us that with good traffic it would take about forty minutes or so. My dad just smiled at Celine and said, ‘well, looks like we will just enough time to have some fun together.’”

Miles said, “So did your father have sex with Celine?”

Kristen said, “Sure did. We all did. Axel and Cedric were so hot I couldn’t real pick which one I wanted first. I just wanted to strip them down and take them both at the same time in the back of the limo. I mean how many chances do you get to have sex in the back of a limo or should I say, have sex in the back of a Bentley limo as you’re riding through the streets of Paris?”

Miles said, “I never did that’s for sure.”

Kristen said, “All I know is that I’ve seen plenty of girls sucking on my father’s manhood before. When I finally picked who I wanted to be with first I knew I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to me. So, I straddled Axel’s lap I could feel his trouser snake wiggling between my legs it even began to push up from his trousers and it made me so horny knowing that he wanted me. It made me want him even more. Axel really knows how to kiss a girl and before I knew it I was grinding on his lap like I used to do to my grandfather’s when I was just a little girl. I don’t know how long we kissed but when I broke the kiss his shirt was off and the top of my dress was around my waist. I dropped to the limo floor like Celine and undid his pants to unleash his boy meat.

When I looked back at the others they switched up a bit. My father on his knees now and Chloe had her legs spread open really wide on the backseat. My father didn’t waste any time getting her teen pussy as he was pushing fast and hard between her thighs. Celine was completely nude by now. She was on all fours on the same seat. Cedric was nude as well kneeling behind her on the seat. He was pushing hard and fast inside of her trying to keep up with my father’s enthusiasm. Celine’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open like a perfect O shape as she rested her head on Chloe’s flat stomach. Celine would open her eyes slightly as if she were peeking at something that was supposed to be private. I could actually see small smirks as she watched my father’s penis move like a piston inside of an engine inside of the young girl’s pussy. Every now and then my daddy would pull out of Chloe and feed his snake to Celine. She sucked him all the way down her throat without gagging. It was actually very impressive. Cedric leaned forward pulling Chloe’s ponytail moving her head to his and they began to make out together as he pushed hard and fast inside of Celine.

I finally got Axel’s pants off and I slipped my panties off and sat on him. I couldn’t believe that I was the last one to get fucked. Axel’s eyes went wide and his smile was huge as the tip of his hot spearing penis penetrated my butt hole. I could tell right away that he liked the surprise I had for him and he said to me in his sweet French accent, ‘you’re a dirty girl aren’t you? You like it in the asshole? You are going to fit right in here in Paris.’ I wasn’t really aiming for him to put in my my butt hole but like I said before I really didn’t care where his penis was as long as it was somewhere inside of me. I was eyeballing one of the most stunning guys that I’ve ever seen in my life and I couldn’t believe that he was all mine? His thingy wasn’t nearly as big as ‘G’ or my father but he was still a young guy you know what I mean? I guess he was about four or maybe five inches long. I really didn’t care because it fit perfectly inside of my stinky hole. It wasn’t too big that it could hurt me and it wasn’t too small that I wouldn’t know that it was inside of me. I guess it was just right because he made my pussy really horny for him as my juices were dripping out onto the base of his thingy as he fucked me hard and deep inside of my butthole.

Both boys didn’t last all that long ~ I mean most teenage boys are like ~ two minute wonders. You know what I mean Miles? It’s like you just get started and then it’s like I wonder what just happened and they’ve already finished. Cedric was the first to finish. I mean I really couldn’t blame him though. I mean being inside of Celine and all would be really exciting for any boy. I’m sure most guys finish really fast with her ~ I can see how most guys would be really excited to be with her. Cedric pulled out of her squeezing his thingy really hard as he moved down to Celine’s face that was still resting on Chloe’s belly. He relaxed his grip a bit as he stroked himself next to my father and then painted Celine’s face and Chloe’s stomach and brand new boobs with several large ropes of his sperm. When he finished Celine lifted her head and without missing a beat she took his entire thingy in her mouth and down her throat. Cedric couldn’t handle her mouth as he fell to his knees pulling Celine down on the limo floor with him. Celine didn’t give up though as her head bobbed up and down slurping every last drop of her cunt juices along with Cedric’s baby juice. When his cock was going down she moved her mouth to Chloe’s and then drained his white chunky sperm into her young teenage mouth.

While that was happening Axel was spreading my cheeks open with he hands as far as they would go as he pumped deep inside of my butthole. I was still a little sore from the night before. I mean ‘G’ was like ten thick inches and he stretched me pretty wide open, back there. Axel was much thinner and he didn’t go as nearly as deep as ‘G’ did but Axel knew what he was doing though. He knew how to work it in my ass and he was bringing me to orgasm. My orgasm was beginning to build as Axel was kissing me and talking to me in French.

I didn’t understand anything he was saying to me. I wasn’t sure if he was saying romantic things to me or calling me a whore. I didn’t have had a clue either way and I really didn’t care it just sounded sexy to me the way he spoke to me. Then he grabbed my hips thrusting up hard and deep inside of me he began kissing me again. His eyes nearly shot out of his sockets and he didn’t make as sound as I could feel him empty his entire nut sack into my rectum. I stayed real still allowing him to push one last time deep inside of me. I just sat on him as we breathed heavily together. We were both satisfied then he slowly pumped inside of me. He apologized to me because he was embarrassed that I hadn’t finished yet.

I put his thing inside of my pussy and began to grind on him as he pushed upwards inside of me. After a few minutes of me moving my hips around like I was playing with a hula hoop I felt this intense urge building up between my legs. I rose up and his thing finally slipped out of my pussy. His white thick stuff was still oozing out of my butt crack. It looked so hot to me then out of nowhere my pussy squirted a quick stream of my love juice onto his stomach. That had only happened a few times with my daddy before. It was so intense that my whole body kinda just spasmed.

It was really sweet of him to think of my needs too. His sperm kept oozing out of my anus onto his head and shaft it was so white and thick it looked like icing covering over a Popsicle. Axel was breathing heavy and his eyes were still bugged. After I caught my breath and my body finally stopped freaking out I slipped down onto the floor. I grabbed his slimy cock that had my pussy cum and his white chunky cum all over it and stroked him. Then i bent over and took his cock in my mouth. I could smell the interesting aroma of my ass on his cock. When I put it in my mouth I was greeted with an interesting taste of my sweet ass and cum along with his sour sperm all at the same time. There was so much of his thick white sperm that it built up on and around my lips as I took him down my throat trying to clean him up like Celine did with Cedric.

As I sucked on him I could hear my father moaning. He wasn’t too far behind and a few minutes later he began to squeal really loud and then he knelt over Chloe’s face. Celine put her head next to Chloe’s even though her face was still covered with Cedric’s cum. My father pulled out and knelt over both of them stroking his self until he finished in both of their mouths and on their faces. Chloe moved forward with an open mouth and sucked him for another minute or so. When she finished she smiled at my father still covered in his juice and said, ‘that was wonderful Mr. Foster I look forward to you giving more later on.’ My father wanted to say something but was still in the afterglow of his intense orgasm. He fell backwards onto the seat next to Axel. He looked down at me and said, ‘look at you Princess on your knees with a load in your mouth. I am so proud of you.’

I let Axel’s thingy slip from my mouth and crawled over to my father. I took his semi-hard thingy and spread my legs over his lap and slipped it inside of me and said, ‘I’m proud of you too daddy. I love you so much.’ I moved my mouth to his and he didn’t hesitate to kiss me open mouth even though there was still some of Axel’s sperm inside. The six of us sat in the back of the Bentley limo still breathing real heavy and had these stupid satisfied looks on our faces as I was grinded on daddy’s thingy. Celine was the first one to move a few minutes later. She opened her big purse and pulled out a whole packet of handy wipes and we cleaned ourselves up. It was a good thing it was a long ride from the airport because it took the rest of the time to make ourselves look presentable before hopping out of the back of the limo at the front door of the Avian building.”

Miles whistled and then said, “That is one heck of a story. I wish I could have been one of the guys in the back of the Bentley that day. It sounds like all you guys had a whole lotta fun in the back of the limo. So, how many days did you stay in Paris?”

Kristen pulled her fingers form her vagina that were coated with her wet slimy juices. Then she moved her hand to her face as she thought to herself. Her fingernail started to tap on her front teeth as she scanned her brain for the answer and said, “It was a total of four days.”

Miles asked, “I hope that you did some sightseeing? I mean did you at least get to see the Eifel Tower or got to the Louvre?”

Kristen said, “You bet your sweet ass I did!! Although, I have to say that it was really hard to leave that penthouse ~ it was totally incredible. All I can say is it was just like amazing!!!! Just like their mansion back in Sweden not to mention I had two hot teenage boys at my disposal to do whatever I wanted.”

Miles said, “In what way?”

Kristen said, “Well, the building was old but it was kept up and looked as if it was just built like a year ago or something. In many ways it was just like my home I grew up in. It was full of very old antiques that looked like they were just bought even though they were hundreds of years old. The penthouse still had all the modern amenities that you need for a home of today but it definitely had an Antoinette feel to it.”

Miles scratched his chin and said, “Now, it’s your turn to teach me something, what is an Antoinette feel?”

Kristen said, “It is a certain time period in French home design. I just remember my Mum-Mum drilling that stuff into my head when I was younger. I was the only one that could tolerate going antique shopping with her on the weekends.”

Miles said, “So, I guess you and your father enjoyed yourself at the penthouse, you guys saw the Eifel Tower and you went home?”

Kristen was still massaging her upper thighs as her story made her horny. She winked at Miles and licked her lips and said, “Well, I had other ideas first. Celine was showing my father and I around the penthouse when we first got there ~ you know ~ so we could get a lay of the land, if you know what I mean? It was really nice they had their own gym, huge sauna and even a hot tub that could seat ten people.

One of the last things Celine did when we first showed up was to show us how to use the intercom so that we could to contact her and the other servants. Celine took us first to the master suite or Mr. and Mrs. Johansson’s master bedroom. It was huge of course the room was perfect in every way if you know the Johansson’s you wouldn’t expect anything less. As Celine and I were ready to leave so she could show me my room my father turned to Celine and smiled at and said to me, ‘hey, sweetie don’t dilly dally too much because we have a lunch reservation and another surprise. Just be ready to go in an hour okay? Why don’t you get cleaned up and meet me back here when you’re done.’ Then he looked at Celine and said, ‘Celine, sweetie, would come back when you finish showing Princess to her room. I am going to need your help to figure out how the shower works.’”

Miles said, “So, I take it your father took a liking to Celine?”

Kristen smiled and evil smile at her therapist, she leaned back on the couch and began to tickle her clit in front of Miles and said, “Well, my father is like any other guy Doc. He likes any female that will spread her legs for him. I think every man is like that except for perhaps you because no matter how many times I play with myself in front of you or invite you to take me you deny me that pleasure.” Kristen spread her legs wide and began to tickle her clit with her thumb as her middle fingers began to impale her vagina again.”

Miles put his hand in front of his mouth and coughed. He thought for a moment and said, “Kristen, if I was not your therapist and we were in an entirely different setting it would be really hard for me not to want and take you. You are a very enticing young lady and very persuasive with your invitations. But ~ ultimately I really do want to keep my license to practice. It would be horrible on my end to have an encounter with a young woman such as yourself especially me being the age that I am. I mean I’m old enough that I could actually be your father. Thank you though for stroking an old man’s ego. Now, please stop doing what you’re doing and tell me what’s next with your trip to Paris?”

Kristen smirked as the view of her vagina apparently wasn’t enticing enough for the old bird to just come over and take her so she said, “Well, there’s something under your pant leg there that I would love to stroke for you.” Kristen then removed her panties and stood in the middle of the floor in front of Miles. She turned her back to him and leaned forward throwing her ass right into his face. She grabbed her butt cheeks with her fingers and spread them open showing him what he was missing out on.

Then she grabbed the hem of her sundress and as she slowly went upright she pulled her dress up over her head. She began to twirl for him as she tossed her dress back onto the couch. There in the candlelight shadows the flames licked the walls in the room as she began to dance for his pleasure. She swayed her hips naked as the day she arrived in the world. She twirled again for her therapist to drink in her whole form. She moved over to his oversized leather chair. Leaning forward she took her case file that was in Mile’s lap that was hiding his rock hard cock and placed it gently on the floor then proceeded to straddle his lap.

Miles immediately could feel the volcanic heat radiating from between her thighs onto his hard throbbing crotch. Kristen leaned forward as her arms wrapped around his neck allowing her breasts to gently brush across his face then her nipples began to tease his lips wanting them to suck her. Then she whispered in his ear, “Miles, I can feel your excitement for me between my legs.” She began to move her hips in slow deliberately circular motions over his lap, “Oh god Miles, Please!!! I’ve gotta feel you inside of me. It’s been so long since anyone has been inside of me. I’m tired of taking care of myself with my fingers. I mean they feel nice inside of me but what I really need is the touch of a real man’s cock. I want your cock ~ your cock deep, deep inside of me. I want to feel your head pushing me open. I want to feel it slip inside of my wet hole. I want squeeze your trouser snake and coat it with my pussy juice.”

Miles hands trembled knowing what he was about to do with her was so totally wrong. The temptation of her body and his working knowledge of how good her pussy actually feels when she rides him overtook his sense of right and wrong. He put both hands to her breasts and said, “Kristen this is so wrong. Please, let’s not do this, you’re so young and I am so much older than you.” Then he took her nipple into his mouth and began to lick and suck.

Kristen moaned as if Miles’ suckling was the first time it had ever happened to her. Miles’ suckling sent shivers down her spine to her ass. She grabbed his head and pulled it to her mouth. Her lips found his they kissed passionately open mouthed. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and danced the tango with his as she continued to grind on his covered penis. With her eyes closed her body continued to shiver with pleasure as she mouthed, “Age doesn’t mean anything to me you should have learned this by now. I just want to share my body with you.” Her hands began to slip his tie off then she made quick work of the buttons on his shirt. When the last one was released she tore his shirt open to reveal his hairless pale white chest. Her mouth immediately went to one of his nipples and she began to tickle it with her tongue and suckle on it just as Miles did to her. She alternated back and forth and said, “Paris is the place where I finally grew up Doc.”

Miles’ eyes were rolled upwards into the back of his head. His mind was spinning with wantonness and his cock was now harder than it had been all morning. His carnal lust began to overtake his thoughts. As his head continued to spin in circles as if he was drunk and all he could think was, “Tell me how ~ how, did you grow up there?”

Kristen’s mind buzzed as all she could think about was getting his cock out of his pants and inside of her. She slipped off his lap and onto her knees, “No more playing cowgirl Doc.” Kneeling between his legs she unbuckled his belt and made quick work on his button of his pants. Then with two fistfuls of his trousers she deftly stripped them off bringing his boxers with them. At last there was her prize an eight inch long thin penis for her enjoyment. “Well, you see Doc a revelation took place a few minutes after Celine showed me to Farrah’s bedroom where I was going to stay.”

Her story was coming out in dribs and drabs at this point but Miles could care less as he moaned with contentment as he felt her warm breath cascading over his shaft. His penis was in tune with her mouth as her tongue coated his shaft. She licked him like she was working a lollypop and when she reached his mushroomed head she would engulf him. Then she would slowly maneuver it thru her mouth to the opening of her throat then let it slip all the way down. Then she would do her best to try and kiss the trunk of his cock then when she was out of air quickly come up off of him. Then she would start all over again. Miles sat watching her work on his cock and thought to himself, ‘there is nothing more gorgeous than a woman with a cock in her mouth,’ then he asked “Tell me what was so special about Farrah’s room?”

Kristen was stroking his shaft and said, “Celine opened Farrah’s closet revealing dresses and clothes that may fit me. She showed me the bath and then how to work the television. But it was when she walked over to the double doors that were hidden behind the very thick red velvety drapes that caught my attention. When she pulled the rope and they swung opened there it was.”

Miles was nearly levitating in his chair as her mouth engulfed his entire shaft. Her lips were pressed against the trunk of his manhood. Miles mustered just enough constraint to squeak, “What? What was there?’

Kristen’s mouth released his head from the opening of her mouth creating a saliva trail between the two of them. With her hand she collected her spit and then stroked it onto his shaft and said, “It was right there the Eifel Tower. It was staring right back at me, right outside of those glorious doors. I ran to them and quickly flung them open and ran out onto the patio that encased the whole penthouse floor. The only thing that stopped me from flinging myself towards it was the ornate cement railing. Celine came outside with me putting her hand around my shoulder and said, ‘magnifique n’est-il pas? Which means magnificent isn’t it?’ I smiled wrapping my arm around her thin waist and said, ‘I’ve always wanted to be here. I’ve always wanted to touch actual history that was taught to me in school. And look, I’m finally here.’”

Now, Miles had been there himself and he knew some interesting details about the Eifel Tower that most people don’t know. So, he used his next question as a control question. He wanted to ascertain whether this moment was coming directly from her subconscious which can never lie or could this be part of her new elaborate reality that she’s been creating in her subconscious mind to overwrite her true reality. Mile’s hand was on the back of her head pushing it down on his cock as the other was pulling on her ponytail that Carl the orderly did for her this morning and said, “Is there anything interesting about the Eifel Tower that I may not know about?”

Miles removed his hand from the back of her head allowing Kristen to release his penis from her mouth. Still pulling tightly on her ponytail he kept control of her. Kristen deftly aligned his slimy wet cock with her cleavage while trying to wrap his penis deep between her breasts. She began move her breasts up and down as there were tears streaming down her cheeks from gagging on his cock. She looked into her therapist’s eyes and said, “The Eifel Tower reminds me of a tall thin penis. A lot like yours!”

Miles began to help as he pumped his hips up and down adding to the pleasure and asked, “Is there anything else about the Eifel Tower that is special?”

Kristen said, “Well the color is deceiving. From a distance you think the tower is actually black but it is a dark bronze color.”

Miles smiled as he knew that she had actually been there and her story is coming directly from her subconscious mind which was very encouraging and then he asked, “So, did you enjoy the view?”

Kristen said, “Yes until the boys came crashing into my room. As Celine and I were standing outside on the balcony enjoying the view we heard Axel and Cedric tripping one another and falling all over my bags as the entered the room. We both giggled as we watched my luggage flying everywhere. They were calling my name and arguing as to who was going to go first with me this time. That’s when Celine turned to me and said, ‘petulant little boys. Please stay here I want to speak with them first.’

She left me out on the balcony and I could see was her quietly but very diligently yelling at them. I overheard her say, ‘she’s important and you two need to treat her that way. Anything she wants you to do you do, understood? Then they spoke French for a little bit and then when she was done yelling at both them the boys kissed her on either cheek and said just above a whisper, ‘yes mommy.’”

Miles once again was shocked, “What you’re saying is that Celine is the mother to both Axel and Cedric?”

Kristen said, “Yup! Axel and Chloe are actually twins and Cedric is there older brother. Then from the balcony I could hear Chloe giggling in the master bedroom. My father has this fetish about tickling young girls. Then my daddy called for Celine to come join them in the master bedroom. Celine said her goodbyes to me and I was left on the balcony by myself. I wasn’t all that upset because there were two gorgeous and horny teenage brothers in my room just waiting to fuck me. I walked back inside and said, ‘I feel pretty dirty boys from our ride in from the airport.’ I winked at them and gave them the best sexy look that I could give both of them and said, ‘My butt hole is pretty dirty thanks to you Axel. I want both of you to strip out of those clothes.’ As they were undressing I remembered what my father told Celine and I figured what is good for the goose is good for the gander and said, ‘boys I want you to bathe me. Come on undress me and wash me.’”

Miles was enjoying her story but also he was enjoying his cock sandwiched between his co-ed patient’s breasts. Miles knew from past experiences with Kristen that he could always have more of her. Then he put his hands under her arms and lifted upwards with very little effort as Kristen may have weighed about 95 pounds as her ass gently came to rest on his lap. This time his penis was in the way and he said, “Kristen I want you to play cowgirl again on my lap but it looks like my cock doesn’t know where to go. Do you have any ideas where we can put it so we can have fun together as you play cowgirl with me?”

Kristen smiled and said, “I think I have a place or two to park your boner. I just happened to have a boner garage right here!” They both began to giggle with each other as she pointed to her vagina and then grasping his shaft she slowly worked the tip inside of her. She slowly began to move up, down and in circular motions coating him with her vaginal juices. Kristen smiled as her arms wrapped around his neck again. Leaning forward their foreheads met. Their eyes were just centimeters apart from one another as she gave her therapist her sexy smile. Staring into his crystal Scandinavian blue eyes she kissed him. Miles’ hands went to her buttocks as he helped Kristen rise just high enough that he could feel the tip of his manhood about to slip out of her then he pushed her back down as Kristen’s hips moved in circular motions again and she said, “Now, see that Doctor Spencer isn’t it nice parking your boner in my garage?”

Miles and Kristen foreheads were pressed against each other once again and their eyes were locked on each other and he said, “Kristen you are so young and tight. I can’t believe how lucky I am that you even want me like this. I really don’t like the fact that you are so young but now I understand why your father wants to be with you so much. Your pussy feels like a velvet glove made just for my cock.”

Kristen smiled at Miles and said, “You told me once that your daughter is about my age right? She’s about what fourteen?”

Miles said, “No, she actually a little younger twelve. Why?”

Kristen said, “If you want I could teach you how to seduce her. I can tell you first canlı casino siteleri hand there is nothing more special than daddy love. Trust me.”

Miles thought about what she was telling him and he thought to himself, ‘there’s no need to teach me. I’m already familiar with my little Snuggle-Bug’s boner garage.’ He smiled and said, “We’ll talk about that later. So, you mentioned that the boys bathed you?”

Kristen’s smile was from ear to ear as her eyes rolled up in the back of her head as she moaned with pleasure and whispered back, “I promise I’ll teach you all the little tricks that my daddy used on me. The boys were quick to undress me and get me into the shower with them. We had a short time to work with but the boys were very thorough with cleaning me. The three of us were in the shower together and all I could see was four hands caressing my entire body as we traded kisses for a few minutes. Sometimes those hands were cleaning me and other times they provided deep loving enjoyment.

It was Cedric who broke the ice first and propositioned me in that sexy French accent of his, ‘Kristen’ he said, ‘Axel has already been lucky enough to have his turn with you in the back of the limo. He was so fortunate to take you from behind the way he did. If you’d allow me, I want to enjoy the same pleasure of taking you right here, if you don’t mind?’ I just smiled as I couldn’t believe that I was alone with these two scrumptious boys. They were so strikingly hot and young and I loved rubbing their flat stomachs with the bar of soap in my hand. It was nice to see that they had no hair over or on their balls, it was refreshing to see. But it was feeling their two cocks growing in my hands as I stroked them that turned me on the most. It was right then when I realized that once we return to Oklahoma that I was definitely going to need to find me a boyfriend.”

Miles said, “What made you decide that?”

Kristen said, “I guess I was just tired of having old fat guys with small hairy cocks being shoved inside of me. I guess I wanted to see tight young balls not ones that hang low down between two thighs, a fresh young face instead of wrinkles.” Kristen began to bounce faster and harder on her therapists joy stick and said, “Cedric was on his knees behind me. He said something in French and then he spread my cheeks open and I felt his tongue slip into my newly clean stinky hole. Axel was not going to wait either. He just pushed his tongue inside of my freshly cleaned cooch. I stood there in the shower with two young hot guys on their knees. One was in front of me the other behind with their tongues in both of my holes. They both actually knew exactly what to do to get me excited. I put my hands on the back of their heads pushing their faces tighter to my body so they could push their tongues deeper into my holes.

I guess Cedric couldn’t take it any longer as he stood behind me he tried to slip inside of my butt hole with his penis but he was so much taller than me that it just wasn’t going to work that way.’ Kristen then released Mile’s penis from her boner garage and stood. Grasping his hands she pulled him out of his chair and said, “Come here for a second Doc you’re going to enjoy this and I think that your just strong enough to do it too.” She turned her back to him. She could feel Mile’s wet sweaty chest against her back. His penis rested on the top of her tiny round but as his arms wrapped around her pulling Kristen tight to him and she said, “I was standing just like this with Cedric behind me. He then slipped his arms between my thighs holding me tight he picked me up so I cradled on his arms. As Cedric was holding me up in the air Axel grabbed his brother’s cock and slipped it inside of my asshole.” She took Miles’ hands and said, “Come on let’s try and see if we can do the same thing studly.”

Miles enjoyed her stories as each time something new and exciting happens. He knew what she was asking him to do so he bent over and slipped his arms between her thighs. He then elevated her 5’ 1” 95lb body upwards with very little effort. Then Kristen reached down and was able to guide his penis inside of her asshole and Miles said, “Was it something like this Kristen?”

When Miles finally pushed his head inside of her anal ring they both moaned with pleasure. “Yeah this is how he did it. Axel was still on his knees and was still licking my pussy. There were a few times I think he actually went a little too low and ended up licking my butt and Cedric’s penis. Eventually he stood and he had to get on his tippy toes but he was able to finally push himself into my boner garage Doc.” She then put her two middle fingers inside of her to simulate what her pussy felt like as it did on that day and said, “Oooh, Miles my fingers can feel you pushing in and out of my asshole.”

Miles couldn’t help himself and whispered in her ear, “Kristen this is so hot. I can feel your fingers tickling my cock from inside of your pussy. I don’t want you to stop honey tickle my cock from inside of your pussy.” They moaned for a few moments and then Miles asked, “So, I take it you enjoyed yourself with the two brothers?”

Kristen said, “It was a wonderful being with them. Especially the feeling of having two boys that were so close to my age wanting me the way they did. It was also nice that they actually knew how to make me feel so good. The only problem though was they were both young and unfortunately boys their age don’t know how to control their orgasms to extend the love making. Axel just like back in the limo was only inside of me for a minute or two and then he sprayed the inside of my boner garage with another ball draining load. Cedric had a little more control but only lasted just a little bit longer and I could feel him pump more sperm inside of my bowels.”

Miles himself could feel his own balls beginning to tighten and his head was expanding inside of her bowels and he didn’t want to be labeled as a little boy in this situation so he pulled out of her and said, “Sorry honey my thighs were beginning to cramp up and I didn’t want to drop you onto the floor.”

Kristen said, “The floor what a wonderful idea. She fell to the floor on her back immediately spreading her legs and said, “Now that your long manhood there has had a taste of my butt why don’t you get on top of me and have the main entre and park your cock back inside of my boner garage again like Axel did.”

Miles knelt over her as he could feel his impending explosion starting to dissipate. He slapped the head of his penis on her clit and with his hand wrapped around his shaft he moved the tip between her holes. Kristen moaned with pleasure but it also was giving Miles time to allow his sperm to crawl back down his shaft back into his nut sack. As he teased her he said, “Well, the boys sounded like they had just as much fun with you as you did with them.”

Kristen said, “If I would have been allowed to stay with Celine and her kids in Paris, I actually think that I would have. The boys took their time cleaning my holes as they continued to grope me and kiss me. They both left me there in the shower as I wanted to be alone for a few minutes. When I wondered back into the bedroom there was a present on the bed for me. It was a light pink sundress with a note on top of it.”

Miles was ready once again and he parked his cock back in her boner garage again. He began to pump slowly and as deep as he could. Kristen’s legs spread as far apart as they could giving him full access to her and Miles asked, “Who was the dress from?”

Kristen smiled, “Oooh Doc. You do that ~ so good ~ yeah ~ push it really deep inside of me ~ make me feel like I’m full. Look at my stomach, can you see my bellybutton it’s going up and down each time you push deep inside of me. Damn you’re so deep inside of me, it feels so wonderful.” Looking up into her therapist’s eyes she smiled at him as she wrapped her hands around her neck and pulling herself up to him she kissed him passionately on the mouth and said, “Now, why couldn’t we have been doing this from the moment we met? I told you, that you were going to like it.”

Miles had to admit that she is right and from now on the moment she invites him he’s no longer going to play any games with her knowing that he can have her anytime he wants to. “I’m sorry Kristen. Sometimes guys are just stupid airheads.”

Kristen smiled knowing that she won and said, “Well, the dress was from ‘G,’ ~ you know ~ Mr. Johansson. The note thanked me for such a wonderful evening and allowing him to do whatever he wanted to me during the webcast. I picked it up and put in front of me. I ran over to the full length mirror and looked at it. I twirled a little and felt like I was a true Parisian. I wanted to look nice for my daddy so I decided no bra and definitely no panties to give him easy access to whatever he wanted as always. I slipped the dress on it was a perfect fit. It was strapless and the hem fell just below the tops of my thighs. I wanted to wear heels for daddy but I figured that he was taking me sightseeing so I better be comfortable so I just threw on my white sneaks. It wasn’t the look that I really wanted but I also didn’t want feet to hurt me either. When I heard the giggling stop as well as the water from the master bedroom I knew that daddy was going to be ready soon.

I eventually went down to the master bedroom and there he was in jeans that looked like they were painted on him. They were so tight his butt looked great and I could see the outline of his limp cock. He had a nice white linen shirt and sneaks. It amazes me how lucky I am to have such handsome daddy. I mean he’s still in his mid-thirties and is in such good shape. There are times I thank my lucky stars that he’s my daddy and that I get to have sex and do other fun stuff with him whenever I want to. When he saw me he smiled and held out his hands to me. I ran to him like those lovers do in the movies and he hugged me tight he said, “You look absolutely stunning, Princess! Damn every time I see you, you are looking more and more like your mother everyday sweetie. Come on let’s get out of here and have some fun in Paris.”

Miles moved down so his stomach and met Kristen’s. He moved his mouth to hers and pushed his tongue inside of her mouth as his hands roamed massaging her breasts. In between kissing her and suckling on her nipples Miles asked, “So, where did your daddy take you?”

Kristen was a little upset when Miles pulled out of her but he repositioned to a more comfortable position, so she was lying on her side. Miles spooned her from behind he lifted her leg and he plunged back inside of her. Kristen was happy once again and said, “Daddy took me to the one place I had been dying to go to since I found out that we were going to Paris. He made reservations for us at the Eifel Tower. Did you know that there is a restaurant up there?”

Miles knew it but he played dumb as he nuzzled her neck while his hand was tickling her clit he whispered in her ear, “No, I had no idea.”

Kristen said, “It was really neat sitting so high in the air with the views of Paris. Daddy actually let me have several glasses of wine at lunch that day. No one there said anything about me drinking alcohol. I was surprised about it but I felt like I was finally all grown up in my daddy’s eyes. After lunch daddy surprised me again because he booked us on a Seine River tour. It was neat to see the city that way and for the first time in a month my daddy and I got to be all by ourselves. It was just as long since we did anything ~ you know ~ he hadn’t touched me down there for almost as long. On the boat daddy made a few moves on me and discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties. Some people gave us some dirty looks by the way we open mouthed kissed each other but we didn’t care. I mean why would we? We were never going to see them again.

The next few nights my daddy and I stayed in our separate bedrooms taking advantage of our situations back at the penthouse with our special servants. During the day though, we were inseparable when we went sightseeing. It was pretty neat to see Notre Dame and touch real history again. I remember my mommy reading the story about The Hunchback Quasimodo to me at bedtime and then to be at the actual church just made it real for me. We jumped on one of those red double-decker busses and saw the Arc de Triumph, the famous Le Palais Garnier which is just a fancy name for their opera house there in the city. Did you know that they even had one of those obelisk things from Egypt there too? He even took me shopping and we ate at the cafés along the Champs-Elysees.”

Miles pushed his hand down between her legs pumping slowly but going as deep as his cock would take him. He whispered in her ear and said, “Your French is nearly perfect. If I didn’t know you I would actually think that you are Parisian. Sounds to me like your daddy took you on the one vacation you wanted your whole life?”

Kristen wrapped her arm around her therapist’s neck and pulled him tight to her lips and kissed him passionately. Her eyes locked with his and she smiled and said, “It was absolutely beautiful and romantic when he took me up on the La Grande Roué which is a fancy name they use there for this huge Ferris wheel that they have there. We went up to catch the sunset and my daddy totally took advantage of me while we rode it. He spread my legs open and fingered me and tongue kissed me until I came. He paid for us to ride again and again. This time he even let me give a blowjob and he just happened to finish in my mouth when we stopped all the way at the top. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. When I sat back on the seat next to my daddy with a mouthful of his cum he put his arm around me and pulled me tight as we watched the sun slip down past the horizon as I swallowed his load. Best sunset ever!”

She snapped her fingers like she just had an epiphany, “We have pictures somewhere at home that I can show you. The pictures are actually kinda cool seeing me on my knees. I had some of his cum running down my chin. You could actually see some of the sites in the background and all. The next day we spent a few hours at the Musee d’ Orsay that is on old train station that they turned into a fancy museum. Then it was off to one of the most beautiful things in the city the Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur that means the heart of Jesus. It is this old Roman Catholic Church there. It is even prettier than Notre Dame.

Then he took me to the Catacombs of Pairs. We didn’t stay all that long, it really me freaked out being down there. There’s like millions of bones and skulls all piled up real neat like. I really didn’t like it. It sent shivers up and down my spine being down there with all those dead people and all. So, daddy decided to do something a little different. We went and saw if you can believe it, the Pantheon. Yeah, bet you only thought there was just the one in Rome? Aha, wrong!! They have one there too it’s huge and inside of it was amazing. Then we left there and went to the Grand Palais. We spent the rest of the day there and even ate and did a little more shopping along the Champs-Elysees.”

Miles said, “You did all that and never saw the Louvre?”

Kristen moved forward and let his penis slip out from her. She pushed him on his back and began to ride him like she did a little while ago in the chair and said, “Our last day there we spent inside of the Louvre. We needed it too because it was so huge. We were allowed to video tape inside but we couldn’t take any flash pictures there because it would ruin the paintings somehow. When we got back to the penthouse later that day all the servants were gone and there was a note on the kitchen table from Celine. It said, ‘the chef made dinner for us and the other servants will be out of the penthouse for the evening.”

Miles held her hips keeping his cock deep inside of her. Then he pushed her hips in circular motions so she was grinding her pussy on his pelvis. He felt like straw inside of a cup of hot chocolate and said, “Where did they go?”

Kristen bent forward balancing her hands on Mile’s chest as she allowed Miles to pump up hard and deep inside of her and said, “Well, I asked my dad the same thing and he said that he wanted to have one last romantic night with his special girl. They set up a table out on the balcony for us facing the Eifel Tower. Daddy allowed me to have Champagne and white wine at dinner that night. We watched one more glorious Paris sunset as we ate. Daddy and I talked about what we wanted once we moved to the new house in Oklahoma. After drinking and talking with daddy I was pretty much pooped out and also from all the sightseeing and fucking every night with the two boys. All I wanted to do was get some sleep because we were going to leave the next morning. I was surprised when daddy and I showered together he didn’t try anything and we both turned in for the night.”

Miles said, “So I take it you had no desire to go to Disney World in Paris?” He began to chuckle knowing that the last time Kristen was at Disney World in Orlando her father took her anally before she was even a teenager and ripped her open pretty badly.

Kristen said, “Ha-ha Doc. That’s not really funny. No I just curled up next to daddy and we fell asleep together. Although, I remember him waking me up sometime in the middle of the night. I told him that I was tired and that I wanted to sleep but he said, ‘Princess, wake up and take a look at this. You’ll remember this for the rest of your life.’”

Miles was curious and asked, “What was it?”

Kristen was moving her hips in circular motions as Miles was buried balls deep inside of her and she said, “It was the moon of all things. There was this big bluish white moon that looked like it was stuck over the tip of the Eifel Tower. My father was right it was amazing to see. We sat there for a long while on the side of the bed just looking at it. I was snuggled up tight against him in my nightie and my dad was just in a pair of boxers. As we sat there my daddy was rubbing my back with his hand and we kissed each other open mouth a few times. Then his hand slipped between my thighs, I spread my legs wide open for him and he began to tickle my clit as I stroked him over his boxers. It was so long since daddy and I had really good sex together. He always knows how to make me horny with his finger.”

Miles knew that this could be really good so he encouraged her to enlighten him about what happened next and asked, “So, did you finally have sex with your daddy in Paris that night?”

Kristen nodded her head, “Yeah I did. It was sorta just like this. I pushed him down on the bed and then I pulled out his big hard thingy.” Kristen let Miles slip from her wet vagina and then knelt between his legs. “I took my father into my mouth like this as I looked into his eyes. For some reason daddy really likes it when I look him in the eyes when I has his thingy in my mouth. I really don’t know why but I do it for him because I want to make him happy.” Kristen sniffed Miles’ shaft then she licked his head tasting her secretions that were left over on Mile’s shaft. “My father took both of his hands and pushed on the back of my head and said, ‘all the way down honey like we’ve been practicing before we came to Paris.’”

Miles knew that was his cue to act out on her story. He grabbed her with two fists of her hair in the back of her head and forced her all the way down on his shaft. Kristen gagged on him but Miles was relentless as he continued to force his cock down her throat. Kristen adjusted her head a few times and soon Mile’s head pushed thru the opening of her throat and then his shaft followed right behind. Miles began to pump his manhood deep into her mouth and throat as no objections came from Kristen. Miles was moaning with pleasure of her velvety throat and said, “You have got to be the best daughter in the whole wide world Kristen. Your daddy is the luckiest man alive.”

Kristen didn’t break from her chore at hand. She slowly maneuvered her ass one hundred and eighty degrees and plopped her cunt right over Miles’ face lining it up with his mouth. Miles looked up at her gaped vagina and thought about how Carl was worried that somebody was fucking her. He just smiled knowing that it is his cock only that gapes her like this. Miles took the hint and began to taste her spunky smelling cooch. Even for good measure Kristen began to grind on him by pushing her hips down on his face pinning his head hard against the floor.

Kristen moved hard and deliberately over his mouth bringing her anus now into the game as Miles had a whole new taste added to the menu. They stayed on the floor pumping and grinding each other’s privates into each other’s mouths until finally Kristen felt her impending orgasm. She sat straight up and then wanting to howl at the moon that was in her memory she let out a small squeak and then her whole body shivered. “That was incredible Miles. See I told you that we should be doing this all the time. You know exactly how to get me off Doc. I don’t know whose better you or my father on how to play with me down there.”

Miles thought to himself, ‘if you only knew that we practically do this every day together.’ He felt ashamed a little that he wipes her mind clean of any sexual contact between them to ensure that he will be able to still practice once she’s finished with her therapy sessions. Then Miles said, “Did you and your daddy do anything really special after that?”

Kristen knelt over Miles kissing him and smiling as if they were old lovers and said, “Do you really want to know what we did next? Because I think that by far it was the one time and probably the only time I felt totally loved by my father!”

Miles saw it in her eyes how important that night was and why she told him the story about being in Paris with her father and said, “Miles pulled her down on top of him. Wrapping his arms around her he held her tight. I wish that my daughter could be as amazing as you are.”

Kristen whispered in her ear, “You can share all of this with her. You’d be amazed how much a young girl like me and my friends love our fathers. What do you think it’s only you older guys who think about having sex with just young girls? Well, us young girls we get turned on just as much as you guys. We get turned on by our fathers, uncles and older cousins who want us. We know that we will always be able to trust them. Don’t be surprised how much your little girl loves you. She’s my age isn’t she? She’s what twelve or thirteen?”

Miles said, “Can you keep a secret?”

Kristen said, “I am in this room practically every week with you sharing all my deep dark secrets and I trust you that you won’t tell anyone. The least that I can do is the same for you.”

Miles said, “I go home wondering how I can help you and my little girl Amy asks about you all the time. I hope you will still trust me but I’ve shared some of your stories with her. Amy and I have started a love affair very similar to you and your father. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and Amy she just won’t leave me alone. She can’t get enough of me.”

Kristen said, “Normally I would be pissed off at you but if by telling my stories to your daughter has somehow brought the two of you closer then how could I be mad at you?”

The two of them snuggled together on the floor of Mile’s office. Then Miles said, “I want you to share with me what you and your daddy did before you left Paris. What was this special moment that you mentioned a few seconds ago?”

Kristen’s smile seemed to be from ear to ear. She slipped from his grip and got on all fours. She put her head on the floor and put her butt up in the air and said, “Okay Doc. Get behind me.” Miles got to his knees grabbing her hips he pumped his hard cock between her ass cheeks. He could feel her hot wet juices covering his shaft as it passed over her lips. He could even feel how hot and wet her anus felt.

Kristen rose so her back met Mile’s sweaty stomach. She leaned back and draped her arms backwards so that she pulled his head to hers and kissed him again. Kristen smiled and said, “That’s it just like this Doc. Now, I want you to close your eyes. I want you to picture the biggest Bluish-White moon. Then imagine that light flooding into our dark bedroom. Imagine the both of us on a soft mattress looking out the doors. Just beyond the balcony there was the Eifel Tower. The moon was so large that summer night. You could see as if it was daytime. The moon was right over top of it. You could hear the city below and the all the people shuffling by on the sidewalk. There was laughter, loud shouting and even the sounds of kisses rising up to us. Now, I want you to imagine that I am your real daughter. Don’t treat me like me, treat me like I’m your sweet little girl at home. Make love to her the way you really want to and then and only then will you understand.”

Miles wrapped his arms around her and said, “I love you Amy you are my most prized possession.”

Kristen’s eyes watered and said, “My daddy said the same thing to me Doc. That’s when I told my daddy that I want him to make love to me. That I wanted to remember that night with the big full moon and the Eifel Tower in the background.”

Miles slipped his penis inside of Kristen. His eyes were closed as he imagined the picture that Kristen painted for him. He replaced Kristen with his own daughter Amy. He slowly and carefully pushed inside of her. For some reason it just seemed a little different this time. He held Kristen just a little tighter. His kisses seemed to be just a little more passionate than they were all day with Kristen and he said, “You are my whole world snuggle-bug.”

Kristen too had the picture and remembered how her father took her and said, “Take your time daddy I want to remember this forever.”

Miles had his hands on her hips controlling her thrusting backwards on to his shaft. He pulled her head to his and with their eyes closed both were imaging their special lovers and their kissing seemed to last longer and was more passionate than ever before. After a few minutes of making love to her from behind he turned Kristen over on her back and slipped on top of her.

Kristen wrapped her legs around her therapist and said, “I love the way you take me daddy.” She held on to Miles for dear life. She never wanted it to end. Kristen said, “Daddy take me out on the balcony and make love to me outside.”

Miles couldn’t literally take her outside but Kristen waited for Miles to get off of her and she took him over to the full length mirror that hung on his bathroom door. She pressed up against it with her back. Miles stood in front of her and then she lifted her leg to Miles’ shoulder. Her hands held on to his shoulders for balance as Miles said, “I want to fuck you just like this Amy.” He slipped into her pussy and fucked her until she came on his cock. Then he spun her around and said, “I want to feel your tight asshole honey.” Miles lined his head up with her asshole and then he slowly slipped it deep in of her shit hole.

Kristen looked back at her therapist and replaced him with the image of her father and said, “Daddy don’t be afraid. I can take it hard and deep now. I want to taste you when you’re ready.”

Miles had his eyes closed thing of his daughter’s tight body and what her little anus looks like. He pushed deep and hard inside of Kristen. The image of fucking his daughter in Paris on a balcony with the Eifel tower in the background was loading his shaft full of his cum. Miles grabbed her ponytail and pulled as if his life depended on it. Kristen rose to his stomach and he said, “Are you ready?”

Kristen said, “Yes daddy. Give me my reward for a job well done.”

After a few more long hard pumps Miles pulled out of her ass. He stood as he still was grabbing her ponytail and forced his cock down her throat as she was on her knees. He felt like he was ready to explode so he allowed his cock to escape from her mouth. Miles jacked off and said, “Are you ready honey?”

Kristen looked deep into his blue eyes, “I am always ready for you daddy.” Miles stood over her stroking his manhood as she waited with her mouth open and her tongue out to catch ever last drop. Miles looked down at Kristen and wanted to paint her face then he rose up on his toes and exploded all over her pristine co-ed face.

End of Chapter 21

Thank you, for once again reading another long chapter. We are in the last part of the story now we have been slowly creeping to the end. Stay tuned as the story explodes wide open again.



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