Jules collected you at lunchtime on the Friday for what turned out to be more than a two-hour drive. Eventually the car left the main road and followed a narrow lane that wound its way through dense woodland. Not a house was in sight, let alone the sizeable one that Jules had told you about, but finally the lane curved to the left and the trees opened up to reveal a substantial Tudor mansion on the far bank of a river. The lane crossed a stone bridge and then opened into a forecourt in front of the house. Jules got out but left the engine running. A footman approached her and took the keys from her.

She beckoned you to follow her.

‘Don’t worry about your things,’ she said. ‘They’ll bring them in once they’ve parked the car.’

As she led the way towards the archway in the centre house, wooden gates opened ahead of her. They revealed a large open courtyard beyond, totally enclosed on each side by three-storey buildings. In the centre was an ornate fountain. You could feel the faint touch of spray on your face as it drifted across the open space. It was quite refreshing after the long journey.

There were doors leading into the building on both left and right immediately beyond the gates but Jules continued past these and headed for a doorway halfway along on the left. She clearly knew her way around.

Inside she turned right along a corridor. On one side windows looked out over the courtyard. On the other side were doors set into the wood panelling, each bearing the name of the room within. Jules stopped at the door of the Catherine Room and opened it, stepping aside to allow you to enter ahead of her. Dominating the room was an enormous four-poster bed. A large window opposite the door looked out over gardens and parkland. Like the corridor, the walls were panelled in a dark wood but the large window made the room seem airy and spacious.

‘This is to be your room,’ she said. ‘I’ll be next door in the Elizabeth Room. There’s a connecting door between us if we want to use it.’

‘The bathroom is through that door,’ Jules explained. ‘You’ll need to take a bath after a long journey.’ She seemed to say it not as a suggestion but as an instruction, which you found rather curious. ‘Take your time. We don’t have to be ready until 7.30. I’ll see you well before then.’

‘But my things, they haven’t been brought up yet,’ you objected.

‘Don’t worry about them,’ Jules replied, ‘everything you will need is here.’

She opened the door of a wardrobe concealed in the timber panelling. Hanging inside it was a beautiful rich red gown in the Tudor style and on the shelves were various items of other clothing.

‘We dress up in costume here,’ Jules explained. ‘You should find that everything fits you. Enjoy your bath. Give me a call when you’re ready to get dressed and I’ll give you a hand.’

With that, she left the room and you found yourself on your own. You looked around, taking in the surroundings. It all spoke of vast wealth. For whoever owned this place, money was obviously not a problem. It must have cost many millions to build and furnish in this style and you wondered who it might be that could afford that sort of money. You weren’t aware that Jules moved in such wealthy circles, which left you puzzling as to why you had both been invited.

But those thoughts were put to one side by the need for you to take your bath. You ran the water in the deep, luxurious bath and added some of the foam from the bottle provided. When it was ready you slipped out of your travelling clothes and left them on the bed and then climbed into the bath.

You lay back, letting the water caress you, rubbing your hand lazily across your body, touching your breasts and your nipples and then sliding your hand down to stroke your bush and let your fingers slide lightly over the lips of your cunt. It felt good.

It occurred to you that all you needed to make this experience truly complete was a man to make love to you. You let your mind wander, thinking of his mouth kissing your nipples and his hard cock penetrating between your lower lips, stretching you and filling you up. You found yourself getting wet down there, and it wasn’t just from the bath water. And you suddenly realised that the man you were imagining wasn’t your husband and it shocked you to discover that you would quite welcome that.

You began to wonder what this weekend might hold in store for you. You were certain that it was going to be no ordinary weekend.

There was a sound from the bedroom which you took to be someone delivering your luggage. You hoped that they wouldn’t come into the bathroom for there was no lock on the door but after a few moments you heard the bedroom door close and whoever it was had left the room.

Eventually you thought it might be time to finish your bath and get dressed, so you stepped out of the bath and took one of the soft luxurious towels that had been provided, using it to pat yourself dry. You stood before the mirror with a feeling of pleasure at what you saw. You casino oyna watched yourself as you raised each breast in turn and dabbed beneath its lower curve, then you opened your legs and tenderly dried your bush and cunt.

There was no bathrobe so you wrapped the towel around you and stepped out into the bedroom. As you did so, there was a knock on the connecting door and, without waiting for your answer, the door opened and Jules, already dressed in her costume, entered the room accompanied by another slightly older woman.

‘Ah, good, you’re ready to get dressed,’ the older woman said and then she introduced herself. ‘My name is Marianne and I am your hostess. Welcome to Chilcott Manor. As this is your first visit here you will have no idea of what the weekend holds in store for you.’

‘Let me just say that the purpose of the weekend is pleasure. Jules has proposed that you should join us because she thinks that you would be excellent as a guest but it is essential that you are able to approach the weekend with an open mind. Once you leave this room you must do everything that is required of you without demur. If you don’t think that you can accept that, then you are free to leave now. We will arrange for you to be driven home and no more will be said of it.’

Marianne looked at you intently.

‘Do you wish to stay?’

‘Can I ask something?’ you said in reply.

‘Of course, my dear, ask. I will answer if I can.’

‘Will this pleasure involve sex? Am I going to be fucked?’ You surprised yourself with the bluntness of your question.

‘Oh yes, my dear, you can safely assume that. Your beautiful body is going to be very thoroughly used. Does that make you have second thoughts?’

‘No,’ you replied but you felt far from convinced by your answer.

‘Good,’ Marianne continued in a very matter of fact way. ‘The first thing you are to do is to take off that towel. I want to see you naked.’

You let the towel fall to the ground but your hands almost automatically went to cover your body.

‘Put your hands down by your sides,’ instructed Marianne. ‘Yes, you were right,’ she said, turning to Jules. ‘She has a delightful body. I think we are in for an interesting evening.’

Marianne moved behind you and ran her hands down over your body, from your shoulders to your behind. Then she turned you round so that you were facing her. She brushed her hands over your breasts and took both of your nipples between her fingers, pulling on them so that they became hard. You felt awkward about this unknown woman’s close attention to your body.

You felt even more awkward as her hand descended over your stomach and passed across your bush.

‘Open your legs,’ she said firmly. You hesitated. ‘Do it now, please, if you will. I’ve told you the rules.’

You moved your feet apart. Marianne’s fingers ran down over your little lips and gently opened them. One of her fingers slid inside you, making you gasp.

‘Good, you’re wet already, that’s very good. I think you’ve chosen excellently, Jules, especially for your first introduction here. She is going to be very popular.’ She turned to you and told you to turn round and bend over at the waist. Jules took hold of your buttocks and parted them. A finger, fortunately lubed, suddenly tried to penetrate your anal opening, causing you to gasp loudly.

‘She’s far too tight,’ she said. ‘I take it you’ve never been used there.’ You shook your head.

She told you to stand up again.

‘I will leave Jules to get you dressed and ready, and I will see you for dinner at seven thirty.’

With that, she turned and left the room.

You looked towards the bed and saw that your day clothes had vanished. Laid out on the bed, in their place, were the clothes you had seen in the wardrobe. Jules began to explain the clothing to you, helping you into each piece as she showed it to you. First came a pair of panties. Jules told you that panties were not normally worn at the Manor but they were for the initiation ceremony. There was no bra, so a pair of white silk thigh-highs completed the underwear.

The top half of the body was covered by a band of a semi-transparent material, through which, in the absence of a bra, the dark surrounds of your nipples could be made out. If they became aroused, they would show prominently. The garment buttoned at the back, leaving a clear expanse of the soft material across the breasts.

The next layer was a petticoat of black taffeta but it hid a secret. While it appeared to be solid material it was, in fact, made of a number of separate overlapping panels.

Finally came the velvet gown, for the word ‘dress’ could not begin to describe the splendour of the garment. It had a neckline that plunged beneath the breasts so that, without the white top, they would be totally exposed. The back, too, plunged, leaving the buttons of the top readily accessible. By undoing just one or two buttons, hands could gain free access from the rear to fondle your breasts. Like the slot oyna petticoat, the gown was made of separate panels that could be spread apart to give ready access to the body beneath.

When you were dressed, Jules sat you on the stool in front of the dressing table, brushed your hair, and applied makeup to your face before slipping a simple pair of soft flat shoes on your feet.


Just before 7.30 Jules led you down the corridor to the Great Hall, where dinner was to be served. The tables were set out in the shape of the letter ‘I’; a long table down the centre with two shorter tables across each end.

The end tables each seated three people. You were to occupy the right-hand seat at one of the ends. The left-hand seat was for Jules, as your sponsor; the centre place was taken by Marianne, as the hostess. The arrangement at the far end was similar, except that the occupants were all men.

The long central table had men on the left, nine of them, and an equal number of women on the right.

The women were all dressed in gowns similar to those worn by you and Jules, differing only in their colour. Like you, none of the women wore anything under their white tops and in many cases their nipples were clearly visible through the material.

The men wore capes over black shirts and trousers. The capes had hoods that covered their heads and masks across their eyes. If any of the men were known to you, you would have no idea of it. Was I among them? You would never know if I was and which I was. Instead of the normal zip fly in the front, the trousers had a flap across the front that was fastened by two buttons. Releasing them would reveal the man’s sex.

The meal seemed to go on for an age. It seemed even longer to you because of your anticipation of what was to happen later. Finally, it was announced that coffee was to be served in the Library and the assembled company rose and made their way down the corridor.

The Library was a comfortable room. Above the entrance door was a gallery and at the opposite end of the room was an enormous fireplace with one single massive log burning away in the grate. The side walls were lined with book cases. Scattered about the room were armchairs, a couple of couches and various other chairs. Beside the door was a sideboard from which drinks and coffee were available.

The focus of the room tonight, though, was a raised dais in front of the fireplace on which stood an upholstered divan. What differentiated it from a routine piece of household furniture were the metal rings that were attached to it at key points. What could not readily be seen, but was to become obvious later, was that the divan was mounted on a turntable so that it could be rotated to give the spectating guests the best view of the activities taking place upon it.

You entered the Library after most of the other guests in the company of Jules and Marianne. They led you immediately onto the dais at the far end of the room, where another girl was already standing. They placed you with this girl to your left and Jules to your right. Marianne took her place at the front of the dais.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ she announced, ‘tonight, for your pleasure, we have Carole.’ To an appreciative murmur from the guests, she bowed her head and withdrew to the side of the room. A spotlight shone on you, making it difficult for you to see what was happening in the room, but you had already seen that most of the chairs had been turned towards the dais and all were occupied. It was clear that there was to be a sizeable audience for whatever you were about to experience.

The girl to your left moved behind you and began to undo the buttons down the back of your blouse-like top. Once she had completed that task she pulled the top away from you. Your breasts were now completely free and visible to everyone in the room. Another murmur of appreciation passed round the room. You felt your nipples harden as a frisson of excitement passed through your body, driven by the realisation that you were soon going to be completely naked in front of the room.

It took both Jules and the other girl, whose name you were later to discover was Erin, to undo the fastenings of your gown. That done, the garment slipped to the floor and you stepped out of it. Erin picked it up and laid it on a table to one side. Slowly, teasingly, they repeated the procedure with your petticoat. You could sense the excitement and tension rising in the room.

Free of the petticoat at last, you stood before the audience wearing only your panties. You wondered how much could be seen through those panties under the effect of the spotlight. A man carrying a small box came towards you from the audience. He moved behind you; he must have placed the box down because you felt both of his hands on your hips. He took hold of your panties and slowly, carefully slid them down your thighs. Erin then kneeled and helped to remove them completely.

The man moved to the side of you, careful not to block the view canlı casino siteleri of your fully naked body from the audience. He ran his hands over your breasts and noted the nipples becoming very hard. He took them in his fingers and tugged on them. You responded with a little gasp and his exposed mouth gave a little smile. He leaned over and kissed each nipple in turn. You had never known them to be so hard.

The man’s hand ran down your body. ‘Open your legs,’ he required of you. ‘Our guests deserve to see you properly.’ You obeyed his instructions.

His hands touched your bush and his fingers parted your swollen lower lips, just as Marianne’s had done earlier. Like her, too, he slipped a finger inside you and discovered your wetness.

‘Gentlemen,’ he said to the audience, ‘I am delighted to tell you that Carole is very ready for the evening’s entertainment. Shall we begin?’

The two girls each took you by an arm and steadied you as they propelled you backwards towards the divan, which had been lined up end-on towards the audience. You felt the end of the divan on the backs of your knees. You were made to sit on the edge of it and then the two girls pressed on your shoulders to make you lie back on it.

From pockets in their gowns each of the girls took a cuff and placed them on your ankles before clipping them to rings in each corner of the divan. Your legs were now spread obscenely wide and the most secret parts of your body on complete display. Several members of the audience leaned forward in their chairs to get a better view as the spotlight focused between your legs. You felt you were very open down there and wondered how much they could see.

The man on the dais retrieved the box and opened it. From within it he drew out a large dildo. The lube with which it had been covered glistened under the lights. Standing beside you, the man leaned over between your legs and placed the dildo at your ready cunt. He pushed and, despite its size, it slid effortlessly into you. Both you and the audience gasped simultaneously as you were stretched wide open.

The man turned to you and whispered: ‘Take hold of it and fuck yourself. Make yourself cum for them.’

You did as you were told. You were so wet and so totally aroused that the dildo met no resistance whatever. How long did they expect you to keep this up, you wondered? You didn’t think you could possibly last very long before you came. Your wetness and the lube on the dildo resulting in a liquid noise from within you as you worked it in and out. The room fell silent as people listened to the erotic sound.

Several of them men had to adjust their trousers as they became erect. One of two of them instructed the women accompanying them to open their trousers and take their cocks in their mouths. The combined effect of the display on the dais and the ministrations of the woman’s lips, mouth and tongue proved too much for one of them and he came explosively and loudly.

That, in turn, caused you to have a shattering orgasm. Your back, you were told later, arched high in the air and your whole body shuddered uncontrollably as you screamed out loud. A round of applause echoed round the room as you collapsed back onto the divan.

The man felt between your legs and removed the dildo, which was still fully inserted within you, and then displayed it to the room. Meanwhile, Jules and Erin released your ankle cuffs in preparation for what was to happen next.

Erin moved behind your head and held your shoulders. The next thing you knew was that the divan was being turned so that it was side on to the audience. Another of the men then approached you and stood at your feet. He signalled to Erin who bent down and whispered in your ear.

‘Put your hands behind your knees and draw your legs up as far as you can.’

You obeyed, and were able to bring them up until your knees touched your breasts. Erin then reached forwards and placed her hands on the inside of your knees and pushed outwards, spreading your legs far apart. Your bottom curved deliciously off the divan so that your cunt and the crack of your behind were openly visible to the stranger. It made you feel incredibly exposed, as naked as you could possibly be.

The man nodded to Jules, who was standing to one side. She came forward and released the buttons on the front of the man’s trousers. Opening the flap, she took his uncovered cock in her hands and stroked it until it was fully erect. Then the man moved forward between your legs and took you by the hips, pulling you forward until your lower body overhung the end of the divan. Jules took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down your wet slit, using it to open your cunt lips and making it touch enticingly on your clit. Then she placed the head of the cock at the opening of your cunt.

The man thrust once, with an unexpected suddenness, and his cock disappeared far into you. He drew it almost entirely out, with only your little lips keeping hold of it, and then he thrust again, hard, sinking it up to the hilt, so that his pubic hairs and yours merged between your legs. You let out a long moan as he struck so deeply into you. Erin, who had a full view of your opened cunt from her position behind you, whispered to you again.



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