Carmen Sandy and a good nightThe three of us relaxed for a little while more before deciding it was time to head for bed. I stayed in my birthday suit while Sandy slipped into a sheer black bustier and Carmen put on a white camisole. After finishing our preparations, Sandy and I headed for the master bedroom while Carmen started for the guest room.”Carmen” I cried out”Get in here” I demanded of her.Carmen came into the bedroom and I looked at her,”I want you to suck Sandy’s cunt” I told her, then added”Get it nice and wet for me” I made Sandy lie down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs apart while Carmen got down on her knees and slid in between Sandy’s spread open legs. “Suck her fuckin’ cunt whore” I told Carmen and watched as once again my whore wife stuck her head into Sandy’s cunt and began to lick and suck at her cunt lips and clit. I watched for a few more minutes as Carmen drove Sandy back into a frenzy of passion, driving her tongue into Sandy, biting and pulling on her cunt lips and finally placing two fingers into her cunt and finger fucking her hard. I grabbed Carmen’s hair and pulled her away from Sandy,”Get on the bed” I ordered”Get on your back” I added and watched as Carmen did what she was told. “Sandy, climb on Carmen’s head with your cunt and let her suck you some more” I told her.Sandy rose up bahis firmaları and got into position and lowered herself over Carmen’s face until Carmen was able to suck her cunt again. “Jerk your cunt over her face” I ordered Sandy and watched as Sand took hold of Carmen’s hair and began to rock back and forth over Carmen’s face. By now my cock was rock hard again and after watching Sandy over Carmen for a few minutes more, moved over and shoved Sandy off to the side of Carmen.”On your back whore” I ordered Sandy and as soon as she had complied, I moved over to her and straddled her head so that my cock was within easy sucking range of her mouth.”Suck my cock whore” I demanded and into her mouth went my cock. I told Carmen to lie next to Sandy so that she could easily kiss her and suck on her tits when I was ready to order her to do so. I started to pump away at Sandy’s mouth with my cock, driving it I and out with a passion as I fucked her hard.”You like watching another woman suck my cock whore?’ I asked Carmen”Yes love” she began”I love watching another woman suck your fuckin’ cock” ” I love watching you fuck another woman’s mouth with your fuckin’ cock” she addedAfter a few minutes more I decided to change positions and taking my cock out of Sandy’s mouth, I moved down her body and spreading her legs apart, moved in kaçak iddaa and rammed my cock into her already wet cunt. I started fucking her hard and fast and then looked over at Carmen after a few minutes.”You like what you see whore?’ I asked Carmen”You like watching me fuck another woman?” I added.”Seeing my fuckin’ cock in her fuckin’ cunt” “I love watching you fuck another fuckin’ woman” Carmen replied”Watching your fuckin’ cock fuck another fuckin’ cunt” she added”Kiss her and suck on her tits” I then ordered Carmen. I watched as my whore wife leaned over Sandy and kissed her passionately before moving down to her tits and sucking on them hard. Too soon I came and I let loose a stream of cum into Sandy.”Kiss her goodnight” I told Carmen and the two women kissed a long passionate kiss. Carmen left and went into the guest room and Sandy I slipped under the covers, ready for a good nights sleep. I kissed Sandy gently,”You were fuckin’ great” I told her”You were too” she replied”And your fuckin’ cock was so, so fuckin’ good” she added.We drifted off to sleep and when I woke up the next morning, Sandy was still asleep. Just looking at her trim body and beautiful tits was enough to get a twinge in my cock again and I jerked it off a bit to get it nice and hard again. Moving quietly and softly I moved up to her head and with kaçak bahis my cock only inches from her face, I took my cock in my hand and softly caressed her lips until she opened her mouth slightly. I stuck my cock on her lips and gently pushed them open more until my cock was back in her mouth. I started fucking her mouth slowly at first until she woke up and became aware of my cock in her mouth. Taking hold of my cock she now began to suck on it in earnest as I reached down and began to caress and squeeze her tits. Carmen must have been awake and heard Sandy’s moans for she soon entered the bedroom to watch Sandy sucking on my cock again. After a few more minutes,”Fuck her honey” Carmen said to me.Fuck the whore’s fuckin’ cunt” she added.I decided I would do her one better and took my cock out of Sandy’s mouth, ordered Carmen to lay down on her back, ordered Sandy to straddle Carmen’s body and put her cunt right over Carmen face. When they were ready, I moved behind Sandy, moistened my fingers and slowly inserted them into her bunt hole and when I was ready, took hold of my cock and shoved it into Sandy’s rear hole. As I fucked her I ordered Carmen to suck on her cunt. I didn’t take too long and soon I was shooting a load of cum deep into Sandy’s backside. When I pulled out, I had Sandy move off Carmen and I shoved my cock into Carmen’s mouth and had her suck me clean.The day had started out great and before Sandy left, she and Carmen kissed passionately and thanked each other for a wonderful time. Carmen’s morning wasn’t over yet.



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