Carmen and Brian one more timeThe three of us relaxed a bit until Carmen got up and went over to her vanity and sat down in the chair and started to freshen up her face. Brian and I watched as she got herself back in order and I looked over at Brian who had started to caress his cock. “Go ahead man” I said to him”Take her again if you want to” Brian looked at me and then at Carmen and moved off the bed and went up behind Carmen. I watched as he put his arms around her and took hold of her firm tits and started kissing her around her neck. Carmen began to wiggle a little as the effects of Brian’s kisses started to arouse her feelings once again. “Kiss me” she whispered to Brian and he leaned around her and the two began to kiss passionately. Carmen rose up a little and turned more towards Brian and they kissed even more furiously as they embraced one another tighter. “Let me dress for you” Carmen told him when they parted and I watched as she shoved Brian back down on the bed, his cock now rock hard. “OOOO that fuckin’ cock looks so fuckin’ good” she said to Brian as he now took his cock in his hand and began to jerk on it. By now my own cock was hard in my hand as well. Carmen moved over to the dresser and brought out a few black items and moving back over to the edge of the bed, laid them down. Taking up a black garter belt she slipped it on and hooked it up,”I love watching you jerking your fuckin’ cock” she whispered to him”Your fuckin’ cock you wanna fuck my canlı bahis şirketleri mouth and cunt with” she added as she now grabbed her black stockings. Raising her leg onto the bed, she slowly slipped one stocking onto her leg, gently inching it up as Brian stared at her intently. Next came the other stocking and a repeat sexy performance. She then clipped the stockings to her belt and slowly caressed her legs as Brian reached up and caressed her too.”You like the feel of that baby?” she asked him”Fuck yeah” he repliedCarmen now took a black short top and wrapped it around her and buttoned it up the front, pushing her firm tits up until one actually went over the top, exposing her hard nipple. “You like my little outfit?” she asked Brian as she reached down and picked up a pair of black stiletto heels”You look so fuckin’ hot” Brian replied as he stroked his cock even harderCarmen put on her heels and buckled the straps around her ankles then moved back a bit to let Brian admire her even more. “Your fuckin’ whore is ready” she said to him. Brian looked over at me and I just nodded in agreement, then he looked back at Carmen”Come here you fuckin’ bitch” he said to Carmen as she slowly climbed onto the bed and inched her way forward between Brian’s now open legs. Moving all the way up his body, Carmen leaned into him and began to kiss him long and hard as he reached around her with his arms and pulled her tight to him. I sat there admiring my whore wife canlı kaçak iddaa kissing another man, knowing she was relishing in his lips on hers, their tongues working into each others mouths, nipping and biting one another until Carmen pulled back and moved off to the side of Brian. I watched as she caressed her top and tits for him,”You like my fuckin’ tits?” she asked him”Oh baby” he started”They are so fuckin’ beautiful” he added and he reached up to grab hold of one tit and started squeezing it hard. Carmen moaned out in pleasure as Brian rose up and took both her tits in his hands and worked them hard, squeezing and then pulling on her nipples hard as Carmen savored the pain. She soon pushed him back down and repositioning herself, reached down and took hold of his cock and lowered herself down until she started licking his hard cock. Carmen loved to tease men this way, slowly licking their cocks from to bottom, side to side, licking their cock heads before finally taking the cock into her mouth.”Suck that fuckin’ you fuckin’ whore” Brian said aloud as he couldn’t take Carmen’s teasing anymore. She sucked his cock with relish as she squeezed his balls and eventually ran her finger into his bunt hole. What a beautiful sight as I watched my whore sucking another mans cock, relishing in the taste of another man, his hard cock pounding away at her mouth. She soon stopped and moving again, climbed over Brian and facing me, slowly lowered herself onto his canlı kaçak bahis cock and soon he was fucking her hard and fast as she moaned out in sheer delight. “OH FUCK” she cried out”FUCK ME” “FUCK ME” she cried even more”FUCK MY FUCKIN’ CUNT” she added and I knew she was thoroughly engrossed in his cock by now. For several minutes more I watched as Brian fucked my whore, his cock sliding up and down into her wet cunt until Carmen pushed herself off him, moved quickly to his side, took hold of his cock,”Let me taste your fuckin’ cock” she said as she bent down and took his cock back into her mouth. She simply loved the taste of her cunt on another mans cock as she did the taste of her cunt on my cock. She pumped his cock hard now and soon Brian couldn’t hold back any longer,”FUCK” he cried out as he sent a stream of cum into Carmen’s mouth as she tried to take it all in. By now I too was ready to come and I rose up, walked over to the bed and grabbing Carmen by her hair, pulled her up and towards my cock,”SUCK IT YOU FUCKIN’ WHORE” I demanded of her and into her mouth went my cock. I exploded a minute later treating her to a second load of cum. When she finished she pulled off me, laid down on the bed next to Brian,”Oh fuck” she said”That was fuckin’ awesome” She kissed Brian for a few minutes after telling him what a great fuck he was, then Brian got dressed and we escorted him to the front door.”What an evening” he said to us. Looking at Carmen,”You are one hell of a fuckin’ sexy whore” he told her and then kissed her long and passionately. We said our good-byes and Brian took off.”Well baby” I started,”Did you enjoy yourself” After kissing me long, hard and passionately,”Fuck yeah” and then”Did I ever”



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