Candy was a chubby girl. She had always been teased about her big butt and huge breasts, so that made her very self conscious. She only wore excessively large clothing to try and hide her curvy figure, and was almost always on her own at school. She would sit in her usual corner of the cafeteria and stare longing at the popular girls, who got all the attention from the guys. She wished she could be one of them, but she was too fat. They were all petite with small perky breasts and long slender legs.
She was still staring as they finished lunch and left the table. She noticed that one of the girls had left a book behind. She waited until she was the only one left in the cafeteria, then she dashed over, took the book and made her way back to class. She was only interested in her new find and was not paying attention. She read the title…”How to get a guy!”. Just what I need she thought. For the next 2 days Candy had her head buried in the book, trying to retain every detail. When she was done she made a list of what she had to do. First she had to get a new look, then she would practice flirting.

As Candy stepped out of the salon, she looked at herself in the mirror. “Gosh” she thought. She looked like a hooker. Her hair was hanging over her shoulders in loose curls. Her make-up was striking and seductive. She wore a thin white tank top which stretched over breasts, so her nipples could be clearly seen through it. She wore a short flare, white mini skirt that just made it over her ass. As she walked her ass cheeks jiggled under her skirt and when she bent over her ass cheeks could be seen with the thin white thong inbetween. With each step she took her thighs shook and her breasts bounced around casino oyna wildly. “Thats too much” she thought, ” I can’t be seen dressed like this”
She walked quickly trying to cover her chest.

Ryan was standing with a group of boys from school watching all the chicks walk by. “Shes a 8” he yelled, as he saw one of the popular girls walk by.
“Hey, whose that chick” he said, pointing to Candy. “She’s fucking hot. My dick is hard just looking at her.” He walked up to her and started talking to her while staring at her huge tits. Candy was ecstatic. The coolest boy in school was talking to her. “Maybe this is the look for me” she thought. Ryan invited her over to place for a party and she eagerly agreed. He motioned to his friends and they walked over to his house. Each guy couldn’t take their eyes off her. Candy felt so special. All of this attention was making her blush. Ryan was staring at her with lust in his eyes.
“Don’t you wanna come upstairs with me” he said to Candy, “I’ll show you what us cool kids do at parties. U want to be cool, don’t you?”
“Y-yes” Candy stammered. This was her chance to be one of them. He held her hands and led her to his bedroom. “I’ve always liked you” he said, “I’ve been watching you at school for a long time”. Candy couldn’t believe it. “He likes me!” she thought. “Do you like me?” he asked. “I-I do” she said trying to hide her shyness. “Well then” he said, “you’ll have to prove it to me. Will you?” Candy would do anything to be cool, to be his girlfriend. “I’ll do anything” she said.
He walked over to her. “Just relax my darling, I want to make you feel good. All you have to do is enjoy it. If you resist, I’ll know I was wrong about you. Then you’ll just be another canlı casino nerd.” He grabbed her and pulled her towards him. Candy could his tongue in her mouth and her breasts being squeezed and fondled. She was startled. She pulled away and gasped for air. “Oh I see, u don’t like me” he said, “its fine, I’ll just leave and you can be a nerd”. “No!” Candy said, “I want you to.”
He placed his hands on the neckline of her top and pulled it down under her breasts, so her breasts popped out and bounced up and down. “Gorgeous, fucking huge!” He exclaimed. He pinched her nipple with one hand and sucked on the other tit hungrily. Candy could feel her body tingling, it felt so good. She began breathing heavily.
With his free hand he reached between her legs and stroked her thighs. He moved her thong aside and stared fondling her pussy. “Oh my God, that feels so good” she gasped. Ryan smiled. “I’m gonna fuck this little bitch till she screams.” He knelt down, lifted her skirt and buried his face in her pussy. Stretching her labia apart so he could suck her deep. He fingered her clit and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy repeatedly. “Yes, yes….Oh Ryan! Lick me, deeper!” Candy couldn’t control herself. Her body spasmed and jerked and she yelled as she came. “Thats it, YES, that it. Right there. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
Ryan lifted his cum soaked face and unzipped his pants revealing his long, hard, thick rod with precum on the head. “Your turn, suck me hard” he said. Candy took his dick in her mouth and sucked. He grabbed her hair and began thrusting deeper into her mouth. Candy was gagging and eyes were watering. She could feel his thick, hard cock in her throat and her head hurt as he pulled and pushed her hair.
Ryan kaçak casino pulled her to her feet and pushed her against the wall. He stood against her and lifted her legs so that they rested around his waist. He plunged his cock into her wet, hairy pussy. Candy eyes went wide as she realised what was happening “Uhhh, Uhhh, oh that hurts” she groaned. Ryan was thrusting harder now. Candy could feel her back smashing into the wall with each thrust. She could see the lust in his eyes and the sweat trickling down the side of his face. She could feel his heavy breath on her neck and his huge dick ramming into her pussy. Suddenly he stopped and pushed Candy onto bed face down. He dragged her legs till they rested on the floor and her ass was at the edge of the bed.
He fingered her ass and said ” I wanna cum in your fat ass baby”. Candy was stunned, it was surreal. She was so confused but she endured his actions in silence. He placed his cock at her asshole and pushed. Candy yelled “You’re too big, take it out!”. He took out his cock and rammed it into her ass again, while holding her head down so she could hardly move. He was sighing and making grunting noises as he thrusted deeper and faster.He was enjoying watching her ass getting pounded as her huge, juicy ass shook with each thrust. He let out a scream “Yes you tight-assed bitch, make me cum! YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!” He jerked and took heavy breaths as he released his load into her ass. After a few seconds he pulled out his dick and smacked Candy on the ass. “You’re a sweet fuck, Honey!”
He turned around and said “Its your turn Bob”. Candy was shocked. Was there someone else in the room? As she looked up she saw 3 figures emerge from the dark. They had been watching as Ryan fucked her and now they came towards her rubbing their dicks and staring at her naked ravaged body. “No! This can’t be happening” she thought.



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