Camping at Lake Ford part 2The next morning I awoke to the blissful smell of bacon and eggs. Mom and dad also had their coffee, After breakfast clouds rolled in. That’s unexpected dad was disappointed he had planed to fish today. O well looks like where shopping, Mom said with excite. The day turned tedious when mom found a string of Amish shops. The storms rolled in and it rained torrents. Slowly Amish shop after shop the day passed we stopped and garbed fast food for dinner on why back to the campsite. The parking was swamped dad had set up on some high ground so our stuff was fine but getting there was a muddy mess.It was only a light mist now the last rays of the setting sun peeking through the clouds. Mom was fussed about the mud all over her she had güvenilir bahis slipped in the mud, Well I’m going to get cleaned up. Anybody coming with me? Nope was dads replay as he started a fire and pop’d open his 1st beer. I’m good too. She gathered her things and set off. The urge to spy on her pulled me. I waited about 5 minutes got to go to the bathroom I said as before taking off. I noticed most the campers let due to the storm. I crept up to the women’s stall only one occupied same one mom took last night. I took position in the stall next to moms taking of my shoes to muffle the sounds of my jumps. I took a deep breath and jumped up peeking over she was washing her curvaceous figure her massive tits sticking out like torpedo’s, Her pink nipples türkçe bahis in sharp contrast to her skin tone especially after being at the beach. My cock so hard it felt as if it’d tear through my shorts, I had to see more. There was a bucket in the corner of the bathhouse perfect I set it on the small bench it made a little knocking noise mom didn’t react. I slowly peeked back over She was bent over soaping up her leg as it was up on the bench her ass facing me curvy and full plump ass, my cock raged as I unleashed it.As I did the bucket banged against the walls. Hello? I ducked almost falling off my bucket. Then a Knock You over there? My heart dropped oh shit oh shit I’m busted. Then I didn’t hear her turning off her water or leaving the stall? I expected güvenilir bahis siteleri her to storm in and beat my ass. I waited nothing then another knock. I worked up the courage to peek over again only to see mom squatted down next to the wall dividing the washrooms. My God! It was a glory hole. My head was spinning and my cock still twitching. Mom was cheating? was that what she was doing last night? She soon put the plywood cut out back in place. My head was clouded wtf I packed up and headed back to the campsite.Where’d you go pal? Dad asked. That dinner gave me issues was by the best I had. That food got to you to A? Yep I have to lay down, I turned in my cock aching and my head swimming I just lay there. Then I heard mom come back up. Where’s the k**o? He hit the hay dad explained has got the trots. Poor thing, Well maybe we should too. In a few minutes I heard muffled voices and mom giggle what are they fooling around now? wtf. Then a devilish idea pop’d into my head.



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