We lay in bed catching our breath. The afterglow of sex strong in our faces, and the smell of sex pungent in the small bedroom. We lay there talking about the next weekend, when we would be camping with Bill and Lynn.

“Do you think she will let me eat her Pussy?” Linda asked.

“I hope so.” I replied. We talked until we were both excited enough to fuck again.

Finally the weekend came and we were packing up to go on our trip. Bill and I were out in the driveway loading up the camper, while the girls were inside fixing food and organizing linens, pillows, and extra blankets. The Weather was unpredictable so we packed for anything. After doing several checks to make sure we had everything, we finally headed out on to the open road.

We sang songs and talked about the pressures of the work week as we headed up higher into the mountains. Once we reached the campsite we unloaded as quickly as possible and began cooking dinner. After dinner we sat by the fire drinking wine and laughing. The conversation quickly turned to sex and we discussed in detail our likes, dislikes, and fantasies. Lynn began to talk about how much she hated her breasts. “The problem is, I never lost the fat of having Morgan, bahis firmaları and although my belly is not big my tits are huge.” I think it must have been the wine, but I blurted out “I like them, sometimes I can’t help but stare at your chest.” Linda slapped my arm, but Lynn looked at me and smiled. “Have a good look then!” and with that she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over the top of her head. Lynn was famous for never wearing a bra, and as her shirt came off those beautiful full breasts bounced into view. “Better than I imagined.” I said.

Linda, who was never to be out done, ripped off her shirt also. “What about mine!” She exclaimed. Lynn commented on the firmness of Linda’s breasts and then did something no one expected. She reached out and palmed Linda’s left tit. She caressed it, and lifted it, feeling the full weight of her tits. “Did you loose any sensitivity with Brittany breast feeding?” Lynn asked. “No” Linda returned and grabbed her other tit. She was obviously moved by Lynn’s attention on her tit. She massaged one nipple while Lynn massaged the other. Lynn bent her head to the nipple and licked and sucked for all she was worth. Linda reached out and pinched Lynn’s nipples.

Bill kaçak iddaa and I watched in amazement as the two women got to know each other. The women moved to the picnic table as passion got the best of them. Linda sat on the table top as Lynn got between her legs and began kissing her. She kissed her lips, and down her neck, and made her way to the same nipple she had sucked minutes earlier. Down she went past her belly button to the shaved pussy I had shaved the night before. “Did you shave this pussy for me?” Lynn asked. “I did” I replied. Lynn bent her head down licked at my wife’s pussy. Linda moaned loudly and spread her legs wide apart. Linda used her fingers to spread her pussy apart so that Lynn could get to her clit. Lynn used fast little flicks of her tongue to beat a rhythm on Linda’s clit. Linda cried out as her orgasm started to hit. Her legs were shaking and her breathing was rough.

Bill and I closed in and took a seat at the picnic table. We watched as the girls switched places. Lynn was pushed down with her breasts mashed into the wood of the picnic table. Linda the bigger of the two and obviously the more aggressive, bent Lynn over the table and spread her ass cheeks apart. She licked and speared kaçak bahis her tongue into Lynn’s asshole as she fingered her pussy. Bill grabbed one of his wife’s boobs and kissed her as he massaged that nipple. I took a risked and grabbed the other one. Lynn leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. We battled tongues and I tweaked her nipple while my wife went to work down below. “She is licking my asshole!” Lynn whispered in my ear. “How does it feel?” I asked. “I want you in my pussy!” She replied.

We arranged ourselves into a position where I was sitting on the seat with Lynn impaled on my cock and rocking back and forth. Linda and Bill had gotten together on the other side of the picnic table. I was in heaven, I was getting fucked by this gorgeous women in the outdoors, and my wife was getting banged by my best friend.

I heard Bill hit his orgasm, and Linda squeal as his spunk shot up inside her. Lynn ground down hard on my cock as I tried to last as long as I could. I reached the point of no return and grabbed hold of Lynn’s butt cheeks as I speared my hard-on deep inside her cunt. We tore at each other as the orgasm hit. She bit my ear and clawed at my back. I felt the rush of cum erupt inside her and run down my balls.

We all collapsed into a pile of breathing, sweaty bodies. After we regained our strength, we refilled our wine glasses and sat naked by the fire planning the rest of the weekend.



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