Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)[This story transpires several days after the final episode of the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It involves Buffy and Faith on vacation in Mexico attempting to relax after the destruction of the Hellmouth and Sunnydale.]Buffy stepped out on the balcony after she and Faith returned from dinner and enjoyed the breeze. It was quite warm and the crash of the waves on the beach was very relaxing. Buffy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly wondering if her life still had any purpose since the Hellmouth was destroyed. She felt comfortable knowing that Dawn, Giles, Xander, and the other Slayers were safe and sound in England. Buffy had told Giles that she and Faith were going to take a trip to Mexico to spend a much needed vacation.Faith was just as excited about the trip as Buffy was. Buffy could not deny the fact that she missed Spike terribly. That was the one thing that she still had difficulty with even after leaving behind California.“I am going to take a shower and then I think I’ll take a walk on the beach, wanna join me?” Faith asked Buffy as she headed for the bathroom.“Sure, I could use the fresh air. But not the shower thing,” Buffy responded sitting down on her bed as Faith closed the door to the bathroom. “God, Spike, why did you have to die?” Buffy whispered as she heard Faith turn on the shower.Realizing that she had a few minutes alone Buffy placed her pillows at an angle on the bed and slipped out of her pants and panties and lay back on the pillows and reached down between her legs and began to stroke her pussy while she let her thoughts drift back to Spike. She worked first one finger into her soaking wet pussy then used two to stroke her clit. She continued with her fingering herself so wrapped up in herself that she didn’t hear the phone when it started to ring. Suddenly, she realized that Faith had left the shower and was exiting the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and was running toward the telephone. Buffy realized that Faith had seen her, so she made no effort to cover herself.“Hello,” Faith said into the phone. She listened for a moment, “Sure, just a sec,” she said taking the phone away from her ear. “Giles for you,” she said handing the phone to Buffy.“Hello,” Buffy said before talking to Giles for several minutes while making it perfectly clear that she was on vacation, while it was obvious to Faith that Giles was trying to convince that Slayers don’t get vacations. “We will look into it,” Buffy said before hanging up the phone.“Before you say anything about that call let me say something to you. Buffy, I know that you miss Spike, but face it he is gone it is time to move on. Find some stud down here and have a fling… get laid. You are too damn uptight about it. Now, that being said, what did Mr. Unfun have to say,” Faith said.“Faith, firstly, I know that Spike is dead and I miss him greatly, but I don’t know that I can move on without him. On the other hand, Giles says that there have been reports of a demon named Aphrodia running around down here and using his powers to make people have sex from the time he uses his powers until sunrise of the next day,” Buffy said with a grin.“A demon that makes people screw all night, interesting,” Faith said to her with a sly grin. kayseri escort “Certainly something we haven’t seen before.”“Sexually insatiable; apparently without any regard to where they are or what they are doing,” Buffy said to her with a smile. “Or with whom.”“We could have some really embarrassing situations arising from that type of thing. So I guess we have to check it out,” Faith said to her, not knowing what Buffy had meant by her last comment.“Yeah, so go get dressed,” Buffy said getting up off the bed.“Okay, keep your pants on… After you get them on that is.”* * *Later that evening as Buffy and Faith are walking around looking for people in sexually compromising positions, clearly noticing that the demon was up to no good, they heard a scream from a park across the street. They charged into the park only to find a female vampire holding down a man against the cold ground, preparing to bite his neck. Faith leaped at the vampire and separated the two of them as Buffy helped the man get to his feet and pushed him safely out of the way before she stepped next to Faith to battle the vampire.“Slayers,” the vampire says in rage as she stares at them in disgust.“Hello, Rose,” Faith said to the vampire.“You two know each other,” Buffy said in shock.“Long story,” Faith said to her with a wink. Suddenly, the air between them crackled and a large man materialized in the middle of them.He stood there looking at all of them, Faith noticed that he had a huge erect cock and was looking right at Buffy. Then without warning twin beams shot from his eyes and hit Buffy in the chest. Buffy immediately started removing her clothes with a look of lust in her eyes.“Buff, what in the hell are you doing?” Faith said as Buffy unhooked her bra and tossed it on the ground.“I need to fuck,” Buffy said to her dropping her pants to the ground and hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini panties before peeling them down her legs while Faith stood there speechless.“Aphrodia,” Faith said as she turned back to the demon.“Correct,” the demon said as he shot his eyebeams at Faith and she started to strip while she looked at Rose.“What luck,” Rose said as she took a step toward Faith.The demon then hit Rose with the beams as well and Rose began to strip as well. Faith reached Rose before she had her pants off and Faith punched her knocking her to the ground and reached down and ripped off her pants and panties in one move.“Lick my pussy, you little whore,” Rose said to Faith.Faith quickly complied. Buffy reached Rose and lowered her pussy onto Rose’s hot flicking tongue as Rose lapped greedily wanting to taste every bit of Buffy’s juices as they flowed.Rose’s victim sat at the edge of the clearing watching the scene unfold before him. His cock rose in an instant and he thought that maybe the demon had not seen him so he stood up to watch and figured that he could at least jerk off to the scene before him before he took off. As he pulled his cock out he felt a large hand on his shoulder and knew that the demon was standing right behind him. He looked up and the demon blasted him with the beams from his eyes. He then continued to strip and when he was completely nude he walked toward the three women on the park in front of him.“Looks like somebody else wants to play,” escort kayseri Faith said to them as she noticed the man approach them.“What’s your name, big boy? And the emphasis is on ‘big’,” Buffy said as she walked over to him and grabbed his 9 ½ cock in her hand before dropping to her knees and licking all around the head of it.“Slade, my name is, Slade,” he managed to get out between his moans as Buffy worked his cock.“I’m Buffy, this is Faith, and that is Rose,” Buffy said in between licks on his cock as she continued to work on him. Faith then decided that she wanted Rose to taste her and she lifted her head up and started to lay back. “Bite me, bitch and I will stake you before you get a chance to enjoy the first drop,” Faith said as Rose took the hint and lowered his face that was still wet with Buffy’s pussy juices onto Faith’s sopping wet cunt.Meanwhile, Slade lay down on the cool wet grass and while Buffy continued to suck on his hard cock he positioned her so that he could lick her pussy at the same time. Buffy moaned around Slade’s hard cock as he licked her clit bringing her closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.Faith was moaning as Rose’s very talented tongue started to work on her clit. Rose was enjoying this even more than she enjoyed drinking blood. Faith was on the verge of coming when she sensed that Rose had stopped for a moment and she then opened her eyes and noticed that Slade had positioned himself behind Rose and was working his cock into Rose’s well lubricated pussy. Faith then realized that Rose’s licking was taking on a new intensity as Slade began to slowly fuck Rose’s tight wet pussy. Buffy then stepped over Faith and lowered her till sopping wet pussy onto Faith’s lips and Faith began to lick at Buffy’s pussy the same way that Rose was licking hers.Slade moaned that he was going to cum and Buffy jumped up off of Faith’s lips and ran over to where Slade was and got on her knees next Slade and told him to shoot into her mouth. Slade pulled out of Rose’s pussy and turned to Buffy just as Rose’s tongue brought Faith to an orgasm and she moaned in pleasure. Slade shot his load into Buffy’s open mouth and moaned as he looked down and saw the lust in Buffy’s eyes. Buffy then stepped over to the other two and both Rose and Faith sat up and put their lips to Buffy’s and they shared Slade’s cum together each licking up any that spilled out over their lips.Instead of slowing down, however the group took on some new positions with Slade now fucking Faith while Rose and Buffy licked each other’s pussies continuing as if neither of them had had and orgasm yet and their passion showed no signs of abating. Buffy was moaning in orgasm when Faith walked over behind her and since Buffy was on top of Rose, Faith shocked Buffy when she licked her asshole as Slade moved in behind Faith and started to fuck her from behind. This time all three of them started to cum at the same time.Switching yet again Slade began to fuck Rose doggie style, while Buffy began to lick and suck on Rose’s tits, while Faith squatted on Rose’s mouth allowing Rose to again taste her sopping wet pussy. The group was working each other hard all of them were covered in sweat and was driving toward orgasm when the sun began to rise over the ocean.“Oh, damn,” Rose kayseri escort bayan said as she realized what was about to happen and suddenly she turned to dust, Buffy fell on her face in the grass, while Faith fell on her ass and Slade began to shoot his load on the ground where only moments before Rose had laid with her legs spread and Slade had been plunging into her pussy.Slade moaned as the rest of his cum shot out of the tip of his dick.Faith, realizing what had happened, sat up and used her hands to cover herself up and began to search for her clothes as Buffy and Slade began to do the same. Then the air crackled off to their left and they all looked as Aphrodia entered their world one last time.“Very good show, Slayers, I am impressed,” the demon said to them. “I only get this chance once every two hundred and fifty years and I am always happy to get the chance to watch a Slayer in action. This time I got to see two of them with a vampire and one human who got one hell of an experience… to say the least. By the way, the clothes that you were wearing are the price for Aphrodia’s gift for one night.” Suddenly, as quickly as he appeared Aphrodia disappeared.“Does that mean that we have to go back to the hotel, naked?” Faith asked.“I guess it does,” Buffy said to her.“Damn it,” Faith said as she continued to cover herself.“Don’t worry about it, Faith, you have a wonderful body,” Slade said.“Not bad yourself there, buddy,” Faith said to him with a wink.“What am I… chopped liver?” Buffy asked them.“Not at all,” both replied at the same time as they started to walk toward the hotel covering themselves with their hands.* * *Several days later when Buffy and Faith were on the plane to join Giles and the others in England Buffy turned to Faith and asked her, “Did you enjoy your vacation?”“Definitely,” Faith said. “Did you?”“Yeah, actually, I did,” Buffy said.“You think we can keep the other night just between us?” Faith asked.“We could, but imagine that kick that Willow and Xander would get out of hearing it,” Buffy said to Faith with a laugh.“Might give Willow the wrong idea, and Xander wouldn’t leave his room for a week,” Faith said back to her.“Yeah, let’s just keep it between us,” Buffy said to Faith with a wink.“We could do that,” Faith said back to her.Shortly after take-off Buffy heads to the bathroom and just before she exits she stands looking in the mirror and Aphrodia’s face appears in the mirror and his eyebeams shoot out and hit her again. Buffy strips and instead of leaving the bathroom she sits back on the toilet and begins to masturbate furiously.Her orgasmic cries cause Faith to head back and check on her. Faith slips in to find Buffy fingering herself wildly and looks in the mirror and sees the face of Aphrodia in the mirror and quickly steps back in the hallway and closes the door. One of the flight attendants looks questioningly at Faith who tells her, “She will be fine after the sun rises, missing her old boyfriend.”“Damn you, Aphrodia,” Faith said as she headed back to her seat.* * *Two hours later Buffy returned to her seat covered in sweat and looked at Faith.“Have fun?” Faith asked her.“Well, Aphrodia, wanted a repeat show, but you ran off. He is gone now, though. He said that his talents were required somewhere else, but he will try to meet up with us sometime,” Buffy smiled at Faith.“Damn, I look forward to it,” Faith said with a smile.“Me too,” Buffy said as she looked out the window at the sunrise over the ocean, not saying a word as she felt Faith’s hand wonder between her legs.The End



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