Buddy’s Little broIt started one hot summer day. I was over at my friend Daniel’s house who was 15, about 5’11”, and muscular, because he was a very serious swimmer. Daniels brother Ian, who was about 5’8″, and a little on the heavy side, but I wouldn’t really call him fat just a little husky, came out to okay too. At the end of the day we had a fire and some s’mores. We then started talking about what every teenager talked about: sex and mastubation. Daniel and I shared stories about how we have almost gotten caught and stuff. Then I asked Ian if he had any stories. He said no and that he had never jacked off before. Daniel and I both laughed and made fun of him a bit. The night progressed and about at 10 o’clock, Daniel went inside for bed because he had an early morning practice. This wasn’t unusual. Daniel would wake up early when I was over, and he would go to swim practice. Most of the time he would be back before I had even got up. So Ian and I were left alone. I asked him why he had never tried before, and he said that he never really just got around to doing it. I told him that he should and that it felt really good. About a half an hour passed of me and Ian talking until we decided güngören escort to call it a day. I went up to Daniel’s room where he was sound asleep, but I wasn’t tired yet. I went across the hall to Ian’s room where he was watching TV. I asked him if I could watch with him because I wasn’t ready to go to be yet. He said sure. We again started talking again, and I asked him If he even knew how to jack off. He said that he didn’t really get it. I told him that I could teach him how if he wanted me to. He said yes. I then told him to scoot over, and I joined him on his bed. It was a double so we really weren’t that awkwardly close. I told him that the first step was to get in a comfortable position. We were lying there on top of his bed with a couple of pillows under each of our heads. I then took out my iPod touch and started playing some porn. I reached down and started rubbing my dick from the outside of my shorts. Ian did the same. I looked down and I realized that we were both rock hard. I then went into my shorts and started stroking it. Ian again did the same. I could tell that Ian really didn’t know what he was doing, so I told him that it would be a lot easier to show him if we escort güngören didn’t have our pants on. Ian paused. We hadn’t shown each other our dicks before, so it got kind of awkward. We then stood up and agreed to just drop everything on the count of three. I counted, “1,2,3!” we both made a jerking motion, but niether of us took it off. We both laughed, and I said, “seriously let’s do it this time.” I again said, “1,2,3!” and again we didn’t pull them down. I realized that we were both too shy to actually do it. I came up with this solution where we would pull each other’s pants down, so we couldn’t stop. We gripped each other’s shorts at the top, and I again counted, “1,2,3.” we pulled down the other’s shorts revealing my 6.5 incher and his 6 incher. We stood there for a sec examining the other’s package. I was shaven and cut. My penis was rather veiny with a large head. Ian’s was also cut, but a little less veiny. We then proceded to the bed again where we lied down, and we both started playing with ourselves. I showed how to go up and down, and then get a little bit of a twist with your wrist if he wanted. He tried it, but he couldn’t seem to get it right. Without thinking I güngören escort bayan reached over and grabbed his cock to show him how to do it. I immediately took my hand off and said I was sorry, and I didn’t mean to. He said it was okay, and that I could stroke his, but only if he could do it to me too. I said sure, and we reached over and started jerking each other off. I have to say it was actually really nice having another guy’s rock hard cock in your hand. I could feel the heat from his body, and he could feel mine. I continued to show him until ge got the hang of it. Then I returned to my own cock. I then told him that since he has the motion down, he just had to keep doing it until he came. He asked me how he would know when he came, and I laughed and told him he would figure it out. I continued jerking until I was ready to cum. I told him to watch, and then I blew. It was a rather big load for I hadn’t jacked off in a couple days. Ian lay there in amazement as I shot hot cum all over my chest. It wasn’t long until he said that his cock was starting to feel really good. I told him to keep going. He then shot his load all over his stomach. It wasn’t that much, but it was a lot more than I had came my first time. We then got some tissues, cleaned up the cum, and I returned to bed. The rest of that summer, whenever I would spend the night at Daniel’s I would sneak into Ian’s room and we would jack off. Haha, if only Daniel knew.



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